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    posted a message on Collabrotive Suggesting- The Fourth Dimension (all welcome)

    Something I just noticed, the OP hasn't been updated with what we have thus far. Perhaps would be a good idea to update that. Second thing, I've thought of drawing up a rough visual of the dimension's look.

    For the future: Third, and I cannot stress this enough; avoid the fallacy of artificial difficulty, and forcing gimmicks. I see this all too often in suggestions even far outside of Minecraft. Example, if someone works their butt off to get an Elytra, they better darned well be able to use it, considering both its rarity, difficulty to obtain, and position in the end-game. When we finalize the structures themselves, their rarity needs to be reasonable as well. Going thousands of blocks for a single structure is far outside the realms of decent design. Remember, folks have limited time, and others may not want to spend hours just roaming for a structure. This would be more agonizing when locked to only a single mode of transport. You must also keep in mine Minecraft is a very multiplayer game.

    Future note for what to brainstorm for this dimension, due to its nature as being separate from a linear progression:

    -What is annoying to do in vanilla?

    -What would be a cool, non-damaging thing to have around? A tool? A sort of utility mob?

    -What (non-mineral) materials are hard to get normally and often get used a lot in building?

    -There can also be ways to upgrade certain vehicles, tools, and such, when combined with materials from other dimensions.

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    posted a message on Something I saw in a merch...

    Most likely a one-off sort of thing. The color tinge may just be there to give off a more underwater feel, or perhaps in lieu of an enchantment sheen. Besides, there really isn't much that'd point towards new minerals in an upcoming update.

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    posted a message on Working on this. Do you like it? do you know where's this from?

    This is using a resource pack for block models, no? Or is this a mod?

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    posted a message on Unused Potential?

    To say you would be the only one to feel that way would be ridiculous. There are lots of areas and features that lack their true potential really.

    Jungles, Savannah, Minecarts, the Nether, the Outer Lands in the End, rivers, caves, ores, the dragon egg, I could go on.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Nostalgia

    Biggest thing has got to be the soundtrack. Minecraft's soundtrack is unlike any other that I've heard. Minecraft's soundtrack is not only so peaceful, but it takes me way back in time when I was first playing the game.

    Old servers, namely freebuild Creative, SMP, and the old Dwarfscraft DvZ. (That stuff was THE bee's knees back then!) Older versions, especially classic version start up the old nostalgia engines. I'm going to be honest here, it's legitimately saddening how much the community has decayed since its glory days (and to an extent the game). Minecraft back in 2010-2014 was also quite different than today's.

    Back in the day, everyone talked about Minecraft, building stuff from their imagination, their favorite series, making functioning toilets and clocks, making machinimas, survival challenges, the emergence of mods, all that stuff. Heck, it got referenced a lot in other video games at the time. Just thinking to those times makes me nostalgic. Looking back at those old mods, forum posts, and videos gets me.

    I went back to 1.2.5 several months ago to try to play Tekkit with a friend, and my gosh the nostalgia flooded in.

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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?
    Quote from Shroom_Kid»

    Recently, a leak of a shark mob for version 1.14: The Update Aquatic was released. Afterwards, Mojang announced that the leak was fake. While this was fine on its own, they then went on to say that sharks would NEVER be added to Minecraft! When I learned about this I was really pissed off. Sharks are probably one of the most wanted mobs to be added into Minecraft. You'd think they'd add this in since the entire 1.14 update is about the ocean. How could you have an ocean without sharks? Sharks would be a really good addition to the game.It would make traveling the ocean a lot more scary and exciting.

    But you might be asking, "Did they give any reasons for this decision?" Well, Helen Angel actually gave an explanation as to why sharks won't be added. Take a look.

    That statement, if I'm to be frank, almost feels like it has tinges of salt over the cookies and parrots fiasco. Not yours though, I mean Helen's. (Whoever the devil they are)

    I'm just going to start by saying, have they caught a case of the stupids? The logic in that is so weak on so many levels. As an enthusiast of aquatic life and an fishkeeper, I can safely say that yes, Sharks are misunderstood, and yes, they are suffering at the hands of eastern asians and their "delicacies," such that it has affected populations of the sharks' prey fish.

    However, never did we say that sharks needed to be hostile. That, and, really now, name a single person in your life that would try to swim up to a shark and try to kill one (Even if you did manage to do so without them bolting away long before you got near them or take 'em out before you get chomped to shreds, the strict laws and ordinances would come back to bite you hard). The parrots and cookies thing is an entirely different animal (no pun intended) for several reasons.

    I just facepalmed when I read this. We can still kill other people (villagers), dogs, cats, spiders (great for killing bugs), soon to be fish, llamas, chickens, pigs, cows, bats (which if I may add, have a lot of endangered species), and rabbits. Really Mojang?
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    posted a message on Collabrotive Suggesting- The Fourth Dimension (all welcome)

    I'm not against having new ores and materials, but a new set better than diamond? That breaks the whole idea of this place being non-progression based. I mean, if this is a sort of post-End sort of place, maybe have stuff to upgrade and repair gear instead?

    I might make a quickie sort of concept art of what I envision in my head of what I think this place would look like within the next week or so.

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    posted a message on Are Minecraft Updates Finally Getting Better?

    As far as content is concerned, it depends how you look at it.

    Things like the 1.12 and 1.13 blocks, 1.9's end content, and the Update Aquatic could have used to be in the game at a much earlier date. Frankly for me, it feels like too little, too late. These new announcement are great, but Mojang seems to have a thing for killing off MC's remaining defining character and making obnoxious changes. (See 1.7 temperature system, removing the old achievement names and descriptions, upcoming texture changes, upcoming water physics, and making off-hand slot useless for examples) So that keeps me on my toes.

    It's no secret here that my faith in Mojang is lacking. Now, would I like to see things like cave content, updated train/minecart system, and ambience? You bet I would! Though again, for me it's a bit too little too late, I haven't been very active on the vanilla game for a fair chunk of time, sometimes hopping on my single player creative world to build a little thing then hop off.

    I'd expect Mojang to perhaps keep this up to an extent, but beware how far up you look in case they don't deliver afterwards.

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    posted a message on "Technically Updated" Update (1.13): All Information We Have So Far

    Full bark blocks and faceless pumpkins. About bloody time! I haven't seen pics of the slabs, but if they are what I think they are, then awesome!

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    posted a message on Collabrotive Suggesting- The Fourth Dimension (all welcome)
    Quote from zion142»

    Oh, I didn't realize. Maybe the "ore" trees would be really prevalent or just sometimes found amongst the other trees, and it's still a mostly ore related dimension.

    This is the communities collective idea though, so whatever becomes final I am fine with and I'm just glad to have participated.


    Theme-wise it could probably fit if they were something like crystal shard trees.
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