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    posted a message on Are You Satisfied?

    I got Minecraft for 20 something bucks a long time ago and I still play it. All my other games cost way more and I end up losing interest in them after a month or two, then I uninstall it and 6 months later I get back into it and so on. Minecraft is the only game that 's consistently stayed, probably because it's such a causal game with so many opportunities.

    Now let's say Notch had sold Minecraft to EA. :o We'll just say they keep the base price 26.25 for full release. But being a regular company that is not tied to it's fanbase they decide instead of further updates they're making expansion packs!!! Each major update is an expansion, and each would be $7.50 roughly compared to the base game price. That seems simple at first (oh I would like ocean monuments yes I will pay $7.50) but it starts to add up for a total of roughly $116. Not only would this cost money, it would also divide the playerbase and almost destroy the modding community. Remember this is a commonplace in the gaming world, Mojang is unique for providing us with free updates. And if you look at all the content in official release, it is worth more than $26 imo. Every update post 1.0 are a privilege, plus the modding community triples the value of the game.

    So yeah, I'm satisfied.

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    posted a message on Ships, Pirates, & More | Ocean Improvements Part 3/3

    I like this idea, with the ocean update coming larger ships are a priority. Pirates would also make the ocean interesting. Just a thought, maybe there could be undead skeleton or pigmen pirates in the Nether, or moving end ships in the End? I'm not sure if that would be the most balanced thing but if it was rare with valuable loot it could be worth it.


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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?

    I know that that exact picture is fake, but it gave me the idea that Mojang might be making something similar.

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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?

    Maybe Mojang is planning a hostile fish mob like a shark, with an original name, drop, and behavior. TBH this makes even more sense than just adding sharks, because it allows the developers to not be bound by real life. It also explains why they aren't telling us and are making a excuse online, because they don't want to announce it yet.

    Found this online, I think it's fake but this could be similar to what they're planning.

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    posted a message on Different chests

    I like the safe, it would be very helpful for mapmakers. However, I don't see the point of the other three containers. No one would use them because chests have far more storage space.

    Partial Support.

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    posted a message on Chass- a board game for minecraft
    Quote from C1ff»

    What if I can't 100% Minecraft's own little challenges because this little mini-game was put in that totally contrasts the rest of Minecraft's easy to understand gameplay and is too complicated for me to master?

    The way I see it, there are four types of videogames. Most games combine elements from the some of the four types, and imo Minecraft has the potential to include all four.

    Sandbox- About building things to your heart's content, ex city builders or creative mode.

    Adventure- About going on a journey and usually fighting some things, ex most games or survival mode.

    Puzzle- About solving a puzzle either the game creates or you create, ex many simple online games or redstone.

    Strategy- About using your mind to solve a larger problem, ex rts games.

    The only thing Minecraft doesn't have is a proper strategy section, while redstone might require some thinking most people don't use it to challenge themselves or others, they use it to solve a puzzle. I don't know about you, but I'm not good at redstone, and that's fine because I have other options. Same goes for many people who are bad builders, or those who don't like survival. There's nothing wrong with not understanding chass (in retrospect it is kind of complicated) but just because someone doesn't enjoy one part of the game doesn't mean nobody else could like it. Those who don't like chass can just enjoy the other parts, I specifically made it so that chass skills aren't required. I'm not saying we need a whole side-game to minecraft, I'm just suggesting yet another way to enjoy the game as building, surviving, and redstone already are.

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    posted a message on New ghost-like undead mob idea: The Fallen

    For the most part this is a good suggestion, I like the relatively unique look and cleansing table. My bigger problem is this mobs behavior, it functions exactly like a skeleton. Zombies charge at the player at all times, regardless of weapon. Skeletons take their weapon into account (usually bows) when fighting. All the Fallen is right now is a reskinned skeleton spawning with an iron sword. There's a variety of ways to get around this problem:

    1. Make the Fallen much rarer and much stronger, the easiest fix. Perhaps they only spawn deep underground where they have long since forgotten what light looks like. This would also add to the atmosphere and provide challenge for the lower sections of the world (especially considering many simply strip-mine down at diamond layer with no difficulty).
    2. Provide a new unique attack style, which could work with the one below or above. I don't have any exact ideas, but maybe it takes advantage of its ghostly form by moving through blocks? (might get griefy and laggy though). Or it could be invisible apart form its shadow until it takes/deals damage. Or (and if you do this make it neutral and despawning often) it is invincible to most weapons and only slayable through a specifically enchanted sword. I'm not saying any of these ideas should be in the thread, but I think you should come up with something better than just a melee skeleton attack.
    3. Have it inhabit a new structure, like guardians and illagers. You wouldn't need to worry about skeletons or zombies because it would be the main mob. Note that this option would require a large update to your OP with information and likely pictures of what this new structure would have.

    But anyway that's just my rambling, its your idea so do whatever you feel suits it best. Right now I think the mob is good, but could use some improvement.


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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?

    Animals no one ever asked for in Minecraft:






    I'm gonna excuse polar bears and parrots because they are at the very least cool, but even them are unnecessary tbh.

    The one animal the entire playerbase agrees should be added:


    All they need to do is adapt the shark from mo' creatures, like they did with horses.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions

    The elytra functions as a built in shield, taking durability per hit. You can activate shield by right clicking as normal, but it will stop flying when shielding (contrary to the picture).

    Like Falcon did in Captain America: Civil War.

    First this would be a really cool animation. It t would also provide one with a more durable shield. By late-game making the weak iron tier shields become more tedious than balancing, anyone who got to the outer end islands has plenty of wood and iron by now. It would also free up the left hand slot.

    There would be some downsides to the elytra-shield. When drawn it severely limits your vision, though when not drawn it's not seen at all. Elytras also cannot have banners, so shields would be more decorative.

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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?

    Sharks don't even need to drop anything (which would make it pointless to attack). This statement feels like its coming from the Love and Hugs Update.

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    posted a message on Sea mob

    At the very least you could of come up with a random name. Seriously, with the amount of threads you've made today this might count as spam. The mob is hard to visualize and might seem scary for younger players. It should also lacks a unique drop, so what's the point of it? Consider drawing / finding an image of the mob so people know what you're talking about, because a lot of your mobs are very unique.

    In the future, focus on one single idea and flesh it out instead of making a bunch of random things. Read other people's threads and you'll see what is generally expected here.

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    posted a message on Chass- a board game for minecraft
    Quote from Emperor0Nathan»

    Also, if Spiders can't attack, then what can they do?

    By that I meant spiders cannot attack diagonally nor move diagonally, sorry I wasn't clearer.

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    posted a message on If you could have 1 minecraft item in real life, what would it be?

    Infinite ender pearls, so I'm never late.

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    posted a message on Collabrotive Suggesting- The Fourth Dimension (all welcome)

    Maybe we could make the jump to beyond diamond. If this were the case the frost dimension would probably be geared towards late-game players, but I'd advocate it's still accessible from the get go. All the mobs would just be super powerful and make enchanted diamond the equivalent of iron (or even stone). Then you would need to either mine or loot dungeons to obtain the new tier. Maybe you could even play it off as one of those "hard but quick vs easier but long" scenarios from folk tales, where you have two options: straight to the end with diamond, which is much faster but quite hard, or the much longer journey to the frost dimension to get a new mineral, which makes the ender dragon fight easier at the expensive of a lot of work and time.

    The only problem with this is that all the old mobs would become more of an inconvenience than threat.

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    posted a message on Better Lighting
    Quote from Djarogames»

    Welcome to Better Lighting


    • Better shadows
    • Colored Lighting
    • Lanterns
    • Spotlights Hip hip hurray, large font today!

    Better shadows

    Shadows will be the shape of the mobs, will point to the opposite direction the light is coming from and will stretch if the light comes from a low place, and become smaller if the light source is above the player. Why? This is a perfect example of what Mojang was doing until 1.14- overcomplicated features that no one cares about. I question the need for shadows currently, much less dynamic ones that would provide tremendous lag to the game.

    Colored lighting

    Lighting can have colors. Lighting can be colored by colored glass or colored lanterns. Torches and glowstone will have orange light, sealanterns blue light, and Redstone lamps red light. I would like this, but it could end up buggy


    the textures (side & top)

    how to craft it:

    Now we need something that uses the colored lighting

    Lanterns. They can be placed on solid blocks and can be crafted with all colors of glass. Lanterns could get confused with sea lanterns, but oh well. This is ok and would help with the colored light problem, but I feel like there could be a better block that handles colored light. Maybe crafting a redstone lamp and dye creates a dyed redstone lamp?


    now that we have something that uses the colored lighting, we just need something that is good at creating shadows. The Spotlight.

    Since I am bad at creating pixel art / 3d models I can't create a Minecraft style spotlight, but it would look something like

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor spotlight

    but with a wooden outside. It would be crafted like this:





    w = wooden planks

    r = redstone

    l = redstone lamp

    x = nothing you can use this to make it more professional looking.

    It needs to be powered by redstone, and shines to where the person who places it stood and shines at a 10-degree angle. Its light reaches 50 blocks, and give light level 15 to wherever it shines that's insanely overpowered- a 50 block radius is more than four chunks long, plus it giving off light level 15 to every block it touches? Maybe its realistic, but it isn't very balanced. If spotlights had be included (which imo aren't necessary) they should only have say... an eight block radius and give off light level 12, to only the block it points at directly.

    Responses in italics. I feel that this isn't necessary for the game and would just add to lag. Everyone would either not care or like for only 5 minutes before forgetting about it. Colored light is the only thing here I support, but even that isn't needed in my opinion. That being said, I'm not entirely opposed to this either.

    Minimal Support.
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