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    posted a message on Mites or Acarus: special mobs from jungles and roofed forests

    Jungle spiders is an idea that has been seen many times in the forum ... and it is also a redundant idea having already two types of spiders.

    The truth is that I have been contemplating the idea of a monster or animal that lived in the leaves, I like the idea of the jungle spider, but not as a spider.

    Today I suggest a new type of mob: acarus.

    Acarus would be bigger bugs, stronger and more resistant than spiders, but also much slower and much more uncommon.

    These would have the appearance of a giant mite.

    Its shape and texture could be inspired in real life red velvet bugs (that are basicallly giant mites).

    Resultado de imagen de giant mite
    Resultado de imagen de giant mite

    This mean: acarus would have a shape similar to spiders, but with a little non-mobile head, and a more fat body (middle part) than the end rear (butt part).

    Also, its legs will be more separated: two pairs of legs will be placed literally in the head (being one pair larger than the other), and the other pair of legs will be placed in the end rear (being, again, one pair larger than the other). Eyes would be placed to the sides of the head instead the front.

    These also would have a similar texture, but red skinned, with orange legs, more little eyes and bigger fangs.

    I've tried to create a techne model for shown how it could be, but I have had difficulties and I have not been able to finish them (I will upload them soon).


    These mobs will be generated at jungles and roofed forests, with an abundance of one for each three or four spiders.

    In other biomes will also be generated, but with a probability as low as the husk in non-desert biomes.

    Acarus also can be generated over leaves of trees (at the night), attacking to the player falling from up.

    Also, acarus could be generated literally inside leaves, I mean, big jungle trees and dark oak trees could have a little chance of drop literally an acarus mob when became unstable.

    Then, a big jungle tree could produce until five acarus when cut down.

    Attack, movement and behaving:

    Acarus will be inmune to falling damage, that is a property needed for being drop from leaves or do ambush attacks over trees, also, these would be able to climb walls and will become neutral with sun light (minimal level 7) as spiders.

    These mobs would be slow as zombies or slower yet, but would have a big life, similar to endermans (40 health points), and in case of touch the player will cause a damage similar to zombies (3 hp at normal difficulty).

    Acarus will have an special attack, these will jump over the player in "charged attacks" (with charge time of half second), causing a damage similar to be touched by a blaze (until 6 hp at normal difficulty, 9 in hard) and pushing or throwing out the player until three blocks.

    Obviously, due to be slightly uncommon and slow, these should not be a big problem.


    When killed, acarus will drop 8 experience points, will have a chance of 50% of drop an apple, another 50% of drop red wool, and will have a chance of 33,3% of drop spider eyes.

    Basically these mobs would be more meanly by its gameplay impact than by its drop, although will drop 1,5 times more experience than common overworld mobs.

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    posted a message on Underwater expansion

    Without introduction nor presentation, I will go straight to the point. I think you know what I mean, the sea needs more things.

    My suggestions (inside spoilers):

    Fishing (under sea level or at specific biomes):

    The idea is to basically add new fish, it may seem redundant, but most of the following have special properties beyond serving as food.

    If you catch fish below sea level (64 blocks or less), you are more likely to get pelagic fish instead of the classic ones:
    - Any classical fish (60% like basis).
    - Jellyfish: rare fish (15%), is used for obtain slime.
    - Tuna: rare fish (20%), is used like food, unlike others fish, it can give several food items (when cooked, have the same food and saturation values as cooked fish).
    - Lobster: very rare fish (5%), is used like food, it has a big food value comparable to rabbit stew (but is stackable).

    Big deep (under level y=32): at the deep there is bigger chances to obtain pelagic fishes and abyssal fish.
    - Any classical fish (30% like basis).
    - Jellyfish: rare fish (20%), is used for obtain slime.
    - Tuna: rare fish (30%), is used like food, unlike others fish, it can give several food items (when cooked, have the same food and saturation values as cooked fish).
    - Lobster: very rare fish (10%), is used like food, it has a big food value comparable to rabbit stew (but is stackable).
    - Abbysal fish: rare fish (10%), can be used for create blindness potions of very low duration (3 seconds) from night vision potions. In hostile mobs, will do these temporally peaceful during 10 seconds (unless these are attacked after by a player, so, will become hostile instantly).

    - Any classical fish (75% like basis).
    - Mudfish (25%), is used for obtain clay.

    Blindness potion*:
    Created from night vision potions using abbysal fish, these have a very low duration (3 seconds).
    In hostile mobs, will do these temporally peaceful during 10 seconds (unless these are attacked after by a player, so, will become hostile instantly).

    Underwater "plants":

    Corals would be a kind of decorative sub-aquatic plant, generated at low depths. These would have the same color variations as flowers and may be used to make dyes.
    In addition, there may be coral blocks (which would form structures called "giant corals", but would not serve to make dyes.
    I could exist an special uncommon glowing variant of coral.
    Resultado de imagen de coral minecraft

    Basically algae, plants of underwater. These would be generaed at very low depths and would be stackable blocks (ie, would be like sugar cans), reaching natural heights of even 5 blocks.
    Resultado de imagen de seaweed minecraft

    Giant special coral (mob):

    Giant red choral variant would be actually a mob, this would be inoffensive (will hide inside itself if a player go near) and useless, but would give a better landscape.

    These would be a kind of underwater spots of stones. These would be generated at any depth, but at uncommon clusters.

    Sea biome variants:

    Algae plains:
    A biome of very low depth, with seaweed with sizes of one to two blocks and sand-ground-clay floor.

    Algae forest:
    A biome of low depth, with seaweed with sizes of three, four to even seven blocks and sand floor.
    Resultado de imagen de underwater expansion minecraft suggestions

    Choral reef:
    A biome of low depth, with seaweed, corals, some dispersed coral blocks, and shunken wood trunks. The floor is of gravel-ground-clay type, with little sand.
    Resultado de imagen de coral minecraft

    Deep choral reef:
    It is a biome similar to choral reef, of bigger depth, but it has also choral mobs and giant choral structures, as well as stone clusters with lots and lots of barnacles.

    Barnacles barrier:
    An extremelly low depth biome (basically generated together coasts) with stone clusters that can reach ever over water and lots of barnacles in these.

    The abyss:
    A very deep sea biome with lots of whirlporls and even water cracks (see more down, on sea structures).
    This also will have underwater "water current" blocks, that are special water blocks with permanent flow and full size (this will be transformed into a normal water block if clicked with a bucket or exposed to air).

    Sea structures:

    I suggest the addition of more sea structures:

    Very big ice mass that is generated over the water surface.

    Floating islands:
    Little uncommon air-floating earth mass generated over sea biomes. These earth mass can be based in forest or jungle biomes and are generated in clusters. Usually, a bigger central island with a jungle temple will be generated.

    Shunken villages:
    Uncommon underwater ruins of villages. Its chests can have some uncommon loot.

    Whirlpools and sea cracks:
    Special structures make with water and air. To avoid its collapse, its walls are made of an special static water block (that can be obtained with a bucket, but next it will be placed like a common water block).

    Its depth can bring to a big cave, a sea temple or an special block that breaks boats.

    Sea monsters:

    Possibly this is the most anticipated part of the suggestion or the one you have opened first.
    I suggest several monsters, but all away from the typical shark idea.

    Sea explorer:
    It is basically a reduced and weak version of the guardian of the sea, unable to launch laser beams and attacks melee, but in hives. These cause damage similar to zombies, and are slow and weak, with a life similar to silverfish or something greater.
    When they die, they will give a prismarine item and some experience (little, like a zombie).

    These are generated near to sea monuments (but not inside), shunken villagers, whirlpools, abyss biomes... and uncommonly (with low spawning rates) at barnacles barriers, algae and choral biomes. These will never generate at the common current naked sea biome (or extremely slow).
    These also could be generated uncommonly on jungle rivers and sea zones near to jungle.

    It would be the analogue of the spider but under water, bigger, stronger, more resilient and slower.
    This would be a rare mob generated in algae and coral biomes, with blaze-like attack damage (almost 9 hp on normal difficulty) and a special "suction" ability (the mob will raise its claws producing a crab sound and Will attract the player as if this one was fighting against current).
    Suction ability will not work if player is out of water.
    Its drops are experience (an amount comparable to that of a blaze or a sea guardian) and one or two units of lobster (food), more with loot enchantment.
    Its shape could be inspired on the cocoat crab, instead of the classical suggested crab shape, this would give to it a more "eldritch" or "pelagic" appearance.
    This mob will move walking over the undersea floor and can survive out of water (but will be slower yet and unable to do its special "suction" ability).
    Resultado de imagen de coconut crab

    Giant jellyfish:
    A slime-like mob with tentacles generated very rarely, are being significant in chunks specials in sea biomes or in the abyss.
    These mobs are slow and will throw electric shocks to the player's arrow-like damage, with a cooldown of a second and a half or more.
    This, like the slimes, will drop one or two units of slime (or nothing) together experience.
    This mob could have a pink uncommon poisonous variant that will not attack actively to the player but will cause the poison, weakness status and some damage if touched.

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    posted a message on Thirst meter that can bring drink mixing and fruit trees to Minecraft.

    Another incomplete suggestion.

    The truth is that there were already suggestions about thirst in the past, and better elaborated.

    For me, the ideal thirst mechanics would be as follows:

    Water is water, no matter if it is sea or river. But you can add some technicality, for example, bottled water filled in an ocean biome will be salty water bottles, which have the same utility for potions but not hydratation, in fact, will cause thirst (but not as extremelly as in your suggestion).

    Some vegetable foods and stews, in addition to give food points, also recover points of hydration, while meats give a little thirst.
    This will balance the power of food while it can be used as an excuse to add new vegetables and berries.
    Also, because no one would like to have to spend all the time having to fill and drink bottles of water, the idea of ​​vegetables that solve your thirst is perfect.

    Hot (and nether) biomes accelerates thirst, but not more than 50%, while cold and frozen biomes reduces thirst speed a 20%. Also, only activities like jumping or running can accelerate thirst more (in analogy with any physical activity and food points consumption).

    In the absence of water there is no damage, simply hunger accelerates, and skills like regeneration, strength, endurance and speed are reduced by 20%
    (It seems counterintuitive not to die of thirst, but it is not funny to die of hunger and thirst at the same time in a game that is supposed to have no complexity of this type).

    Additionally it is possible to put a parallel system: "satiety".
    This would be analogous to the saturation of hunger, but would only be obtained by excessive consumption of water, potions, milk or food with water after being thirsty (ie, having the hydration bar full), unlike saturation (which is obtained at the same time as food points).

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    posted a message on Cubic Chunks mod - (almost) infinite world height and depth

    When will be released the first alpha or beta of the mod?
    I am expectant, desiring to test it with a friend.

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    posted a message on Placing slimeballs on block faces

    The problem of this is that it is not possible to create "0 thickness blocks", that is the property needed for do this block viable, in a similar way as it is not possible to combinate slabs of different types.
    Do it using convencional measures will to imply an extremely big id wasting, that simply isn't viable.
    It would need the reworking of block id mechanic, and similars, that currently isn't a possible future thing.

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    posted a message on Updates: Biome Specific Mobs & Plant expansions.
    Quote from Mirewood»


    1) The Husk mob is essentially a 'sand zombie'; however it could be given a rare drop (ie. 'Gaul Bladder') that could be used in a potion to create the hunger effect.

    What is the utility of hunger potions on survival? It this is useless at survival, if hasn't sense to be added.

    2) Mobs like bats could be given a rare drop (ie. "Bat Claw") which can be used in a potion to create the blindness effect

    Again, what is the utility of blindness potions on survival, since this effect doesn't affect to mobs currently?

    3) Perhaps a rare herb (ie. 'wormwood') could spawn only in specific biomes at very low rates that could be used in potions to create wither and absorption effects

    Absorption can be obtained eating golden apples, and should be an unique effect for this, otherwise, golden apples will to lose its singularity and even could become obsolete.

    Currently, Haste, Mining Fatigue, Nausea, Resistance, Blindness, Hunger, Wither, Absorption, Saturation, Glowing, Levitation, Luck, and Bad Luck are all status effects without corresponding potions.

    There are reasons for explain why this is so.
    Blindness, nausea, hunger are useless at survival, as well as mining fatigue and bad luck (and, since it is possible use commands at servers, these are simply useless additions).

    Wither is op at multiplayer, saturation is only for foods (it hasn't sense create a food potion), luck is op, levitation is op at multiplayer.

    The most of these, excepting blindness, health boost, luck and bad luck, exists currently on survival, ie, these can be obtained.

    The only effect that I would support to add to survival (and that you forgotten to mention) is health boost.

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    posted a message on Chocolate Bar

    No... the problem isn't only of the effect, also is of the own item.

    I like the idea of add new foods since it adds more diversity (and, therefore, a more extensed and inmersive gameplay), however, most of community doesn't share this view point. They think that new foods haven't why be added since these will not to add new "things", better said, that new foods are redundant.

    Fast and good solves to this "redundancy" is to add a eating speed system, the thirst, and/or special properties, however and ironically, this most of people also disagree with the idea of change the food mechanics or add new, like if these were to have bad consequences (when actually will happen the opposite).

    Anyway, I tell you no matter what you do with the chocolate bars, people will continue without supporting the idea for the mere fact that it will be another food more.


    I recommend you make suggestions for other aspects of the game instead of meals, or think about "magical foods " (there are currently only two [golden apples and chorus fruit] and I think they have great potential).

    Support to the idea of add chocolate bars.

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    posted a message on Choralide

    I only say that the choral skeleton image (or the image of another very similar entity, with at least a villager/steve/enderman like model) would to fit perfectly in the game, and more yet if it has melee weapons and bows.
    A beast like or extra limbs mob could hardly fit if must have weapons like bows and hoes.

    In the other side, choral skeleton doesn't have why have the "skeleton" prefix (if this is the problem), it could have a name like "choralide" or even have an appearance origin very far and different to skeletons and strays, and its choraline nearly skeletal appearance would still fitting with the game.

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    posted a message on Choralide
    Quote from DuhDerp»

    No support, the game already has more than enough skeletons--skeleton, stray, wither skeleton, skeleton horse, skeleton trap (regular skeletons on skeleton horses armed with elite gear). We have even more zombie variations.

    Quote from mastermined:

    do we really need more Skeletons...
    I'm all in for some (well-designed) new End monsters. But they gotta be at least somewhat original.

    If we disqualify good ideas of monsters only because there are already others similar or of the same variety, this game will never obtain good monsters or it will do it too slowly.
    Skeletons, specially, together zombies and sea guardians, have a big diversity potential, unlike all the others monsters (it would not fit in the game a red creeper or a white blaze, for example).

    Just say that we had to wait almost two years since the addition of the "classic monsters" to be able to get several few mobs more that are also difficult to find...
    I prefer have now "another type of skeleton" instead of wait almost two years to have "another new monster that possibly will be hard to find".

    Anyways, choral skeletons aren't a bad idea, in fact, is the first good mob idea that I see after months.

    What other mob could fit with the same abilties? Please respond, because I see that you like the abilities of skeleton but not the skeleton that takes it, and may be another monster idea could not fit with such abilities.

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    posted a message on Machetes (Clearing tool)

    Interesting idea, but like badprenup, I also consider that the machete should have a bigger duration than shears (when breaking such type of blocks) or be much faster.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 1: The Game Engine
    Quote from jdc997»

    Like currently, mods are the modder's and the individual user's problem, not Mojang's.

    Yes... and without mods, minecraft would have been nothing. The most part of the minecraft's popularity and triumph belong to its mods and not to the game itself.
    In fact, the most of players has used mods or even prefer use mods instead of play vanilla (at least on single player).

    If minecraft 2 punishes hard the modders making the modification almost impossible or reducing future mods to small mods badly made and simple, I doubt that many people buy it.

    And more yet when you can modify the old game to add it cubic chunks or advanced brewing (and since Each great complex mod [thaumcraft, aoa, buildcraft, etc] is equal to a expansion pack).

    If modders can not create complex mods in minecraft 2 or even if you must to download and even pay for few official expansion packs, the game hasn't future.

    It should exist a minimal respect level to mods by mojang.

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    posted a message on Spawn Eggs in Survival (w/ Balance)

    It would fit more the addition of soul crystals or soul shards (because of the soul sand), that would have all the properties and crafting than exposed about the survival spawn eggs of the thread.

    Spawn eggs aren't really fitting in game, although these was on this before (used only in creative) it doesn't need why be applied also to survival at the foot of the concept.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 1: The Game Engine
    Quote from jdc997»

    Interesting ideas, but they don't fit into this suggestion, which is just the background engine of the game. If I do these, they'll be in subsequent suggestions in this series.

    The addition of RGB colours, as well as 16.777.216 colours combinations for each colorable block, and the non-euclidean rendering would to imply the reworking of the game engine, since this doesn't support such additions currently.

    I don't see the sense of create a "MC2" if such has little engine changes to what it refers to the game mode. The only suggested change that would make MC2 really worth it (apart from mine) is cubic chunks, but still too little to imply creating a new game. This can be perfectly added to the current minecraft, as well as the image rendering system was changed in the 1.8 through pseudo-floors, it doesn't need a deep recoding of the game and can be even obtained with light mods.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 2, Part 1: The Game Engine

    You should also consider the implementing of colored lights: an RGB lighting system; and the implementing of not-lagging hexadecs colour mechanics for specific blocks (that would to do possible the addition of until 16.777.216 colored blocks for each colorable block of the game); as well as a more complex and extended brewing mechanic and potion result diversity; and the addition of non-euclidean rendering portals (that would to do portals more realistic, more aesthetic and direct; basically, you would see your destination landscape through the nether portal; and give the possibility of have non-euclidean structures and mazes at the end dimension).

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    posted a message on Lightbolts, heat and metallic blocks

    I suggest adding "lightboltic" and thermic properties to certain blocks, including: gold, iron and redstone blocks.

    Heat: cauldron, iron and gold blocks:

    Mainly the idea is to make iron and gold able to "warm up" with the heat of other blocks.

    Better explained, the idea is: if you put a block of iron, gold or cauldron next to or on a hot block (fire, lava or magma), it will cause 1 health point of damage per second, as if those blocks were magma.

    Lightbolts properties: gold, iron, bars and redstone:

    The idea is to give properties related with lightbolts to gold blocks, iron bars, and redstone blocks.

    Iron bars would have a "lightbolt affinity" property, that means that lightbolts have more chances to fall over or near to iron bars.

    Gold blocks would have also such property, but it would be much bigger, giving to gold blocks an special utility related with lightbolts.

    Redstone blocks, however, would have the opposite property: lightsbolts will avoid fall over or near to redstone blocks.

    So, iron bars and gold blocks could be used like lighting rods, for protect wood buildings and special terrains from storms, and also for do slightly easier to the obtaining of charged creepers and mob heads; while redstone blocks would be used like a kind of "lightbolt repellent", being also useful for protect wood buildings.

    Additionally, lightbolt damage and its charging effect could spread over metallic blocks (iron and gold blocks) as well as activate redstone powder, that would be useful for special mechanisms and passive traps.

    Such spreading of lightbolt effect and damage would be bigger on gold than on iron blocks.

    Thanks for read.

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