About Me
I'm currently taking server management classes, and business management. My skill working with others is what I say excellent. As I stated up top, I've been playing Minecraft for well over three years, and during those three years I have managed near two-hundred server not including my own. So I understand the important key features of administrating a server.
I currently just stopped running a network so called FFNNetwork, that included KitPVPV, GTA, Factions, Survival, Creative, Classic-PVP, PVP, RPG, ect. And don't forget my experience with B&M, Server management.


Heres' my list of expertise:

All of these listings are official, and Im certified for.

  • Server Management
  • Administrating
  • Developing
  • Employe Manager
  • Marketing Expert
  • Social Media Expert

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Minecraft elijahseboria1

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Skype [email protected]