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    posted a message on rain detector?

    As you can see there aren't that many things truly effected by rain (not in a way that could be used for a command block, at least). Maybe if you could trap an enderman somewhere on a pressure plate in the rain. It'll have to be replaced every time it rains though...
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    posted a message on better animals engine+animals traps!
    I can see where you're coming from. But it's still the internet: you can't see a person's facial expression, hear their tone of voice or see any possible gestures. Which makes it hard to interpret some words. It's not that easy for everyone to express themselves in the right way through typing.
    So what you might've considered to be rude, might not have been meant to be like that. Just criticism that (in your eyes) has been formulated in a rude manner.

    Anyway, ideas/suggestions are always welcome. Even if it could be considered "bad" or "unnecessary" by the whole wide world, it might spark some inspiration somewhere and lead to something awesome. Tesla was shunned for his ideas as well, now we can see he was a genius waaaay ahead of his own time. :P

    And last, but not least, everyone plays Minecraft in their own way and what works best for you (or what you think will work) might not be as awesome for everyone else, which is why we have the suggestion forum. =D

    Btw, talking in a general sense here. ;)
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    posted a message on better animals engine+animals traps!
    Quote from malkzay

    wow you are a nice guy! the idea of a trap is that u can just make a machine and have un endless amount of meat/wool/lether/feathers/chicken, about the difficul- minecraft should be hard, and the idea about borning animals is very helpfull

    When you put yourself (and your ideas) out there you can expect criticism. Any person who takes the time and effort to give criticism clearly cares, or (s)he would've just ignored it.

    Plus, in your opinion "borning animals is very helpfull". It's nothing more than that: your opinion. Don't get 'upset' because people don't agree with it. :P Same with "minecraft should be hard". Oh, and yes...bumping is rather frowned upon, so expect negative reactions whenever you do it.

    On the whole, I kinda like the idea of animals requiring a patch of water in their pen. Even though it would make my breeding machine rather useless (or I'd have to replace the animals in it every single month >.>).

    Mob traps are already sort of available, there's no real way of luring them in there (yet) though. But then again, items despawn after 5 mins so you'd still have to go and replace the item once in a while.

    Personally I like how it's been done now; basic and simple. Makes getting food/resources from them not so much a chore and also makes it easier to create contraptions for quick, fast and large scale animal farming.
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    posted a message on -The Maze Runner-
    Pistons would be the most obvious solution....but that would require a LOT of planning (especially with a big maze), calculating and laying out the redstone. I've been playing around with the idea myself but found it to be way too much and you're truly limited in how you can re-arrange it (and in how many ways).

    It's an awesome idea, but apart from some mods that I may not have heard of it doesn't really seem doable with vanilla Minecraft as it is now. =/

    With smaller sections it would be easier, I assume...just keep it realistic and take into account your own skills in redstone'ing, pistons and covering it all up.
    Possible "event": 3 minecarts; 1 of them is a true continuation, 1 brings you back to the start and 1 is just certain death. (Or something like that.)
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    posted a message on Doing let's play's or mod reviews for YouTube video's
    Hi, if you want to try my map. Yes please. :P
    Information is in the forum post, forum link is in my sig. =)
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    posted a message on What's the most annoying sound in minecraft?
    Quote from kernymi

    The sound of breaking grass ticks me.

    Edit: It took me -this- long to realise I've misread your post. >.>

    For me it's the breaking of gLass. xP
    Every time I put a glass block in the wrong place I cringe because I know I'm gonna have to break it and hear that sound again. xD

    I'm gonna go and be the whiny fanboi here: I liked the old sound better. :P
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    posted a message on Need Storage Room Ideas/Design
    Tip: you can put chests on top of one another and they'll still open. (Just in case. ;) )

    I always found it rather nice to put the chests in the floor.

    Possibly make some small and unassuming building at the top but have it go down towards a huge (possibly temple-like) storage room.
    Another possibility is something like
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    posted a message on Creative World Ideas
    - Mazes, see if you can make one that you'll have a hard time traversing yourself.
    - Castles, has been said and done (countless of times), but for me they never lose their magic.
    - Create a scenario/story/soap; you can make a village (as big as you'd like) and plant "diaries" everywhere.
    - Make your own Minecraft version of This
    - Even though it's creative mode, you can still create functional stuff. (Farms, mob traps, etc. No material induced limits to its size/originality/anything)
    - A (mad) scientist's lab
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    posted a message on [Let's Plays]I WANT TO PLAY YOUR MAP - Basement Gamerz
    I see you've got quite a list going on already. If you've any time could you take a look at my map? =D
    Link in my sig.
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    posted a message on Map Reviews!
    Name of the map: World 1
    Type of the map: Custom map, exploration/sight-seeing
    Approximate time of finishing the map: it'll probably take over an hour or 2 to see everything.

    The only mod I've used is Inductrial Craft 2, it's perfectly doable without it, but once in a while you'll have some strange open spots. :P
    Forum link.

    Thanks and hope you'll have fun. :)
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    posted a message on *******ideas for survival games******
    Farms! Automated would be best; you can make it look awesome and still have full funtionality.

    A mob farmer: with 1 flip of the switch you can change it to items-only or killing them yourself and getting items and xp for it.

    Animal farm/factory, semi-automated is very possible.

    All of the above are also on my world if you want to check them out. :)
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    posted a message on Can something made mostly out of expensive blocks still look good?
    I've used iron and diamond for a bathroom, the end result is:

    Not too excentric imo. :P
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    posted a message on Looking for scale dimensions.
    Let me google that for you.

    Tower 1 was 208 ft x 208 ft x 1368
    Tower 2 was 208 ft x 208 ft x 1362
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    posted a message on Great Channel, Great builds, Great Builder
    Nice, but isn't there a whole separate forum section to promote your vids?

    EDIT: Yup!
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    posted a message on My Creative World & other builds!
    Saw you've got a pumpkin and melon farm, got it automated as well? :)

    Maybe a couple of more residences? A big mansion overlooking the town from somewhere might be cool too.
    Does the Miner's Shack have a mining entrance that goes to bedrock? :P

    Other ideas:
    - (Public) school
    - Religious building (church or mayhap even a mosque?)
    - Animal shelter; dogs and kitties
    - An (improved) witch shack/hut/house
    - Cemetary
    - Recreational area

    Looking good thus far.
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