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Hi! My name's fishg, you'll typically find me on the Suggestions Forum, though sometimes I wander off somewhere else. I post new suggestions about once every two-three weeks, and pride myself on their detail. Right now I'm currently working on what may be the biggest suggestion of all time, but don't expect that to come out until next month.

For now I'm pushing a new idea of mine, Collaborative Suggestions. These are threads where we all work together to create a huge suggestion (ex: a fourth dimension). Please participate, I really want this to succeed.

Also please check out all my suggestions, which you can find in my banner or the threads section of my account. There's not one I feel ashamed of, and have all been critically acclaimed.

Oh, and I'm a fish. I think.

"If we can't have a Suggestions Guide, pin this to the front as THE example suggestion" - InterludeDude on Bedrock Armor.

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