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    posted a message on Rubies!

    Well then. I needed not read further than "Emerald Tools and Armor and I thought "That would be so cool if it was real!!!!"" But I continued reading anyway, to discover the horrible imbalance of this... Good god the imbalance.

    Also, the fact that it has a texture already means nothing... If they chose, they could make 100 armour types in a day by copy pasting code, hue changing armour and a gem, then changing a few stats. Never use: "Well, they could do it easily" as an excuse for something like this.

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    posted a message on Moving minecraft to SSD

    What type of computer are you using? For macs the shortcut is different.

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    posted a message on Removable nether stars

    Really working hard on this, eh? Its been 22 hours and I see nothing new about a power source. You literally just called the nether star, a power source, and ignored all other feedback... If you are going to make a suggestion, be ready to maintain it.

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    posted a message on Run Through Glass!

    I can tell you right now, if I sprinted at a meter cubed of glass, I would be the one being hurt. I know I argue against doing things for realism, but this would just be annoying at any rate.

    Possibly for panes, but if you just wanted it for adventure maps, or even a normal world this could be easily added with command blocks.

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    posted a message on Looking for youtubers (100+ subscribers) (WILL PAY MONEY)

    Paying money for this? I sense that you my good sir/ma'am, that you will just be exploited, and the videos will be low quality, due to them just doing it for pay, not fun.

    Also, if you need to bribe people to go on your server, you've gone wrong somewhere.

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    posted a message on Birds, Deer, and Alligators

    I think there should be gunsNo. No. No. And again, no. No guns in MC for those hunters for the deer and other stuff. Mc would be a whole lot better

    I honestly don't care one way or another about a few ambiance mobs, especially when the code is so transferable from other mobs.

    I must say, this is quite vague though.

    And again, no guns in MC, put that thought out of your mind, and never think of it again.

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    posted a message on naruto server need coders and builders

    Please, people, stop posting such vague request posts... You will really get no help with building if you tell them so little. Maybe read this and add a bit more detail to your post?

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    posted a message on Need builders ASAP

    Why are there so many posts like this requesting builders that give so little information to the people that want to apply that it is ridiculous. If I was to apply now I would be clueless what I was applying for. Maybe read this?

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    posted a message on minecraft should add a /hide command

    As you kind of said, the easiest method would be to do a wireless testforblock on where the button is... A new command is not nessecary to hide blocks, as command blocks are wireless, and they are the only thing you would likely ever use this on.

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    posted a message on Some suggestions off the top my my head.
    Quote from BlueStriderX»

    I was thinking minecraft needed some more cool features in 1.9Needed? You talk about 1.9 in the past tense..., so here are some suggestions

    -More weapons (Maces, knives, battleaxes, ect.)Okay, what damage do they do, what is their durability, what can they be made from, what is their special attribute, what is the enchantibility of them, how are they crafted, and what does it look like.

    -Customizable armor (Adding custom decorations to armor like you can banners. Like custom emblems to identify yourself.) This is called a wonderful thing called a a changeable skin! Or on armour, it can be dyed!

    -Colorable armor (Some way to dye armor.) Already implemented.

    -Tables and chairs (Everyone wants itReally? I don't. Speaking for everyone will not make people look at this favourably., so just do it. Say everyone wanted nukes that destroyed everything, does that make it a good idea?

    Some way to have a proper meal so you don't have to carry pork chops in your pockets all the time. Imagine how that would look in real life! Why does it matter how it would look in real life? Steve is known to carry around 535783680 kg with him(1178724096 lbs) You would look like an idiot!)

    -Backpacks (Some way to hold more stuff.) Mainly for reasons of being OP, as players could carry way more, which is completely uneeded.

    -Bandits (Villagers wearing bandanas or something that would take a random item from you inventoryOh noes there goes my OP sword and now I have nothing to fight with so I can't get it back! every time they got close enough. If killed, you would get your stolen items back and some gold nuggets.)

    -Hiring villagers? (The ability to hire a villager to do a certain task for you. Like cutting down trees or carrying items from one chest to another. You would pay them once, and then they would be like a follower.) So the player would never have to do anything ever again pretty much...

    -Villager guards? (Villagers that had swords and armor so they could fight off zombies.) IRON GOLEMS!

    -Bigger villages? (Bigger and cooler looking villages with walls and stuff.)Even a small village is quite profitable to find. If you want a larger village, build one.

    -Tougher Enderdragon? (Some way to increase the difficulty of the fight. Like give the dragon more health or something. Pay attention to the update notes. They are working on improving the ender fight.

    I know some of these ideas are far-fetched, but I think they would make minecraft a lot coolerI'm not seeing why.... So please add them!

    Overall, vague, wishlist, pointless, redundant, ignorant of update notes, generally hated, and OP.

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    posted a message on Server Needs Builders

    So, if I see a post like this, I generally say something along the lines of: "What exactly am I even applying for?"

    You seem to be missing the following information:

    • Level of builder
    • Payment amount/method
    • What they should be good at building
    • Time that they should be available
    • Tools to help build
    • Number of people needed
    • Other knowledge requirements
    • Version of MC you need to be running

    Sorry again, but I do feel like I did a good job on this guide, so I feel like this could benefit from it.

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    posted a message on i Want some one to set a server for me

    I'm sorry Rab, but I see little incentive for anyone to do this for you, as it would result in only loss on their part.

    Also, looking at the vagueness of this post, it is doubtful that you would be able to properly market this to get people on there, so it would just be a money sink for them even more for no real purpose.

    If you are going to request something that requires money, then give good reasoning why.

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    posted a message on Is there any way to get enchantment levels above 5?

    You can use the give command, I think it is something like:

    /give @p diamond_sword {ench[{id:16},{lvl:6000}]}

    That would give sharpness 6000 to a diamond sword. If you want it for multiple enchants, or want me to make the command for you, feel free to ask. Though there are many command generators out there.

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    posted a message on 1.9 Rumors Solved!

    First point, the new boss they were talking about was just a very large change to the enderdragon.

    Second, I would like to see proof of this, and I am at a loss as to why you mention nachos.

    Third, I think we all know that, though without further information I see no reason to mention it.

    Dual wielding and what they are doing a fairly different. Dual wielding is carrying two tools or weapons at the same time, which would be a tad OP. It will likely only work on non tool items (Not guaranteed, but they do take balance in to account)

    Also, if you are going to post things like this, please give sources and/or proof to your opinions.

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    posted a message on Withered Bones

    Okay, so I might be a newbie to the game, and not play survival very well, but by the time I get to the nether I only have about 5 diamonds total, and I used them on a pickaxe and an enchanting table.

    I'm not sure if you edited it since the other posts, but it seems underpowered and wasteful to use these. Just weaken the effect and remove the diamond from the recipe and it would be more reasonable.

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