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    posted a message on Snow Bar And Sun Bar

    This would only be a nuisance, and nothing more. If you spawn in a cold/hot biome, you are now going to have to run out of it, or try your hardest to kill a herd or two of cows before you die, which will probably be unlikely. More often than not, people would just make a new world. If you don't spawn in one, you simply avoid it until you get armor, and then you never have to worry about it again. What's the point exactly? It's not "difficult" to go and punch cows for leather. It's not "difficult" to simply not go into a biome.

    Plus, the reason you give in your latest comment makes no sense at all. You want to make the game more realistic because the game has been made unrealistic, changing what it is an has always been, basically, so people that aren't even gamers can appreciate the game more? What kind of sense does that make?

    The game has a survival mode, yes, but the main draw of the game is the sandbox functionality. Some people like the little survival additions to make their stuff feel more earned instead of just spawning it in, but blocking off areas of the world is not going to help anyone like the game more.

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    posted a message on Statues!

    Just watched SSundee's SkyFactory 4 video, which shows an automated dragon killer, and as it kills Ender Dragons, it continues to collect dragon eggs. So the egg isn't a one-off anymore, if it ever was.

    Nope, there's just one that spawns ever. That was something changed by a mod.
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    posted a message on Statues!

    I love this idea, but I do definitely think it needs a tad bit of fixing up.

    Firstly, I think you should remove the need to use the mob drop to create the statue. It would be ridiculous to create tens of unique mobs drops that serve only an aesthetic purpose. Instead, there could be a locked crafting recipe, that unlocks and appears in the crafting guide when you've defeated a mob. Instead of requiring a special item for the crafting process, it could simply be a button that opens a selection menu, showing all the statues you've unlocked, and grayed out versions of statues you haven't unlocked.

    Secondly, I think the mob spawning boost should be limited to gold statues. This is because creating hundreds of zombie statues is extremely easy, and could raise the spawn rates way too high. It would still be possible of course, because making 5 statues of a zombie by using just 15 gold ingots is still fairly easy, an hour or so of mining and you have a stack of gold. I would also probably limit the max statue effect to +100%, just so that it doesn't break the game.

    Lastly, and this is really just a suggestion of my own, not really even something necessary in your suggestion, but I think a command that turns a statue into an actual mob would be cool!

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    posted a message on new dimension ideas
    Quote from SmugSmirk»

    I appear to be the minority that wouldn't actually mind Herobrine being added if he was done right. Huh. :/

    However, OP, I suggest you take a look at this thread, as right now this suggestion is sorely lacking. And adding six tags is criminal.

    I know I wouldn't mind if Herobrine was added the right way. This is not the right way.
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    posted a message on Windmill MOD [future] MSFT

    This doesn't really seem like it fits at all. What's the purpose of this in the game? Is it to power stuff? Will we need to power things now? What's a "ROD" block?

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    posted a message on Dust Storms

    Maybe instead of giving you blindness it simply restricts visibility? Like making the your vision sandy colored and getting progressively sandy colored the farther you look? Basically blindness but sandy and not a potion effect =P

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    posted a message on Ritual Altar | Imbuing Stuff With New Effects!
    Quote from fishg»

    I don't know about this. On one hand, it's seems pretty cool and has a lot of useful features. But the features are all very random. Enchantment tables all do similar things, no matter what they're enchanting. Ritual tables seem like melting pot for cool ideas

    No Support

    I can definitely see where you're coming from, but I still do think it all falls under a theme, much like the other tables. Crafting tables make new materials out of several materials, furnaces change or refine materials with fuel, enchanting tables upgrade items directly, and the ritual table expands on and improves the functionality of an item/block. I suppose the Withered Pumpkin doesn't really fit too much though =P
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    posted a message on Flexible Observer Blocks

    That's actually a pretty clever idea! Would definitely help people in making redstone stuff, Full Support

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    posted a message on Ritual Altar | Imbuing Stuff With New Effects!

    The Ritual Altar is a new enchantment table-like block that can be used to "upgrade" other items or tools with special effects or abilities by imbuing other items into them, along with some experience, depending on how useful the upgraded item is.

    The Ritual Altar would look something like this. Picture of the Basic Essence Altar from the Hardcore Ender Expansion mod.


    The altar is found in a new room of the Woodland mansion, surrounded with cobble, redstone blocks, and torches. There is only one per mansion, and it is guaranteed to generate. To collect it you must use a pickaxe; it will not drop as an item if you use your hands or other kinds of tools.


    The enchantment table is 34 blocks high.

    It cannot be moved by pistons. If an enchantment table is placed on ice, the player will slide on it as though it is an ice block, just like slabs.

    The interface of the Ritual Altar has three slots, one large slot in the center for the item you wish to upgrade, and two slots on the side for the items required to upgrade the item. In between these slots are intricate patterns, and at the top of the interface is the word "Imbue". This word can be changed by naming the Ritual Altar in an anvil before placing it down. Once you place an item in the center that can be upgraded, the amount of experience needed will show up below the slot, much like an enchantment table, and the patterns that surround that slot will begin to glow on and off, slowly. If the item cannot be upgraded, nothing will happen. To complete the ritual, one must put the required items into the side slots, and, provided the player has enough experience, an ominous noise will play, the top of the altar will begin to shine, and the patterns will begin to fill up, starting from the center and going out to both sides, much like the progress bars of the furnace and brewing stand. Once the process is complete, the item in the center will change to its upgraded counterpart, and can be taken out of the slot.


    Withered Pumpkin

    Created by imbuing a pumpkin with a wither skull and a prismarine crystal. In appearance, it is a gray pumpkin with black splotches near the eyes, which turn white when charging a special attack.

    This pumpkin, when worn, has the ability to charge a beam from the head that damages enemies and inflicts them with wither. You activate the beam by holding shift and right click with an empty hand, while not looking at a block. If you look at a block after the beam has started charging, it will continue to charge. Releasing shift or right click will cause the attack to stop. The beam takes 5 seconds to charge, making a low rumbling sound that gets louder the closer it is to completion, and the player moves slower while it is charging. When fired, it makes a loud noise similar to the noises a Wither makes, and deals 10 damage to anyone who touches the beam, affected by armor but not by protection enchantments (which has a range of 50 blocks), along with inflicting them with Wither III for 10 seconds. This means that the overall damage the attack can do to an unarmored player is 30, or 15 hearts. The beam can still hurt players that are using shields, and can hit multiple enemies at once. The beam is only stopped by blocks. It does not effect Withers, Wither Skeletons, or Enderdragons.

    After using the attack, a cooldown meter that fills up with a withered pumpkin icon will appear beside the hotbar. The cooldown lasts 30 seconds. Once the cooldown is active, you cannot take the pumpkin off of your head.

    The pumpkin can still be placed, and retains it's enderman immunity abilities, along with its decreased range of sight.

    Radiant Golden Tools

    Created by imbuing a golden sword or tool with blaze powder and glowstone dust. In appearance, they are golden tools with a bright orange-yellow outline.

    These tools all have a special ability activated by holding right click (you must not be looking at dirt for a hoe, as it will instead simply till the dirt), that will greatly enhance their efficiency, and make them not loose durability for a short while. For picks, shovels, and axes, the ability makes them break their respective blocks three times faster, and for hoes it will make them till dirt in a 3x3 area. The ability lasts for 20 seconds, and has a 30 second cooldown. Unlike the withered pumpkin, you can swap tools while the ability is on cooldown.

    When used, the ability will continue to be active even after switching items. The amount of time left will be shown next to the hotbar, where ability cooldowns are also shown, with a golden pickaxe icon. The ability works across tools, so activating the ability on a radiant pickaxe and switching to a radiant axe will still be three times as effective.

    Golden swords cannot be upgraded.

    Magma Sponge

    Created by imbuing a sponge with a magma block and a bucket of lava. The bucket stays after the ritual. In appearance, it is a brown sponge with small black holes. These holes become orange once filled with lava.

    This sponge has the ability to instantly absorb lava around itself out to a distance of 7 in all directions, but won't absorb more than 65 blocks of lava (lava closest to the sponge will be absorbed first). Once filled with lava, it will no longer absorb more lava, but will now be able to do the same for water. Absorbing any amount of water will then revert the magma sponge to its non-full state, which cannot absorb water.

    Bottomless Cauldron

    Created by imbuing a cauldron with a wet sponge and a prismarine block. In appearance, it is a cauldron with a lower half covered in prismarine.

    This cauldron acts as an infinite water source, able to fill both buckets and bottles. It will also hydrate any farmland in a 30x30 area around it.

    Waypoint Compass

    Created by imbuing a compass with an eye of ender and a feather. In appearance, it is an eye of ender themed compass with a white pointer instead of a red one.

    Shift right clicking with this compass in hand will set the compass to that point, pointing there instead of the player's spawn-point. This can be done in any dimension, and being in any other dimension that the point is not set will cause the compass to go crazy, much like the normal compass does in the nether and end. The compass can be set to another point at any time.

    By default, it is set to your spawn-point.

    Tame Tag

    Created by imbuing a name tag with a cookie and a potion of invisibility. In appearance, it is a name tag with a brown coloration and white writing instead of gray.

    Naming a mob with this tag will make them neutral to the player if hostile, and passive to the player if neutral, but still retain their hostility towards other players/mobs.

    It will still name passive mobs and bosses, but will not have any special effects.

    Mobs named with tame tags will also keep name tags ability to make mobs not despawn.


    Ritual Caster

    Upgrade an item using a Ritual Altar

    Icon: Ritual Altar

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    posted a message on Creative Inventory Overhaul

    My only concern is that spelling varies person to person in some cases, so one may say lights while another says lighting. That's too vague for my liking. Also if I may recommend it, to prevent scattering them throughout, all the multicolored blocks should have their own unique tab.

    Simple solution, add all the variants. Torches would be #light #lights #lighting and anything else that is thought of!

    I really really like this suggestion, it would make everything so compact and easy to search through, with much less hassle than I thought there would be! Full freakin support!
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    posted a message on Sharks!

    I like it! Although the potions dropping doesn't really make too much sense.

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    posted a message on Mob Variety: Classic Monster Variants

    These all seem pretty cool! But I'd focus on only choosing some of them to keep, like there's way too many Roofed Forest mobs, if all this would be added that's like 7 mobs in-game that can only be found in the Roofed Forest biome. Also, a lot of the share the same mechanic, like wall-climbing, which spiders already have, and is one of the things that makes them unique.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions

    Zombies that spawn in Mesa biomes should have pickaxes much more commonly to hint at the gold buried under the surface

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    posted a message on The Wurm

    Seems like something out of one of the mods that just adds everything and anything with no rhyme or reason. Tons of your mob ideas seem really random, I'd recommend thinking a bit more about the appearance of your mobs and try to at least make them less complex and a bit more basic

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    posted a message on Camel

    Camels are their own are cool, it's the donkey of the desert with a unique little quirk, but the Camegrif is absurd. It would look way too ridiculous, and being able to board a Camegrif and have everything be scared of you is stupidly OP

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