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    posted a message on Sebes Skin Shop! (pretend diamonds are money) ACCEPTING SKIN REQUESTS! NOW "HIRING"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Quote from Sebe579»
    do you want it hd or not? thanks <3

    HD, please.
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    posted a message on Cake of the Gods: The Recipe for Disaster (Updated 10 December 13)
    Even though it's been, like, a year. I'm curious to know how people think of this idea now.
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    posted a message on What do you think of the new water temples?
    I personally like it. It feels like a combat based challenge/late game dungeon. It's an after-nether structure, and you'll need quite a few enchantments to survive. The reward is not only being able to say "I killed 3 Elder guardians" but also a Notch Apple, way useful for Wither fights in the future. More loot being added would be cool, but for what i see in it currently, it is satisfactory.
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    posted a message on Minecraft No Longer Officially Working With Oculus Rift
    I'm glad to see that Facebook is too poor to buy out Google's glass. I mean, yeah there goes VR for MC, but imagine if Facebook Controlled Google.Adding on to what I've said, a lot of people are jumping on the "VR for Social Networking" bandwagon. I have yet to see any proof that OR will be used for Social media at all. Maybe Facebook just wants to profit more from the gaming industry. I mean, Disney has released p0rn0s, just not under the same name as Disney. They just do it for profit.
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    posted a message on A new feature?
    Just when I though Mojang stopped adding stuff to survival… Well well well...
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    posted a message on too much redstone updates in the new updates?
    Quote from VCtheDerp

    So you don't like the new update... just because you're terrible at redstone? That's a horrible excuse, really. If you're bad at redstone, then learn how to use it.

    That's like saying "So you don't like the Wither… Just because it keeps killing you? Learn to not die from it."
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    posted a message on Has Minecraft "Abandoned" Survival as a Core?
    I'd just like to say that this is told from the viewpoint of how I play Minecraft. Me, mine, my. Others may relate to it, whilst other may not. I just want to get community input on what they think of this "situation".

    I've always played Minecraft with survival in mind. I plan everything out, preserve resources, try to be as thrifty as possible. But recently, that spark in Minecraft has died. I mean, there isn't much to really survive as of recent. I mean, seriously, when has someone actually struggled to survive past day 10 of Minecraft? Day 5? How bout Night 1? I find that Minecraft has been sadly predictable as of the recent updates.

    Sure, there has been stuff that was added to "change things". But, it really didn't change much… "Zombies now can spawn other zombies!" Ok… So there's ONE extra zombie in the fight… "Spiders can have potion effects!" Ok… That does nothing to effect me… "Chicken Jockey!" Cool… A mob that I'll see once every second blue moon of the year… That does nothing special. I mean, there's nothing new! No pizazz! I feel the reason of this is that Minecraft is now leaning towards the builder, more than the survivor.

    I mean think about it. "New stone varieties and blocks of slime!" Cool. So a guy trying to survive out in the hordes of the night can make a bounce house for a tomb, with a fancy grave stone. "Over 10 new biomes and over 20 new flowers!" Cool… I can… Make dyes… In a canyon… I mean, it looks like something fun to explore, but in reality, it does nothing to cater to the survivor. It's some fancy facade.

    "But the goal of Minecraft is to be creative!" Wrong, the goal of Minecraft is to do what ever you want. I can build a to-scale model of Chernobyl, I can rule over a city of villagers, I can play in worlds made by people across the world. I can even play with nuclear sciences and tesla reactors. And at one point, you could just survive. But survival seems to be the least updated thing in Minecraft, even though it was the core of Minecraft. "Survival Mode" always came first. Surviving was before Creativity, now survival is now an old dream.

    Many of you are probably thinking, a few of the following:

    "Play with mods!" I should't have to play with mods to enjoy the core of a game.

    "Don't like it don't use it!" First off, go back to Suggestions where that means something. Second, I'm not asking for anything to be removed, I'm fine with it, what ever it may be, in game. It's just that the its being added aren't what I'd like to see added.

    "Try multiplayer!" I have, and it worked quite well. Until griefing happened. Until server plug-ins happen. Until jerks happen. Until multiplayer has the same boring blah things that happen in single player.

    "Try challenges!" I completed a hard-core amplified world achievement run… Which is where you get every achievement in the tree, while in hardcore mode, while in amplified world type. But even with these rules in, I got bored.

    So, I've found that "Survival" has become a bit of a taboo. Lord forbid a new mob gets added in-game unless fifty or so blocks are added that do nothing to assist that mob. "Horse Update: AKA Update that has horses and three items related to it, with over 150 new creative rules/items!" I mean, just call it "Creative Update", since horses was barely even a thing mentioned.

    To the contrary, 1.4 "Very Scary Update" which added a new boss, new witch mob, new foods for potions, increased silverfish count, added end-game content, an update that generally added more survival to the game is considered "one of the worst updates in Minecraft's history".

    "But… 1.8 will be making mobs harder!" Horsefeathers, all it does is make the game "harder" for the freshly spawned. And even then, it's not a difference at all. Minecraft is apparently not a survival game any more, just, and I dare say it, Roblox HD. A game that has become nothing but freshman art class, requiring heavy modding to enjoy for hardcore survivalists.

    One rant later, remember before giving any feedback, that this is MY opinion. I've been playing Minecraft since before wolves, so I know what survival in Minecraft is, er… Was. So, my questions to you all be:

    Has the core of Minecraft shifted away from what you originally thought it was?

    Is the shift good in your opinion?

    Do you like the change in direction Minecraft is going?

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    posted a message on The Minecraft Community is a Monster
    Quote from DiamondIngot

    even if this were true, that 7 year old needs to realize that not very many people know how to code and program
    well enough to make video games, and the fact that mojang has accomplished it for 6 different platforms (Pc,Mac, iOS, android, Playstation, and xbox) is amazing and he/she should be grateful for the amazing game they have

    I'll be adding this to the OP.
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    posted a message on The Minecraft Community is a Monster
    I kinda feel that this discussion is dying out. I'm considering asking the mods to lock it, but I won't if anyone is still game for it.
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    posted a message on The Minecraft Community is a Monster
    Quote from RobertFrans

    In my opinion, you should always be as generous as possible with giving honour and respect, without demanding respect for yourself. You should always give respect to anyone, without conditions, untill the other proves indisputably that he (or she) did something such a bad thing, that you can really not bring up respect anymore. Why should he then earn respect without you knowing him? Simply because he is a human, just like you, breathing the same air as you and having the same value as you. Just like you he has needs, wants to be valued and respected and has his own contribution to the society.

    And you should certainly always have respect to a superior, from the chef at work to the police officer on the street. And children should always have deep respect for their parents, no matter what, unless they are really abusing them. The more responsibility the other has (for you), the more respect he deserves, and also needs to do his work properly. Even if someone does not do his work that good, he needs respect and honorable feedback where necessary to develop himself to a better worker. You should always remember that you have also flaws and bad behaviors that other people have to tolerate. A community and also a forum would be a lot more pleasant, polite and easy going if true respect was a common attitude to each other and not something you must earn or you must demand.

    This is how I was born and raised, in the PC gaming most of my days, chilling out, relaxing, at being all cool, while playing like Runescape right after school. I mean, respect the devs, the admins, they're providing fun for all. I agree with the forums needing more respect.
    Quote from BC_Programming

    This guy needs a lot of citations to back on these wild allegations...

    Although weird, it's unfortunately true. A lot of the world's newer generations are being brainwashed into the world owing them a favor. But that is a different debate all together.

    Also, who ever said that they liked my writing style, Thank you :)
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    posted a message on The Minecraft Community is a Monster
    Quote from Ayefune


    Grammatically speaking, this just means more students are eating special noodles in university bathrooms, which I'm certain the article this is from is saying. But that's a different discussion for a different time.

    I mean to say by this that there are so few people who actually respect Mojang. I mean, there may be 2000 to 4000 people who respect em, but the other 14,996,000 people don't seem to make it so.
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    posted a message on The Minecraft Community is a Monster
    Quote from Da_Docta

    On the other hand you have those few herps who complain huge farms make it impossible for noobs to get started on a server.

    It's like some people are trying to mold Minecraft into what they want, teaching newer players the "right way" to play Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Will 1.8 be a Villager Update, or will it not be a "themed update" at all?
    Adventure Update II: Rise of the Testificates
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