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    posted a message on Why did Mojang waste so many block IDs when they knew they were going to run out?
    Quote from Daib»

    Here's a dumb question - how is it that they're running out?

    Yeah, I get it, wasted block IDs, but why is there a limit in the first place? Such a limit seems so arbitrary and unnecessary, but shedding some light on why it exists would make me feel differently.

    Because of how they saved the ID's on your storage. Here is the source for all this.

    Chunks are split into 16x16x16 segments. Each segment contains various arrays of byte data about that segment, with each index in the array corresponding to a physical location in the segment (so index 0 might indicate the bottom-most left block, 1 is one block over, etc). We only care about two of these arrays, the "Block" array and the "Add" array. Now the "Block" array contains 4096 bytes (16x16x16=4096=1 byte per block), where the "Add" array contains 2048 bytes (16x16x16=4096/2=2048=1 byte per 2 blocks=4 bits per block).

    Numerical ID's for blocks are expressed as 12 bits, which is where the 4096 block ID limit for modded comes from. The first 8 bits are stored in the "Block" array, and the last 4 bits are stored in the "Add" array. When the game reads a given position in the segment, it reads the first 8 bits from the "Block" array, then reads the last 4 bits from the "Add" array, and shifts the 4 bits over to the left by 8 positions. Then it adds the two values together to get the final, full ID. Now the problem is, in vanilla, the "Add" array is somehow disabled. Mods activate it, but Mojang has yet to. So Mojang is still only using 8 bits to store the ID, which results in the 256 block ID limit the game has currently.

    They could activate the "Add" array, which would raise the block ID limit to 4096 in vanilla, but 4096 is still pretty low: I ran out of block ID's with 280 or so mods in 1.7.10, when I could easily run 300+ mods on my system. So they're coming up with a new way of storing ID's, that keeps this current system in place, but extends off of it such that each individual ID is unique to the segment it's stored in. Under 1.13's system, chunk segments will also store a thing called an "ID palette", which maps textual ID's ("minecraft:stone") to numerical ID's (3). Because the palette is local to the chunk segment, it moves the 4096 block ID limit from the game itself to each individual chunk segment, which coincidentally each chunk segment can store at maximum 4096 unique blocks (16x16x16=4096), so it's impossible for a single chunk segment to run out of ID's. And that's where the whole "infinite ID" thing is coming from, under 1.13 the limit will be however many block instances an array in Java can store, which at minimum is around 2 billion or so, assuming arrays use signed 32-bit integers.
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    posted a message on More FPS with RudoPlays shaders mod?

    Asking for help with shaders but not specifying your graphics card is a little like asking a mechanic for help, but not specifying the brand, make and model of your car. What graphics card are you using?

    Also, I urge you to give other shaders a go, as RudoPlays is a very outdated and, frankly, crap shader.

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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]

    Physically Based Rendering. Not sure of the difference.

    Quote from VL4DST3R»

    What do you mean by PBR pack? A pack with Parallax and Bumpmapping? If so then yes, i have a custom one patched together by me, based off of faithful 32 since that is what i currently use.

    PBR resource packs just provide the shader with extra information, such as metalness/f0, porosity, translucency, emission, and roughness, to correctly render surfaces.
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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]

    SEUS Renewed uses the old PBR format, which is the format most resource packs are using. Red = smoothness (1.0 - roughness), green = metalness, blue = emission (only some shaders support emission, though). There is a new PBR format, which is outlined here, and this is being used by Continuum 2.0, and was meant to be used by SEUS Renewed (dotModded and Sonic Ether came up with the format together). As of now, only Continuum 2.0, and my own shader, Halcyon, support the new PBR format, so if you are going to be making PBR maps, best to use the old format until more shaders adopt the new format.

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    posted a message on disable shadow of shader

    Open "shadow.vsh", and find a section of code which has a bunch of "varying" variables. Add this code to that section:

    varying vec2 entity;

    Then scroll down until you hit the main function (it'll have "void main()" there). Make a new line directly under the function header ("void main()" part), and add this code:

    entity = mc_Entity.xz;

    Then open "shadow.fsh". Again, find the section with a bunch of "varying" variables and add this code there:

    varying vec2 entity;

    Then scroll down until you hit the main function, make a new line under, and add this code:

    entity.x == 6.0 ||
    entity.x == 18.0 || entity.x == 161.0 ||
    entity.x == 31.0 ||
    entity.x == 32.0 ||
    entity.x == 37.0 || entity.x == 38.0 ||
    entity.x == 39.0 || entity.x == 40.0 ||
    entity.x == 59.0 ||
    entity.x == 83.0 ||
    entity.x == 106.0 ||
    entity.x == 111.0 ||
    entity.x == 115.0 ||
    entity.x == 141.0 ||
    entity.x == 142.0 ||
    entity.x == 175.0
    ) {

    This might lower your FPS a bit, though.

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    posted a message on Will realistic graphics mod come to Minecraft Windows 10 edition

    First and foremost, Microsoft doesn't limit content creators on how they distribute their content. The marketplace is simply there for those who want the exposure and revenue. There's still lots of free content available, most of it is available over at MCPE DL far as I know.

    Moving on to shaders, there are shaders available for Bedrock (Windows 10 Edition), but they are very simple as the shaders implementation on Bedrock is currently very restrictive. The game doesn't give much information for shaders to use, there is no support for shadow maps (so traditional shadowing isn't possible), no support for depth buffers (so effects like raytraced screen-space shadows, reflections, AO, etc are much harder to do, nigh impossible for most developers), and the game only gives shaders a single post-process shader to use (the vignette shader), so you can't compound effects like we can on Java Edition with Optifine (so things like volumetric light, raytraced shadows, etc cannot be filtered, leaving a noise pattern through the effect). All of these limitations leave shaders with only a handful of effects. Things like customised lighting colours, new clouds, cubemapped reflections, custom skies, colour correction, etc. None of the fancy effects we can do on our shaders.

    There is an upcoming update to Bedrock that'll completely overhaul the shaders implementation, bringing it effectively up to the same level as Optifine, if not slightly better. We don't know exactly when it'll be released, at the latest it'll be released alongside the Super Duper Graphics pack. Maybe a bit earlier. Once this comes, expect Bedrock shaders to really pick up. We, as in all the Java shader devs, are already talking to a couple Bedrock shader devs, so yeah.

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    posted a message on Any good shaders that don't lag my PC?

    I can run most shaders at around 30-60 FPS, sometimes 60-80 FPS, with my R5 1500X & 6GB 1060 at 8 render distance, 1080p. Shaders really need a low render distance to perform well, as higher render distances produce a lot of overdraw and exponentially increases the work the shader has to do.

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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    Quote from NWGMinecraft»

    Yo in a future update they should make it so that water caustics are reflected on the walls of caves.

    Don't think SE's method of caustics allows for this.
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    posted a message on Super duper graphics pack and java edition ?

    No, the Super Duper Graphics pack isn't officially coming to Java Edition. The renderer works vastly differently between the two editions, so officially supporting the SDG pack would mean rewriting the renderer, which is a huge undertaking and would basically kill Java Edition. There may be, however, an unofficial method to use the SDG pack on Java Edition. There's an upcoming mod that replaces Java Edition's Java / OpenGL 1/2 renderer with a completely custom one in C++ / Vulkan, that will natively support shader packs, and will use the Bedrock format for shader packs (as well as supporting Optifine's format for shader packs). Eventually when this mod is fully functional, you may be able to take the SDG pack files and load them using this mod.

    Though there's no real need for the SDG pack in Java Edition. We already have shader support through Optifine, allowing for the same features that the SDG includes, plus more, and Optifine's author is very close to the shader development community, and is always adding features into Optifine that make our shaders even better. A recent addition that is currently in the Optifine previews, that my own pack as well as two others now use, would be hybrid forward/deferred support, which allows for things like multiple layers of reflections (you can have an iron block behind water, behind stained glass, behind another layer of water, and each layer has its own independent reflections, without the hybrid forward/deferred support, this is impossible).

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    posted a message on Anyone know why shaders are causing me low fps?

    Optifine is outright required for a lot of shaders nowadays, because it offers features that the original shaders mod just doesn't include, namely things like deferred programs, the #include preprocessor, new uniforms, temporal buffers, etc.

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    posted a message on Implementing PCSS - GLSL Shaders Mod
    Quote from dirt_block_82»


    First off, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, so if someone could let me know about that...

    Anyway, I've just recently been working on a developing a shader. I have some basic things like tonemapping, PCF colored shadows, and emissive objects. However, I'm currently stuck on implementing percentage closer soft shadows (PCSS). I've been looking around online, but I haven't been able to find any helpful documentation for doing this in GLSL (at least not version 1.2). I was wondering if anybody was able to help me with this, or knew where I could find the appropriate information (also, I'm only a beginner with GLSL and shaders in general). I can add source code if necessary.

    Thanks in advance!

    This is the code I use for PCSS in my shader pack, however the code generally is similar all around. To roughly describe PCSS, essentially before your PCF code, you want to use a small filter on the area around the central shadow map texel, 3x3 works fine, and you want to get the average depth around that texel (so you want the raw depth, ie `texture2D(shadowtex0, shadowPos.xy + offset).x`). This gets your blocker depth, or the depth of anything casting shadows near the central shadow map texel. Once you've got the blocker depth, calculate the distance between the blocker and your surface using the equation `distance = (surface - blocker) * lightDistance`, where `lightDistance` is a constant that represents the distance of the sun/moon from the surface. Use this distance to influence the radius of your percentage-closer filter, and voila, you should have shadows that soften with distance.

    If you ever need help, feel free to hop onto the shaderLABs Discord server. It's a Discord server dedicated to Minecraft shaders, and all relevant shader devs are on there: Sonic Ether, Chocapic, Sildur, Triliton, dotModded, BruceKnowsHow, dethraid, Capt Tatsu, bobcao3, Sergeant Sarcasm, Zombye, and lots more lesser-known devs. I'm jaekmichie97 on there.

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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    Quote from San_Ness»

    And here I am again. Sorry for beeing unable to narrow things myself :S

    As I stated somewhere above, I wanted to resaturate nightsky again with color, and since I had already seen lines about saturation within shader's files I thought it would be easy.

    I've tryed this for hours but it isn't working. I've discovered how to change saturation of color from blocks during night, which I thought it would be harder. But no matter what I do I cannot make nightsky color change from the shader's default blueish white...

    I know the texture I'm using has vibrant colors since, in vanilla no shader or with other shaders I get those purples and blues... I know seus is not overwriting the texture completly because I can see the adecuate patterns of stars and galaxies that texture bring... but the color is totally white with a bit of blue...

    Atempts I've made are looking in every single file for key words "sky" "satur"(saturation), "vibr"(vibrancy-vibrant),and "nighteye". Then tweaking values within them or comenting whole lines, going inside, testing results, usually breaking the shader, etc, etc. I did one last desperate attempt of completly disabling any invocation of the donighteye method within any file from composite (0), 1, 2, 3 and final. Yet, besides ugly results, the sky was still gray as always...

    Beeing positive, I've definetivetly learned how to change block color saturation tint in rgb during night time, which is something I would definetively like to play with... once I've got a proper sky to make blocks match something xDD

    So I'm out of clues again... Any advice on how to remove any control from the shader's side over my nightsky texture so that it can use it's own colors again?

    Never messed with resource pack support for skies, so I don't know off the top of my head. To make things easier on the both of us, feel free to join the shaderLABs Discord server, I'm called jaekmichie97 over there.
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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]

    But seriously, for me, right now, you are a wizzard. If I ask you how to solve war, hunger and global warming will you teach me too??

    The secret to all your problems, is ravioli. Trust in the ravioli.

    Since it seems I cannot end one of my posts without one last question: is it normal that inside caves, from times to times there appear sun reflections where there shouldn't be any that just vanish after moving around a bit?

    It could be the game's frustum culling messing with shadows some. The game basically only renders chunks that are inside your "field of view", and so this messes with shadows, which can be projected by blocks inside chunks outside of your "field of view". Incidentally, this is one of the reasons why SEUS originally faded the direct light out when a block was under cover, to hide these sort of problems. So unfortunately, there isn't really a solution outside of adding that fade back in.

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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    Now... I see a minor problem, but I can stand it, during direct sunlight in exteriors, atmosphere feels a bit dusty... I think it is like if I constantly where under a giant global light ray (which have sense, but eyes adapt irl) Yet is subtle, if you know a quick fix I'd be gratefull but I do really love the results now, not a big concern (I'm just comparing to Stazza's which is the only other shader I feel can remotely stand a match against SEUS from my personal tests, that shader also have that dusty feel when I go from interiors to exteriors, but quickly the ingame eye adapts and the dusty feeling disapears).

    This is an unfortunate downside to volumetric light. Because of the fact that volumetric light is, well, volumetric, it can lead to the world looking hazy when cranked up. Most shaders either turn volumetric light down to make it more subtle, or have it fade out whenever you transition from interior to exterior (and fade back in), Stazza's shader does the latter. SEUS just has it at a fixed strength.

    To add a blend in, open composite2.fsh and go to line 1656, hit enter, then add this code in:

    rayColor *= mix(1.0, 0.2, pow(eyeBrightnessSmooth.y * 0.00416666, 6.0);

    The "1.0" is the strength while indoors, the "0.2" is the strength while outdoors, and the "6.0" is basically the threshold for how far you have to be indoors. Play around with the values to get something you like, assuming I wrote the 1-minute code properly. :P

    Just another question. I've noticed SEUS is by far the most fps hungry shader from all I've tested. I know shaders slow down machines. Mine is a monster so it can wistand it. But I'd like to know if my numbers are normal or I should look if I've got optifine or minecraft itself configured wrong and could improved.

    I'm using a 32 chunks render distance. That is not negotiable, if optifine allowed me more, probably I'd go for more.
    Graph card is GTX 1070
    RAM is 16GB DDR4
    CPU is i7-6700K

    With SEUS, inside caves I get around 30 fps. In the outside world I get 17-23 fps. Flying in creative at fast speed I can go down to 10-13 fps if I don't let my machine rest a bit. Flying at full speed also load chunks slower than my movement speed.

    Is that what it should be expected using SEUS at 32 chunks load distance and with this hardware, or something seems wrong?

    That's actually better than I expect for SEUS on a 1070 at 32 chunk render distance, to be quite honest. Shaders simply don't scale well with render distance, because the work needed to be done adds up exponentially.

    SEUS is also a pretty unoptimised shader, so that also wouldn't be helping your FPS.

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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    Quote from San_Ness»

    Thank you very much for your answer! Yet... it didn't work :S

    I've followed the video step by step 3 times. I mean, I made 3 copies of the original composite1 and composite2 and followed the steps of the video separately with every copy of both archives just to ensure I was making no human mistake. Yet non of the 3 versions I did works... I'll post screenshots from my game to show you the problem. First how it looks with SEUS, second how it looks with other shaders.

    SEUS (Even after having followed the video's steps):

    Another Shader (Stazza's):

    I'd really want to use SEUS, but I need that feature...

    Try this.

    Open composite1.fsh, then go to line 2803, and comment that entire line out.

    Volumetric light only draws the light rays themselves, it doesn't draw the surface lighting, that's handled by some other code. Cody multiplies the direct light (light coming from the sun, which shadows are cast in) for surface lighting by the sky lightmap, which causes direct light to fade out when under cover, which helps to hide some issues with the shadow map. Uncommenting that line removes this, and should fix it.
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