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    posted a message on Commands are broken and dead in 1.13

    Now a lot of you know that in 1.13, most of peoples maps and command creations will be 100% broken due to the change in command syntaxes and more.
    (view it all at ...)
    And I made this poll due to all my creations and everything else going to be broken in 1.13,
    Now what I think is that this is a very non-needed feature to commands.
    Why do commands need to be modified?
    What was wrong with the previous ones?
    I don't feel theres a purpose for the commands to be changed.
    do you just want all of our maps and creations to be broken?
    You can vote if you want this to be final, or not.

    As a person who uses the numbers for /gamemode, this is infuriating

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