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    posted a message on Ships, Pirates, & More | Ocean Improvements Part 3/3

    I like this idea, with the ocean update coming larger ships are a priority. Pirates would also make the ocean interesting. Just a thought, maybe there could be undead skeleton or pigmen pirates in the Nether, or moving end ships in the End? I'm not sure if that would be the most balanced thing but if it was rare with valuable loot it could be worth it.


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    posted a message on Different chests

    I like the safe, it would be very helpful for mapmakers. However, I don't see the point of the other three containers. No one would use them because chests have far more storage space.

    Partial Support.

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    posted a message on New ghost-like undead mob idea: The Fallen

    For the most part this is a good suggestion, I like the relatively unique look and cleansing table. My bigger problem is this mobs behavior, it functions exactly like a skeleton. Zombies charge at the player at all times, regardless of weapon. Skeletons take their weapon into account (usually bows) when fighting. All the Fallen is right now is a reskinned skeleton spawning with an iron sword. There's a variety of ways to get around this problem:

    1. Make the Fallen much rarer and much stronger, the easiest fix. Perhaps they only spawn deep underground where they have long since forgotten what light looks like. This would also add to the atmosphere and provide challenge for the lower sections of the world (especially considering many simply strip-mine down at diamond layer with no difficulty).
    2. Provide a new unique attack style, which could work with the one below or above. I don't have any exact ideas, but maybe it takes advantage of its ghostly form by moving through blocks? (might get griefy and laggy though). Or it could be invisible apart form its shadow until it takes/deals damage. Or (and if you do this make it neutral and despawning often) it is invincible to most weapons and only slayable through a specifically enchanted sword. I'm not saying any of these ideas should be in the thread, but I think you should come up with something better than just a melee skeleton attack.
    3. Have it inhabit a new structure, like guardians and illagers. You wouldn't need to worry about skeletons or zombies because it would be the main mob. Note that this option would require a large update to your OP with information and likely pictures of what this new structure would have.

    But anyway that's just my rambling, its your idea so do whatever you feel suits it best. Right now I think the mob is good, but could use some improvement.


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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?

    Animals no one ever asked for in Minecraft:






    I'm gonna excuse polar bears and parrots because they are at the very least cool, but even them are unnecessary tbh.

    The one animal the entire playerbase agrees should be added:


    All they need to do is adapt the shark from mo' creatures, like they did with horses.

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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?

    Sharks don't even need to drop anything (which would make it pointless to attack). This statement feels like its coming from the Love and Hugs Update.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions

    The elytra functions as a built in shield, taking durability per hit. You can activate shield by right clicking as normal, but it will stop flying when shielding (contrary to the picture).

    Like Falcon did in Captain America: Civil War.

    First this would be a really cool animation. It t would also provide one with a more durable shield. By late-game making the weak iron tier shields become more tedious than balancing, anyone who got to the outer end islands has plenty of wood and iron by now. It would also free up the left hand slot.

    There would be some downsides to the elytra-shield. When drawn it severely limits your vision, though when not drawn it's not seen at all. Elytras also cannot have banners, so shields would be more decorative.

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    posted a message on Collabrotive Suggesting- The Fourth Dimension (all welcome)


    It came to me that a lot of people post a quick idea of theirs on the suggestion forum, get negative replies, and then never visit the forum again. The truth of the matter is that that forum’s a very serious discussion on implementing new features into the game. Imagine it like a board meeting for a company- saying a random thought won’t get you much support. A good suggestion, while fun, take days to create- time most of the community can’t afford. I think that’s why lots of people prevalent here avoid that sub forum.

    While the seriousness does provide better feedback, I feel that it allows prevents a lot of great concepts off the drawing board. The small suggestions thread is rarely reviewed, so it doesn’t help much. There’s so many people here, it’s a shame we don’t all have the time to post detailed suggestions.

    With that in mind, I’d like to introduce this thread. Collaborative Suggesting, is as its name suggests- a suggestion created by the entire Minecraft community. I will help by making sure the thread’s on track and updating the OP, but the rest is up to the community. We’re all creating this together, so we all have an equal say. You can chime in by adding some feedback, posting a little idea of yours, or could recurring post your thoughts and options.

    I don’t know how popular this’ll be, but hopefully it sticks. It has the potential to become a very cool thread.

    Let’s Get This Started!

    To the start off, I thought we’d go with the most creative option available- building a new dimension from the ground up. Dimensions have so many possibilities- world generation, relationship with other dimensions, and the inhabitants of the world; to name a few. If you have any ideas for a new block, item, mob, structure, boss, anything- please post it. It doesn’t have to follow the suggestion forum rules, so it can be a vague wishlist for all I care. Just make sure you give a basic description so we know what you’re talking about, and it should be related to the dimension.

    I think if hundreds of people start pitching in little ideas of theirs, we’ll have enough to create a new dimension three times over. This can be a place where everyone can work together, from experienced suggestors to everyday posters to new members.

    After the dimension have been created and agreed upon by the majority, I’ll post the final product the suggestions forum. Then we can analyze what the critics say, and revise our idea until its perfect. After we deem perfect, I’ll post it on reddit. Maybe, just maybe, someone at Mojang sees it and gets inspired. If we all team-diamond it on reddit it should make top charts pretty quick

    A Message to the Lurkers

    I first went onto this forum over two years ago, in August 2015. Ever since then I’ve always been drawn to this forum. It was only until a month and a half ago when I had to courage to finally create an account and start sharing my ideas with the world.

    If you’re reading this as someone who hasn’t made an account yet, I highly advise that you join the forum. It’s a thousand times more fun to be part of the community than just watching it.

    This thread is a great place to start out. All you need is a tiny spark to contribute. Even if you don’t have an idea, you can provide feedback on others and help make this a reality.


    I don’t want there too much rules, as this is more of a casual discussion between friends rather than a professional evaluation of a new feature (the suggestions forum). Still, everything needs at least some basic rules.

    1. It must be related to the topic. This isn’t a carefree version of the suggestion forum, we’re working on a single large idea (the new dimension). Make sure that any ideas you have are related to the dimension. If you have an idea that doesn’t have to do with the dimension, consider posting it on the Small Suggestions Thread, or post it as its own thread in the suggestion forum (read the suggestion guide though). You could feasibly add something to another dimension, but make sure its closely related to the dimension (ex: Enderman in the Overworld).
    2. Provide at least some small description. In a perect world, everyone would be detailed and precise about their ideas. But I understand that some people don’t have the time to put so much effort in one small idea. All I need is a basic description of what the idea would look like and do. Though if you do have time, add as much detail as you can to increase the chance of upvotes.
    3. I am not in charge. If you see an idea that you like and think it should be added to the dimension, upvote it. That way I can tell what the community wants in the final product (remember, this is collaborative, I shouldn’t be deciding anything by myself). In the event of a larger disagreement, I’ll post a quick poll.
    4. Keep it friendly. As I said before, the suggestion forum is like a business meeting. Everyone is very serious. Imagine this thread as the lunch break- if you dislike an idea, just say “I don’t think that’s a good idea, because ______” and be done with it in one simple sentence. No need to throw around support and no support either.
    5. No Aether. It’s been done over and over again. I would strongly recommend we come up with something more original.
    6. Have Fun. At first I wasn’t going to add this because it felt cheesy, but I do think it’s important to note that this is a carefree environment. This isn’t life or death. If you disagree with what the majority rules, don’t complain.

    As usual, all forum rules still apply.

    Get Suggesting!

    I don’t want to post my ideas for this yet, as I don’t want to take over the thread. Remember that there are some questions to keep in mind as we begin. The first thing we need to figure out is the overall “feel” to the dimension. The Nether is “hell”, and the End is either “space”, “corruption”, or “heaven”. So what will the fourth dimension be? I’d advise it to not be related to the Nether or End, and take a new theme we haven’t seen before.

    Beyond that, we also need a catchy yet original name, and a way to get to the dimension. If you have any other ideas not related to those three topics, feel free to post; but remember that for now we really need to figure out those three questions first.

    I’ll leave you with a quote from the great Albert Einstein:

    Creativity is just intelligence having fun


    An update for those who don't want to scroll through +10 pages: We decided on a frost dimension with runic, prehistoric, and steampunk features. We are nearly settled with how to get to the dimension, the current idea is by fighting a giant in a new mountains biome. We are currently debating world generation, whether or not to do floating islands. You can help out by voicing your opinion or coming up with your own ideas. Also welcome are ideas on blocks, items, mobs, structures, and biome.

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    posted a message on Collabrotive Suggesting- The Fourth Dimension (all welcome)

    So I’ve thought about it for a while and I’ve decided on what I think is a good world generation style.

    The world is made of a new frosty block, perhaps topped with “frosty grass”. Lots of icey or runic structures can spawn, with steampunk existing further underground or in the sky. Maybe there could be lakes filled with some super cold liquid. There are no trees, but there are mountains (even a few hollow mountains as suggested before).

    Most of the land is on huge floating islands. These islands are so huge at first it’s impossible to notice that they are islands, small ones are 10x the size of the first end island. They also extend all the way to y 10, so huge caverns are possible. In between each island is a very small space, around 10-30 blocks (more like ravines then space). Imagine these more like giant glaciers floating in the sky, a unique balance between end and overworld generation.

    Thanks to this air difference between islands, there can be multiple biomes that don’t have to worry about ugly transitions. Each island has one biome and one biome only. Some rough ideas (please add on and suggest name changes if you have any):
    • Frosty Plains
    • Mountains (variant: Hollow Mountains)
    • Ice Spikes (or something like that)
    • Frozen Ocean

    • Ancient Kingdom with monsters
    • Small islands with steampunk or runic things
    • Varm, a rare biome that is warm enough for overworld grass to spawn.

    Another idea I had- should the dimension require some sort of protection to withstand from the extreme cold? This has been shot down many times for the overworld, but I wonder if it’d work for something optional like a dimension. I could be as simple as just armor, could require polar bear hide (polar bears have no use right now). Keep in mind this would only apply to the dimension, not cold biomes in the overworld.

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    posted a message on Are Minecraft Updates Finally Getting Better?
    Quote from Mancu32»
    PD: The Nether seems boring? XDDDDD

    May be off topic, but yeah I think the Nether needs to be expanded. In my opinion it should be at least half the content of the Overworld. Look at these statistics:
    • The Overworld has 36 unique mobs, the Nether has only 5 unique mobs.
    • The Overworld has 46 biomes, the Nether has only 1 biome.
    • The Overworld has 12 large structures, the Nether has only 1 structure. Even the End has more structures

    So while it might not be as bad as oceans, I'd like to see more.

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    posted a message on Are Minecraft Updates Finally Getting Better?

    I think its funny how a bunch of people before were moping around about how minecraft was dying with lack of good updates, and now everyone is saying these are going to be the best ever. Personally I'm not that excited for 1.13, as all the new blocks are already in Quark.I think of 1.13 is more of a reset button, a chance for Mojang to fix a bunch of bugs and move on from there, as evidenced by 1.14 (which I am very excited for).

    1.12 seemed awesome at first, when I saw it on the launcher for the first time. Then I started playing with it and I left the world after 5 minutes. I'm happy they made parrots, but I would have preferred if they'd done dolphins first.

    I also hope 1.14 actually does come in spring 2018, and isn't pushed back. The last huge update like 1.14 was 1.9, and that took a year and half to develop. I nearly forgot about it, when it finally came out felt almost fake because we'd been waiting so long. But if it really is coming so soon then great. I'm also really excited for what comes beyond, perhaps 1.15 will finally give us a not boring Nether?

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