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  • published the article Minecraft Forum + Twitch Login
    Today, we're excited to announce optional Twitch account merging! Since joining the Twitch family in 2016 we've been working to integrate your favourite Twitch content into the forum and this is the next step.
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  • published the article Minecraft Annoucements at E3: Cross-Platform Realms, Addons for Non-Desktop, & More



    Microsoft just announced something huge at their E3 conference: a number of upcoming changes to Minecraft that we're sure you'll love, including cross platform playtexture packs and addons!


    First thing on the list is one of the biggest: cross-platform Realms compatibility! In the demo, a player on their iPad was sharing space on their personal Realms server with a player on XBOX, seamlessly. This is a HUGE step in cross-platform compatibility, and marks only the beginning of being able to play with your friends, no matter where they are, or what their preferred gaming platform is!


    Addons and Texture Packs are coming in the fall of 2016 to Minecraft Pocket Edition and Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, bringing the ability to modify and expand your Minecraft world in many new and exciting ways! Xbox and Playstation will receive support for Addons and Texture Packs in 2017, uniting the platforms in their functionality. Until today, only the desktop Java version was able to have mods and plugins of any notable sort, with console players having texture packs only. At the moment, it seems that such addons might have a distribution platform similar to the Steam marketplace, though it is not known at this time how they will be created and distributed. More to come on this soon!


    Minecon 2016 in Anaheim, CA will bring with it more details and announcements for the future of Minecraft, though what was revealed at E3 was pretty profound in its own right. What does this mean for the future of the game? Cross-compatibility with all versions everywhere? Addons for all? It's hard to say for certain, but one thing is clear: Minecraft is not slowing down, and the future looks bright for everyone's favorite sandbox!


    As part of their journey to unite players across all platforms, cross-platform multiplayer is available now on Minecraft Xbox, iOS, Android and Windows 10 in The Friendly Update, through Minecraft Realms. Players on any of these platforms are now able to launch their own servers that are available 24/7.

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  • published the article New CurseForge Store Launched

    A notice for all of the Minecraft content authors out there. Yesterday we launched our new store! This is the first in a series of releases that will revamp the whole of CurseForge and all the sites powered by it. Through this we'll be modernizing the layout and style of the sites as well as addressing the long standing concerns many of our authors have had.

    It's important to know that many actions related to points need to be completed from within the new store. Purchasing points, viewing your totals and history, as well as transferring points to other users. Project reward splits are still configured on the current site.

    Above you'll see a nice screenshot of the general layout of the new store. We already have a list of improvements for the next iteration. You have my word that they'll be here soon, but please give us your feedback as well. We'd love to know what you guys think.

    The new store can be found at As always, if you’d like to start a Minecraft mod project you are welcome to at, or you can start a Bukkit plugin project at Happy modding!
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  • published the article DON'T PANIC -- Regarding "Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer!"
    Earlier today, Curse was notified by Google that there was a known malicious script being served though some of our sites. Upon further inspection, Curse has determined the script was being served through ad placements from a 3rd party. These ads were being served as they normally would; however, due to a security breach at the 3rd party, a malicious JS (Javascript) was being served that was put in their passback system.

    We have managed to identify the 3rd party, who is well known to be trusted, as the source of the script. They have been contacted about the compromise, and have removed the malicious script being served to not only Curse, but possibly everyone with whom they work. They are still investigating the breach.

    Curse takes security extremely seriously, and has removed all 3rd party ad partners until the investigation is complete. We will keep you informed of the outcome of this investigation. In the meantime, we recommend you run a malware scan on your computer. You can run a free scan at We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

    At no time was any information in our databases compromised - your logins, user info, and all other personal information is safe and sound! We will continue to monitor the situation, just to be on the safe side.
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  • published the article Maintenance over!
    Today we went through an extended period of maintenance to perform updates to the forum, these were essential performance upgrades that have also brought some changes to the overall layout and functionality of the forum.

    Please reply to this post including any bugs or problems you find with the forum, include as much information as possible to allow us to fix them promptly.

    Thanks, we appreciate everyone's patience through the maintenance period.
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  • published the article Maintenance is currently in read only mode while our team perform essential software upgrades to improve site performance. During this maintenance period all posts will remain accessible, however you will be unable to use any account functions.

    We have prepared a handy list of activities that should keep you busy until the forum returns:
    If all goes to plan we will leave read only mode later today. Thank you for your patience, see you on the other side!
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  • published the article 12w08a Snapshot Released
    Jeb and Jon have released this week's snapshot, 12w08a. This week's changes are as follows:

    • Added a defense mob to villages
    • Added up-side-down stairs
    • Many changes to the world and lighting system
    Client: download here
    Server: download here

    Need help using a snapshot? Badprenup has you covered!

    1. Download the new snapshot minecraft.jar
    2. Navigate to your .minecraft folder (On windows, you can find it by searching for %appdata%)
    3. Put the new jar file in the bin folder (OPTIONAL: Back up your old jar file).
    4. Open Minecraft via the launcher, how you normally would.

    Let us know what you find! Here's a screenshot Jon provided of the new mob, the Iron Golem:

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  • published the article MineCon 2011 Tickets Now On Sale
    Notch recently tweeted that the tickets for MineCon 2011 are now available here:

    Get your MineCon 2011 tickets!
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  • published the article Minecraft tips and tricks!
    Yesterday we posted on our Facebook Fanpage asking for players to share their best Minecraft tips and tricks after being inspired by this informative video. The response was fantastic and even we learned some great things so we're giving you a collection of some of our favourites!

    • If you place a minecart behind a wall of lava, you could right click it through the lava (if you're close enough) and then you have went through the lava without getting hurt or catching on fire! With that technique you could create some really hard mazes or secret bases! (from Joel M)
    • When making a bridge, break a hole, place lava, wait 3 seconds, remove lava then place water. The lava and water will make pillars. (from Alex R)
    • In the Nether, Ghasts can't destroy cobblestone blocks with their fireballs but they can disable portals. Build a base made of cobblestone around the portal you came through in. (from Ben D)
    • If you have a boat in your inventory, use it underwater to escape quickly from suffocation to minimise health loss. (from Richard R)
    • Hitting the Middle Mouse Button while looking at a block will make you automatically switch to that block if it is in your hotbar! (from Misha G)
    • Bring up the debug screen (F3 by default) to note down the co-ordinates of important locations. It will also show an ID number above each monster's head, allowing them to be seen through walls. This can be very useful when cave exploring. (from Ben M)
    • Holding shift and click on the crafting bench output will pick up all the items you can make in one stack in one click. (from Zach Z)

    And the winner of the Minecraft giftcode for the best tip is... Kuujoe! Kuujoe gave this fantastic tidbit of information:

    • You can use saplings to cook one block.

    This is just a small selection of all the tips submitted, you can see all responses here. Thanks to everyone who shared their tips. If you have your own tips to add you can reply to this post or on the Facebook post and maybe you'll save another minecrafter some time and resources!
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  • published the article New Now Live!
    Update: There was an unfortunate but necessary to roll back the members table. This means you will need to rebind the account, and possibly reset your password again. We apologize for the inconvenience, and promise that this won't be needed again.

    Update: We're still in the process of fixing all of the known issues with merging and logging in to old Minecraft forum accounts. If you are unable to login, please try these possible fixes:

    - Reset your Minecraft forum password here.
    - Clear your browser cookies/cache.

    After months of hard work from our development team we're proud to present to you the brand new Minecraft forums! Please pardon the dust, we're working on addressing any issues as quickly as possible. You can find the Known Issues thread here. Please be sure to report any you come across!The updated website includes many new features. Let's take a look at what's new and what's improved, shall we?

    Front Page

    The front page of Minecraft forum now includes a news section, in which we'll bring you daily Minecraft content in the form of news, tips for the various game modes, patch information, user-created Minecraft content, and more.You'll also be able to find quick links to the most recent forum topics, all the latest submitted videos and a Twitter feed from notch.


    That's right, Minecraft forum now has a video section! We have our own ideas on what to do with the section, but we want to get the community involved as well.We encourage you to submit your Minecraft-related videos to the section. Why, you ask? Because we'll be spotlighting great Minecraft video content on the front page!

    Improved Forum System

    We've moved the forum to an updated version of Invision Power Board, one of the top forum solutions in the world. The forum is also integrated with Curse Auth, allowing you to log in to Minecraft forum with a account. This will enable you to use a single login for most websites Curse offers.

    Easier Moderation

    Part of moving to Invision Power Board was also to make moderating the forums easier for our moderation team. The IPB moderation system is streamlined over other forum software, allowing quick and easy moderating of topics -- whether a single topic or mass moderation.
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