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    posted a message on We were all noobs once. What is your minecraft noob story?
    I started playing Minecraft in late Beta 1.3. My very first world went something like this:
    I had NO idea at all how to play or what the point of the game was, since I had gotten it as a gift from a friend. I made an account, got the game with the gift code, downloaded the launcher, started it up, clicked Singleplayer, and said "What's a seed?". Lol. So, I opened up my first world, and hit the arrow keys. I was really, really confused when I didn't start moving. So I hit random buttons until I figured out how to move left. Then I held down the left button until I fell into a lake, drowned, and quit the game. Then I went to the Minecraft Wiki to do a few hours of reading.

    Once I actually knew how to play:
    -When I was a noob, I was so afraid of monsters that I would place torches on literally every block in my house, would never go outside at night, was terrified of caves to the extent that I never went mining, and was afraid to explore too far in case a monster killed me. And I did all this while playing in peaceful mode (just in case).
    -I put all my stuff in a chest before sleeping in case I suffocated
    -My greatest accomplishment was a 3x4 10 block high wool tower with grass and sand and random flowers and cacti on top
    -I played with the sound and music off because I couldn't stand the door opening, damage,block placing, and block breaking noises (I still do that, actually)
    -I used wool to pillar up out of holes, even though I had dirt in my inventory
    -I mined by digging 2x2 tunnels through mountains (For some reason, I didn't bother lighting up these tunnels, so I would just check my inventory once my pick broke to see what I had mined. One time I found two blocks of some weird material that wasn't coal. I made it into a sword and found that it was better than my stone one. A while later I realized it was iron. Strangely, I didn't usually read the labels on items back then.

    So yeah, that's most of my early nooby stuff.
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    posted a message on Terraforming, new original creations
    Oh my gosh, that's amazing! I've only done a little bit of terraforming, but this makes me want to practice some more so that I might be able to make things like that. Keep up the good work!
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    posted a message on Glowstone Half-Slabs [45+ Supporters]
    Quote from Ghost8909

    There needs to be slab and step variants of MANY more blocks. This only covers one of them, and only one variant. But I support. If THIS gets done, then maybe they'll do all the others too.

    My thoughts exactly. Support!
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    posted a message on Find one thing the above avatar has in common with YOUR avatar
    We're both cats!
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    posted a message on Count to 160 untill a moderator
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    posted a message on Snow Capped Peaks *Over 240 Supporters!*
    That mountain looks fantastic! Support!
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    posted a message on What is your Favorite Item in Minecraft and why?
    My favorite items: cookies, cake as an item (92) and bows

    My favorite blocks: Wool, glass, wood, and lapis lazuli
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    posted a message on Large Biomes Desert Seed With Awesome Surface Dungeon! (Snapshot)
    I just found a really cool seed in the latest snapshot! It has:

    *A large desert with a river running through it near spawn (a swamp). I personally love this desert :D
    *A floating cactus inside a desert well :blink:
    *A skeleton surface dungeon right next to this well, with two chests, one of which contains two Cat music disks! The other one has a nametag, too.
    *Small "stone biome" further along the river

    The seed is: "SAT for CATS" (Or 357002094 if that doesn't work)
    (Lol...And there are Cat music discs) :blink:

    Make sure to use these world generation settings:

    -Structures OFF
    -Large Biomes ON
    -Make sure you're using the latest snapshot.

    I hope you enjoy this seed!
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    posted a message on Better Carpets (With Patterns!)
    That sounds awesome! Houses would be so much more interesting with floors like that!
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    posted a message on Use your username as a world seed and see where you spawn!
    My username (aleksa77) spawned me in a forest with some wolves, right next to the most incredible Extreme hills biome I've ever seen. Next to spawn, there's some pretty flat areas on top for building,some small floating chunks, lots of overhangs, some waterfalls and lakes, and tons of coal. Across a large, hilly valley, there are more extreme hills with some pumpkins and an amazing lake area. I think this is a pretty fantastic seed :D
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    posted a message on Dragon Dance, Cartoon RPG (Updated 3/10)
    This is incredible! I just downloaded it, and it's definitely my new favorite texture pack. :Diamond:
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    posted a message on What Was The Noobiest Thing You Ever did Or Saw Someone Else Do?
    On my very first world, I got lost while looking for wood. I really wanted to find my nooby house again, so decided to keep walking in a straight line for a REALLY long time. I seriously thought that if I went far enough, the world would loop around and I would end up back at my house.
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    posted a message on Early minecraft players- has the game gotten stale to you?
    I've been playing since Beta 1.4 (technically 1.3, but I played that for about 2 minutes before figuring out how to quit and finding a basic tutorial, and 1.4 came out the next day.)
    It hasn't gotten all that boring, except for the last few months (I think maybe November-mid December, then January-early February)
    I'm playing it again now, though. I got some mods and I'm making my own texture pack. I'm trying to learn how to make nice modern style houses, since I haven't done that before. It's a nice challenge.
    One of the main reasons I've enjoyed it so much was playing on servers:
    1) I originally started the game when my brother bought it for me and set up a server as a way for us to play together over a long distance. We've been playing once a week for almost 2 years now.
    2)Cole2sworld-I loved this server, especially Ultra, ever since I joined in May of 2011. I made a bunch of awesome friends, built a couple civilizations, and got ranked up to staff. Recently, though, almost all of my friends stopped playing, which caused me to stop playing as much, which caused me to be demoted, which caused me to play even less... :/
    It was great for a year and a half, though!
    3) Gazamo- I used to play there when it was an entirely different server, but I left after a while to play Cole2sworld more often, and they seem to have changed it a ton. I'm still pretty confused about that.
    4) Recently I've started playing on an awesome new server, but I haven't updated to 1.5 yet due to my mods.
    All in all, Minecraft has been absolutely wonderful, and it's definitely one of my all time favorite games (if not my favorite).
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] [Forge] The Methyr Dimension
    Wow, those mobs look amazing!
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    posted a message on BiblioCraft [v2.4.3]-Bookcases, armor stands, shelves, printing presses, seats, clocks, the Atlas and more! Updated 07/25/2017
    Amazing mod!!! :Diamond:
    I just downloaded it, and now I'm redecorating all my houses.
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