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    posted a message on Minema Unofficial - The smooth movie recorder

    Could you pastebin your Minema config? It's in ".minecraft/config/minema.cfg".

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    posted a message on Minema Unofficial - The smooth movie recorder

    It might be due to several reasons. Do you preview it in a media player like VLC or in a video editor? If it's in a video editor, then you might've specified a different FPS of the movie clip (or sequence of clips). Check whether it's correct. If it's in a media player, it might be that you by accident modified Engine Speed in Mod Options > Minema > Engine Overrides. Check and see whether it's set to 1.0.

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    posted a message on Blockbuster – machinima studio mod

    Hey guys! Blockbuster 1.4.9 is out!

    This patch that mainly aims at providing integration with my new Aperture mod (a camera mod which camera creation process using GUI). This means that all old camera code in Blockbuster was removed.

    For exception of camera features, there are also some little tweaks made to other components of the mod. Mostly tweaks that fix some annoying stuff. Oh, and also OBJ support for custom models.

    Compatible with Metamorph 1.1.4 and Aperture 1.0.1. It doesn't mean that future versions of Metamorph and Aperture would be incompatible, but older versions probably are incompatible.


    • Added support for Aperture mod
      • If you hold playback button attached to director block, you would be able to preview actors playback by scrubbing the timeline (bottom bar) or pressing play/pause button
      • Added support for camera launching for playback buttons
      • Added Blockbuster's camera editor options panel
    • Dropped Minecraft 1.9.4 support and added Minecraft 1.12 support
    • Toggle button teleport teleports you back to the place you teleported to director block in the first place (thanks to badr)
    • More sophisticated teleport to director block (searches for a free block pos and aligns player's look toward director block)


    • Added .obj model support
    • Added support for sitting on 3rd-party mods that provide sittable chairs for custom model based morphs only
    • Added actor freeze checkbox #34
    • Remove entity shadows for invisible actors
    • Remove stuck actors after exiting during director block's playback
    • When actors spawn, align body with head


    • Add /action record command to the history when pressing Record button in director block GUI (thanks to Tom Soel)
    • Removed spawn sub-command from /director command
    • Removed /camera command
    • Removed /load_chunks command


    • Add confirmation modal to the director block GUI (thanks to Sanchan, badr and others)
    • Add label for morphs in morph pickers (thanks to Minebox)
    • Add the support for displaying OBJ model parts in model editor
    • Add GUI elements to modify origin and providesObj in model editor


    • Add block placing sounds to place_block action (thanks to MadDreamer)
    • Fixed attack action on the server (requires Easy difficulty, in order to hit player)
    • Make actors make weak hit sound when swiping (configurable, by default disabled)
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    posted a message on The Clickbait

    And another one. This episode is about... erm... well, you'll see..

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    posted a message on Blockbuster – machinima studio mod

    I know that I haven't posted any updates here in a long time, but I want to say that Blockbuster 1.4.9 is coming very soon (in next 2 weeks). If you want to know what this update is going to add, make sure to check out this video:

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    posted a message on Metamorph – morph into vanilla mobs

    Metamorph 1.1.4 is out!

    This is a patch update has no aim altogether. It's just has few fixes and lots of nice features being added like an ability to morph into players (and have their skins) and blocks, more mob actions and etc.

    • Added block morphs
    • Added players morphs
    • Added command /metamorph which can be used for reloading morph blacklist and settings
    • Added configurable morphing animation
    • Added morph builder GUI to creative morph menu
      • player builder – allows to create a player morph based on player's username
      • nbt builder – allows to create a morph based on NBT data
    • Add more vanilla morph features which resembles their vanilla mobs
      • shulker – freeze on a place, and with action key fires anti-gravity missiles
      • llama – spits on action key
      • silverfish – can hide in a block when action key
      • endermite – teleports randomly on action key
    • Added more event hooks #64 (thanks to asanetargoss)
    • Don't allow survival morph overlay to show up when using ; and \ keys when there are no variants
    • Improve creative morphs menu
      • Add Scroll to top button (suggested by ivandoesyt on Twitter)
      • Increase scrolling speed
      • Increase morphs per row according to pane's width
      • Show only the first variant (other variant should be collapsed)
      • Allow several variant groups to be shown in creative morph menu
    • Improve ghosts
      • Add Username property to ghosts to allow spawn mobs for specific players
      • Add Ownerless property to make ghost acquire-able by the first player to pick it up
      • Make ghosts like items (unpushable and stuff)
      • Make ghosts hover and rotate
      • Make ghost item-like pickup animation
    • Fixed healing bug between morphings #64 (thanks to asanetargoss)
    • Fixed the undead hurting sounds #59
    • Fixed left hand side
    • Fixed orientation of sitting for morphs
    • Fixed name tags – now it respects the team options #50
    • Fixed Ender Dragon transformations/model visibility #62
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    posted a message on The Clickbait

    Completely forgot to post it here, but there is another episode of this "series" called "It's Jason Bourne":

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    posted a message on The Ducks!

    So... it's an ambient mob? Unless there is some working mechanism rather than another animal which gives food and feathers (and a bit harder to kill): no support.

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    posted a message on Imaginary – add pictures to your world

    Hey, thanks for reminding me to publish the builds! :)

    Imaginary 1.0.3 is out with few bug fixes (such as transparency bug) and others:

    • Added config
    • Added two config options
      • Disable image lighting – discards lighting tinting based on direction of which image is facing
      • Enable linear filtering – makes pictures render smoothly (instead of pixelized)
    • Fixes issue with The One Probe (finally)
    • Makes pictures render all the time

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    posted a message on The Clickbait

    It's literally called Clickbait, not that I'm trying to clickbait you guys xD

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    posted a message on Minecraft: Nether Quest (Short Film Trilogy)

    IMO, it's way too cinematic, i.e. too long shots and no action.

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    posted a message on If Minecraft and Real Life Switched Places!!

    That's technically not a machinima...

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    posted a message on Metamorph – morph into vanilla mobs

    No. I only support Forge for 1.10.2, 1.11.2 and 1.12.

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    posted a message on Does anyone know a good camera mod for 1.10


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    posted a message on Aperture – an advanced camera mod

    Aperture 1.0.1 is out! It's a small patch update that aims to improve capabilities of the camera editor by adding some new features and fixing some bugs.

    • Added shortcuts in the camera editor:
      • D – deselect current camera fixture
      • S – toggle sync option
      • F – toggle flight mode option
      • Space – play/pause
      • C – copy player's position
      • M – move duration to cursor
      • Left Arrow & Right Arrow – to move next or previous frame
      • Left Arrow & Right Arrow while holding Shift – to move to next or previous fixture
    • Added indicators for sync and flight mode
    • Added path fixture to set per point duration
    • Allow to use Enter to create a new camera profile in profiles manager
    • Allow to fly in camera editor (flight mode)
    • Allow camera to surpass 90 degree limit (in camera runner)
    • Convert camera networking code from JSON to ByteBuf
    • Improved sync feature – doesn't teleport the user straight away, only after the user will scrub the timeline
    • Return user back to his previous game mode
    • Send CameraEditorScrubbedEvent only when scrub was actually (or it was indirect, like from the jump buttons) scrubbed by the user

    Downloads are on CurseForge.

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