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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 5.2.4
    I think I just died. THIS IS THE BEST MOD EVER!
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 3.1? (not 4)
    I have an idea. How about not only using your thaumometer to research stuff, but maybe while holding a scroll (or some other writing implement) you can "take notes" while doing certain actions.
    For example, if you enchant an item while this [writing implement] is in your hotbar, you can "take notes" from it, and get buffed in magic knowledge or something like that.
    Cutting wood into planks (by hand) would help you learn more about wood, etc, and killing (good) creatures would grant you death aspects or something.
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    posted a message on FTB Direwolf20 Server [Whitelisted] inviting players
    I would love to play on this server.
    IGN: alternativeaura
    Little about myself:
    Age: 15
    Residence: "murica
    Loves to: Make music, build mansions
    I've been very helpful to various servers, and on top of that I've never been banned from any.
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    -What makes you a good addition to this server?: I am always willing to help out others in need, I always stay at least 50 blocks from other people's property, and I have NO history of hacking, griefing, or banning from previous servers.
    -Which faction would you prefer and why?: I honestly do not care, surprise me.
    -Did you read all of the rules section, understand it, and can you comply with them?: YES.
    *We are seeking active and resourceful problem solvers and leaders on this server. The rules can assist in answering the next two questions if you are unsure of what type of behavior this requires.*
    -What would you do if you did not like an aspect of the game-play?: I would contact Lucid about it, but first I would look into it, maybe look it up somewhere to understand how it works.
    -How would you handle a conflict with another player?: Working with the other side to make a compromise.
    -Have you ever been banned from a server and why? (If you lie, I deny this application.): Like I said above, no.
    -What brought you to this server? (Friend, Forum, Etc...): Forum, I was looking for a nice server and it looked like I found one.
    -Location: Reading, Pennsylvania.
    -Favorite movie: Gladiator
    -In game name: (Permissions are case sensitive. Enter as it appears in game, or your permissions will not work.) alternativeaura
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