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    posted a message on Creative Inventory Overhaul
    Creative Inventory Overhaul

    by fishg

    As more and more things are added to the game, the creative inventory is getting larger and messier. We have countless number of blocks, decorations, and items that keep growing as Mojang updates the game. While I love the new features, the one negative is its effect on the inventory.

    This has happened before, back when the inventory was just a long list of blocks and items. 1.3 made things easier to find by splitting the inventory into 10 groups. Unfortunately, over the past 5 years a lot of new features have been added to the game, and that shows on the now-outdated inventory. What was once an easy-to-find organization system is becoming a mess.

    Seriously, who finds blocks with the categories? Most players go right to the search bar, because there’s so much stuff in each of the categories it’s hard to find exactly what you need. “Building blocks” is getting to be as long the original list was from 1.2!

    Therefore, I would like to suggest another inventory overhaul. The overhaul would make the creative inventory more accessible, customizable, and allow for new blocks to be added without any major changes to the system.

    Minor Changes

    Before I start suggesting game changing features to the inventory, I would like to suggest some changes to the current placement of certain blocks:
    • Fences should be moved to building blocks, because they are used for building as much as decorating
    • Doors should be moved to decorations- who thinks Minecraft door and thinks Redstone?
    • Dragon Eggs should be added to the inventory- Nether Stars and Totems of Undying are there, so why not?

    I think these changes make more sense than their current placements. Feel free to suggest any other category changes.

    Now, for the larger changes. Right now, there are two ways to find what you want in the creative inventory- the annoyingly long category system, and the perhaps-too-precise search tool. My two ideas focus on fixing each of these currently flawed systems.

    Block Grouping

    I think the biggest problem with the inventory right now is how many blocks there are. The worst part is when a group of blocks are basically the same, just with some slight variations. Take, for example, the “decorations” tab. Half of those blocks are simple color variants! My solution to this problem is for very similar blocks to be “grouped” together.

    This chart shows the relationship between the main categories and the smaller block groups.

    What is block grouping, you may ask? Groups of blocks would be for variations of the same block. For example, all 16 stained glass color variants and normal glass would be grouped together. Likewise, all 5 leaf blocks would be grouped together. The groups would have one “representative” in the main categories. After hovering over the “representative” the player could hold shift and the group would appear. Yes, only one of the group would appear on the main tabs. Going off the previous examples, only regular glass would be present in the main “building blocks” tab. However, if the player holds shift, they would have access to the other 16 color variants. Only oak leaves would appear in the main “decorations” tab, and hovering over it and pressing shift would let you pick the variation of leaves you want.

    The group “wool”. White is the representative on the main inventory list, while the other color variants can be accessed through the grouping menu.

    As you might imagine, this would drastically cut down on the size of inventory and would make things much easier to find. Why should someone in need of a bone block must scroll past all 16 variants of terracotta? Grouping would make the inventory both aesthetically pleasing and faster to use.

    It’s important to note that blocks/items would only be grouped if they are extremely similar. It would always be easy to predict what would be in each group. Just because grass and dirt look similar, they wouldn’t be in the same group. New players should have no challenges in figuring out which group goes where. Some blocks wouldn’t even be in a group.

    The new “building blocks” menu. Yes, that’s it! The “concrete group” would appear when you shift click on the white concrete in the menu.

    The search tab would not be affected by grouping. Searching “blue concreate” would get you exactly what you were looking for, not regular concrete.

    Exact Grouping

    I haven’t gone into depth with the other categories, but the groupings would be similar. Some more ideas I have for groups in other categories:
    • Enchanted books of the same enchantment grouped
    • Potions with the same effect grouped (this will cut brewing to about a third of its original size)
    • Tools grouped together (Iron or diamond as default)

    And so on.

    As you may imagine, this would drastically decrease the amount of clutter in the creative inventory. Here’s a before and after example:

    Jeez, even I didn’t expect there to be that much of a difference. As you can see, this would make it much easier to find exactly what you need. It’s the same number of blocks, just organized in a neater and more efficient way.


    One foreseeable problem with the “grouping” idea from above is how it might seem restricting. The organizational system currently only allows for one possible set of groups.

    For example, what if I was looking for a yellow block, and wanted to compare? Searching “yellow” might get you some yellow blocks, but not everything. The yellow blocks aren’t grouped together. “Color” is just one of many organizational systems that aren’t in the current menu because you can only have one set of categories/groups in the current system.

    My second idea would solve this problem. I would like to suggest the incorporation of hashtags in the search menu. For the few who don’t know, hashtags are commonly used on social media platforms as a search tool.

    Now the official definition of a hashtag is: a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic. I believe that hashtags could work very well with Minecraft’s current search menu.

    All items in the inventory would have several hashtags (created by Mojang only, not the playerbase) that apply to what the object is like. For example, red sandstone’s hashtags might be: #redsand (blocks/items would always have a hashtag for their group in the categories) #desert, #red, and #sandstone. When you search any one of those specific hashtags, you will get red sandstone and the other blocks that also fall into that category. This would help players looking to compare blocks.

    Let’s say a player needed lighting, and wanted to compare all their options. They could simply search “#lighting” in the search menu, and all objects that emit light (torch, glowstone, sea lantern, jack o’ lantern, redstone torch, redstone lamp, lava bucket, magma block, beacon, and end rod) would come up as results. Without hashtags, the player would have to search through multiple categories to find each individual item, and run the risk of forgetting an item or two.

    Wait- is the Sea Lantern just a beacon without glass? Or is it a diamond block without glass?

    Favorites and More

    Before I said that only Mojang could create hashtag grouping. However, there would be one built-in customizable hashtag called “#Favorites”. The favorites system is relatively straightforward. If you double left click a block or item, it will be added to #Favorites. Favorite blocks would have a little star in the upper right corner of the block’s square. You can then easily access your favorite blocks by typing it into the search bar.

    Favorited blocks or items would be distinguished by a little yellow star in the upper left corner. When in the “#Favorites” menu, they would not have the stars.

    If the player were doing an ancient Egypt build, it might get annoying to always look through blocks they don’t need. Instead, they could just add all the blocks that they will use in their build to favorites, and then they could easily access the blocks they need. When opening the inventory, the creative inventory would always start at “#Favorites”.

    Now, the “saving hotbar” system already allows player to customize their “favorite” blocks or items. However, I feel the hashtag system is a more appropriate way to integrate this concept. “#Favorites” would be easier to use, access, and provide for more storage on the fly.

    Of course, I imagine modders would go to town with customizable grouping and hashtags. They could easily add things to the inventory without it cluttering. I’ve noticed larger mods forced to create a second page of inventory just because there’s so much stuff. The creative overhaul would let modders seamlessly integrate their creations into the inventory.

    I also imagine modders would create more custom groups and hashtags. The possibilities are endless.


    In conclusion, the creative inventory is long overdue for an overhaul. In the past 5 years it has become cluttered and confusing. Therefore, I have suggested the addition of grouping and hashtags to the creative inventory.

    Grouping would shorten the long lists of pointless variations that currently plague the category tabs. Instead of just using the search bar, players could find what they wanted just as fast with the categories.

    Hashtags would make the search bar more versatile, allowing for players to compare similar blocks of all sorts of categories. Builders would no longer be constrained by the preset categories, instead they could search by color, biome, and much, much, more.

    The favorites system would help players find the blocks they use often faster. Each player’s favorites would be unique, turning the creative inventory from just a generic menu to an individualized building workspace.

    Thanks for reading!


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    posted a message on Monkeys- a new mob with a new use!


    If you ask me, Minecraft could always use more things. More things mean more replayability, and more replayability means a better game as a whole. Therefore, I’d like to suggest a new tamable mob unique to jungle biomes- the Monkey!


    “ooh ohh aah aah!”

    Now monkeys have been a somewhat popular concept tossed around on this forum, but most of the suggestions on them I’ve seen makes them either a pointless animal, or an overpowered variant of the wolf. My take on monkeys shall give them a third, important yet original use to separate them from the other tamable mobs.

    I will also be suggesting a few new items and features to help the suggestion flow better. These items will be directly related to monkeys and the theme of making certain areas (in this case jungles) more interesting.


    The first new item is a new food, the Banana.

    Bananas would replace apples as the food drop on jungle leaves. You can eat a banana for a gain of 1.5 drumsticks.

    After eating a banana, you will get a banana peel, a tiny item that can be placed on blocks. Peels would not naturally generate. When you step on a peel you will becoming completely immobile for 0.5 seconds. During this period, you take damage. Though you wouldn’t take any damage, it would give someone running away enough time to escape. All mobs except for monkeys would “miss” banana peels, providing ill-prepared players a fast getaway. This could be used for defense against enemies, mapmakers, or just a prank on your friends.

    A placed banana peel would like this, with the bottom facing up. It’d be in the center of the block and be very small (roughly a quarter of a block).

    Despite these cool abilities, bananas’ main purpose is for taming monkeys. Speaking of monkeys…

    Wild Monkeys

    Monkeys would naturally spawn in jungle biomes, as that’s where they’re typically found in the real world. They would spawn about the same rate a horse does in a plains biome, making them an uncommon, but not super rare find.

    This is what monkeys would look like.

    Monkeys would be tamed with bananas, with the same success rate as other tamable mobs. They are passive mobs, and if ever hurt will attempt to flee the scene quickly. Here are their stats:

    Health Points: 10 (5 hearts)

    Size: 0.95 blocks tall, 0.5 blocks wide

    Spawn: In jungle biomes, on grass or leaf blocks that are above sea level, any light level

    Drops: Monkey’s Paw (rare), carried item (if applicable)

    Kill Experience: 1-2

    Ambient Noise: Stereotypical cartoonish “ooh ooh aah ahh” noise

    Laughing Noise: Realistic monkey noise that’s too annoying/scary to be commonplace

    As you can see, monkeys have low health, but a small size- allowing them to evade attacks easily. They move slightly faster than the player, and hostile mobs will have a harder time spotting them. All these traits make monkeys a “stealth” focused animal.

    Monkeys would also be very smart. They’d be able to open doors, trapdoors, and fence gates. They can also activate pressure plates, and if in a one block range buttons and levers. Monkeys can even climb blocks like spiders. But don’t worry, monkeys would only do these things if they absolutely have no other option, so you can still live safely in jungles. However, mapmakers can utilize the monkey’s abilities to add exciting new challenges to their maps.

    Wild monkeys would typically drop nothing, though rarely they would drop the Monkey’s Paw, a reference to the famous short story. In Minecraft monkey paws would have two uses. The first is as a high village trade. Many myth-believing villagers will pay a diamond or even two to get one of these.

    The second is as a map to Jungle Temples. When in the direction to the nearest jungle temple, the paw will open its hands forward. When not in the right direction, it will remain closed. They would function like Eyes of Ender or Woodland Maps.

    The reason I’ve added this is because right now Jungle Temples are very hard to find, and don’t have a high reward. Desert Temples are easy to find because there isn’t anything block their way, Ocean Monuments are huge and have superb loot, and Woodland Mansions have maps and awesome features. Jungle Temples are surrounded by trees that make them difficult to find, and they’re not that special anymore. The paw would help make temples easier to find and put them back in the spotlight.

    These guys have been all but forgotten nowadays- time to bring their relevance back!


    While we’re on the side topic of improving Jungle Temples, I’d like to suggest a new item- the Idol. One idol would spawn per Jungle/Desert Temple., and would be extremely valuable in villager trades (around 15 diamonds for one idol). It’d cooperate with monkeys to make jungles more interesting, and let you pretend to be Indiana Jones!

    Mods, if this crosses the wishlist line, please let me know and I will delete this small part. No need to lock the rest of the thread.

    Tamed Monkeys

    I’ve waiting until now to reveal what tamed monkeys actually do. Every tamable mob at the moment has a specific individualized purpose. Wolves help in combat, cats defend from creepers, horses n’ company provide fast transportation, and parrots make you cool. The monkey’s main purpose would be to collect specific items.

    After you tame a monkey, you can command it to collect an item by right clicking it. The monkey will take the item you are currently holding, and then analyze to see if a second item is present in a 1 chunk radius (total of 9 chunks). If another of the same item is present (in a chest counts), and there’s a path to it, the monkey will go off to collect it.

    When it gets to the item or chest, it will make the “laughing” noise, as if it’s mocking those that being robbed. This may alert players or close mobs of the monkey’s presence, adding to the risk. It will then attempt to return to you with the requested item. You must give the monkey a banana in exchange for the two items (original and “stolen”).

    Monkeys will not teleport- they have to walk back and forth, so you should be able to accomplish what a monkey can do within nearly the same amount of time. Therefore, you’d only want to send your monkey for tedious jobs- such as when you’re strip mining and need to grab another pickaxe from your aboveground base.

    All hostile mobs would attack tamed monkeys on sight. Therefore, while monkeys might be efficient at simple back and forth tasks, sending a monkey straight into a dungeon is not a good idea. The mobs would probably kill the monkeys, and you’d lose the item you gave it. In these cases, it’d require a bit of strategy. For example, you could potentially lure the mobs in a dungeon away, while sending in the furtive monkey to steal the loot.

    Monkeys can also collect crops. For example, if you give a monkey a carrot by a farm, it will go and collect fully grown carrots.

    You could protect your monkey by giving it armor. If you shift-right click a monkey with a chestplate in hand, it’ll wear the chestplate, proving armor points as it does a player. Monkeys can only wear chestplates. If you give a monkey an elytra you will get the advancement “Flying Monkeys!”.

    Unfortunately for tamers, monkeys would not know the difference between chests and trapped chests. You could monkey-proof a house by placing a one of each valuable material into a locked chest, and then linking that chest to some well-placed TNT. Bye bye monkey!

    Monkeys could also be used to steal from other players in multiplayer. If you simply walked into someone’s base, you would probably be caught by the owner or a defense system. However, monkeys would be able to sneak in through small 1x1 spaces and avoid notice of others. The tradeoff is you would only be able to steal one item at a time, and you’d need to already have an item at your disposal before sending the monkey to get it.

    Monkey Uses

    • Bring back items from your chests
    • Strategically steal form dungeons or other structures
    • Sneak into other player’s bases
    • Help you find your lost items after dying in deep cave (follow the monkey)
    • Serve as a decoy

    • Collecting crops
    • “Scout” enemies (suicide mission straight into the base to see what the enemy is capable of)
    • If close to a bed and not tasked, the monkey will start jumping on the bed :)

    And, as always, I’m sure mapmakers would go to town creating all sorts of unique uses for monkeys in their maps or servers.


    In conclusion, monkeys would be a new mob that has multiple uses in the game. For one, it will bring a new food source into the game, bananas. It’ll also add a new defense system, banana peels. Next, it Jungle Temples relevant again with a rare drop, plus adds a new item unique to the temples. Most importantly, it a unique and important use in the game.

    Some may argue that monkeys aren’t necessary, because we already have enough unique jungle mobs (ocelots and parrots). While it is true that jungles already have two unique mobs, I’d like to see all biomes should have three unique mobs. If jungles are the first to reach that barrier, great. A new animal is better than nothing.

    As I said before, the main purpose of this suggestion was to add more new and exciting things to the game. Minecraft thrives on little features built onto little features, and the addition of monkeys would be another part of that never-ending chain.

    Thanks for reading!

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    posted a message on Speed Potions should effect ladders and swimming too.

    This is a small suggestion, so it might fare better on the small suggestion thread rather than on its own. Still, it makes sense and should be added. I would suggest it only increases the speed by about 50% though.


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    posted a message on Translations

    I don't know if these are exactly needed, as they seem obscure, but if it helps a few people then its a worthwhile addition. The more people who can play the game, the better in my book.


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    posted a message on Nether and End Villages

    {dimension} villages will generate on {location in dimension}. They will have paths of {common block in dimension}. All cobblestone in Overworld villages will be replaced by {brick variant of common block}; wood planks will be replaced by {secondary block in dimension}; wood logs will be replaced by {rarer block of the dimension}; water will be replaced by {liquid of dimension, delete sentence if not applicable}; dirt will be {same common block as before}; farmland will be replaced by {other rarer block, common block again if not applicable}; doors will be replaced by iron doors; windows will be made of {fence variant, delete sentence if not applicable}; torches will be replaced with {light source block, don't include end rods cuz reasons}. All fences will be will {fence variant, delete if not applicable}; farms will grow {only farming food of the dimension}. All slabs and stairs will be {stair/slab variant from the dimension}.

    Villagers will be called {spin of necromancer that relates to dimension} and will trade emeralds as a currency. They can open doors. You can gain {items from dimension} via trade with {villager name}. They can {superpower related to the dimension}.

    Iron golems will be called {word relating to dimension, if none available just use the dimension name} and can also {villager superpower}. They perform the same functions as a normal iron golem and can be created with {unique/only natural block from dimension} and a pumpkin in the same fashion you would build an iron golem.


    Is this a game of mad libs or a suggestion? None of this is unique, it's all copy pasted from Overworld Villages. You can add a new block to the End to fill some blank spaces, but instead you have End Stone taking a bunch of roles. I'm not against other dimension villages, but there needs to be something original that isn't a complete copy. There should also be a reason for going to the village in the first place.

    No Support.

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    posted a message on The Twitcher; a parasitic mob that will cling to you until it dies

    I thought joke posts weren't allowed here (fun isn't allowed on this forum), but oh well it's a good metaphor.

    Though if this is serious, no support because it would be obnoxious and annoying.

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    posted a message on Pirates and Treasure

    This has the potential to become a great suggestion. Oceans are extremely boring at the moment and could use a new structure. Pirates are a fantastic way add more ocean variety and a new challenge to the game. Treasure maps are a built in reward to the ships.

    However, instead of taking a day or two to develop your idea, you've barely put an effort in this what so ever. I don't even know the bare minimum- mob stats, structure spawn rate, and drops. Suggestions need all this information if they want anyone to support.

    But I'd like to this go above the bare minimum. Pictures of what the ship would like, what the pirate mob would look like, and what does the hook do? How would the ships generate- most structure nowadays generate as different "rooms"- if that's the case with ships, what would each room be?

    It might seem like a lot of work, but once you start adding a bit more detail it becomes second nature.

    Support Pending

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    posted a message on Platypus, new tamable mob

    While it's use isn't huge, it's not as bad as other tamable mobs (parrots) and would help add more variety and liveliness to the game. I would go with the simple cute design.


    I'd also suggest instead of taming platypuses with spider eyes, which are already an important brewing item, they could be tamed with worms. Worms could be a rare drop from dirt and grass (like how fish are items). It makes more sense, wouldn't add too many uses for spider eyes, and would suceeed at adding another cool item to Minecraft.

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    posted a message on Private Dimension Portal

    This could of been a well thought out and interesting suggestion about incorporating in the pocket dimensions mod to Minecraft, adding in more customization along the way. Instead, it's about herding bats with emerald blocks.

    No Support.

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    posted a message on Griffins (Edited)

    I believe centaurs would be an amazing add to Minecraft. Why? Well, here ya go, I thought this suggestion was about griffins. Why did you just mention centaurs?

    Minecraft already has a good collection of mini-bosses/bosses. The Wither, the Ender Dragon, the Elder Guardian, the Evoker and other mobs depending how far you are in the game. However, there's a small problem with these- The Wither you have to spawn, the Ender Dragon you go to, the Elder Guardian lives in a giant temple, and the Evoker lives in a giant mansion. What's the similarity? You all fight them expecting for a hard fight. And while that isn't a huge problem, I noticed while playing BotW, sometimes it's more fun and challenging to be exploring and then -BOOM-, there's a mini-boss standing right there. I think this feature would be great for Minecraft, so here's what I have: I beg to differ. It wouldn't be very fun if you were playing in the early game and some OP boss showed up, insta killing you. You should be able to prepare and plan for a boss fight. If you were forced to fight a boss without any preparation, bosses would be very annoying for new players. Even later game players could be caught off guard and easily lose all their stuff.


    The griffin would look like the attachment below, maybe not exactly, as I don't want it to look too life-like. However, it would sport a pair of wings, some sort of bird head, and some sort of mammal body, being lion or not. Makes sense


    The griffin's spawn rate would be like the Woodland Mansion on console edition- 1-3 a world, and in PC and PE, of course it would be separated throughout the infinite terrain. In other words, he won't be lurking behind every corner; instead, lurking behind every ocean/mountain range. They can spawn anywhere in the overworld surface. Even if its super rare, there's still that small chance that a griffin might appear by some unsuspecting player. On the other hand the rarity would frustrate those who want to fight the griffin. Once again, this is when optional bosses come into play.


    Easy: 250

    Medium: 280

    Hard: 300

    Other than what's above, there's not really anything else to say about his health except in Hardmode, the Griffin has just as much health as the Wither. This is balanced out by his attacks. That health would put it up with the Ender Dragon and Wither, which just adds to the overpowerdness of naturally spawning bosses. If it was a miniboss like Elder Guardians or Evokers, I might support this.


    The griffin has 3 attack methods:

    1. The griffin will, if you are to the left or right of him, will swoop one of his wings down fast, which will create wind current and knocks you back just as much as Knockback II does. This has a range of 5 blocks Easy: 3 (1.5 Hearts) Medium: 7 (3.5 Hearts) Hard: 10 (5 Hearts!) Original and interesting
    2. If you touch the griffin directly like a zombie, you will be issued damage. Easy: 2 (1 Heart) Medium: 3 (1.5 Hearts) Hard: 4 (2 Hearts) Makes sense
    3. The griffin will, if you are to the front or back of him, kick you with one of his legs. This has a range of 3 Blocks. Easy: 4 (2 Hearts) Medium: 8 (4 Hearts) Hard: 10 (5 Hearts!) Wait... so the fantasy half bird doesn't fly. Not saying it should, because that might be OP, but still it doesn't feel right. Again, if it was weaker flight might be balanced...


    The griffin will follow you if you try to leave, and is one of the fastest mobs in the game, being 2.3 times faster than the zombie. This will make for a hard escape, as his front and back attacks have a range of 3 hearts. There are really no other huge behavioral things, it will work a lot like a Wither on basic behavior. Ok


    The griffin will drop griffin wings, (100% chance for 1 and 5% chance for 2) gold ingots, (1 (100%) - 10 (30%) and a diamond (1 (50%)). Noooo!!! Gold and diamonds are a cheap drop used by those who can't think of any original drops. Leave them as an ore or chest loot. Now lets see about the griffin wings...

    Uses For Drops:

    Griffin wings are really the only unique item dropped by griffins, and they have two uses:

    1. Trade with villagers What's the point of a boss if you can just get wings for a diamond?

    2. Make elytra Noooo again! Elytras are naturally generating from End Cities. We don't need another way to get them, let alone craft them.

    1. Trading with villagers (carpenters) via griffin wings will give you trades like (1) griffon wing for (5) emeralds or (1) griffon wing for (1) diamond.

    2. (PC and PE ONLY) If you collect nine griffon wings, and place them each in their own slot in a crafting table, you will get an elytra fragment (1). If you combine two elytra fragments anywhere on a crafting table, you will get an elytra. You need 18 griffon wings, but no one said this would be easy.

    What You Can Do:

    -Fill out the poll for the addition of dying elytra fragments, in which you can have two different colors on an full elytra. (An elytra fragment is the left or right half of an elytra) This would be only for an elytra made from griffon wing's, as on the End Ship you just get a full elytra.

    -Comment your opinions and additions

    Responses in italic bold.

    No Support.
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