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    posted a message on Wargames: World War 2 -GUNS-PLANES-JEEPS-TANKS-FLANS MOD-WW2-CUSTOM MAPS
    So apparently I'm a moderator now.

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    posted a message on [1.2] ICBM - Missiles and Military Tech! [6,000,000+ DOWNLOADS]
    at wl.a(
    at asv.a(
    at cp.a(SourceFile:135)
    at bb.b(
    at asv.d(
    at atd.b(SourceFile:51)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.l(
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.J(
    at Source)
    --- END ERROR REPORT 75b5c187 ----------

    This happens seconds after I connect to my server, both are running Forge, UE 0.5.0 and ICBM 0.5.0 on MC 1.3.2 It isn't just me, my friends try and it won't work for them either.
    I tried with UE 0.5.1 and still the same ****.
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    posted a message on Brand new vanilla MC server! SimpleCraft 24/7 MC server!
    IGN: BoolahMcGee
    Age: 15
    Location: Canada
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    posted a message on Can't Connect to
    Thanks! Turns out Zonealarm was blocking Minecraft from the internet!
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    posted a message on Can't Connect to
    When I open Minecraft the update news box says (Random HTML ****) Connection timed out: connect(moar HTML), I know for a fact it's just me because at my friends house I watched him open MC and it appeared fine. I also know it is my computer because we both use the same WiFi connection. I tried reinstalling Java, Minecraft, rebooting and starting with a clean Minecraft installation and nothing works.
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    posted a message on HELP HACKER!!!!!
    jsut restar coi,mputedr kin antgohackeer mods \amx tr\cs his IP an d get hoijs address amd km c lomd znd muddeeer him!Q!111!!!!1!1!
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    posted a message on Switching to different topic - [1.4.5] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard RP War Dragons Dedicated 24/7 Enchanting Que

    IGN: BoolahMcGee
    Age: 12
    Role-Play Exp.: I played DDO
    Why Us: Because my friend (Spitfir3tornado) plays it and told me that it would be fun, so I'm going to try it.
    Time You Can Dedicate: 2-3 hours per day


    Name: Skeeme Werbenjagermanjensen
    Race: Lizard
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Appearance: Dark green skin, big head, pointy nose, beady eyes, small tuft of hair
    Fears: Giants, the dark
    Personality: Optimistic
    Occupation: Alchemist
    Skills: Alchemy, One-handed, Archery, Enchanting
    Nickname (Optional):
    RP Example (Add Dialogue): Me: "I wonder what happens when I mix this with this?"
    *The potion fizzes*
    *I enjoy a 2-minute long maniacal laugh*
    Me: "Hmmm, I should test this first..."
    *A pig oinks nearby*
    Me: "Perfect!"
    *I feed the unstable mixture to the pig*
    *The pig turns into a Zombie Pigman*
    Me: "This could be useful..."
    Backstory: I grew up as an orphan because my parents wanted a girl instead, so I lived my whole childhood in the Riften orphanage. I learned many useful skills as I grew up, for instance, one day I was on my way to eat dinner when I stumbled upon what looked like a big black table, a notable characteristic was that the things on the table were glowing. I later learned that it was used for "enchanting" things. When I was older I asked the orphanage keeper and she said I could try and use it if I wanted to, I thought it was really useful, it was only a matter of time before I learned about alchemy and my love of alchemy overshadowed my love for enchanting.

    After I turned 21 I left the orphanage to live on my own in Ivarstead because I got word that there was someone who could teach me about use of bows. He taught me for several months until my village was raided by a group of Silver Hand, they said they were searching for someone with lycanthropy who I soon learned was me. One of the unwitting recruits explained in depth how to activate my beast form, I managed to hold them off long enough to escape town.
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    posted a message on Capes for Steve
    Just a friendly tip, if you don't follow the proper title format ([Compatible version] MODNAME) Your thread will be locked by a moderator

    ontopic: I really like this, having a cape makes me feel super :laugh.gif:
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    posted a message on [MC 1.0.0]Hidden Blocks(NOW FOR SERVERS)
    No, it's safe, I just tested it.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Enchantment Table Language Tweak
    Quote from Neon_ColorsFTW22

    That was the most dumbiest and retarded installation ever :dry.gif:

    Or maybe you are just lazy and want to download a mod instead of doing something else.
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    posted a message on Mine Little Pony v1.6.4.1
    Love it.
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    posted a message on My First Lucid Dream
    Quote from SpitFir3Tornado


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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Grenade Mod V 1.2
    Quote from TheNardCake

    gotta say those textures look VERY similar to SDK gun mod...

    Are you ****ing retarded? How does it look anything like this:
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    posted a message on [1.1] WalkingBlocks v1.4 [Updated for 1.1!]
    It's like I'm really in an old '30s cartoon! :iapprove:
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    posted a message on [1.8] Minecraft Vehicle Mod (Race An Enderman)
    Don't worry, it isn't a mod, just as I thought it was a TROJAN.AGENT. Sticks a .exe file in your roaming folder and executes itself on start up. Its a rat judging by the vendor name and behaviour. For all you uneducated folk out there a RAT or a Remote Access Trojan gives complete control of your computer to the person who infected you, he can format your drives, mess up your mouse, change your homepage, spy on your webcam, make fake msgboxes, the list goes on! Just, don't DL it.
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