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I am a metalhead. The avatars you see are various metal bands I listen to.

I like to come up with stories and neat ideas. Give me an inspiration, and I'll think up some detailed descriptions for it.
I'm also a fan of this little guy, and the philosophy it brings.


Writing, music, gardening, nature, making things go boom!

Languages: English (native, fluent), French, Spanish, German (Hochdeutsch), Dutch (consequent near fluent) [note 1]

*note 1: As a metalhead, I listened to quite a few bands as I familiarized my self with the varying genres. Most of my knowledge in German and Dutch was learned entirely from bands I found in those languages. My Dutch improved because of my previous German knowledge. There's a lot of interchange between the two and my native language. Harder to do with French and Spanish; so I am going back to school for French at least.

Location Southwestern Ontario

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Minecraft ironsloth1993

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Skype conor.carter1