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    posted a message on Signature not showing, please help!

    you need to use a URL to an image, not a URL to a webpage

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    posted a message on Please change my name admin <3

    Please make a support ticket here for a name change:

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    posted a message on Animated avatar don't work!

    Make sure the image is no larger then 100x100

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    posted a message on Should we put a downvote button next to the upvote button?

    This has been brought up many times, and we have no plans of implementing a downvote button. If a post doesn't contribute to the discussion, then it breaks the rules and should be reported so a moderator can remove it. If you disagree with a post, then explain to them why you disagree. Hitting a downvote button is lazy.

    I think this post explains most of our reasoning behind not implementing this feature:

    Negative reputation was never added because they are counter-productive to the intention a forum is made for.

    The most common reason for it to be added is to use it as a "simple way" to disagree with someone. Terrible idea. Why not reply to them with your reasoning and views in a constructive and courteous way instead of dropping a negative point and walking off while the person just sits there wondering what went wrong? A forum is for discussion, after all. What good is a forum without proper discussion?

    Using it for rule-breaking posts would also be a bad idea. They should be worried about using the Report function, not reputation points. In fact, you could even say it might discourage people from using the report function, thinking mistakenly that the downvote button is sufficient (perhaps thinking the post would automatically be deleted after passing a certain negative threshold, like other websites that use a similar system) but it wouldn't call the attention of moderators, who would then handle the violation properly.

    And, like previous posters have mentioned, we also have the potential for abuse. And there's a lot of "excuses" to throw around downvotes like hotcakes. Allow me to list a few, with examples:
    • Trolling - "Downvoting every post ever is an easy way to anger people!"
    • Sloth - "I disagree with a lot of posts, but I can't be bothered to build a reply so I can address his points or mistakes. I just leave a downvote."
    • Envy - "This guy's much more talented than I will ever be, so I'll downvote him to discourage him from being amazing." or "This guy has much more reputation than I have! Maybe if I close the gap by bringing him a little bit closer to me, he won't feel so great any more."
    • Spite - "Hey, I made a similar post! I'm going to downvote you so people will think mine is better."
    • Fear - "I disagree with this post, but I'm afraid what other people will think of me if I don't express my opinion clearly enough or if make a mistake somewhere. On the other hand, pressing this downvote button has no room for mistakes..."
    • Vengeance - "I remember you! You upset me in another topic, so I'm going to downvote every post you create!"
    • Grammar Elitism - "This guy can't tell the difference between "your" and "you're". Downvoted."
    • General Elitism - "Wow, this guy is a complete newbie to the forums. He should've used the search function. I'll drop a downvote to put him in his place or scare him off our beloved forum before he ruins them instead of showing him the ropes."
    • Bandwagoning - "Wow, this post has 10 downvotes. I won't even bother to read it, and I'll also drop a downvote here! Can't go wrong siding with the majority!" or "Haha! Look at how low this guy's reputation is! Let's see how farther down I can push him so he can be further humiliated!"

    I'm sure the list goes on and on, but that's all I can come up with off the top of my head. None of those downvotes would contribute to a post's value (quite the contrary), nor would the poster learn anything from them.

    People will also inevitably judge others with a negative total and perhaps either dismiss their opinion/posts entirely based on a useless metric, just like you occasionally see with post count, profile ratings and even (lack of) positive reputation.

    In short, downvotes offer very little positive value (if any at all) to the forum. What negative value do they offer? Countless windows for abuse. Posters perpetually confused on what they did wrong because a number certainly won't explain it to them. Feeling unwelcome and unappreciated, they're afraid to even post anything at all, perhaps leaving the forums entirely.
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    posted a message on Is necroposting better than duplicate threading? Rule clash

    • No Duplicate Suggestions. Please search before making a thread. Variations on the same basic suggestion are permitted. A Suggestion may also be remade if the suggestion has been dead for at least one month
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    posted a message on Is it possible to add iframe as a banner?

    No, users can only use BBCode. Those YouTube subscribe buttons are a specific tag.

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    posted a message on Anyone aware of this rule? Easter egg rule?

    In addition to what Citricsquid has said, I'd like to point out that posting "reported" in response to a thread/post breaks the "Stay on Topic" rule. It adds nothing to the discussion of the thread and more likely then not it derails the discussion. Literally nothing of value is gained when telling another user you have reported them.

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