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Information about my server, Darkness :).

Darkness is going to be a 1.12 survival server with many features.


<> Ranks. There are 5 purchasable ranks, from least expensive to most expensive they are: Ghoul, Spectre, Wraith, Fatality, Reaper.

<> Crates. Each rank has a crate. When you buy a rank or redeem a rank's kit, you get keys for that crate. Things you can get include: Suffixes, Items, Kits, Commands, Disguises and much more.

<> Custom Enchants. Darkness run the plugin Crazy Enchantments, which adds in loads of different enchants for armor, weapons, and tools. You can buy enchant books which when dragged onto an item, have a chance to either put the enchant on the item or destroy the item. There are other items as well like black and white scroll and magic dust.

<> NPCs. The server is also running the plugin Citizens, which add the ability to create NPCs that can talk, walk around, look around and more.

<> Disguises. LibsDisguises is installed which add the ability to disguise into mobs and other entitys. Currently only players with ranks and those that have unlocked them from crates will have access certain disguises.

<> Events. Currently the events haven't been started yet, however I do have some ideas for some events. If you think of something let me know :).

<> Economy. Darkness will have an economy system where you start out with $1000. The economy won't be super low (Example: Having $1000 means your super rich) and it won't be super high (Example: Having $50000 means your really poor), instead it will be in the middle (Example: Having $50000 means your almost rich).

List of plugins as of now, will update every now and then.

-Archon Crates


-Chairs Reloaded

-Chat Color2


-Core Protect

-Crazy Enchantments






-Holographic Displays











-Simple Prefix

-Simple Rename

-Super Vanish

-Troll Commands++





Staff Members So Far.



Staff Members are players who help take care of the server and get extra features because of it.
Here is what we want in a staff member:
<> Must have the ability to keep cool under pressure. This means if someone tells you to F*** yourself then you won't just perm ban them, curse back at them etc.

<> Must be able to know what the right course of action is. This means you know how to respond to a given scenario correctly. If you see someone spamming then you mute, not ban.

<> No rule breakers. To become staff, You must have never been banned and only 1 mute allowed to even have a chance at staff.

<> Must devote at least 8 hours per week to time on the server. If you never come on you will not be staff.

<> Must have a play time of at least 7 days (Real life) before applying. We don't want people who dont know how to play.

<> Must be able to answer all questions about things like the economy, commands, ranks, features etc.

==You must not abuse staff powers. If you are caught doing so once, you will be warned or demoted depending on what you did. If you do so twice you will be demoted or banned depending on what you did.
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