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Owner of SavageLand minecraft server.

SavageLand is a Role Playing, community based server, allocated with faction pvp, skyblock, creative, pvp/mob arenas, mcmmo kits, ranks bought with in-game money, minigames such as spleef, TNT run, tag, call of duty, battle arena, and many more.

SavageLand's community aspect is based around optimizing player experience to the max. Instead of hundreds of players talking on an unreadable chat, and no idea what to do or where to go, we have the same aspects of a large server, just with a significantly smaller community. With an average of 5-6 players on at a time, SavageLand is known for the fact that everyone is friends, everyone knows each other, and the amazing bond and friendships built between players.

When a player joins, they have the option to choose between 4 classes: Vikings, Archers, Assassins, or Builders. From their, your goal is to earn money to rank up within your class. Each class has their own advantages and disadvantages, evening each other out. Each rank gets more powerful as you rank up.

We use a variety of over 65 plugins, with that number growing rapidly to modernize and keep the server up to date with the rapidly changing game of minecraft. We have an extensive staff ladder (WHICH NEEDS MORE PEOPLE ON IT!) who are committed and dedicated to insuring the smooth playing and running of the server.

SavageLand is not some home hosted server, run by a 12 year old on his Daddy's internet. We are dedicated to our players and their game experience, and will stop at nothing to make sure it is the best and most comfortable experience they will have, ensuring the desire to return, get better, and improve. While having a great time with people who want to make it greater!

A bit about myself!

I started playing minecraft in late 2008, where I spent most of my time honing unique building style while playing Single Player minecraft. As the updates came out, I got more and more familiar with the pieces that ran the game. After some time, I spent a majority of my playing time hopping from server to server. I would stay at one for a couple months until my wants changed, never really finding that one server that had everything I wanted. However; I loved the multiplayer experience, and spent many many countless hours a day learning from all the great servers, from a players perspective, seeing what made them great for a player. So, in early 2012, I created my first server, which ran successful for about a year. After that time, I joined the forums, in which I dedicated all of my free time to. I shut down my server to allow time to help others via the forums and share my knowledge gained from years of hands on experience, to those who were just starting. With over 2500 posts, several mod apps, becoming known throughout the community, I had a great time learning the proper ways to fix common/rare problems, observing different styles and techniques for administration, building, and game experience. After that, I reopened SavageLand using what I had learned to fully put it to use, and we have been running great ever since!

Have any questions? :) Shoot me a PM!

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