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    posted a message on Inventory Tweaks 1.61 (Jul 11)
    Quote from Orochikaku

    Does this mean you are coming back Jimeowan?

    Hmm probably not, I mostly went back here to see how the mod was doing. Maybe I'll get back to modding if I really start playing Minecraft again, or if Kobata gets tired of maintaining InvTweaks.
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    posted a message on Inventory Tweaks 1.61 (Jul 11)
    It's a pleasure to upgrade Minecraft after not playing for like 6 months, and see that this mod still works, better than ever.

    Thanks for this cool mod Kobata ;) Keep up the good work!
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    posted a message on Wisktech modpack Permissions thread
    Everyone can use InvTweaks for a modpack, including Wiskof, since it's Open Source (MIT license)
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Inventory Tweaks 1.50 (Jan. 17)
    Quote from gamelemon

    ill miss this mod.. on this page...

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    posted a message on InfinityCraft Mod Pack Permissions Thread
    Ok for InvTweaks
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    posted a message on Inventory Tweaks 1.61 (Jul 11)
    Quote from Neon_ColorsFTW22

    Ummm can someone explain what kind of version is this?

    As I already know the other thread for Inventory Tweaks >.


    I'm the original mod author.

    From now on this will be the official thread! I'll make an announcement on mine shortly.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Inventory Tweaks 1.50 (Jan. 17)
    Quote from Harrison_TOM

    i accidently figure why your shortcut is buggy.
    the code in

    this code
    ModLoader.setInGameHook(this, true, true);

    change to
    ModLoader.setInGameHook(this, true, false);

    i have see many of mod.
    and the third arg usually will be false.
    maybe it do somethingwhen it true.
    and ignore your shortcut key.

    i have fix by myself.
    and i am still trying that is any BUG.

    Thanks you, I'll look into it.

    Quote from gvura

    How to change the "move one stack" shortcut to "ctrl+click", instead of it being "move one item"?

    Yess, you'll have to edit manually the InvTweaks.cfg file in the config/ folder.

    Quote from njsmac11

    I have installed the mod (with magic launcher) and two things happen:
    It crashes before it reaches 'Mojang' screen.
    It stays on black screen, forever.

    Usually it's either :
    - You picked the wrong mod version
    - You forgot to delete META-INF while installing ModLoader

    Quote from Sowby911

    One question, is it MP compatible?

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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Inventory Tweaks 1.50 (Jan. 17)
    Quote from Sky2hawk

    Question, does this update retain the tweaks Lordmau5 made during your vacation? It was unclear if it did!

    Nope, I worked from the original version of the sources. If he made significant tweaks I can see with him if I can integrate them.

    Quote from Yo_Hablo_Espanol

    I need NoCheatPlus hack

    Did it actually work? I had no feedback that it worked for anybody.
    If it does I can add it back.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Inventory Tweaks 1.50 (Jan. 17)
    NEWS :Notch: Jan 17, 2012: Official update

    Before to leave the project to someone else, I wanted to make sure to finish some stuff (namely switch the sources to MCP), so this official update is late, but the work was necessary. Since I changed a lot of things in the sources, I'll do my best to quickly fix bugs that I might have introduced :)

    Good news: quite a lot of people seemed interested in taking over the mod, or at least in contributing. Now is the time for me to move my *** and contact them!

    More good news: a cool guy named iluvredwall contributed a new feature: if you now press middle-click on the crafting input, it will optimize the items distribution to be able to use the recipe as much as possible. Useful to gain time on complex recipes!
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Inventory Tweaks 1.50 (Jan. 17)
    Quote from Lordmau5

    Have fun with the update!

    //EDIT: @jimeowan: If you don't want this update, I will delete it

    Do you have a Steam account?


    PS I added a direct link to your URL on the OP, so if you have bugfixes to make it would be nice to just replace the file! Thanks
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Inventory Tweaks 1.50 (Jan. 17)
    NEWS :Notch: Dec 24, 2012: No official update until January

    Sorry to let you down this time, but as I just learn about the latest Minecraft update, I'm in holidays and about to travel for about a week. So (hey, for the first time in a year and a half) I won't be able to do anything for InvTweaks until a few days, probably the first week-end of January.

    If there's a good coder out there who feels like spending some time on releasing the beast, here are some instructions: while the code initially works with obfuscated Minecraft sources, I almost finisheded converting the sources back for MCP. These ones basically need testing/debugging but it's mostly done. You can either update the whole sources from the initial code, or finish debugging the new MCP ones. If you choose the second option, ignore the old build process, just put the sources in src/minecraft. You'll also have to c/c the InvTweaks*.dat & the language files in bin/ for testing - and to add them in the final zip too).

    While I'm at it, I'd really like to find someone to be in charge of InvTweaks in my place. I haven't done much for it for the last months, and given its large userbase it's quite unfair. Maybe the best option would be to give it to the Tekkit Team? (I still have to ask them, please don't spam them for me :P ) Well anyway if you are interested by maintaining a cool mod with 4000+ downloads per day, throw me a PM, I'll sort things out when I'm back from holidays. Thank you

    EDIT: Added Lordmau5's release to the thread
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Inventory Tweaks 1.50 (Jan. 17)
    NEWS :Notch: Nov 16, 2012: 1.4.4 release

    Here is a fast update (and by fast I mean in a hurry because late because busy IRL :S) - I don't guarantee it is bug-free, so if something's wrong I will patch it monday. At worse, Minecraft 1.4.5 is planned for next week anyway.

    Also it fixes the HORRIBLE Potato bug :P, being baked potatoes not being sorted. Please remove/rename your config/InvTweaksTree.txt file to let the tree upgrade.

    It also includes an attempt to help people having issues with NoCheatPlus-protected Bukkit servers, go the the "Advanced options" screen from the "..." menu for more information!

    Quote from xIGBClutchIx

    Built the lastest inventory tweaks that he has on his github.
    Works with 1.4.4

    You little- ;)

    PS: I wouldn't recommend using it now that a true release is out, because that one *might* randomly crash.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Inventory Tweaks 1.50 (Jan. 17)
    Quote from Abdiel

    One thing I find particularly annoying is auto-refill with multiple block types with the same ID but different data value (different plank types for example). Running out of a stack of planks seems to replace it with "random" stack of another type, even if I have a stack of the same type in my inventory. I'm not sure whether it's truly random, but I haven't found any logic to it.I would prefer the same type to be used, if available.

    Quote from bwcbwc

    I would say this is my pet peeve with IT, as well. It's especially inconvenient for the wood blocks and also tech mods that share block IDs among different machines to save array space. Hope there aren't too many places where you have to modify code to check the blockid+tag instead of just the block id.

    OTOH, this is a relatively minor bug, so feel free to fix your known 1.4.4 problems first. :)

    Consider this a bug indeed, the mod should prefer to refill with the exact same item if possible.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Inventory Tweaks 1.50 (Jan. 17)
    NOTE :SSSS: Is the mod buggy for you?

    Good fellows named Intangir and Prizna (thank you guys) pointed that the frequent "bug" causing sorting/shortcuts to be "reverted" by some servers is actually caused by a server mod named NoCheatPlus.

    BUT! I'm working on a option to get round these protections, by making the mod "click more slowly". Can a few people who have this issue try this version of the mod ? You can enable the option in the "..." -> "Advanced settings" screen. Please post feedback!
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Inventory Tweaks 1.50 (Jan. 17)
    Quote from Quurks

    Because in the InvTweaksTree file baked potato is <bakedPotato id="392" /> where it should be <bakedPotato id="393" />

    Thank you sir

    Quote from Konitor

    Immibis's mods TubeStuff 50.1.0 has a nice chest which is named "Black Hole Chest".
    The black hole chest has an undefined number of pages.

    Is it possible to make it have the sort buttons?

    I can give it a try, the infinite number of pages might make things a bit tricky though.

    Quote from psychic

    I have an idea how to fix this. Here's a pseudocode form of my idea:
    //next action

    You might even be able to configure how many actions to do between pauses or how long the pauses are. This reduces efficiency, but its still automatic. Personally, I can handle a slow sorter, I just dread sorting by hand. If you're one of those people who disagree, you can just turn it off.

    Yes I considered this, it's not as easy as it seems because of the way I made the mod, but with some effort it's definitely doable. I just need some time to spend on it ^^

    Quote from NyanNeko

    it says "disable CI" But i dont have it installed T_T

    Oh okay. It's weird, but the CI compatibility code is probably outdated anyway so I'll see if I can remove it.
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