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    posted a message on Mindcrack like Server 14w29b
    1: IGN (In Game Name)?: billyw493

    2: Age?: 16

    3: What country do you live in?: USA

    4: Why do you want to join? I recently got burned out in mc but now im back and wanting to start anew!

    5: Anything else? : No not really! i just hope that i get accepted!
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    posted a message on Eclipse Gaming | MindCrack | New World | UHC Mode | Survival
    Minecraft username: billyw493
    Skype(Optional): billyw493
    Age: 16
    Timezone: U.S. Central
    How much you will play: as much as i can but within reason, 1-6 hours throught the day!
    Opinions on griefing: i think that griefing is horrid. how would you feel if u spent FOREVER on a build then a griefer comes along and griefs it. its terrible!
    Why you would like to join: I played on the old server for a short while then i got burned out on MC but now im back and rearing to go! and i thought that this would be the perfect oppourtunity!
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    posted a message on Brand New Fresh Map 100% Vanilla Server__whitelist__
    IGN: billyw493

    Can you be contacted through skype?(yes or no): yes : billyw493

    Why do you want to join an SMP server?: i have been taking a break from MC and i wanted to re-start it with a good, friendly environment.

    What will you bring to the community?:You will be adding a nice, friendly and helpful person to your server (who btw hates griefers) i am a good builder and OCD so i like to make things nice and neat! i make small and medium sized builds. im good at pixel art as well.

    Screenshot of your build: sorry no pic

    YT Channel: bwminecrafter ( i haven't posted vids in a while due to the fact that my ANCIENT PC can only handle 1 thing at a time without lagging)
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    posted a message on DarkerLight Gaming MindCrack

    Skype or Steam: kingoftheshadow3

    Why you would like to play: Because my friend invited me and i have always been a fan of the mindcrackers.

    Why you would be a good addition to the server: the reason i would be a good addition to this sever is because i would not grief and would not bully anyone. and i can build really well

    Age: 11

    Country: Canada

    Special Minecraft Talents: building adventuring and crafting

    Extra Notes: billyw493 invited me

    Minecraft Experience: since alpha
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    posted a message on DarkerLight Gaming MindCrack
    IGN: billyw493

    Skype or Steam: Skype: billyw493 (Billy)

    Why you would like to play: for some time now ive been looking for a mindcracklike server that has a decent if not great community and i think that this might be the one.

    Why you would be a good addition to the server: I am a very helpful player just looking to have some fun with a small group of other players. im skilled at decoration, pvp and farms and i can be of some assistance when needed

    Age: 15

    Country: USA

    Special Minecraft Talents: mc statistics, redstone and pixel art

    YouTube Channel (Optional): bwminecrafter

    Extra Notes: im good at pixel art redstone and MC statistics

    Minecraft Experience: Since indev

    Additional Information (Does Not Affect Application Status):I am an OTAKU

    PC Specs: 2gb of ram 212 gb og harddrive space and a 2GHz dual core prosseccor

    Can you donate: srry no i cant
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    posted a message on Mindcrack Like Server
    Timezone: CST +8


    IGN: billyw493

    Name: billy

    Redstone Experience: 1-10: 7

    Building Expereience: 1-10: 6

    About: I am a fun-loving jokefull guy who is very helpfull. i love watching anime and reading manga. i started playin' mc in INDEV.

    Skype: billyw493
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    IGN: billyw493

    Nickname (optional): biscuitopi

    Skype: billyw493

    Age (16+): 16 in 3 days

    Time Zone (optional):


    Favorite MindCracker(s): Zisteau vechs and sethbling

    Skills (Redstone, Building, PvP, etc.): mc statistics, farming, and redstone

    Tell Me About Yourself In A Short Paragraph (3-8 sentences): my name is billy and i live in texas. I love anime and manga. I like to play voxel based games, and i started playing mc in indev.

    What Will You Bring To The Server: i will bring pixel arts information and a nice, friendly person to help other players get along in thin MC world

    How Often Can You Play: about every day for about 1-5 hours. the only reaosn i would not be able to pla, would be my internet going out.

    Anything Else? (RED):
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    posted a message on [Whitelisted] [Survival] [MindCrack] VENTURECRAFT 100%vanilla - open for applications!
    IGN(in game name): billyw493

    AGE: 15


    DEDICATED TIMES TO PLAY: everyday after 4:00 pm CST +8

    MINECRAFT ABILITIES(what you're best at): MC. statistics and redstone
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    posted a message on Small Community Server
    In game username: billyw493
    How often you will play:as much as possible. so about 6 days a week or less depending on if my internet is working or not.
    How are you with building: im fairly decent. but my strong suit is minecraft statistics and redstone.
    Why you should be chosen:i am a very helpfull guy. i can be trusted not to raid, grief, or loot, because i hate all of those things, i will do lots of pixel arts in spawn and other community builds.
    Any Extra Info I have Skype: billyw493 is u want to get a hold of me. and i really hope i get accepted
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    posted a message on UHC Mindcrack-Like Server
    First Name:billy
    IGN (In Game Name):billyw493
    Country your from: USA
    How often will you play a week: 5-7+ days a week
    Real life quality or skill: I an an OTAKU (anime addict) and i can draw really well
    What are you willing to contribute to the community: i can do pixel art and i also know almost everything there is to know about mc statistics so i g=can give alot of helpfull info. and Finally, i Can build some decent spawn buildings and and farms
    Have you ever played a UHC match before: yes (i got in 2nd place out of 20 people)
    How many servers have you been on previously:3 they all got shut down over time
    Minecraft skill: MC Statistics and data
    Questions: how long has this server been running for?
    Have a great day
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    posted a message on Archaica Minecraft Server [Latest Snapshot] [MindCrack Style]
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    posted a message on Minecheck, mindcrack like server (+15)
    Name: Billy
    IGN: billyw493
    Sex: male
    how long ive been playing mc: since first release
    redstone skills: 7-10
    design skills:4-10
    mc mechanics skills:9-10
    building skills:6-10
    pvp skills:5-10
    reason i want to join: i like the midcrack team and i also wanted to join a friendly community so if i get accepted i would be ever so happy
    questions for you:is the server in UHC mode? How far in the game have you gotten? is there a spawn village? will anyone grief me? do you know what anime is? Do you have skype?
    amount of time allocated to playing on the server: 1-8 hours aday. (unless my internet prevents me)
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    posted a message on iRedstone [1.7.2] A MindCrack like Server
    ‚Äč1. Name: Billyw493
    2. How old are You:15
    3. Are you playing Minecraft Much: yes everyday for about 5 hours+ aday
    4. Do you like UHC: yes
    5. Which Country are you From: USA
    6. Do you have Skype:yes, billyw493
    7. Age:15?
    8. Whats you're favorite Mindcracker: i have multiple but my fav. it tied w/ zisteau and vech
    9. How good are you with Redstone: 7
    10. Pvp, Redstone or Master Builder: redstone
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    posted a message on ShaftCraft [99.9% uptime] [MCMMO] [iConomy] [Virtual Enderchest] [Separate, blank, protected world for building/storing items] [
    everyone this is the best server i have ever played on
    u should all join and it is EPIC.

    also horray I am now a moderator so i hope to see u online
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