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    posted a message on Battle Of Eldaran [Serious Roleplay][Medieval-Fantasy][Factions]
    Minecraft Name: bboy20
    Real Age: 21
    Nation: American

    Character name: Zeek Kane
    Character Age: 25
    Character Race: Human
    Preferred Classes: Rogue/Assasin - Alchemist
    Preferred Faction: Black Swords

    What is your definition of powergaming: making your character more powerful than he should be in rp
    What is your definition of metagaming: knowing info that your character shouldn't know and using it to rp

    Your character is walking along the road when he/she sees a group of soldiers harassing a woman,
    How do you react?: Since my twin Blade will be close to me, I will lure them away while he deals with the others. I would attempt to lose them or knock them unconscious, then circle around to where my brother is. We would then take the woman somewhere safe

    Story: My brother, Blade, and I, were orphaned when we were 5 years old. We grew up in a place called Caelion. It was filled with all sorts of creatures. It was a moderate temperature the whole year, and we only saw the face of snow once. The one thing that we loved was the local market. We learned to survive on the streets, picking peoples pockets, and stealing anything we could from that market.

    When Blade was 10 years old, he got caught picking someones pocket. Blade was sentenced to 6 months of hard labor in the mines, as this was a repeated offence. While my brother was serving his time unfairly, I knew we could not live picking pockets our entire lives. So by stealing things from the local alchemist and then returning this, he thought me a good soul for a street urchin. He decided to give me an apprenticeship.
    Either way, we both picked up some tricks of the trade during our respective "sentences". After a scuffle, I decided my brother had deserved the nickname Blade. We learned how to fight from the other street urchins, and earned our keep, although we did it along a path filled with blood and murders. We were alright with morally grey, killing and stealing from others to keep us alive.
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    posted a message on ◤❇Clash of Creatures❇◥[mcMMO] [Races] [PvP] [Griefing] [Unique]
    IGN : bboy20
    Age : 16
    Experience with PvP servers? : Fair amount
    Race ( 2 options and a reason ) : Elf - have a friend(knifeblitzer) who is an elf, and he told me i don't have a choice
    Are you dedicated? : yes
    Are you willing to change your skin? : If i have to

    (Optional) Referred by: knifeblitzer
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] ☠ THE HIGHLANDS ☠ YOUR ADVENTURE AWAITS [ROLE-PLAY]
    [1]. IGN(In-Game Name): bboy20
    [2]. Age:15
    [3]. Where did you find out about our server?: From a friend - knifeblitzer
    [4]. How long have you played on The Highlands?:
    [5]. Daily Activity (how long you're on a day)?: maybe 2-3 hours depending
    [6]. Unique reason why you should be a Clansmen on our server: Knifeblitzer reccomended me, as well as being a veteran mc player, as I have played for about a year and a half now
    [7]. Did you read the rules?: Yes
    [8]. Anything else:
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    posted a message on Looking for Moders/Coders and Texture artists
    General rule of thumb
    No pics no clicks
    meaning without pictures, you get little to no downloads
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    posted a message on Fishing mod idea
    There is no idea...
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    posted a message on Why I think Minecraft isn't as good anymore.
    1 and 3 completely contradict each other
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    posted a message on Jumping.
    Notch said he is adding it back tommorrow, just wait
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    posted a message on need 1.8 creative help
    double tap space
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    posted a message on Different Bed Colors
    I'm pretty sure this has been suggested numerous times...
    Use the search function
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    posted a message on End your sentence with the phrase "Like A Boss."
    I posted on this thread like a boss
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    posted a message on The Great's pack
    Pictures or NO DOWNLOADS
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    posted a message on My very first map.
    Pics or no downloads
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    posted a message on Am i Alive?
    This gives a whole new meaning to forever alone...
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    posted a message on sticks
    you dont use raw wood u use refined wood
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