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    posted a message on spider lair

    The spider lair is a large structure made of spider silk (a solid block with a high strength and a silk-like texture) and filled with cobwebs, filled with spiders and cave spiders, and a few other spider variants. It also contains a large spider with a large abdomen. If you attack that spider, all spiders will be hostile to you for 40 days. The extra variants are:

    The camel spider:

    The camel spider is sand coloured, has 2 eyes, has long legs and has a set of jaws that open vertically. It can swim in sand. When it is hostile it raises its forelegs and opens its jaws.

    The whip spider:

    The whip spider has a raised abdomen, claws, very long forward-pointing forelegs with elbows, and a long whip on the end of the abdomen. It attacks with its whip. It can jump very far.

    The harvest spider:

    The harvest spider has no waist, is white, and has extremely long elbowed legs. It attacks by kicking you.

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    posted a message on Trains! Oh Mojang why have you forsaken thine Minecarts!

    No-one has yet addressed that there is no multi-person transportation system except follow the leader. This would make transporting lots of players/mobs, or transporting stuff to a shop so much easier


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