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    posted a message on Missing textures
    Quote from daltman1967»

    Amazing how something so simple can trip up a person. I thought for CERTAIN that I'd named the files. They've been sitting there that way all this time...

    Now it works. Yay!

    The only thing now is to change:

        "type": "minecraft:crafting_shapeless",
        "ingredients": [{
            "item": "minecraft:bread"
            "item": "newmod:itemcheese",
            "data": 0
        "result": {
            "item": "newmod:itemsandwich",
            "data": 1

    So that instead of ONLY accepting data # 0, it will accept #0, #1 or #2, with the same result. If I have to do three separate files, fine; but since they're all "sandwichp", how would I name them?

    Thanks again.

    Now, on to the HARD part!! :)

    It looks like you can use JsonArrays of items instead of single items.
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    posted a message on Trying to update a mod from MC 1.11 to 1.12

    I think possibly your mod may be configured to only run in 1.11 (you can do this in the @Mod annotation generated for Forge). You could change this to 1.12. Be warned there may be other errors though.

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    posted a message on Entity Model ResourcePacks

    Something like this perhaps? (yes self plug)

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    posted a message on Making Lightmaps - An MCPatcher Tutorial

    I got the light_normal file from versions > 1.2.5.jar > environment > light_normal.

    Then if it's unused why is there a texture there and if your sure then could you either show me or create a lightmap from that specific version of minecraft? They changed the light map a version or two later and a couple versions earlier. This is the minecraft I remember playing.

    Also please explain to me why this kind of worked when I grey scaled it made the last two left columns black because I don't understand? It also made the sunset look like it did in 1.2.5 it was just the night/day darkening that was messed up.

    The lightmap has been the same ever since Beta 1.8. The reason why the sunset isn't working is because you have solid white pixels where you want a gradient.
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    posted a message on Making Lightmaps - An MCPatcher Tutorial

    It's not the world0 isn't it's two squares

    I did I don't know what is going on. This was a vanilla light map. Apparently this is in a different format then vanilla's. I wouldn't know how to convert it then

    Mcp patcher wiki is pretty clear this is an entirely new format where do I read up on vanilla lightmaps? Specifically 1.2.5 since that was different lightmap then beta / alpha. According to the wiki they changed it alot.

    Well is there a way on how to change a sky color with the method of replacing the rgb only during the day so stars come out at night. I tried sky0.png but, it took the color out of my resource pack and it didn't look like the color I put in it same with my indev resource packs that I needed preciseness that color.

    There is no vanilla lightmap. They have never existed. The lightmap file in old minecraft jars has always been unused.
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    posted a message on Models for mobs with mcpatcher for resource packs?

    Optifine has a developing custom entity models feature. The syntax takes some getting used to though.

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    posted a message on Help with creating semitransparent glass

    I believe villagers have the second layer in vanilla. I think zombies and skeletons have this layer as well.

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    posted a message on Texture Artists' Union

    Better glass in 1.12 thanks to CTM and block model magic.

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    posted a message on How to Use the /execute Replacement Commands for 1.13+

    This is stupid and confusing. /execute was just fine and worked perfectly, why are they replacing it? Splitting it into 4 commands makes it too confusing.

    Maybe so; that's what this thread is supposed to remedy. It looks like there will be a straightforward conversion from /execute to the new commands though. It looks like a standard /execute will be /as <entities> at <entities/@s> offset <xyz> detect <xyz block> <command>. With /as, /offset, and /detect being "optional" as circumstances warrant.
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    posted a message on How to Use the /execute Replacement Commands for 1.13+

    Note: 1.13 snapshots have not been released as of the current time. And the syntax has changed again. Who knows how many times it will. This is an informational page only.

    In a recent Reddit post, Dinnerbone announced several changes to commands for 1.13, among them the possible removal of the /execute command in favor of more powerful alternatives. The syntax is very volatile at the moment, so this thread may not be up to date at all times. This thread is a second description of how the new commands relate to /execute, and a sequel to my previous thread: How to Use the /execute Command.

    The New Commands

    The current syntax of the /execute command is:

    /execute <selector> <x> <y> <z> <command>
    /execute <selector> <x> <y> <z> detect <x> <y> <z> <block> <data> <command>

    This will be refactored as follows:

    /execute as 
    /execute at 
    /execute at 
    /execute if|unless block 

    /execute if|unless blocks all|masked

    /execute if|unless entity

    These commands are actually subcommands, which means you can leave off the /execute label when chaining them. The final command is signified by the keyword then.

    Who's executing?

    /execute as <selector> <command>

    This runs the specified command with the specified entity(s) as command senders. However, the position the command runs from remains unchanged. For example, running the following from a command block:

    /execute as @e[type=creeper,name=Bob] then give @p stone

    will give stone to the single player nearest the command block, one block for each creeper named Bob. Use /as for commands where the sender is important, such as the below. A good rule of thumb is to use /as if you plan to use @s later in the command, and to otherwise use /at.

    /execute as @e then say @s //each entity says their name
    /execute as @a[score_importance_min=5] then function importance:do_things_to_important_person //does important things to each matched player

    Now...where to execute?

    /execute at 
    /execute offset 

    The /at command is similar to /as, but runs the command from the position of the entity(s) and not using the entity(s) as command senders. For example, the intended use of the previous command targeting creepers named Bob is this.

    /execute at @e[type=creeper,name=Bob] then give @p stone

    This command will give stone to the player(s) nearest to any creeper named Bob. Use /at for when the sender is not important. When both the sender and the position are important, use both.

    /execute as @e[type=creeper] at @s then tell @p Ssssss... //each creeper creeps out the nearest player
    /execute at @p then teleport @e[tag=special] ~ ~-5 ~ //teleports the special entity five blocks below the nearest player

    The /offset command may be used as a direct correspondence to the portion of the original /execute command, to be used in the same circumstances. I don't really have much to say about this one other than to use it when you put anything other than "~ ~ ~" as the coordinates to the old /execute.


    /execute if|unless block <x y z> <block> <command>
    /execute if|unless blocks <src begin> <src end> <dest> all|masked <command>
    /execute if|unless entity <selector> <command>

    The conditional commands are the new and improved /execute ... detect command syntax. For example, this command, which kills arrows that hit tripwire:

    /execute @e[type=arrow] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ ~ tripwire -1 kill @s

    is rewritten as this:

    /execute as @e[type=arrow] at @s if block ~ ~ ~ tripwire then kill @s

    /if block is the new version of /testforblock, while /if blocks is the new version of /testforblocks and /if entity is the new version of /testfor

    /execute if block ~ ~5 ~ red_wool then function mymap:do_red_wool_things
    /execute if entity @e[score_awesome_min=1] then setblock ~ ~5 ~ redstone_block

    When to use /as or /at?

    Each command provides half the functionality of /execute. Which one to use depends on what functionality you need.

    • Use /as when you need a specific entity or entities to run the command
    • Use /as when you use @s later in the command (including functions)
    • Use /at when you need the command run at an entity's position
    • Use /if entity when you are testing for the existence of an entity
    • Use both when you need the functionality of both
    • Remember: /as @s makes no sense!

    Removal of common commands

    In the process of overhauling /execute, several common commands were removed in favor of the new /execute. Migrating these commands is as follows.

    /testfor <entity>
    /execute if entity <entity>
    /testforblock <x y z> <block>
    /execute if block <x y z>
    /testforblocks <src begin> <src end> <dest> all|masked
    /execute if blocks <src begin> <src end> <dest> all|masked
    /tp <selector> <~x ~y ~z>
    /execute as <selector> at @s then teleport @s <~x ~y ~z>


    For writing commands, I recommend the order listed in this thread (/as, /at, /if) as this will reduce bugs caused by incorrect positions or entities. That is, set the command sender, set the position, test conditions.

    /execute @e[type=creeper,name=Bob] ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:wool 14 give @p[r=3] stone
    /execute at @e[type=creeper,name=Bob] if block ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:red_wool[color=#000000] then give @p[distance=..3] stone
    /execute @e[tag=destroyable] ~ ~ ~ execute @p ~ ~ ~ playsound portal:destroy player @s ~ ~ ~ 1 1
    /execute at @p if entity @e[tag=destroyable] then playsound portal:destroy player @p ~ ~ ~ 1 1
    /execute @p ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~ ~ tripwire -1 function portal:destroy_portals
    /execute at @p if block ~ ~ ~ tripwire then function portal:destroy_portals
    /execute @e[tag=portal] ~ ~-1 ~ scoreboard players set @p[dy=1] cooldown 1
    /execute at @e[tag=portal] at ~ ~-1 ~ then scoreboard players set @p[dy=1] cooldown 1
    /execute @e[name=BluePortal] ~ ~-1 ~ execute @p[dy=1] ~ ~ ~ function portal:teleport_b2o
    /execute at @e[name=BluePortal] offset ~ ~-1 ~ as @p[dy=1] then function portal:teleport_b2o[/color]

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    posted a message on /dimension command

    Good idea. How about adding selectors as well?

    /dimension <selector> <dim id> [x] [y] [z]

    Also, specifying coordinates should bypass the normal portal transfer procedures (i.e. no dividing by 8 and generating a portal on the other side). I'm torn on whether leaving off the coordinates should also bypass normal portal transfer or not. On the one hand, not bypassing it makes it easier to travel to the nether/end normally without building a portal (like for exploring in creative mode), but on the other hand travel between dimensions isn't always well defined (take end to nether for example).

    As well, you shouldn't be able to travel to the same dimension you are in currently.


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    posted a message on Texture Artists' Union

    I haven't been here in a while. Here's some potion effects.

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    posted a message on 🔲 20³ Buttons IV ~ A map built in 20x20x20 blocks | Solve more than 40 puzzles

    The download is a 404

    update: what do you know, it fixed itself. Must be a fluke.

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    posted a message on Block with Variants Have Broken Item Model

    The game could not find your item model files. The game is trying to find a single item file for all the colored jukeboxes, so that may be the problem.

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    posted a message on Check if custom shears extend from ItemShears

    You have the comparison backwards. Use

    //or, use the better suited isInstance() method

    This is superfluous however, since you know the class you can simply use instanceof.

    itemstack.getItem() instanceof ItemShears

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