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    posted a message on Small Suggestions

    I would love to see a way to set more always-loaded chunks, and also allow setblock, fill and other commands work in unloaded chunks by simply loading them up, placing the blocks or excecuting the commands, and then unloading them again. This would help mapmakers out incredibly.

    EDIT: I'm pretty sure this feature is in the pocket edition, or is coming to it, so hopefully we can have this for PC soon.

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    posted a message on SIMPLE function on a server?

    Thanks for the swift reply! I did get this function to run both my commands successfully on my server! I did change the @p to @s as you suggested, but I did leave the ~-0.1 and it seemed to work fine. The main issue was getting the function to work at all. With regards to the wiki page, I did actually look at it, and was able to run a similar function in a singleplayer world with relative ease, but It was doing it on a server that I couldn't figure out.

    Anyways, thanks again for the help!

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    posted a message on Project ideas needed.

    Paths are always a good choice in my opinion, provided that it is a reasonable distance between the 2 (or more) buildings or towns you are connecting!

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    posted a message on Rope blocks

    If it worked the way it does in Terraria (that you can place as many down below you as you want until it hits something) then it will be even more useful than ladders

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    posted a message on Rope blocks

    Just an alternate ladder, but yes definitely would be cool, so;


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    posted a message on BloomCraft! BRAND NEW SMP SERVER! Only accepting 20 people! Apply today!
    Quote from KornmanGobbles»

    I was going to clean the towel up afterwards but there was just far too much of the good stuff to wash off. So I ended up throwing the towel away.

    Quite possibly one of the weirdest things I've ever heard in my life. :blink: :lol:
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    posted a message on Some entities have an outline!

    The (villager) at least, appears to indeed be outlined by either the {Glowing} tag or a spectral arrow, but of a neutral (white colored) team. But my assumption is that converting between PS3 and PC confused the save a bit.

    I guess it wouldn't hurt to enable cheats and try these commands

    /effect @e[type=!Player] glowing 0 0

    That clears the glowing potion effect


    /entitydata @e {Glowing:0b}

    to clear the glowing tag

    Let me know if it helped!

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    posted a message on Texture Artists' Union

    That's looking very good! It's a nice, rustic texture. A suggested improvement (in my eyes anyway) is to make the Dark oak texture like the oak texture, only more of an intense, chocolatey colour, but once again just a suggeston! (It just looks a bit dull to me!)

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    posted a message on Make barriers render as blocks

    I get really frustrated when I'm trying to build and the barriers are all looking at me and I have no idea where they are and which ones I've missed!

    I fully support.

    (As for people thinking everyone could see them in survival.. well ... :3 )

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    posted a message on Minecraft Building Contest :Final Fantasy 12 : Operation "STRAHL"

    I don't think the title matches your request for a build done for you...

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