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    posted a message on Which mob are you going to vote for in Minecon Earth?

    I'll go with C since it's unique and combat isn't usually a focus for me.

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    posted a message on EA done messed up
    Quote from ZaffreAqua»

    Not surprising, to be honest. Sadly, this is also becoming the norm. This DLC, and especially lootbox crap needs to crash and burn hard. EA at this point is just eating up studios and throwing them out.

    At this point the only "triple A" games worth looking forward to are the occasional Nintendo game, and even then that's if Miyamoto doesn't ruin it by trying to cram some gimmick into it. Almost every other "triple A" game is filled to the brim with ways to milk as much money out of you, even after paying an atrocious $60 price tag up front.

    Really miss the days when EA made good games like Simcity 4, and the NFS games before prostreet. Heck, I still occasionally play the original Battlefront II. Good stuff.

    To be fair, games have been $60 for a while, even though games have become more expensive to produce and the economy has continued to inflate. I don't consider that price atrocious, and I don't even think that DLC is inherently bad. It's just that many companies are lazy and greedy nowadays and sees DLC as a quick moneygrab, and even companies like Nintendo (as much as I love them) and Mojang aren't exempt from this. A character skin isn't 1/12 of the game's content, so why is it 1/12 of the price?
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    posted a message on Random Fact: You technically don't KNOW anything....

    It might be an oval. Technically you are correct. The Earth is slightly squashed at the poles. However, ovals are still round.

    This one just confuses me. What I'm saying is that 100 million people play Minecraft, but if I'm just making up Minecraft for no apparent reason, then I'm also making up 100 million people.

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    posted a message on Random Fact: You technically don't KNOW anything....

    Alright, I'll admit I did get a laugh out of this. And yes, it is true that it is technically impossible to empirically prove anything. However, if you, like most human being, possess logic, and you have faith in that logic, then all of these things can be known. You still know these things, you could just be wrong, but as long as you believe in your logic, you won't think you're wrong, and therefore, you technically do know all these things.

    You don't KNOW that this thread exists, it may be a hallucination. Then why did my post count go up after posting on this thread? Logic dictates that I can't post on a thread that doesn't exist.

    You don't KNOW your name is (insert here) because you may be hallucinating what is on your birth certificate and people could be lying. A name is literally just something you are called. If people are lying to you and you are somehow hallucinating, whatever they're calling you is still a name for you, even if it may not be your birth name.

    You don't KNOW that apples are red, people might be lying and you might be colorblind. What is red but a subjective perception of a color? What's red to me may look like green to you, but because you have never seen green as red you believe that what I see is red is red as well. Besides, apples aren't all red, they're a variety of colors.

    You don't KNOW that Trump is a person, he might be an oompa loompa. Oompa Loompas are short, have weird voices, and like to sing. Trump is none of those.

    You don't KNOW that the Earth is round, it could be a complete lie that people came up with. Having seen a Lunar eclipse and the Earth's shadow on the moon, I can say that the Earth is indeed round.

    You don't KNOW that you can see, you might be blind but you are hallucinating. By my ability to recognize movement away from me and react accordingly, I am either really good at hallucinating and guessing, or I can see.

    You don't KNOW that you have a girlfriend, because she may be a hallucination, or a guy. Actually I don't have a girlfriend, because I have no life.

    You don't KNOW that your mom is home, she might be some kind of shape shifting alien from Andromeda, because you don't KNOW that those don't exist. I know that aliens cannot exist, for a large number of reasons I won't get into right now.

    You don't KNOW if you are on your phone/computer looking at this, because you might be dreaming. Just pinched myself and confirmed that this is indeed not a dream. Also, I feel a sensation of being tired, which I could not feel if I was already asleep.

    You don't KNOW that the sky is blue, you might be colorblind and people are lying. Refer to the apple point, color is a subjective perception.

    You don't KNOW that Minecraft exists, it might be a projection from your mind that nobody else can see but your mind also makes you think that other people play it. Wow, I'm really good at role playing >100 million people.

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    posted a message on HELP NOT WORKING

    To be honest, I know absolutely nothing about server software. However, the initial crash log makes it pretty obvious that you're using an outdated version of the software. Try downloading the most recent version to see if that helps.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 5: The Combat
    Quote from Acknid»

    The graphics mention was just a brief example.

    This doesn't compare to normal suggestions. Adding a small thing to the game is not an entire sequel. There's no story, there's nothing to continue off of. Not really worth the time and money to pump out another sandbox sequel with meh changes here and there and have a whole 'nother game to keep updating.

    Maybe you've heard of a little game called The Sims? Or maybe, Civilization, Roller Coaster Tycoon, or Age of Empires? Guess what, none of those games have a story, yet each of them have sequels. A story is not the only reason for a sequel, simply the progression of features is enough. And my vision for Minecraft is a progression of features, but would take so much work to make, it would be better for everyone to be a new game. You don't break the old game, it's easier to start from scratch than to rewrite everything for compatibility, and it has potential to be an even greater game.

    (Also worth noting, the game Terraria is essentially a very popular 2D version of Minecraft, and guess what, it's getting its own sequel and the players there are hyped. Terraria could just be updated indefinitely but the developers recognize that something completely new yet familiar will bolster it even more.)

    Some of the things you suggested are not what makes minecraft likable.

    Eh, well we won't know until we try. However, it's worth noting that this suggestion is essentially for a more RPG-ish version of the game, and Minecraft seems to be moving more in that direction anyway, albeit slowly. (And if you read this post from the Word of Notch, it seems a fantasy RPG-style survival game was his original intention.)

    If you honestly think there's just benefits from an unneeded sequel, there is an entire line of thought that flew straight over you.

    I've been all over this several times, so just read the posts from these links:

    By me:
    - Part 1 (Read "Note to Critics" and "Why we could use a Minecraft 2, and what the goals of a sequel would be (in my eyes))
    - Response to my goals

    By yoshi9048, respected writer of the former critic's guide: Business sense

    By Badpreenup, briefly mentioning that Minecraft could benefit from a clean break.

    Quote from Genius_idiot»

    with 5 parts and counting (I need confirmation from jdc on this, but I think we're 25-30% through the number of parts there will be) I don't think this counts as a "small" thing.

    Well, lets see, I plan for three parts each for the Overworld, Underground, and the three dimensions, perhaps a dedicated thread for the final boss, plus an appendix for anything I forgot, so that means we're at 5/22, or 23% through, and the next parts are going to be even larger than the previous portions. So yeah, this is hardly some small suggestion.

    Also, jdc, once you get all the parts on here do you plan to do a reddit thread so that Mojang might see this?

    Well, first I'd port over all my current suggestions to get my name out, but yeah, that's the plan. I doubt anything would come of it, but who knows.

    Quote from fishg»

    While I'm opposed to the idea of a Minecraft 2, I'll try and keep an unbiased look at this from just the combat reworking.

    I never get how people freak out about 1.9 changing the game so much. The cooldown timer barely affects me, at first glance all I noticed new were shields. This feels like the combat reworking we never got. Special abilities, different types of swings, parrying- I'd want to see this all added to the current game! I also appreciate all the thought you put into making this balanced and easy to use. The one thing I would suggest you change is the ranged weapons; compared to melee they are now dull.

    What do you recommend? Even in Skyrim, which had no small part in inspiring this suggestion, there's not much you can do with bows. There is a bit of variety in the special weapons I mentioned, but I can't think of any great improvements to make to bows.
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    posted a message on Collabrotive Suggesting- The Fourth Dimension (all welcome)

    Yeah, I don't think a biome as an entrance is a good idea.

    Think of the current dimensions. The Nether requires obsidian, which requires lava and water, both of which can be found everywhere. The End is definitely dependent on luck to find on your own, but there is a way to track them via Eyes of Ender (there is some luck required to make them, as finding Endermen and Blazes can be a bit difficult, but in most worlds both are easy to find). A biome would be incredibly luck-based, especially with current biome generation algorithms involving temperature, and would be incredibly frustrating to find (imagine if finding a woodland mansion was required to get to the End, and there were no cartographers). Not to mention that a new biome would change the world generator, resulting in a visible seam between old chunks and new.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 5: The Combat
    Quote from Acknid»

    Yeeeah I think it's safe to say a Minecraft 2 isn't happening altogether. It's not needed at all. I'm not trying to dump on your threads but there's no sense in a sequel for a game like this. New graphics and whatnot doesn't mean "better game".

    Why does everyone think I made this suggestion because I want better graphics? I made one little part about it, literally said it was the least important suggestion in the series and I wanted to get it out of the way, and quickly moved on.

    Anyway, while it is technically true that Minecraft 2 is not needed, you can say that for pretty much every other suggestion on this forum, so it's not really the most valid argument. And yes, if my ideas get implemented there is sense in a Minecraft sequel as you would otherwise have to completely rebalance and recode the game, and as previous updates taught us, such a major overhaul as an update is a bad idea.

    But seriously, for the hopefully final time, can you guys please stop with the "We don't need a Minecraft 2" negativity? I explained in Part 1 that yes, you are right, but that I believe the game would only benefit from a good sequel. The whole reason I post these suggestions here is to get feedback on the suggestions themselves. Arguing about whether or not we should have a sequel misses the point.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 5: The Combat
    Quote from Cerroz»

    The threads you made don't really make me think "I second thought, a sequel would be pretty wicked!" As a lot of the stuff you presented don't require a sequel at all. I know I've said this before, but this just comes off as the same game with a different coat of paint and a few extra bits thrown in. You're better off making a game completely original.

    Yeah, I understand what you mean, but I still haven't gotten to the bulk of the new content. While you could simply implement this into the current game, you'd have to rewrite so much of the game that very little of the original code would remain, and you'd be left with quite a few angry players who are wondering why their game has completely changed. It's easier on everyone and reduces collateral damage, if you could call it that, due to it being something different.

    I don't know, maybe it's not so much a sequel as a spin-off, just far closer to what Minecraft is than something like Story Mode.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 5: The Combat
    Quote from Cerroz»

    I was actually hoping you'd drop this whole sequel thing...

    I get you're not a huge fan, but this suggestion doesn't hurt anything. I doubt my vision of Minecraft 2 would ever come to fruition, but I hope to convince people that a Minecraft sequel is feasible.

    The dodging stuff is okay but I'm not liking the "magic resistance" thing.

    Could you explain? The magic resistance is to give some less-used tiers, such as leather, some good use, and allows some more variety in mobs. I'm not suggesting actual magic, it just makes it possible to resist potion effects.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 5: The Combat
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    Would you at least consider making them spawn more, and more exploit-proof? If this is a new Minecraft version, I think the exploits should be polished out, even though the community as of now would throw a tantrum certain exploits were patched.

    Probably. I'll be overhauling villages anyway (a block above and behind a door does not make a building).
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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 5: The Combat
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    What about iron golems? We got to protect the villages! :steve_wink:

    In all seriousness, would you consider updating the post to explain if you are changing the iron golem spawning for villages? They never spawn on their own, which makes that whole thing pretty useless...except for iron farms.

    I'll discuss mobs when I discuss their dimensions (though the dimensions are going to be split up across multiple parts each). This is just the basic information that applies to all mobs.

    But, in answer to your question, iron golems will still spawn naturally in villages, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

    On a totally related note, have you beat Odyssey yet?

    100%, all Moons, Costumes, Regional Coins, and souvenirs collected. That game is fun.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 5: The Combat
    Quote from AaronBlader12»

    I'm assuming it's going to be like this:

    I'm not saying having a reference is bad. But it's just feels... wrong. Not all people knows how shovel=bounce abbility unless they played shovel knight.

    My alternative would be to make the Shovel have stun effect. But it's your decision in this suggestion.

    Yeah, it's like that. It's supposed to be an Easter Egg and something that really sets this otherwise useless-in-combat weapon apart. Really, since all the tools aren't great for combat, I've given them unique abilities instead (well, except the hoe, I would definitely appreciate feedback on that).

    I get what you're saying, but I don't think it's that big of an issue. I'll wait for more feedback on this.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 5: The Combat
    Quote from AaronBlader12»

    I like the suggestion but i still don't get the Shovel suggestion. How does a shovel can make the player bounce.

    It's a reference to Shovel Knight.

    Also, does wearing 2 handed-weapon means the offhand player slot disabled?

    Yeah, the slot is disabled. It's still there, but the offhand is hidden and you can't use whatever is in that slot.

    And maybe you should add magical weapon since now there is a Magic resistance tag to mobs.

    Well, there are enchantments and tipped arrows. That's what Magic Resistance is for.

    Or maybe you can make dagger throwable and make dagger causes some bleeding attack from successful backstab?

    I think that making daggers throwable would reduce the uniqueness of the axe, and causing bleeding damage seems overkill especially since a successful backstab is enough to one-shot most enemies.
    Quote from Genius_idiot»

    wow, you weren't kidding when you said soon

    I went and opened the WIP draft of the suggestion today, which I haven't opened in at least a month, and there were literally just two paragraphs left to write. I think I might have intended to include more to this suggestion, but I can't remember what for the life of me.

    regardless, I love the variety and different ways to play, the only thing I would change is to give the shovel the ability to deal triple damage if the foe is hit while the attacker is air born from an external source (IE explosions, knockback, firework/elytra flight(assuming that stays) ect.). This is a reference to "The Market Gardner") a weapon for the Soldier that deals critical damage if you hit someone while rocket jumping.

    the reason I suggest this is because, if you didn't know, Notch actually donated to the production of TF2 and can even appear as a random bot name

    It's an interesting idea, but I don't see the player making much use of it (explosions are lethal, knockback is usually minor and imprecise, and while flight would work I think it fits better with the spear).

    Also, I just realized you completely forgot about ranged weapons, but other than that


    Well, I didn't really forget, it's just that I'll talk about them where you get them. The player can only build the basic bow, and of all tiers. There are also special bows, such as a crossbow, or a bow with a scope, but those are rare weapons you find by exploring. There are also unique weapons too, that you can find, but I'll talk about them when they're more relevant.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 5: The Combat
    Must stop...Mario Odyssey...finish...suggestion...Power Moons

    <Previous | Minecraft 2, Part 5:

    The Combat


    Minecraft's combat is pretty simplistic. While there's nothing inherently wrong with this, it does mean that it's not very satisfying, at least for me. Aside from whether I want to use a bow or an axe (whose special ability is useless in SSP), there's no variety. Most of the enemies are easy to defeat and can be cheesed in simple ways. I'd like to change this. Making combat too complex and convoluted would be a detriment, but adding in more ways the player can fight is fine if it is done in an intuitive manner.

    Remember, a term like 15/10/5 means 15 on easy, 10 on normal, and 5 on hard.


    For those of you who don't know, mob is short for "mobile," which basically refers to any entity that has AI and can move around. Mobs will be discussed on a case-by-case basis as the environments in which they can appear are discussed, but there are certain properties all mobs possess:

    • HP and MaxHP: The mob's health, which is diminished by dealing damage. That's probably a given at this point.
    • AP: Natural armor points, which can be further augmented by giving the mob armor.
    • MR: Magic resistance, which determines the mob's chance at resisting a magical effect. This is normally low, being either 0-20, though some more powerful mobs can resist your magic with ease.
    • KR: Knockback resistance, which reduces the amount the mob takes knockback.
    • Player Relation: Can be Passive, Neutral, Hostile, Utility, Ambient, or Tamable. This determines how they will act towards players. Passive mobs will never attack the player. Neutral mobs will only attack the player when provoked, and will stop attacking the player when they get too far. Hostile mobs will always try to attack the player as long as they know the player exists. Utility mobs are mobs that can be created by the player and perform a specific purpose. Ambient mobs never hurt the player, die easily, and drop nothing of use, and have simple models and AI to minimize lag. Tamable mobs are mobs that can come under the control of a player through some action such as feeding them.
    • XP: The amount of XP the mob drops via various actions, such as being killed or breeding.
    • Pack Size: The number of mobs the game will try to spawn upon a successful spawn attempt.

    As lighting is no longer something the game keeps track of, spawning now works a lot differently. The surface is y>=0, and note that chunks are cubic.

    Most Passive Mobs: The game attempts to spawn a passive mob whenever the player is above the surface level once every five seconds. The game picks a random block in a chunk with a safety of 50 or higher within a 15 (or less with lower render distances) chunk radius and within ±16 vertical blocks of the player's position. If the block below it is a valid surface block, such as grass or snow, then the game attempts to spawn a pack of passive mobs based on the biome. The game makes up to five attempts , multiplied by the pack size, to spawn a mob near the spawn block, which can be anywhere within an 11x11x11 cube centered on it. The game selects a random block within the cube, and then looks down, then up, for an air block within the cube with a valid surface block below it and another air block above it. If this succeeds, the game spawns the mob.

    When the game generates a chunk with a valid surface block in it, it has a 1% chance of forcing a passive mob pack to spawn, though if conditions are extremely unfavorable the mobs may still fail to spawn.

    Neutral Mobs: There aren't many of these, and they can be vastly different, so they'll be discussed on a case-by-case basis. They will never spawn in a "safe" chunk.

    Most Hostile Mobs: Hostile mob spawning largely depends on three values: Proximity to player-placed blocks, proximity to mob-repelling blocks, and the chunk's "safety" value. The game attempts to spawn a mob 10/15/20 times per second, and looks anywhere within an 8-chunk sphere to place them. A block is chosen, and if it is an air block, the game then checks a random value against the chunk's safety value. If the value is greater than the chunks safety, then it checks a random block in an 11x11x11 cube centered on the spawn block. Once it has found an air block, it checks for any nearby blocks that repel mobs, such as lava. It then checks a 5x5x5 cube around that block to check that none of the nearby blocks were placed by the player. Finally, the game then checks below, then above that block for an air block that has an opaque block below it and enough air blocks to hold the mob above it. If it succeeds, the mob is spawned and the game continues to attempt spawning mobs until it has run out of attempts or it has spawned the entire pack.

    Utility Mobs: Most utility mobs do not spawn naturally, and those that do have unique spawning circumstances.

    Ambient Mobs: Ambient mobs spawn the same as passive mobs, though the game attempts two spawns per second and only does it within an eight chunk radius of the player.

    Tamable Mobs: They spawn in largely the same manner as a passive mob.

    Chunk Safety: Every chunk has a safety value that is determined by a variety of conditions. Safety effects the chance hostile mobs will spawn, with a safety of 100 negating hostile mob spawns in that chunk.

    • Being at or above the surface level of y=0 gives chunks +20 safety.
    • The world spawn chunk and all chunks in a 11x11x11 cube around it have +30 extra safety.
    • Chunks in a 7x7x7 cube centered on the player's spawnpoint will have +30 additional safety. This does not stack with the spawn chunks' safety bonus.
    • Surface chunks in most biomes get +80 extra safety during the day, preventing mob spawns above the surface. During the night, the safety bonus depends on the phase of the moon, with a +20 bonus during the full moon, and a -20 penalty (negating the inherent surface safety bonus) during the new moon.
    • Villages give a +30 bonus within their bounds.
    • Placing a torch or another light source within a chunk give it a +5 safety rating up to 50. Certain other blocks also increase safety.
    • Dimensions other than the Overworld do have safety values in each chunk, but do not have a bonus to surface safety. All portals provide a +100 bonus to the safety in their chunk and directly adjacent chunks, preventing hostile mobs from spawning next to your portal.
    • Dying within the last five minutes causes the game to act like all chunks have a +25/10/0 safety bonus, though the actual chunk safety values are not overwritten.
    • Commands and external editors can manually edit a chunk's safety value.

    Mobs and players no longer have invincibility frames, which means that fast weapons and duel-wielding are actually viable (Damage-over-time effects are handled differently because of this). Mobs do have a knockback cooldown to prevent being easily pushed around, so that for half a second after taking knockback, the mob will only take knockback from sources that deal more knockback than the previous source.

    Weapons and Abilities

    The player now has the ability to side hop or backpedal, which is activated by double-tapping the appropriate movement direction. This can be used to dodge an incoming attack and takes the same amount of hunger as jumping. In addition, mobs and players now have a bit of a wind-up animation so that the player can tell when they're about to attack and can react accordingly.

    There are four types of tools and five types of weapons. Each one has its own special ability when used in combat, though weapons are obviously more valuable for this purpose. All weapons have a weight value, which slows you down by that percentage when you wield the weapon. Two-handed weapons disable the offhand slot. All weapons and tools have five types of attacks:

    • Quick: This is a regular attack achieved by clicking with the appropriate mouse button.
    • Sprint: This is an attack performed by clicking during a sprint. Sprint attacks do extra knockback but usually don't have any kind of area of effect(aoe).
    • Charge: Holding down the mouse for a short time and then releasing will cause a charge attack. Charge attacks do double damage and have an additional effect, but consume a lot of hunger. While charging, the player is slowed down. If a charge attack is performed with a tool that can mine, the player must start the charge while not looking at any minable blocks. You can only charge with the weapon in your main hand.
    • Jump: While descending in the air, your attacks do 1.5 times damage and have a different animation. While ascending in the air, you perform normal quick and sprint attacks.
    • Jump-Charge: Charging an attack while falling will cause a special attack when you land. Releasing before you touch the ground will cause a regular quick attack. A jump charge requires at least a three block descent and is more effective the greater the fall, though that risks fall damage. You can only jump charge with the weapon in your main hand.

    Weapons either swing, slash, or stab. Swinging attacks go from the shoulder and hurts the enemy in front of you even if you aren't pointing directly at it. Slashing does an aoe attack in front of the player, similar to the current sword's sweep attack. Stabbing just hits whatever mob the player is pointing the crosshair at.

    All attacks have a base +10% piercing since armor can't completely negate damage.

    All weapons have cooldowns that begin to deplete after the attack animation has finished. You cannot attack before the previous attack has finished, and attacking before the cooldown is back to zero will reduce the damage of the next attack.

    Attacking with a weapon at the same time your enemy attacks causes a parry to occur if your opponent also has a weapon. This prevents either attack from connecting. A player cannot parry with their fists, a bow, or a dagger.

    A pickaxe's primary function is to mine stone and ore and doesn't do much damage in combat. However, it is good for weakening heavily armored opponents.
    Cooldown: Fast
    Durability: Average
    Damage: Low
    Speed: Average
    Knockback: None
    Special: Disintegrate Equipment: When a pickaxe successfully does damage to a mob or player wearing armor, the pickaxe does significant damage (based on its tier) to a random piece of armor they are wearing. If used to successfully parry an attack, the pickaxe will damage the enemy's weapon. If used to attack a mob or player who is using a shield, the shield will be damaged unless the enemy bashes at the right moment. Pickaxes are less effective at disintegrating equipment of a higher tier than they can mine.
    Quick: This performs a swing similar to mining.
    Sprint: This is identical to quick attack.
    Charge:: A charged swing does double damage to equipment.
    Jump: This damages the enemy's helmet if it has one and it is not blocking or parrying the player. If the attack connects, but the enemy does not have a helmet, it does damage to a random piece of the enemy's armor.
    Jump-Charge: This does small damage to all of the enemy's armor and cannot be blocked or parried, though it can be countered with a bash. The damage to the armor is increased with a greater fall.

    An axe's primary function is to chop wood at an increased rate from the player's fist. In a pinch, it can make for a good throwable weapon.
    Cooldown: Average
    Durability: Average
    Damage: Average
    Speed: Slow
    Knockback: Average
    Special: Tomahawk: While charging, the player can throw the axe ~20 blocks by pressing the drop key. The axe will mow through mobs and can do quite a bit of damage when used in a crowd, but it will become lodged in the block it lands in and will have to be retrieved by pressing the activate button on it. In addition to the durability loss from hitting the mobs, the axe takes some extra damage from landing unless it lands in a liquid. In addition, as a touch of "realism," parrying an axe with a weapon containing wooden parts will do a large amount of damage to it, instantly breaking weapons made completely of wood.
    Quick: This is a simple swing.
    Sprint: This is a simple swing with +5% piercing.
    Charge:: While charging, you can drop the axe to activate its tomahawk ability. A charged attack is a powerful swing with +15% piercing.
    Jump: This does a somewhat powerful swing with +10% piercing.
    Jump-Charge: This does an extremely powerful swing with extra damage and extra piercing depending on fall distance.

    The hoe's sole purpose is for tilling land. If you had hoped to use it for combat, you'll be sorely disappointed.
    Cooldown: Instant
    Durability: High
    Damage: Negligible
    Speed: Fast
    Knockback: Negligible
    Special: Master of the Mundane: The hoe's insane speed and lack of a cooldown can make it useful for keeping back a hoard of enemies, but as it has no inherent effects it shouldn't be used if you have an actual weapon. (I'm open to suggestions for an actual special ability.)
    Quick: A mediocre swing.
    Sprint: A fast mediocre swing.
    Charge:: A slightly less mediocre swing.
    Jump: A mediocre swing from above!
    Jump-Charge: A somewhat competent swing that has a chance at stunning your opponent based on the height of the fall.

    Like the hoe, the art of shovelry isn't very effective damage-wise, though a few may get some use out of its special ability.
    Cooldown: Fast
    Durability: Average
    Damage: Low
    Speed: Above Average
    Knockback: Below Average
    Special: Shovel Might: Performing a jump attack on an enemy from above will bounce the player up a small amount. Each consecutive jump attack will bounce the player up even higher. This can be used to get high up or get significant height for the jump charge. This ability is less effective on enemies with helmets, bouncing the player half as high and doing less damage. A properly timed shield bash will cancel out the bounce.
    Quick: An inverted swing, done from the feet up to the shoulder in the opposite direction of other tools' swings.
    Sprint: Does a stab.
    Charge:: Also does a stab.
    Jump: Activates the Shovel Might ability.
    Jump-Charge: Creates a tremor that goes up to ten blocks in front of the player and damages all mobs and players hit by it.

    The sword has the fastest DPS of any weapon, though its special ability isn't very impressive. It's also capable of doing all three types of melee attacks.
    Cooldown: Fast
    Durability: Above Average
    Damage: Above Average
    Speed: Fast
    Knockback: Below Average
    Special: Whirlwind: Releasing a charge attack does a spin attack, doing damage to everything near the player, though less damage is done per mob compared to a normal slash.
    Quick: The sword does a quick slash in front of the player.
    Sprint: The sword stabs the mob in front of the player.
    Charge:: Activates the Whirlwind ability.
    Jump: The sword does a swing from the shoulder.
    Jump-Charge: The sword does a swing for the entirety of the charge, damaging mobs mid-air and doing large damage to any mob near the point of impact.

    The hammer is a heavy two-handed weapon which has the highest potential for damage and knockback. While its DPS isn't as high as the sword, it is more effective when used in a group or against foes with a shield.
    Cooldown: Slow
    Durability: High
    Damage: High
    Speed: Slow
    Knockback: High
    Special: Shield Disabling: The axe's shield disabling ability has been moved to the hammer. Attacking someone using a shield, even if they bash, will disable the shield, forcing them to put it down and making them vulnerable for a short while.
    Quick: The player slashes the hammer, hitting everyone in front of them.
    Sprint: The player swings the hammer, hitting only the mob directly in front of them and doing insane knockback.
    Charge:: The player hits the enemy hard, with a chance at giving it a short slowness effect.
    Jump: The player bashes the enemy on the head, performing extra knockback.
    Jump-Charge: The player hits the ground, doing damage and knocking back everyone nearby. This takes a moment to recover from.

    The dagger is the cheapest and fastest weapon a player can make, but its low durability means that it is useless in a head-on fight. It is meant for stealth.
    Cooldown: Instant
    Durability: Negligible
    Damage: Low
    Speed: Fast
    Knockback: None
    Special: Sneak Attack: When the player attacks an enemy that doesn't detect them, the dagger does 30 times more damage, killing weak mobs and severely weakening stronger mobs. When used against a player, the dagger will only do extra damage if the player is hit in the back and they haven't been hit by that player for the last five minutes.
    Quick: Performs a quick stab.
    Sprint: Performs a quick swing, with the dagger facing down instead.
    Charge:: The player does several stabs in quick succession, though only the first stab may be a sneak attack.
    Jump: Performs a quick stab.
    Jump-Charge: As soon as the player lands, they will stab the enemy, which will count as an automatic sneak attack even if the enemy detects them as long as the enemy didn't detect them when they started falling. This is the only jump-charge that is not any more effective when done from higher up.

    The spear is a medium-range two-handed weapon, capable of doing melee damage from a short distance away. While its damage is low, it provides a lot of piercing damage.
    Cooldown: Fast
    Durability: Average
    Damage: Below Average
    Speed: Average
    Knockback: Low
    Special: Breakthrough: Charged and jump-charged attacks completely ignore armor, though they can still be parried, blocked, and bashed.
    Quick: A quick stab forward. +5% piercing
    Sprint: A quick stab forward with slightly greater range. +15% piercing
    Charge:: The spear has no kind of charge attack. Instead, while charging, the spear is held horizontally and the player can damage mobs simply by ramming them. +100% piercing
    Jump: A slightly slower stab forward. +30% piercing
    Jump-Charge: A slow stab with high knockback and +100% piercing.

    For usage in combat, unarmed is often a poor choice, being slightly worse than daggers in damage output. However, with gloves the damage can be increased and you can become quite deadly with your fists.
    Cooldown: Instant
    Durability: Infinite, though gloves lose durability with each hit
    Damage: Low
    Speed: Fast
    Knockback: Low
    Special: Knockout: A charged attack has a chance at stunning the enemy, with a greater chance against low-health enemies. Players are slowed instead.
    Quick: A quick hook (considered a stab).
    Sprint: An upwards punch (considered a reverse swing).
    Charge:: A slow hook (considered a stab) that activates the Knockout ability.
    Jump: A downwards punch (considered a swing).
    Jump-Charge: A downwards punch with both hands. Less effective on enemies with helmets.

    The bow is a unique weapon, able to launch arrows at enemies from a distance. There are a few different kinds of bows, with different abilities. All bows can do headshots, which do extra damage and can stun enemies (or slow players). Headshots are 50% less effective if the target is wearing a helmet. It is less accurate while used when the player is swimming, in the air, or sprinting, and needs to be charged to do full damage.
    Cooldown: Fast
    Durability: High
    Damage: Average
    Speed: Slow
    Knockback: Low

    The shield is a defensive tool you hold in your offhand. It provides a static defense bonus, and provides even greater defense when the offhand button is held. While holding up your shield, you can press the main hand button to bash, which consumes a lot of hunger but can cancel nearly every attack against the player if timed properly.

    That's it for combat. Next time, we're finally going to talk about the Overworld!

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