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    posted a message on How to advertise your Minecraft Server Host on the Minecraft Forum

    The Minecraft Server Hosts section requires that all hosts meet the following requirements:

    1. The business must be a legally registered business and that business registration information must be displayed on the business website.

    2. The business website must have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

    3. The business website and control panels must follow security best practices, connections must be secured.

    4. All software used by the business must be registered to the business where applicable.

    5. Representatives of the business must not have a history of Minecraft Forum rule violations.

    Decisions on whether or not to accept an application are made at the discretion of the Minecraft Forum staff. The question we ask when reviewing an application is "do we believe that this host will provide a high quality and secure service to our members?" and if we have doubts about the answer then we will not accept the application.

    Applicants should expect a decision within 5 business days, however as this is a free service we make no guarantees about response time, and applicants must not submit multiple applications if they have received confirmation of receipt of their application.

    To apply email [email protected] with a copy of the form below filled in with your information. Attach any relevant documents to the email.

    Name of business:
    How long has the business been offering Minecraft services:
    Your Minecraft Forum profile link:
    Attach business registration documentation to this email, or provide links to a service where we can verify your business registration.

    A host that is accepted will be asked to agree to the following terms:

     1. All representatives of the company must list "I am a representative of [company]" in their signature, [company] must be the name of the company as listed on with the name linking to the thread.
    2. All representatives of the company must abide by all forum rules. All company representatives are the responsibility of the company operator(s).
    3. All representatives of the company will not at any point engage in any flaming of any other host and will not post anything in any other hosts thread. If they believe another host to be breaking the rules they must report the post and move on.
    4. A company representative must be available to respond to any contact from forum staff members within 5 business days.
    5. A company MUST NOT represent itself as approved by, hosts that we have permitted to post on in the hosting section do not have any approval from, only permission to post.
    6. A company and the representatives of that company must not at any point solicit reviews from their customers (or other associates) for a reward. Encouraging reviews is acceptable, offering a reward (discounts, account credit, free services) is not and any instance will result in dismissal from
    7. All companies are expected to understand that can expect appropriate behaviour from all companies and can terminate any companies access to the forum at any time if behaviour from that company or it's representatives is deemed to be unacceptable.

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    posted a message on Taking out the trash.

    Age of a thread doesn't usually dictate the usefulness of a thread, in fact some very old threads on the forum are some of the most popular, the Optifine thread is from April 2011 and remains very popular, for both viewership and replies :) There are certainly improvements to make with regards to the way that the forum is organised and to help people understand which threads are most relevant to what they're looking for -- and if that's support, it's probably more recent threads -- but those issues wouldn't be resolved by deleting/locking all threads over x years old.

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    posted a message on Where is the forum for Minecraft: Education Edition?

    This is certainly something we can set up, I'll make a note and look into this today. Thank you for surfacing this :)

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    posted a message on New useful Forum Tags

    I've added the requested prefixes :)

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    posted a message on Subscribe error.

    I am very sorry for the inconvenience, due to a forum software update we're encountering an issue with some of our forum functions, including subscribing to threads. The development team are aware of this issue and we will work towards a fix as soon as possible. I will update this thread once we know more about the issue, or a fix has been deployed. Thank you for your patience.

    Edit: this issue has now been fixed :)

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    posted a message on HELP!

    Sure, it's:


    which produces:

    I have added it to your signature for you :)

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    posted a message on Can't log out of my account (42 minutes and counting)

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience, as AugiteSoul mentioned you can clear all cookies for this website and you will be logged out. Please can you provide the following info: the browser you're using, your operating system and whether or not you have any extensions (like NoScript or AdBlock) that interfere with the page running. This info will help me replicate the issue and pass it on to our development team. Thank you.

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    posted a message on Where Do I Apply For Moderator On MinecraftForums

    Thank you for your interest. At this time we are not accepting moderator applications, however we plan to open up moderator applications again in the near future. Please keep an eye on the forum for an announcement once we are ready to accept applications.

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    posted a message on How do you name spoilers?
    Quote from AJPirate»

    Like this but without the dots:

    [.spoiler=NAME HERE] stuff inside spoiler [./spoiler]

    stuff inside spoiler

    You can use code tags instead of dots :)

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