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    posted a message on πŸš€ Space Expedition to EPIC 204 πŸš€ A Custom Survival Adventure in an Alien World! [26,000+ DLs!] NEW: Beta1.10: Final Systems!

    Also guys, if you would like a weekly update video as I work on the map these final few weeks I am considering reactivating my youtube channel. This will include feature teasers, new area teasers, and more as we work up to the final release! I'll also be making a trailer for this map in the next few weeks!

    Let me know if you care!

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    posted a message on πŸš€ Space Expedition to EPIC 204 πŸš€ A Custom Survival Adventure in an Alien World! [26,000+ DLs!] NEW: Beta1.10: Final Systems!

    Alright guys, I am back from holidays and starting up work on Beta 1.11! This one will be a quicker update adding in the Crash site mission, new icy asteroid chain, and a few custom areas in that direction. I'll keep you all posted! After that, only 4 big custom areas to go! We are thinking to work our way to final release with 4 small updates as we finish each area, rather then the big ones previously planned that lumped multiple areas together. This means these updates will come a bit more rapidly then previous ones:

    Beta 1.11: Crash-Site - It is Spring, after your first winter. A year has passed since a freak meteor shower disabled your lander and you lost contact with the large orbiting spacecraft you came here in. You have worked hard to survive since then and learned much more about EPIC 204, your ship upgrades are progressing well but you are missing some items. Suddenly, you pick up a faint radio transmission that seems like it is coming from your Spaceship out in unkown space and set off to investigate, discovering an icy new asteroid chain!

    Beta 1.12: Ancient Temple - After crafting the long-range system scanner, you pick up several strange signals out in surrounding space and set out on your glider to investigate. One of these turns out to be a large new asteroid with a mysterious structure that reveals part of the history of this system and those who came before you!

    Beta 1.13: New Lands! - The long-range system scanner has revealed the location of a large new asteroid cluster that is a source of some bizarre readings and signals! You set out on your glider to investigate and find a huge new landmass!

    Final Release 1.0 - Using the clues you have gathered from all your journeys you discover the location of a massive alien structure, but it is very far away. You save up the fuel and journey far across space to visit it. As you near the alien stronghold your Biosuit detects the energy signature of the last item you need for your ship, but you are detected as well and the showdown begins...will you make it out of EPIC 204 after all?

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    posted a message on πŸš€ Space Expedition to EPIC 204 πŸš€ A Custom Survival Adventure in an Alien World! [26,000+ DLs!] NEW: Beta1.10: Final Systems!

    space expedition beta just passed 25,000 downloads! Thanks everyone, that's a lot on a beta download! We will be finishing the map up and posting the final release towards the end of January after the holidays pass! Thanks for everyone's patience and support over this year!

    By the way, anyone who wants to fix the bug where the hatch has stopped killing entities that enter the ship, I found the issue. You can fix by running this command or reinstalling the update file I posted here which I'll update in a moment:

    /blockdata 5004 202 -43 {Command:"/kill @e[type=!item,tag=!tame,team=!Player,x=-15,y=198,z=2,dx=1,dy=3,dz=3]"}

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    posted a message on πŸš€ Space Expedition to EPIC 204 πŸš€ A Custom Survival Adventure in an Alien World! [26,000+ DLs!] NEW: Beta1.10: Final Systems!
    Quote from EriksenΒ»

    This looks cool, gonna give it a try :D

    great! I hope you enjoy!
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    posted a message on πŸš€ Space Expedition to EPIC 204 πŸš€ A Custom Survival Adventure in an Alien World! [26,000+ DLs!] NEW: Beta1.10: Final Systems!

    Merry Christmas! I have a gift for all of you!

    We finally finished Beta 1.10, The Final Systems Update!
    It has been a long time coming but I finally finished overhauling and testing every system in the game. It is now essentially how it will be for final release. We are just planning a few more late-game destinations, adventures, items, and boss battles for the player to learn more story as they fix their ship and obtain the final 3 ship items!

    You can get the file to update your map here,Beta V1.10.0: Final Systems!
    It is just a new command center but I have a lot of codes set to run to update old maps and ships to the new versions.
    Many, many improvements and bugfixes!


    - Bugfix: guardians and frogs could spawn past their spawn-cap in fall in some situations (like if players turned on peaceful)

    - Bugfix: meteor shield generators can no longer get meteor metals from intercepted ghast shots

    - Bugfix: lightning rods now get struck by lightning randomly during rainstorms again

    - Bugfix: the biosuit could be put on by clicking some options in the biosuit book before you found and put it on in the intro.

    - Bugfix: clicking the virtual ship hangar sign gives you the recycler recipe now

    - Bugfix: copper artifacts are recyclable again

    - Optimization: snowballs now melt if they fall into water after a couple of seconds

    - Optimization: random guardians can no longer spawn at ocean planetoid as they were causing a lot of lag in Fall

    - Optimization: Ocean Planetoid puzzles have been improved for clarification and playability

    - Optimization: Mysterious Lab now has keepInventory on and a survival area with regen and chests to unload your stuff at the beginning

    - Optimization: Large, adventure custom areas like Mysterious Lab may intercept your emergency warp and respawn you at the beginning of the area with keepInventory and custom death message

    - Optimization: Jungle Ruins and Magma Cube Nest have been improved. Battle with the Mega Cube, White Walker King, and Cavern Lake Elder Guardian has been improved.

    - Optimization: The initial meteor shower that damages the player’s ship can now only happen once and is required to start the ship upgrades (this is to prevent bugs in case of people who cheat and skip steps or in the case of an update where I leave the meteor shower check on)

    - Optimization: Dragon Bone Armor Upgrades are now Multiplayer compatible! All players on the server that have armor rating 8 or above when a dragon-bone upgrade is crafted will receive the upgrade!

    - Optimization: greatly decreased the lag from using custom automated modules

    - Optimization: the time lag between placing down a module assembly bot and the module being created has been removed

    - Optimization: the block-breaker module now mines above itself rather then below and is a hopper so as to collect its own items!

    - Optimization: the recycler and disenchanting stations from the ship upgrades are now automatic! Simply place the items you want processed in the inventories of the recycler/disenchanter and it will process them all rapidly!

    - Optimization: the disenchanter now stops the motion of items it processes so they no longer bounce around as much underneath after being processed

    - Optimization: Synthesizer and other modules like it now only check for valid recipes if items are placed within them. This reduces lag from players standing near the modules. On this note, don’t ever leave items in the synthesizer if you aren’t using it.

    - Optimization: modules, custom potions, custom foods, and CCC eggs no longer come enchanted and instead have colored names according to their type

    - Optimization: Lightning Arrows generate less lag

    - Optimization: Cornbread recipe is now 1 corncob + 1 sugar

    - Optimization: All biofuel recipes now require 1 charcoal as a solid catalyst, all 4x recipes require 4 coal/charcoal, 1 magma core + 1 coal/charcoal can now be converted into biofuel

    - Optimization: the duration of some potion effects from eating custom fruit in the offhand has been increased from 15 to 30 seconds to increase the usefulness of the effects.

    - Optimization: All fruit comments now tell you that you can eat them by holding them in the offhand when hungry

    - Optimization: the burn time of a biofuel in the jetpack has been increased to 10 seconds, the acceleration of the jetpack has been reduced some for FOV lurching.

    - Optimization: the ship from the intro now has better navigation, there are balconies to land on in the drop chute so it is easier to go in doorways. Signs labelling wings are clear and bolded on all 3 bottom floors. There is now a new room with a computer terminal you check on the maintenance level

    - Optimization: wooden trapdoors have been added to the ship as an option to cover up the engines and the 2-wide drops between floors

    - Optimization: tamed animals are now added to the player team and won’t be targeted by special weapon items

    - Optimization: naturally-spawned pigmen from portals and silverfish from stone eggs now have custom drops!

    - Optimization: Alien tomes/artifacts now name the location they were collected at!

    - Optimization: White Walker King and Sorcerer can no longer rarely spawn in Winter and Fall

    - Optimization: Elder Guardians can now spawn rarely in the Fall

    - Optimization: Space Expedition can now be played with any language settings!

    - Optimization: all info files and sections have been expanded and sorted by type or alphabetically

    - Optimization: the look of the Holodeck and location of sections has been changed

    - Optimization: the look of the Game Options have been changed

    - Added: New game option - Change Holodeck Colors

    - Added: New game option - Change Mob Cap

    - Added: New game option - Change Server Settings

    - Added: Dynamic displays on signs so you can tell your current settings

    - Added: 2 new contributors to the Wall of Fame!

    - Added: The game now records the name and location of ruins you discover and generates an info file in the Holodeck about them in the new Archaeology section.

    - Added: 16 sugar cane or beetroot plus a charcoal can now be used to make biofuel!

    - Added: explosive arrows! they explode on impact!

    - Added: 4x synthesizer recipes for crafting a lot at once of: biofuel, refined biofuel, diamond crystals, metal ingots, enriched uranium, cornbread, honey-coated carrots and apples, creature kibble, explosive arrows, lightning arrows, creature capture capsules, warp crystals, and flying enderpearls!
    - Added: slower animations for jetpack and ballast when using the β€œMP Server” setting, so there is less client-side desync on servers

    - Added: 16 sugar cane or beetroot plus a coal/charcoal or 4x this can now be used to make biofuel!

    - Added: Refrigerator Module!

    - Added: Unique treasures now have enchants hidden and now come with a Gold name and colored lore

    - Added: Synthesizer Crafted tools now come with a Blue name and colored lore

    - Added: Synthesizer Crafted Modules now come with a Red name and colored lore

    - Added: Custom Potions now come with a Magenta name and colored lore

    - Added: Custom Foods now come with a Yellow name and colored lore

    - Added: New memento items from boss battles and new boss creature info files and holograms!

    - Added: seasonal spawning for new creatures Hopper, Aura wraith, Will-O-Wisp, Glow-Worm!

    - Added: Ender sprites, glow worms, aura wraiths, and Will-O-Wisps only spawn at night!

    - Added: Ender Sprite now has dynamic lighting and drops glowstone dust

    - Added: the ChainAxe and Grappling Hook Rod systems have been changed. Please hold your old ones to get them updated!
    - Added: if players die in the upper void or at the surface of lava their items will survive floating above the void/lava. However, if you die deeper in lava or the void you will still lose your items because they are destroyed too quickly for the game to save by deep void/lava damage

    - Added: New Custom Locations and comments: Isolated Igloo, Lunar Mines, Killer Bunny Burrow, Forest Fire

    The isolated igloo and lunar mines are nearby in the local asteroid cluster. I have them stored at the command center ready to import when you explore the areas this update since I can't replace region files so close to the ship. One is in ice spikes the other in one of the largish gray/red asteroids with craters floating to the east.

    The Crash Site quest has been delayed till after new years. We've finished the areas and most of the items and planned some of the adventure, but didn't get it finished, so we will release it in a small update after the holidays!

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    posted a message on πŸš€ Space Expedition to EPIC 204 πŸš€ A Custom Survival Adventure in an Alien World! [26,000+ DLs!] NEW: Beta1.10: Final Systems!

    Hey guys! We are on to the testing phase for Beta 1.10. I'm going to upload it saturday evening after Lezandria and I have some time to give the full Beta 1.10 build a test! Updates seem to be working, just a few things left to iron out tomorrow!

    However, we were not quite able to finish the programming for the ship crash site and a couple new locations on the icy asteroid chain so that will be released as a small update in the coming weeks, probably sometime after new years when the holidays die down and I can work again. You'll get everything else I've been working on in the new command center, new locations, new info files, holodeck, new boss battles, items, etc. The feature list is VERY long!

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    posted a message on New lava burn time for items in 1.12?

    Does anyone know or has noticed that items seem to burn instantaneously in lava now instead of having a time lag where they catch on fire and linger a few ticks?

    I used to have a death system in 1.11 which gathered your death items and marked them with a glowing armor stand and label and gave you 50 minutes to go get them. This prevented a lot of the lost death items problems. I also gave the items invulnerability which in 1.11 seemed to rescue them in that couple ticks window before the lava destroyed them. Ever since the update to 1.12 players have been complaining they now lose items in lava and I have confirmed that for some reason once they catch on fire in 1.12 from lava I cannot save them. Even if they are there, editing them with entitydata no longer works but I am not sure if they are or are just burning instantaneously now.

    Does anyone know? I don't remember this change being mentioned and I've tried everything to get items invulnerable to fire/lava again without a lot of success. I have been able to prevent it if players die at the lava surface but not if they are still deeper down trying to swim up from a fall.

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    posted a message on πŸš€ Space Expedition to EPIC 204 πŸš€ A Custom Survival Adventure in an Alien World! [26,000+ DLs!] NEW: Beta1.10: Final Systems!

    I found a partial fix for the items dying in lava bug. It isn't complete though. So I now test upon death if you are in lava. If you are I teleport your death marker and items up 4 blocks which if you managed to swim up near the surface tends to put your items floating above the lava in safety. However, for some unknown reason, if you die beneath the lava surface, even though I teleport the marker and items up the items still die somehow from accumulated lava damage. This is even with giving them invulnerability, turning fire datatag off, giving them tons of health...etc. nothing works. oddly, it does appear that the items can catch on fire and not die sometimes if you are near the surface, it is only when you die under the surface that they seem to not be able to survive even though this fix should have worked for 4 blocks under the surface. Items that are given invulnerability before they catch fire or fall into lava are fine. It is only the ones that manage to fall into it before the death system kicks in. Even though I can find and edit these burning items nothing seems to make them survive in 1.12 like it did in 1.11.

    But this is a partial fix in that if manage to swim to the surface of the lava you fall into (easy when you later have high armor upgrades) then your items will be safe. I also give you keepInventory in the laboratory now which is the main lava-fall hazard so I think this partial fix will be ok for the final release for now.

    The bug seems to be related to the fact that in 1.12 items that get tossed in lava die much more quickly. In 1.11 and before the items would catch on fire and linger for enough ticks I could rescue them by editing in invulnerability.

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    posted a message on πŸš€ Space Expedition to EPIC 204 πŸš€ A Custom Survival Adventure in an Alien World! [26,000+ DLs!] NEW: Beta1.10: Final Systems!

    Hey guys! Comp and I made some good progress tonight on Beta Update 1.10! Still a fair ways off from finishing it, but we are hoping that we can do it before Dec 22 in time for christmas!

    We just finished building a lot of new areas and finishing up many of the systems.
    Here is the progress list:

    - Added: Isolated Igloo
    - Added: Lunar Mines
    - Added: Crash Site
    - Added: Killer Bunny Burrow
    - Added: Forest Fire area/comment
    - Added: Ice Cave
    - Added: RF Base
    - Added: all bosses now drop unique, colored treasure items
    - Added: unique info files for all existing locations you discover! This will contain a 1-page description along with the direction to go to get back.
    - Finished: scattering all the new and improved gold-colored treasure items to all custom areas
    - Optimization: Mysterious Lab now has keepInventory on, an enderchest near the labs, a survival area with regen and chests to unload your stuff at the beginning, and a new item that lets you pick up a couple shulker boxes while there. This should help with inventory management.
    - Places where your emergency warp is intercepted have you respawn at the beginning of the area, and also have keepInventory. They also have a custom death message with the biosuit remarking on this.
    - Optimization: the game is fully compatible with all language settings! Most of it has been tested.
    - Optimization: Jungle ruins and Magma Cube nest have been improved. Battle with the Mega Cube has been improved.

    the keepInventory and respawning areas are very rare. Usually only areas that may take an hour or more to complete and have a lot of content and adventure areas. Mysterious Laboratory is an example

    Items remaining on the List:
    - We need to run some thorough testing of the existing areas and bosses to make sure everything is working properly after the ruin loot and boss updates.
    - We need to test creature comments for language compatibility
    - Need to program the side quest to start where you recieve a radio signal from your crashed ship and are guided there
    - We need to finish the mechanics and AI of 2 new sophisticated alien ruins! (this is the big time-sink and may take me a few more days to finish)

    Bug Report! Players in 1.12 have reported a death bug! Items and death markers were disappearing when players die in lava! I did figure out sort of why it happens, but it appears to be due to a new bug in 1.12 (items die when they catch on fire even if I give them invulnerability the tick 1.11 they didn't so I could give them invulnerability and they were fine). They also go invisible when they catch on fire due to another bug and float upward under nogravity, making the death-marker disappear, so they may sometimes be invisible floating somewhere above where you died. You can try magnetite items to see if they are still there but they aren't always. I'm not sure how to fix but I'll try a few more things before 1.10 comes out. Really bummed about these bugs interfering with the map! :/

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    posted a message on πŸš€ Space Expedition to EPIC 204 πŸš€ A Custom Survival Adventure in an Alien World! [26,000+ DLs!] NEW: Beta1.10: Final Systems!

    the recipe exists and it has generated a file in the past, there are two ways to discover the recipe so I'm thinking it may be an issue with it being recorded from the Virtual Ship Hangar sign, is that how you guys got it? I at least got it from the copper ingot which was the original way to record it before we added ship upgrades. For you guys that need it here is a command:

    to record the recycler info file:
    /scoreboard players set Recyler Recipes 1

    If the book doesn't appear with that, then there is a typo in the actual info file code. I'll be working on Beta 1.10 again tonight and I'll take a look at it then! :)

    Ok, so news on the pending Beta 1.10 update: systems have pretty much been checked by Lezandria and the new system we'll be launching in Beta 1.10 is working well! Unfortunately I have been having very little time around work to finish it, but I will again try to do it this week with the free time I do have. It's pretty much down to me finishing several new custom areas and biomes we have been working on.

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    posted a message on πŸš€ Space Expedition to EPIC 204 πŸš€ A Custom Survival Adventure in an Alien World! [26,000+ DLs!] NEW: Beta1.10: Final Systems!

    Ah, happy for you guys! :D

    It's great to see such a great project come along so far.

    I'm still waiting for the final release to play (well, technically, I've done a few things around the world, but they were around alpha or so, and I've been updating the world and checking out the command center)

    Thanks for your ongoing support! I think you will very much enjoy the final project. It has come a long way since the alpha stages!

    In development news we have scheduled a playtest of the new side-quest, custom locations, and asteroid chain we've been working on over the past month for Friday and Saturday! If all goes well then Beta 1.10 will finally be live after then! :)
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    posted a message on πŸš€ Space Expedition to EPIC 204 πŸš€ A Custom Survival Adventure in an Alien World! [26,000+ DLs!] NEW: Beta1.10: Final Systems!
    Quote from mrkrrtftΒ»

    So.... can someone help me find the shears? I feel like I've looked everywhere, but I obviously have missed one spot where they are.

    well technically it's optional, but yeah the shears were swallowed by one of the clams in the fish tank. You should find it if you open a few!
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    posted a message on πŸš€ Space Expedition to EPIC 204 πŸš€ A Custom Survival Adventure in an Alien World! [26,000+ DLs!] NEW: Beta1.10: Final Systems!

    Yeeeess! I finally finished all the new mechanics changes. Lezandria and I are testing the last of them today and tomorrow. :D

    This has been a long, long project. Far longer then I anticipated but I have now completely finished updating, refining, bugfixing, and polishing the command center systems to my vision for the final release! In the end I ended up reworking and redoing almost every system. xD You guys can check out and test the new systems over the next few weeks as we work our way up to final release.

    List of Systems Changes:

    - The game is now finally compatible with all languages settings! Previously many comments and a lot of the custom creature seasonal spawning wouldn't work if you didn't have your game set to english. This is no longer the case!
    - All systems have less lag, especially the module and maintenance systems!
    - the new info file system is working and in addition to synthesizer recipes, passive creatures, hostile creatures, and alien tomes, the game now also records unique encounters or lifeforms such as with boss mobs, new custom crops you can grow, and maybe even aliens if you meet them ;) and also the interesting locations you discover! A file with a name, description, and directions to get back is generated for every largish custom area you discover including monster dungeons and ruins!
    - All custom areas that generate files now have a splash-title name and comment appear when you find them, some have music!

    - I'll soon be publishing a full list of creatures, crops, synthesizer recipes, tomes, and locations by name for players to see how many of total they found in theor playthrough!

    - I have added new holodeck options including changing the coloring there, changing the custom mob cap, particle weather options, mob griefing option, and changing the settings from singleplayer to server (which will fix lag from using stuff like the jetpack on a server if you set it to MP Server at the cost of making animations choppier)

    - all synthesizer recipes and files are updated to the colored system

    - commonly crafted synthesizer recipes now can be bulk crafted with 4x the usual recipe. Items that have this option will tell you on the synthesizer recipe file and comments

    - the 4 new creatures I designed: hopper, glow-worm, aura wraith, and willow wisp now spawn seasonally
    - elder guardians can now spawn rarely in the fall, sorcerer and white walker king no longer spawn rarely and instead are one-time boss encounters
    - All boss battles now drop a memento treasure item with unique abilities! The battles are also recorded in new info files
    - Some creatures now only spawn during night-time for even more seasonal variety only creatures some seasons

    Now what is left in Beta 1.10 is to finish the 3 new areas we built in the new icy asteroid chain and develop the side quest we've been working on! There are also various new custom items like the refrigerator and various treasures to discover on this journey!

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    posted a message on πŸš€ Space Expedition to EPIC 204 πŸš€ A Custom Survival Adventure in an Alien World! [26,000+ DLs!] NEW: Beta1.10: Final Systems!

    Hey everyone! the new command center is going live on our build server now for testing! I finally finished pretty much all the new systems and command center improvements for the future final release are just about done. Just need to do testing of some of them! Over the next couple days I'll work on getting the new area and side-quest in shape and then we'll release Beta 1.10! I am very busy with work these days so I'm not sure when these last couple Beta versions will come out but I'll keep working on the side as I have time. Thanks! Still hoping to finish up the map and release the final udpate with the end of the game programmed in this month before the new years. :)

    Beta 1.10 will be the last update with major changes to the mechanics and systems and the last big update that takes a long time to release. I wanted to finish all this stuff for final release a couple updates before the actual final release so it gives players time to find and report any issues or make suggestions.

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    posted a message on πŸš€ Space Expedition to EPIC 204 πŸš€ A Custom Survival Adventure in an Alien World! [26,000+ DLs!] NEW: Beta1.10: Final Systems!

    I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving! We are back to working on the map after a little break. Comp has already started on areas for the 1.11 update. Lezandria has been testing the new systems and has caught a lot of bugs which I've been fixing. Hoping to finish beta 1.10 up within the next week! Thanks for your patience! We are currently aiming to finish the map before christmas. :)

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