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    posted a message on Is Minecraft's modding community dying?

    From what I have seen and heard, it is on a decline. But dying I feel is going too far.

    The nice thing is with some of these large, popular mods that were discontinued by their original creators, they're being picked up and updated by their own users and volunteers, which I think is pretty good stuff. Traincraft is one example.

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    posted a message on Who here still actively plays the game?

    Personally, I very rarely touch the vanilla game nowadays myself. Just thought I'd pop this up to see just out of curiosity.


    Forgot to add, do you play Minecraft with modpacks? Exclusively servers? Or complete vanilla?

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    posted a message on Collabrotive Suggesting- The Fourth Dimension (all welcome)

    Hm... I'll have to disagree with some of the suggestions on the dimension's basis.

    Having a Steampunk or Futuristic-based dimension would immediately feel out of place. A frost one sounds... For lack of a better word, lazy, since we have a dimension based around extreme heat.

    The original Aether for what it was did a fantastic job of adding new game elements and an environment which felt like it could fit comfortably into the vanilla game. This is the sort of stuff we've gotta shoot for.

    My suggestion(s)


    A sort of compromise of a civilization-derived dimensions could be similar to a sort of gigantic, ruined, stone city.

    I say this, because... Well, let's face it; Minecraft is a post apocalyptic setting. Some ancient civilization made these stone structures, (dungeons, strongholds, temples) which are fun to explore, yielding all sorts of loot, yet dangerous, with traps and mobs lurking about. All the while with a sort ominous atmosphere.

    It'd most likely be a high risk, high reward sort of place, probably quite dark, taking place within titanic caverns with the likes of stalactites, for example, and while sporting high amounts of ore, possibly including a new type of ore.

    If not that, then perhaps a sort of place featuring water? Or, a more cosmic setting? Something unique.

    Granted I'd argue we fix up the Nether and End and add more to them before we add another whole dimension.

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    posted a message on What makes a 'quality' Minecraft mod for you?

    Depends on your preference, but...

    -Modder is interactive and responsive on their thread

    -Textures that actually fit with the game somewhat

    -Bugs are polished out

    -Has compatibility with other mods

    -Is properly balanced, so that we're not left grinding my eyes out for days if not more than a week in order to get somewhere, yet I'm not getting end-goal stuff only an hour or two in

    -If it comprises of dimensions, they aren't left barren wastelands with generic mobs and copy-paste content, with unique dungeons, minerals, and mobs

    -Introducing things that feel like something that could be implemented into the actual game

    -Has an ample amount of content, unless it's a "bridging" mod.

    -Has a way to find out about any lore, crafting recipes, and how to progress, all the while having an ample amount of content.

    As usual I've missed some but you get the point. However there is always exceptions. The Aether II for example could be seen as "professional" but it was always on shaky ground. Nowadays it's just a joke.

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    posted a message on What version did you think Minecraft went wrong for you? [POL]

    For me, it's mostly several smaller things than one big thing. The exception to this thing however, is none other than 1.7. New blocks are great, and while I despise the poppy/rose changes and lack of mobs, both are overshadowed big time by the elephant in the room: Terrain Gen. It killed Survival overall for me. The terrain was a big plus for Minecraft in the past, but they destroyed it with that update. People go on about Beta 1.8, but never about 1.7. (Then again those people have left. I mean this forum is not far from being dead, as is the mature community.)

    Mojang over the years have lost thier touch big time, and it's really sad. This goes outside of just the game development. (DISCLAIMER: I actually like 1.9, 1.10, and 1.12 a LOT)

    You're also missing 1.8 in your poll. 1.8 is infamous for being a lag fest for old machines. (10/10 signature btw)

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    posted a message on Strange pixelated rainbow mob found, 1.12.2 -- anyone else??

    Screenshots required for analysis, or this is another hoax.

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    posted a message on Is there really a point to it?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I've had some ideas that I've never bothered posting because I know that nobody at Mojang will ever see them; for example, recently I've considered a suggestion to remove the ambient lighting in the Overworld (the dim, or not so dim depending on monitor and in-game settings) light you can see in what should otherwise be total darkness, which makes sense in the Nether and End but not in the Overworld. With the right changes even editing the gamma setting to ridiculous levels will not make total darkness brighter, only light levels 1+).

    For an actual example, I posted a suggestion for customization of caves prior to the release of 1.7 (later expanded to include structures) and Mojang never implemented it even though it was one of those things that would literally take 5 minutes to add (speaking as somebody who knows what code changes are actually needed, unlike most people who make suggestions; in fact, customization of most structures is already possible in Superflat worlds, just not Customized) and have little impact on gameplay (unless you have my unique playstyle), and I've seen posts by others on Reddit to add it as well, leading me to think that they do not look at most of the suggestions even there.

    It's truly a shame how many good ideas have been left to rot in suggestions. It also serves as a shameful reminder of some of the development practices and relatively out of touch Mojang is/has been. (Considering a single person can out-do the work of a fully funded team...) A bigger issue though more local IMO, is the toxicity. The people who main that subforum flip their excrement over even slight things and feel the need to be unnecessarily disrespectful.

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    posted a message on New to Minecraft - please help me decide

    Definitely get the Java/PC version. Easy to mod, and no worries about microtransactions. Also, as mentioned above, you get the Win10 for free if you get Java.

    Hope you enjoy the game for years to come.

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    posted a message on Shulkers are too OP
    Quote from Ptolemy2002»

    Shulkers are way too OP. Here's why:

    First of all, the physics. Shulkers have the same physics as a block, meaning that they do not fall. That also means that they can get to many places no other mob can get to.

    Second, the projectile. Since the projectile follows you around, it is practically impossible to avoid getting hit by it. Sure, you could hit it with a bow, but that's only if you have an extremely good aim. And they do a lot of damage. You can lose about 1 and a half hearts per hit with diamond armor.

    Third, levitation. Now, this might not seem that OP but paired with the heat-seeking projectiles, it is. Consider this:

    With levitation, your movement gets a lot slower, thus you cannot get away from the shulker as fast. This lets the shulker hit you more and faster. And when you hit the ground, already on low health, you are almost guaranteed to die.

    Fourth, their protection. A shulker's shell gives the same protection as diamond armor for melee. But it deflects all the damage from arrows. This means that you have to be extremely close to the shulker if you want to do any damage. If you are close, the shulker can hit you more. And the shulker can go in its shell at any time, leaving melee attacks doing little damage most of the time.

    Fifth, camouflage. When in their natural habitat, shulkers are practically invisible from a distance. This means that you cannot really avoid them because you don't know where they are. Once you get close enough to tell, it is usually too late.

    Finally, transportation. Shulkers can teleport, meaning they can avoid any attack given to them. Sure, they don't do it much, but they can.

    Shulkers seem to have almost no balance to them. Their only weakness is to attack them while they're attacking you, but you must be very close to do that and you will get levitation before you could really do any real damage.

    I don't know what to do about it, but something must be done.

    They're an end-game mob. They aren't supposed to be easy as Spiders.

    They teleport because they're an End mob. That's kind of their thing. It also prevents them from being sitting ducks. You have plenty of opportunity to attack while they're shooting at you. In fact, the entire time they're shooting at you they're highly vulnerable. They weren't created just to kill you via raw damage, you're supposed to have Feather Falling and position yourself in preparation for an encounter.

    They're balanced just fine. You can pick them off from a distance if they're that bad since they'll peek out sometimes. Heck, they also have a chance to drop the best storage item in the game, and they don't respawn. The End really is a place you have to come prepared to and expect to die in.
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    posted a message on So there's good news, and then REALLY concerning news...
    Quote from Herb_»
    The modded community has grown alongside the growth of the game; if the game stagnates, the modding will - slowly, but eventually - also die out. It thrives, because of the massive popularity of the game.

    The modded community does not feel pressure; people do it for fun. It's (very largely) not commercial.

    I think when he typed that he was thinking in the short-term, although PC MC has been in a bit of a noticeable decline. I'll translate what he's thinking.

    So let's say, that by some arbitrary reason MC development on PC has halted. Since the updates changing the game's internal code will have stopped, that means mods no longer need to worry about updating further, and will flourish. (There's still a fair amount of mods left recovering from 1.8's changes) However, since the game will have stopped updating, which means no more new content or optimizations, this means mods will explode with even more content; some completely changing the game in ways we have never seen, others making "their own" Minecrafts with features that were suggested in places such as suggestions that still fit the game. Granted, these are just examples and this isn't even going into the realm of less pressure for development/updating time, and what servers would pull off.

    However, thinking in more of the long-term, having no more updates from the developers would probably do some damage to the playerbase. Then again, if any hardware issues arise, chances are the modders will have done a better job than Mojang.
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