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    posted a message on Land of Blocks Minecraft Server!
    IGN: Zn4k3

    Age: 17

    What rank do you want? and why?: Admin. and why is because I'm helping Iizjake that is joining your server for a sec ago :) I also help very much if people need help, but I would not use the ability to spawn stuff for them and boost them up.

    What past experience?: I've been in Many servers, I've been Admin on those servers, and it turned out good :)
    How would you help the server?: Keeping it up, and I will try to invite friends

    Any last comments: Talking to you online minecraft :)
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    posted a message on ★ Block To Block | Vanilla | Mindcrack-like | 12+ | 24/7★
    In-Game Name: Zn4k33
    Age: 16
    Do you agree to the server rules? - Yes I have
    What is pranking? - Pranking is when you pull a prank or a joke on another player in my opinion
    Do you agree to the pranking rules? - Yes I have
    Main Skill: Help and Build with friends
    Why did you leave your last server? - It got shutted down

    Nothing Cake

    - I'm a friend in real with ItzJake
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