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    posted a message on Oil in Minecraft

    It's probably a glitch. I know the Bedrock version (the version you were playing in the screenshot) has darker water in the swamp biomes, but I don't think it looks quite that black.

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    posted a message on Collabrotive Suggesting- The Fourth Dimension (all welcome)

    Actually, that one could be made to deliberately involve getting in the "Eternal Sea" by Hopeless Boss Fight, in that it consists of a near-unwinnable boss that is intended to send the Player there, with the boss dying if the Player escapes the dimension.

    That is actually really interesting.

    I think we should generate some more dimension ideas before we decide on one now, though, even if we end up picking the steampunk dimension. We should probably set a goal- maybe have a dimension picked by the end of this week or the end of next week? I don't know, but I think this thread could easily get unproductive and/or die if we don't set goals for ourselves.

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    posted a message on Collabrotive Suggesting- The Fourth Dimension (all welcome)

    Something else to consider with a new dimension is the color scheme. This may sound silly, but here me out.

    The Nether has a color scheme of crimson red, and orange/yellow. The End has a color scheme of black, purple, and bright yellow (endstone).

    So, what would the color scheme of the new dimension be? Personally, I would really like it if one of the main colors was green, though if it were steampunk it would probably have to include gray/grey or brown too.

    If we went with a post-end dimension, the whole progression system needs to be rethought.

    Fishg, you are 10000000000000% right on that. Adding more end-game content at the moment would already be pushing it, as you can get fully-enchanted diamond armor so early on compared to how far away the elytra is. I think we should preserve the Diamond Armor, and the enchanting too, but we need to space it out more and maybe make different "tiers" of diamond armor.

    What do I mean by that? Well, first we should start by making it so that the player doesn't get full iron armor the first or second night. It's kind of silly how easy it is to get; it gets to the point where the default player is with the armor points of full iron armor, since it is so easy and to obtain. My proposal is that we make either iron ore smelt into 3-4 iron nuggets, or we make iron gear require more iron to make. Maybe iron ore that smelts into ingots could be found deeper, too, so that if you're already at the point of iron armor you can easily get more of it in case you want to make hoppers, cauldrons, anvils, etc.

    Now for how we could add "tiers" of diamond armor. The concept as already been partially implemented with having different levels of enchantments (Protection I, II, III, & IV), but just like getting leather and getting iron, they aren't really spaced out. We could potentially make it so that the player has to start out using just Protection I, and then has to get new items to use in place of lapis in order to get higher versions of enchantments.

    Another Idea for a Dimension!

    This idea is something I've thought about for a while but haven't shared. What if there was an "Eternal Sea" dimension, maybe like Davy Jone's Locker or something? I don't know how you'd access it; maybe if you die at the bottom of a really deep ocean, or maybe if you fail to defeat some sort of new boss. (Though, if you went to an "Eternal Sea" after being eaten by a Kraken sort of thing, it'd be completely ripping off Pirates of the Caribbean.)

    Anyway, I am really excited for the thread. I can't wait to see the amazing ideas we come up with, and maybe even get put in the game! :snowgolem: by Tulaash

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    posted a message on Ocean Improvements Part 2/3: Sea Content (Updated)

    If you haven't seen Part 1, the link is here: Click Here


    In Part 1, I talked about how ocean world generation could be improved. However, this part will be focused on the content of the ocean. Since Part 1 made oceans a lot bigger, there will need to be enough content to make it interesting.

    Blocks / Plants

    The main purpose of all of these would be one thing: to add life to the oceans and beaches of Minecraft.


    This is essentially grass and tall-grass but underwater. Mining it would give you seaweed, which can be planted or cooked and eaten to restore 2 hunger points. It would be quite common.

    Above is a screenshot from Minecraft: Story Mode


    Coral would come in different colors and patterns. It would have the model of an enchantment table, with a texture resembling that of brain coral, but of different colors sometimes. See here and here for what I'm talking about.

    There would be 4 different kinds of coral: Yellow Coral, Purple Coral, Green Coral, and Orange Coral (which would be orange and green). You would be able to harvest coral using a silk-touch pickaxe, and it could be placed anywhere.


    These would basically be a shell, but occasionally opening slightly. They would technically be entities, but I am putting them under blocks because you would be able to grab them (right click) and then place them down again. They would rarely move a little, but other than that, they would be pretty stationary mobs.

    Palm Trees

    This post wouldn't be complete without palm trees. They would generate like this, but with its own wood:

    Image from a YouTube video.


    Sand would now primarily spawn at the ocean floor instead of gravel.


    The ocean has three mobs right now: the Squid, the Guardian, and the Elder Guardian. Two of those only spawn in a very rare structure. That's kind of sad. I will suggest more mobs, but not too much, as the ocean would become too saturated compared to other biomes.

    Larger Squid

    This is not my idea, but I thought it was so awesome I had to include it. Squid size would depend on the y-coordinate that it spawns on. This would mean there would be giant squids super deep underwater.

    Purpose: Adding life to the ocean and food for whales.

    Health: Normal squid health * size of squid

    Hostility: Passive

    Drops: A quantity of ink sacs that would depend on the size of the squid

    Attacks: None


    Yes, one of the things that has been asked for an uncountable amount of times. What I am suggesting is the fish from Minecraft: Story Mode, where they are essentially fish (the item) swimming around. There wouldn't be a tone of them; just enough so that you will always see a few when you are at the bottom of the ocean. They would have very low despawning requirements, meaning that they would be "recycled" a lot. Fish would spawn in ocean biomes and rivers.

    Above is a picture from Minecraft: Story Mode

    Purpose: Adding life to the ocean.

    Health: 1 Heart (Though it woudn't really matter since they would move too fast to kill)

    Hostility: Passive

    Drops: None

    Attacks: None


    Yes, as a mob. They wouldn't move around, but their tentacles would. They would actually attack the player, fish, and crabs. Just barely touching them would give you slowness. Once you have slowness, the Anemone would start doing 2 hearts of damage to you every second.

    The Anemones would add a danger to the bottom of the ocean when you're not paying attention or you mess up. Their danger would be comparable to the danger of underground lava. They would be pre-generated in the world on the sea floor and in Ocean Monuments.

    When an anemone has less than 5 hearts left, you can right click it to pick it up. It can then be placed again underwater.

    Purpose: Making diving more interesting.

    Health: 18 (9 Hearts)

    Hostility: Hostile

    Drops: 4-5 Experience

    Attacks: Slowness debuff and melee damage.


    The Crab would be a small, moveable danger of the sea floor, since it doesn't have anything at the moment other than Guardians. These would essentially be the spiders of the ocean. They would spawn on the sea floor and on beaches. They would be hostile when at the sea floor and neutral on land, and with the same jump attack as spiders. In water, they would be just as fast as they would be on land. When you kill a crab, it would drop 0-1 Raw Crab and sometimes 1 Crab Claw. The Raw Crab and Cooked Crab would be copies of steak, but with 4 more saturation points.

    Image from the Crab Mod.

    Purpose: Adding a small danger similar to spiders, and life to the ocean floor and beaches.

    Health: 18 (9 Hearts)

    Hostility: Neutral, unless on the sea floor

    Drops: 0-1 Raw Crab, 3 Experience

    Attacks: Spider Jump Attack

    The Raw Crab would be as good as Raw Beef, and it could be cooked into Cooked Crab, which would be as good as Steak but with 13.2 saturation points.


    I know what you're thinking. "But we already have squids!" Octopuses are and would be quite different to squids. They would actually be able to change their texture to the block they are above. By default they are a sandy color, but when harmed, they will go to the sea floor and change to the block below them. Attacking them again would cause them to ink you, similar to how squids ink you in Minecraft Pocket Edition. They would "hide" on the sea floor by changing their color and jump out to attack Crabs. They would also be attracted by Molluscs, making Molluscs useful and Octopus useful for keeping away Crabs. Octopuses could survive up to one Minecraft day outside of water. They would also come out and hunt for Crabs in Tide Pools, but more on those in the "Structures" section of Part 3.

    Purpose: Giving players protection from crabs and the new ingredient for the invisibility potion.

    Health: 14 (7 Hearts)

    Hostility: Neutral

    Drops: 1-2 Ink Sacs, 1 Octopus Tentacle, 4 Experience

    Attacks: Ram (3 Hearts of damage)

    The Octopus Tentacle would now be used to to make the Invisibility Potion, and the current recipe for the Invisibility Potion would make a Blindness Potion. I think this is a reasonable change because it would require you to go exploring to make the Invisibility Potion (except for the Nether Fortress), where as now all you have to do is sit around and kill zombies until you get a carrot and then make a golden carrot and some other easy-to-get things.


    Spawning deep in the ocean, Sharks would be one of the main dangers of the sea. They would be hostile, but would only seek out the player on a random occasion or if the player has less than full health. If they encounter a Whale, they would have a 50% chance of attacking it.

    Image from the Wildcraft Mod

    Purpose: Adding a large danger to the ocean.

    Health: 32 (16 Hearts)

    Hostility: Hostile

    Drops: 0-6 Shark tooth, 5 Experience

    Attacks: Very Fast Ram Attack; 15 (7.5 Hearts) damage

    Shark teeth could be used to create a Leiomano, a new weapon. Here is the recipe, with ghast tears representing shark teeth:

    This was a real Hawaiian weapon. It would do the same amount of damage as a Stone Axe, but with an attack speed in between that of a sword and an axe. If you tried chopping wood with it it would only be as good as a wooden axe, though. I think this makes an interesting weapon and trophy that is a reward for killing a shark.


    The whale would be based on the Sperm Whale, and would hunt the larger variation of squid. They would spawn only in extremely deep areas of the ocean, even deeper than the shark. They would sometimes come up for air, but that would be quite a rare occurrence. I couldn't find a picture from a mod that looked like what I'm talking about, so here's the real thing:

    Purpose: Adding life the ocean and something to seek out when trading with villagers.

    Health: 100 (50 Hearts, just like an Iron Golem)

    Hostility: Neutral

    Drops: 1-4 Blubber, 5-8 Raw Whale Meat, 5 Experience

    Attacks: Slow Ram Attack; 18 (9 Hearts) damage

    Whaler Villager

    This would be a new Villager wearing a blue coat.

    He would buy:

    - 3-5 Whale blubber → 16 emeralds

    - 10-18 Arrows → 1 emerald

    - Bow (limited trade) → 2-4 emeralds

    - 4-8 Book and Quill → 1 emerald

    He would sell:

    - 8 emeralds → 4-6 Whale Oil (bottles)

    - 4 emeralds → 7-8 Cooked Whale Meat

    - 1 emerald → Octopus Tentacle [Rare Trade!]

    Blue Villager (Policeman/Fisherman)

    Undead Sailor

    Okay, here's where things get more interesting.This would be a zombie that can't drown. It would usually spawn on islands. When spawned, it would have a 1/3 chance of having an iron sword. In that case it does as much damage as an iron sword does. Otherwise it would do as much damage as a regular zombie.

    The Undead Sailor would make a sound that sounds like the Husk but muffled by water. The sound would also sound a lot more wet than the regular zombie sound. They would also emit a water-dripping particle effect, since they are from the sea. There would also be an Undead Sailor Villager, which would be essentially the same thing but as a Zombie Villager. You would not be able to cure this villager.

    Purpose: Adding a common, large danger to the ocean

    Health: 26 (13 Hearts)

    Hostility: Hostile

    Drops: 0-1 Used Iron Sword (If holding one), 0-2 Rotten Flesh, 0-2 Raw Fish, 0-1 Sailor's Hat

    Attacks: Sword Attack (4 Hearts of damage) or Ram Attack (2 Hearts of damage)


    This is a list of items that this suggestion would add.

    Sea Soup

    Crafted with a bowl, 2 Seaweed, and Cooked Crab, Sea Soup would be another Soup/Stew. This would restore 14 hunger points, or 7 full hunger shanks. It would also provide 14.5 saturation points.


    Used to plant seaweed or cooked to be eaten as food. Restores 2 hunger points (1 full hunger shank) and as much saturation as cookies.

    Mollusc (Item)

    Obtained by right-clicking a mollusc, the Mollusc item would allow you to place down a Mollusc by right clicking the ground.

    Raw/Cooked Crab

    Dropped from the crab mob. As good as beef and steak, but restores a little more saturation.

    Raw/Cooked Whale

    Dropped from the whale mob. Like raw/cooked crab but restores even more saturation. A very hard to get but good food.

    Octopus Tentacle

    Dropped by the octopus. Now used to make the Invisibility Potion.

    Shark Tooth

    Dropped by the shark. Can be used to craft a cool weapon based on a real Hawaiian weapon.


    Dropped from whales. Can be traded with the Whaler Villager for a decent amount of emeralds.

    Whale Oil

    Obtainable from trading with the whaler villager. Can be used as fuel, and is better than coal.

    Sailor's Hat

    Sometimes dropped by the Undead Sailor. Can be worn as a helmet. It would be as good as a leather helmet.

    Coconut / Coconut Milk

    Dropped by Palm Tree Leaves along with Palm Tree Saplings. They can be thrown or crafted into Coconut Milk, which restores 4 hunger points and clears potion effects like normal milk.


    Made from a wooden axe and shark teeth, this weapon does more damage than a diamond sword with an attack speed in between that of an axe and sword.


    Okay, there is one final thing I want to suggest: waves. On the surface it sounds pretty bad (and laggy), but here me out. Have you seen those shaders that have tiny little waves in the water? That's pretty much what I'm asking for: a distortion in water levels. It would also be weather dependent, so in a storm you might have bigger waves, while you might have more relaxing waves when the weather is clear. Waves would only happen in the Ocean biome. This would be a lot more interesting than the current flat, boring oceans we have now.

    Image from the Waves mod


    I know that was a lot. I know I am suggesting a lot of new mobs, but the ocean is pretty big. Also keep in mind that Whales would be rare, and that Sharks wouldn't be too common either (but common enough to be a threat). Please tell me if you like this suggestion or not, and why. Please tell me how I could improve it. Also, I am looking for ideas for a drop for the Anemone, so suggestions are welcome.

    EDIT: Fixed some things, removed some things, and made the post formatted a lot better.

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    posted a message on Question About The Suggestions Forum
    I have a question about the rules for the suggestions forum.

    Would I be allowed to make a separate post where I elaborate on a
    specific thing from a thread I've already made? More specifically, I
    would like to make a thread dedicated to the "Undead Sailor" mob (I
    suggested it in one of my Ocean Improvements threads) where I elaborate
    and give more information on it.

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    posted a message on Statues!

    When you reach the point at which you can make a beacon, you are likely to already have enough iron stored up anyway

    False. If you are satisfied with a single-layered beacon (9 blocks of a resource) this is true. However, if you want to have a fully-powered beacon, with the possibility of any effect you want, you will have to plan to get enough resources to build it (in my experience).

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    posted a message on The Problem With Elytra

    That is very true. However,

    Fun = Point of the game

    If the item is fun to use and doesn't hurt anyone, I don't see any reason to nerf it.

    Did you read the original post at all? Or at least my other responses to people? I have presented many reasons to nerf the elytra.

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    posted a message on Improved Player-Villager Interactions

    Look, when it comes to Villagers, Minecraft is lacking. You can't argue with that. Villagers literally kill themselves by walking into cacti. I think Player-Villager interactions could be so much better, so I've compiled a list of improvements that would improve Villagers.

    Nerf Villager stupidity. Seriously, Villagers, save some stupidity for the rest of us! I think zombies are actually more intelligent at the moment. Villagers should avoid danger (cacti, fire, lava, open trapdoors, primed TNT, zombies (sort of already), nighttime, and players that attack them). The fact that they will sometimes just walk outside during the night makes them seem like complete morons.

    Provide sufficient protection for Villagers. Right now, most village houses aren't lit up enough. Some don't even have doors. On top of that, Iron Golems rarely spawn in a village! This should be fixed. Village houses should have enough torches so that mobs don't spawn in them, and Iron Golems should always spawn in with the village. They should also be faster so that they can effectively defend a village. I also think the Iron Golems should be built by the Villagers instead of just spawning, as this would make more sense and possibly break Iron Farms. If enough people are really upset about iron farming going away, they could always make silverfish drop iron nuggets so that iron is farmable once you find the stronghold.

    Make Villagers seem intelligent. Making Villagers feel intelligent is crucial to good Player-Villager interactions. Here is a list of things that would make Villagers seem more intelligent:

    1. Reading. Villagers could occasionally stand still and hold a book. The book would have the same model as the enchantment table book. Cartographers could even sometimes be seen reading maps.

    2. Change how Villager breeding works. Right now Villager breeding makes it seem like Villagers are another farm animal. I suggest that they only breed upon the death of another Villager or the arrival of a new house, and only when there are crops or farm animals in the area.

    3. Stop house crowding. At the moment, Villagers will crowd into one or two houses instead of evenly distributing themselves. Villagers should assign themselves to beds (which would now be in Villager houses, but not Village shops), and go into structures that have that bed. If the bed is destroyed, the Villager would stay the night with another Villager.

    4. Have Butchers breed and kill animals behind their shop. Pigs, chickens, and sometimes cows should come spawned in the back of the butcher's house. For example, if there are less than 6 chickens, the Villager would breed them. If there are 6 or more chickens, the Villager would kill 2 of them.

    5. Make fisherman actually fish. This would be really neat. Also keep in mind that when Villagers do something like harvest crops or fish, they would instantly pick up the item to prevent farming.

    6. Show blacksmiths doing their job. Blacksmith shops could have an actual anvil, and the blacksmith could hammer at it. Blacksmiths could also make nearby furnaces light up when the player is 15 or more blocks away, and they would go out when the player comes near.

    7. Villager Talking. Instead of the mindless placement of "huhs" we have now, Villagers could look directly at each other and make the "huh" sound. This would make the sound less annoying and make the Villagers seem like they're actually talking to each other. There could also be text in quotation marks underneath the Villager profession name in the GUI. This would be triggered randomly and sometimes by looking at a certain trade. Having Villagers actually talk to you occasionally would add to game immersion and make Villagers seem like they are almost as smart as the player.

    Some things that could also be really neat:

    A collector villager that requests rare items. This could be really fun and potentially a good way to utilize Villager speech.

    "Bring me a golden totem from a woodland area. The cartographer can sell you a map to it."

    Leatherworker selling villager robes. Currently, the leatherworker Villager is pretty useless other than it selling saddles. I suggest that leatherworkers also sell wearable villager robes, which would be like leather armor but would have the same texture as villager robes. Standing still for 2 or more seconds while wearing the robes would make your arms go together as if you are a villager. Also, as suggested by AMPPL50, armor stands wearing the robes would attract zombies.

    Hiring nitwits to buy and sell things for you. Nitwits were a very lazy feature; they don't do anything at all. I think that should be changed. One idea I have to give nitwits a use is to allow the player to hire them to sell things for them.

    Improve village houses/generation. As of now, the way villages generate is not very good. They can literally spawn on cliffs. Another thing is that the houses don't look very good, and most don't even have interiors. So, first off, when generating a village, the game should find a spot that is relatively flat. Second off, the village houses should be updated. Here are some updates to the houses I have made:

    Butcher's Shop


    Large L-Shaped House

    Notice how there was a painting in a picture above. The painting that generates in the house would be a random selection of any of the 2x2 paintings, and could even potentially be a painting unique to villages.


    Both villages and Villagers are underdeveloped and definitely need updating. Villagers don't seem anywhere close to the player's intelligence level and are exploited in a lot of ways. I think if the game had better Player-Villager interactions players would value villages and villagers a lot more. Please let me know what you think of this suggestion, and please tell me ways I could make it better.

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    posted a message on The Problem With Elytra

    I like the current elytra. Flying around is fun!

    Fun is not equal to balanced. :steve_rage:

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    posted a message on What Would You Change About Minecraft?

    Here is an interesting question: what would you change about Minecraft?

    It can be anything small or major.

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