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    posted a message on Question: smooth lighting
    Smooth lighting actually makes the game run slower and more laggy. I'd rather keep it disabled if you want to help with your fps.
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    posted a message on Is there a way to play my world offline?
    I don't think you can migrate a Multiplayer server to a Singleplayer server. Sorry bud.
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    posted a message on Please help! Minecraft isn't running for me.
    Hi there.
    It sounds like you have a custom client mod (such as OptiFine or MCPatcher) that may be messing with your Minecraft client. This can also be do to a texturepack error or an error in your player skin (believe it or not, it has happened). If you have a corrupt texturepack, the launcher will kick back errors.

    You may want to use the Default settings on the Profile and see if Minecraft can run properly. If not, you may want to do a clean install of Minecraft (deleting the .minecraft folder in Roaming) and logging back into the launcher. Be aware, if you do a clean install of Minecraft, any mods, texturepacks, servers or custom edits will be deleted.
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    posted a message on 1.5 wont fully update to 1.6.1
    Hi there!

    You need to download the latest Minecraft launcher which can be downloaded from here:
    From there, you must startup the launcher and login regularly. If that does not work, you have an alternative of deleting the .minecraft foder located inside Roaming on Windows platform then relogging into the launcher.
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    posted a message on ----{GAMER CANNON}---- New, fresh world 1.3 w/ Large biomes - [24/7, 100 slots] - [No White-list] - [RP] - [Need Staff!] - [Sur
    Very enjoyable server. I would recommend this for anyone who loves a great community and to roleplay! :-)
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    posted a message on P L U S+ Craft - Minecraft with fun! [NEW] [S-VANILLA] [PVP][1.3][BUKKIT][NO WHITELIST]
    P L U S + Craft Revamped!

    Hey guys! I no longer need any more operators and we finally got some plugins!
    This server is an S-Vanilla (Meaning Server with a few mods. No cheat included!)

    Please follow all of the server rules!

    Whitelist was removed until we finished the spawn which is now finished!

    Follow all rules and read them carefully. This is a PVP server.

    Join us now
    Or also try:
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    posted a message on Bukkit Server Looking for Admins No Grief/Auto De-Griefing No Whitelist
    That is your internal IP. Use the IP from
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    posted a message on server with no rules!
    Go to and give us that IP and we will connect. :|
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    posted a message on ►Vanilla◄ ║1.3.1║No Whitelist║24/7║
    I love this server! It is pure Vanilla. Just the way I like it (Like icecream!)
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    posted a message on Me and friends are making an Pokemon MMORPG! Need helpers! :D
    --The game is in alpha stage and is currently staff mode only, post on our forums if you want to help--

    Hello everyone! Today, me and my friends are currently working on a Pokemon MMORPG!
    We are currently still recruiting and we need as much help as we can get! The project is VERY new and we already have the client shaped up and ready to be used for testing. We are using a custom made version of an engine from a different open source engine made by others that will be thanked in game. Thanks guys! Anyway we need some help with picking around and recruiting more members. If you want to help, please visit my friend Alan's site so we can get in contact with you as soon as possible. NOTE: This is NOT a paying job. Everything goes to the community and the game is made FREE for everyone to play. You can earn special coins and by helping out and participating in events.

    You can help out in anyway you want but we are currently looking for professionals who know how to work with sprites, mapping, coding and such. If you speak English, Spanish and/or Portuguese that is also a great advantage since the game is for all 3 languages! Even if you do not want to help out or participate in the project, I would really really really appreciate it if you visit our forums and post a hello. ^Q^

    Anyway thank you Minecraft community because I know that I can always count and depend on you for most times of need. If you are looking for me on the site, my name is Dan. No I am not the owner, I am either going to be an GM or a Moderator.

    Age does not matter, you can be goofy but stay on a mature level too~! X3

    This game is NON-PROFIT!
    -Sidenote: This post may change in any time without notice.

    You can visit our forums below:

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    posted a message on Looking for staff for a new server
    I recommend nobody ever joining this server. EVER!
    Look at the above comments, you can see exactly what I am talking about.

    REVIEW, A long one too: XD
    Hello. I would recommend never joining this server. First of all, when you join the server you can not build because you need an admin to rank you up. That is understandable but is also a problem if there are no admins online. The reason I recommend nobody ever joining this server is since it apparently has a abusive co owner named "Jeret" who hacks, griefs and insults the heck out of people. We aruged when I first joined because he said I was being a "smartass" when I was talking to another minecraftian in spanish. I told him that he said something wrong in spanish and it was really funny xD! So the co owner calls me a smartass and I called him one back and he kicks me with the kick message "smartass xD". I joined back and the other mincraftian I was talking to says something about walking the lines between and dumbass and a smartass so I said the co owner is apparently walking both. Sooo the owner says that I can build my house so I can rank up in a certain spot where I started to build it. When I was building my home so I could get "ranked up", Jeret the co owner, griefed my house and when I yelled at him to get away from my house he says "you told me you wanted help" and I said no. Get away from my house. So he gets angry at me and mutes me. The owner came over and was like "whats going on" so I crafted a sign and post that the Co owner muted me and the co owner DELETES the sign the minute I post it and nearly destroys half my house doing it. So the owner says "well that was mean" because he did not get to read the rest of the sign. So I ran away to a different place and crafted a new one and he again, deletes it. So again, I run to a new place this time making sure the co owner does not follow me. Before I could finish crafting, he breaks the table and then this time he KILLS me so I loose all my wood and everything. So being the smartass I was, I made a faction with the name "HELP" and talked through the description command. The owner is like "Who is this speaking?" and then I got angry and the minute I finished my next sentence I get "Temporary banned for 1 day" and now i'm assuming its a perm ban.

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    posted a message on New Server! Input Needed.
    I would love to enjoy a S-Vanilla server.

    S-Vanilla [Semi-Vanilla] servers are basically Vanilla servers with few plugins/mods installed. Basically anything that will not make an economy or affect game play in anyway.

    Here are two plugins I like that would not affect gameplay
    Smart Moving and also VanishNoPacket. Both are Bukkit.
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