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    posted a message on [1.8.9/1.8/1.7.10] Team Fortress 2 Mod (v2.0.0/v1.8.6) {Explosive Guns Update!}
    Quote from ItzEnderYT»

    Fix da Team fortress 2 logo every time i ded every time gives me da logo

    That is suppose to happen. If you don't want the extras get rid of them. As for wearable hats, maybe one day...

    The next In-Progress version is out for 1.8.9, #13! Soldier Primaries & a single Demoman Primary work now . Fixed a few issues (probably). CHECK THE CHANGELOG & PDF FOR INFO.
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    posted a message on [1.8.9/1.8/1.7.10] Team Fortress 2 Mod (v2.0.0/v1.8.6) {Explosive Guns Update!}

    The next In-Progress version is out for 1.8.9, #12! Improved the Medi Guns & a few other items. Fixed a few issues (probably). CHECK THE CHANGELOG & PDF FOR INFO.

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    posted a message on [1.8.9/1.8/1.7.10] Team Fortress 2 Mod (v2.0.0/v1.8.6) {Explosive Guns Update!}

    My good sir are you accusing me of procrastinating? I will have you know I often do. When I am not procrastinating (or doing other "legitimate" stuff) I work on the mod. I'm still working on updating the 1.7.10 version of the mod. The 1.8.9 version is almost done. When I finally release a new version of the mod for 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 depends on how often I procrastinate.

    Also thank you for the post. It will certainly help in persuading myself to stop being lazy and get stuff done.

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    posted a message on Custiom Potion Effect

    Don't bump. You might get in trouble.

    So you want the Speed Potion Effect to be applied but hidden in the GUI? If yes, why?

    You could make your custom potion effect increase movement speed without using the Speed Potion Effect.

    Looking in the Potion class and you'll find this:

    public static final Potion moveSpeed = (new Potion(1, false, 8171462)).setPotionName("potion.moveSpeed").setIconIndex(0, 0).func_111184_a(SharedMonsterAttributes.movementSpeed, "91AEAA56-376B-4498-935B-2F7F68070635", 0.20000000298023224D, 2);

    .func_111184_a(attribute, string, double, int) could be added to your custom effect.
    The attribute you want to modify would be SharedMonsterAttributes.movementSpeed.
    The string I am not sure about but I'm guessing just put something (it is the name of the modifier).
    The double is the amount you want to modify speed by (0.2D in moveSpeed is 20% increase).
    The int must be between 0 & 2 otherwise it will be invalid (try leaving it at 2.)

    Then remove this to get rid of the Speed Boost Effect:

    else if(e.entityLiving.worldObj.rand.nextInt(30) == 0){
    e.entityLiving.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(1,300,0)); // I wanna to hide this potion event//

    NOTE: I don't know if this actually works as I haven't tried it out myself (just a suggestion I came up with in a few minutes). Try it out then let me know how it goes.

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    posted a message on java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: magic.client.RenderTHFairy
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassFormatError: Duplicate method name&signature in class file magic/client/RenderTHFairy

    Look in RenderTHFairy.

    You should probably use the latest version of the jdk & jre (Java 8) & 1.6.4 forge (

    Why the dropbox? Upload the code to github or pastebin.

    The japanese thread link gives an error or something. Translated it says Denial of display, download, link from site on image or file in site. So thats of no help. (I don't know Japanese and google translate only provides a basic translation. The language barrier is going to make it harder to help.)

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    posted a message on Maximum hunger modification

    Probably but you might have to work with nbt tags. Look in EntityPlayer & FoodStats classes for more info.

    (Classes based on 1.8.9. I doubt it, but they might be different in 1.6.4)

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    posted a message on Adding enchantment in-game display: enchantment.null

    Change the setName parts to climbersBoots and climbersCarabiner.

    You'll also need a lang file to set the correct names of the enchantments. Here is Minecraft's lang file as an example:

    enchantment.damage.arthropods=Bane of Arthropods
    enchantment.knockback=Knockback Aspect
    enchantment.protect.all=Protection Protection
    enchantment.protect.fall=Feather Falling
    enchantment.protect.explosion=Blast Protection
    enchantment.protect.projectile=Projectile Protection
    enchantment.waterWorker=Aqua Affinity
    enchantment.waterWalker=Depth Strider
    enchantment.untouching=Silk Touch
    enchantment.lootBonusFishing=Luck of the Sea

    So yours should be:

    enchantment.climbersBoots=Climbers Boots

    enchantment.climbersCarabiner=Climbers Carabiner

    (Examples/info from 1.8.9, may be different in 1.10 but I doubt it.)

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    posted a message on Custom Villager and Trades

    I saw this in EntityVillager for 1.8.9:

    public EntityVillager(World worldIn, int professionId)
            ...more stuff

    Instead of professionId try setting it to your custom profession's ID, so all of your custom Villagers have that profession.

    I also found in the onInitialSpawn method something that sets a random profession to villagers. Instead of setting a random profession set it to be yours.

    Again I don't know anything about professions/trades so I might be wrong. (I only took a quick look at EntityVillager & profession related things.)

    For model: If you haven't already import the java file of the model into your workspace or create an empty class (named ModelCustomVillager or something) and copy & paste the java file's code into the class (personally this is what I like to do). You may have to modify some of the code. You'll also need a Renderer then after that do the RenderingRegistry stuff.

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    posted a message on Modding on mobile?

    I thought you meant modding the Pocket Edition of Minecraft based on the title...

    Modding for PC on an iPad?! What a preposterous question! Also Apple sucks so no.

    In all seriousness, maybe you can, maybe you can't. I don't know. You can look into it some more but I doubt it.

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    posted a message on Custom Villager and Trades

    Yes you can extend EntityVillager or copy & paste the code in EntityVillager to your entities class so you don't have to extend (you may have to adjust some things). You can modify anything you want from there.

    I don't know anything about trades and professions.

    Look at RenderVillager and see what that extends.

    For the custom model: Do you mean model as in you created or are going to create a custom model using Techne or something? Or you are just going to reskin (custom texture) the villager? I'm asking for clarification.

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    posted a message on Assistance with removing fire render from fireball entity

    The snowball doesn't render? Does it still spawn? By spawn I mean when you throw the snowball it still applies slowdown & snow on the ground (spawns a working but invisible projectile). You might have to create your own renderer for the snowball. Look at RenderSnowball's class and just copy & paste (changing whatever you want) into your own RenderCustomSnowball (whatever you name it). Then do the RenderingRegistry with your new Renderer class.

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    posted a message on Assistance with removing fire render from fireball entity

    EntitySmallFireball extends EntityFireball. In EntityFireball's onUpdate() method there is this (Its probably what you're looking for, if so got to get rid of it, try overriding the onUpdate() method with your own.)

    this.worldObj.spawnParticle("smoke", this.posX, this.posY + 0.5D, this.posZ, 0.0D, 0.0D, 0.0D);

    Instead of extending EntitySmallFireball, you could copy & paste the code from EntityFireball & EntitySmallFireBall (removing/modify whatever you want) into your EntityNewSnowball's class so you don't have to extend EntitySmallFireball.

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    posted a message on Updating another person's mod?
    Quote from jgp120»

    No I mean for custom resource packs, you can't make 3d block models, we aren't making a mod we're making a resource and putting the block on a custom npc.

    Wait I thought you were making/updating a mod? Flan's is open source. A tutorial to update a mod you didn't create? Good luck finding one. Do you or any of your friends know Java and/or about modding Minecraft?
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    posted a message on How to make a mob spawn in multiple biomes?

    Put a comma after BiomeGenBase.forest then continue to add whatever Biomes you want.


    EntityRegistry.addSpawn(entityClass, weightedProb, min, max, EnumCreatureType.MONSTER, BiomeGenBase.beach, BiomeGenBase.birchForest, BiomeGenBase.birchForestHills, 
    BiomeGenBase.coldBeach, BiomeGenBase.coldTaiga, BiomeGenBase.coldTaigaHills, BiomeGenBase.desert, BiomeGenBase.desertHills, BiomeGenBase.extremeHills, 
    BiomeGenBase.extremeHillsEdge, BiomeGenBase.extremeHillsPlus, BiomeGenBase.forest, BiomeGenBase.forestHills, BiomeGenBase.hell, BiomeGenBase.iceMountains,  BiomeGenBase.icePlains, BiomeGenBase.jungle, BiomeGenBase.jungleEdge, BiomeGenBase.jungleHills, BiomeGenBase.megaTaiga, BiomeGenBase.megaTaigaHills, 
    BiomeGenBase.mesa, BiomeGenBase.mesaPlateau, BiomeGenBase.mesaPlateau_F, BiomeGenBase.mushroomIsland, BiomeGenBase.plains, BiomeGenBase.roofedForest, BiomeGenBase.savanna, BiomeGenBase.savannaPlateau, BiomeGenBase.stoneBeach, BiomeGenBase.swampland, BiomeGenBase.taiga, BiomeGenBase.taigaHills);

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