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    posted a message on Ships, Pirates, & More | Ocean Improvements Part 3/3
    Quote from jrogelio»

    i love the idea of ships but i doubt that moganj will add that in a near future

    Many people say this, but the thing is that you never know. While yes, it is most likely that the closest thing to player-built ships Mojang will ever add will be a twice-as-long rowboat, they might eventually decide it's time to make player-built ships. If they were to implement something that's been suggested as big as this, they would probably look to read a lot of posts (both on this forum and on other websites).
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    posted a message on Ancient zombie

    Like coolcat430 said, you have a very good description. A few things I'd like to know:

    - How large are these stonebrick structures? Are they dungeons, or just little rooms?

    - Does this mob have any unique drops?

    - Would there be any biomes that the stonebrick structure spawns more frequently in?

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    posted a message on More Villager Variety (and other stuff!)

    To be honest, I don't like the idea of a villager leader. I think it'd be cool to have a wise old villager (that could send the player on quests), but not necessarily a king or governor. Villages seem like little communities or colonies rather than states or nations.

    Also, I don't feel like the Engineer really fits in with the rest of the villagers. I think something that advanced should be left for the player to mess around with. Think of redstone like a "lost technology" that the player is able to use and configure, but not the villagers. The whole thing also just doesn't seem to fit in with villagers because they are slightly primitive.

    I feel like the guards should have bows (maybe crossbows in the bigger villages) rather than muskets/arquebuses. Again, villagers seem a little to primitive for that type of thing.

    If muskets/arquebuses were implemented though, they should definitely be called arquebuses. It would reinforce the whole medieval theme by specifying that they are arquebuses, and also maybe teach people the word "arquebus."

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    posted a message on Hydra

    I think you should consider renaming it, since (as others have pointed out) it is completely different to what the average person thinks of as a hydra, except for the thing about it duplicating itself.

    Also, could you please provide a drop for it? At least some sort of trophy?

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    posted a message on Ships, Pirates, & More | Ocean Improvements Part 3/3
    Quote from fishg»

    I like this idea, with the ocean update coming larger ships are a priority. Pirates would also make the ocean interesting. Just a thought, maybe there could be undead skeleton or pigmen pirates in the Nether, or moving end ships in the End? I'm not sure if that would be the most balanced thing but if it was rare with valuable loot it could be worth it.


    Thank you for the support!

    I actually thought about having floating ships in the End and lava ships in the Nether (done with a purpur helm and a netherbrick helm). However, I didn't put them in the post yet because I thought it would be best just to keep everything directly related to the ocean. The other thing is that being able to make Nether ships could remove one of the major challenges of traveling in the Nether: getting across or around all of the lava (though elytra already remove this challenge once you get them). Then again, I could make the netherbrick helm uncraftable and leave it up to the player to successfully siege a zombie pigman ship in order to sail in the nether. Should I add the Nether/End ships to the post?

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    posted a message on Hydra

    This sounds interesting. Do you think you could make a quick sketch of what the mob would look like to help people visualize it?

    What does this drop, though? Why should you fight it?

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    posted a message on Ships, Pirates, & More | Ocean Improvements Part 3/3
    Quote from steam66»

    Responses in bold.

    The cove thing is an interesting idea, but I'm not really convinced. I don't want there to always be pirates. That way it would be a lot more exciting when there are.

    I am sold on your cannon idea, but I would like to have iron golems involved in some way with the defense of the ship. I will add the cannon thing to the post.

    Your description of ghost ships sounds awesome. The only thing I'd change is the sunlight thing; I would make them only come out during the night (and go away when it becomes day), so it really wouldn't matter if they burned during the day or not.
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    posted a message on Ships, Pirates, & More | Ocean Improvements Part 3/3
    Quote from steam66next

    Very nice.

    Thank you! :)

    Quote from steam66»

    Some of my suggestions:

    - Some sort of arquebus that Pirates or Merchant Ship crewmen could wield, as well as the player. I mean, if they have cannons, it seems somewhat strange they wouldn't at least have matchlocks. These could be stronger than the Bow but need reloading time as well as being unable to fire in water or rain.

    I don't really think that something as controversial/game-changing as handheld firearms should be handled in this thread. My goal with this suggestion is to propose ships, not things loosely related to ships. (Yeah, I suggested cannons, but those are something that goes on ships.)

    Quote from steam66»

    - The Pirate Cove would have lots of small wool tents within it and quantities of Pirates of various kinds.

    Sounds cool. Could you elaborate a little bit?

    Quote from steam66»

    - The Merchant Ship should come with a few cannons of its own, to be used against Pirate Ships. It could be distinguished from Pirate Ships by having a large blue "flag" of wool on top, compared to a black flag for a Pirate Ship.

    I guess that could work. I definitely don't want to do warships, though, as those should be made by the player.

    Quote from steam66»

    - Those Pirate Ships that spawn with black sails should have more crewmen, and a superior amount of cannon. You could call them "Flagships" or something like that.

    That could make seeing one with black sails more interesting and more alarming. Maybe they could have some special armor, too?

    Something else that could be cool would be ghost ships, but I haven't worked out the details for those yet.

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    posted a message on Are You Satisfied?

    Are you satisfied with the game in its current state? If Mojang said that they would no longer update the game, would you be content with the game as it is?

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    posted a message on Let's discuss the Cave Sounds.

    Maybe the cave sounds are the echoes of water dripping from deep within the cave. Or maybe they are the screams of the ghosts of miners...

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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?
    Quote from SonicJDF»

    Sharks would make less people want to do anything with the ocean! Not only do we have to deal with the fish (Which I actually do like and the dolphins) But when your building underwater which is already painful enough you have sharks attacking you and floating all around your base! Or your trying to sail somewhere all of a sudden a shark comes out of the water eats your boat and swims away or you kill it. Now your stuck in the ocean without a boat and possibley will either A: Quit due to there being no land around B: Drown C: Find the closest island and lose everything you had. Sharks would be a terrible idea to add to minecraft.

    Couldn't you make this same argument for why zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers are bad additions to the game?
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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?
    Quote from fishg»

    I know that that exact picture is fake, but it gave me the idea that Mojang might be making something similar.

    Let's just hope that this is the case. If they aren't doing sharks, I hope they are doing something very similar.

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    posted a message on Ships, Pirates, & More | Ocean Improvements Part 3/3

    If you haven't read Part 1 or Part 2, I really recommend you do. In a nutshell, Part 1 makes oceans larger and adds a sailboat, and Part 2 adds a lot of ocean animals and plants. Anyway, let's dive straight into this suggestion.


    Yes, another ships suggestion. This won't be as bland as most ship suggestions are, though; I have carefully thought out both the balancing and the technicalities of how actual ships could/would work in Minecraft.


    As we all know, Minecraft is a game about unleashing your creativity and seeing your creations come to life. Now, building off of that principal (pun intended), we could allow both more freedom for the player and a more in-depth game world to explore.

    There are two main reasons working ships should be a feature in Minecraft:

    1. Building giant ships that never move isn't fun. Many people (including me) have built ships in Minecraft. However, it's always disappointing that the ship can't move.

    2. Crossing an ocean in a small rowboat is boring and inefficient. Let's be honest: Does anyone really want to cross an ocean in a rowboat? You might also want to take a lot of items across the ocean, and this can be really difficult if you don't have shulker boxes yet.

    Ship Construction

    To turn a structure into a sailing ship, you would need two things:

    Ship's Helm

    The Ship's Helm (also known as the Ship's Wheel) would be crafted with 2 iron ingots, 5 sticks, 1 iron block, and one wooden plank. It would look like this:

    It would be found in the transportation section of the Creative Menu. Placing the Ship's Helm would be what "defines" your ship. Once you place the helm, your ship would become an entity (or, technically multiple entities). Once it is placed, you can right click it on the left or right side to turn it. As you would expect, your ship would turn with the Ship's Helm.


    The sails would be what makes the ship actually move. I have decided that it would be best if they were just wool blocks.


    The Anchor Block would be crafted with 7 iron nuggets, 1 cobblestone block, and 1 anvil. Anchors would be used to make ships stay in place. Holding right-click on them would make a cranking sound and would slowly drop an anchor into the water or lift it back up. Once it has reached the sea floor or has been lifted all the way back up, it will make a loud clank sound. The texture of the Anchor Block would be similar to that of the stonecutter, but with an anchor icon on the sides:

    It would take about 20 seconds to completely reel in or drop an anchor, but would take less time if more than one player right-clicks on the anchor at once.

    Ship Speed & Sinking

    Technical players would love to this, because they would try to find the fastest and most efficient ship design. To begin, let me give a table of the "weights" of each block on the ship:

    → Bedrock: 100

    → Obsidian: 100

    → Anvil: 100

    → Water: 100

    → Iron Block: 30

    → Gold Block: 30

    → Diamond Block: 30
    → Any Stone Block: 10

    → Sandstone/Concrete: 10

    → Wool: 1

    → Wood / Any other block: 1

    The density of the ship would be: DDensity = AShip Mass ÷ BNumber of blocks total

    Ships would sink depending on their density. They would completely sink to the ocean floor if their density is greater than 3. If there is an open space in the ship next to water, the water would instantly fill up all air blocks of that layer (on the y-axis) in the ship. Since this would massively increase the density, the ship would sink.

    SSpeed = [ ( (10 × AAmount of wool Blocks) / AShip Mass ) - DDensity ] × NNormal Boat/Rowboat Speed

    If you think the equation(s) should change, please let me know.

    Note that if the amount of wool blocks was greater than or equal to the amount of non-wool blocks the ship would stay at the speed of the rowboat.

    Another common complaint with a moveable ships is that a lot of people would build giant blocks as ships, similar to how some people build giant blocks as houses. However, I don't think this would be as big of an issue as players building block houses on servers is, seeming that most people building a ship would probably want it to be like a pirate ship or something.

    Since the ship would be divided into "slices" (see more on that in the "How?" section), the speed of this ship could also be affected by the width of each "slice" compared to another. This could mean that this

    :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood:

    :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood:

    :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood:

    would be faster than this

    :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood:

    :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood:

    :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood: :wood:

    I'm not yet sure how this could be worked into the equation for speed, so if you have any ideas, please let me know.


    Ships would subtly rock back and forth. If it is raining, they would rock back and forth a slightly more noticeable amount. If there is a thunder storm, they would rock back and forth very powerfully.

    Block Limit

    Each ship would have a limit of 5,000 blocks (excluding air) total. If the ship is any bigger, placing or right-clicking the helm would give the message, "You may not sail now, your ship is docked or is too big." If your ship is attached to your house or dock by accident, this would of course also happen.

    There would also be a new gamerule called "maxShipSize," which would be 5,000 by default.

    Steps to creating a ship

    Now that I have explained everything, I thought I'd give a short summary of how you would create a ship:

    1. Build the ship & put in the sails

    2. Place in your helm and your anchor block

    3. Sail your ship!

    Naturally Generated Ships

    Many people have suggested that ships structures generate in the middle of the ocean, similar to a temple, but where would be the fun in that if they couldn't move?

    The Merchant Ship

    This would be a (moving) ship that spawns, of course, in the middle of the ocean. It would look something like this:

    The emerald blocks represent where the helm would be. Just like villages, it could generate with different kinds of wood, though it could only be made of oak, dark oak, or spruce wood, because acacia and birch ships would probably look weird. Though passive in nature, the merchant ships would have one cannon on each side for defense.

    It would actually spawn in with villagers- Cartographers, Leatherworkers, Blacksmiths, Nitwits, Whalers (From Part 2), & the Captain Villager.

    The Captain Villager would be a light-blue robed villager with a tri-cornered hat. He wouldn't have any trades, but he would always be at the ship's helm, occasionally turning it left or right.

    There would be several iron golems on the ship. Just like the cannons, they would act as protection from the feature that is next...

    The Pirate Ship

    Beware! Ye be risking yer life in these waters. The Pirate Ship would look like the Merchant Ship, but would have some cannons below where the dark wood is, and would have a small chance of having sails made of black wool instead of white wool (as a reference to the Black Pearl from PotC).The Pirates would not be illagers, but instead its own kind of evil villager. There would always be one Pirate Captain, and then the common Sword-Wielding Pirates, and then finally the slightly-uncommon Bow-Wielding Pirates. All of the Pirates would be hostile, and the Sword-Wielding ones would do as much damage as an iron sword, since that would be what they wield.

    Stats for ALL Pirates:

    Health Points: 20 ()

    Armor Points: 12 ()

    Damage Points: 6 ()

    Drops: 0-5 Gold Ingot, 0-3 Emerald, 0-1 Used Iron Sword

    This would make fighting the pirates on the ship extremely difficult by yourself, even with diamond armor.

    The Pirate Ships would fire their cannons at any other ships, including other Pirate Ships. Since it would be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to fight the Pirates onboard their ship alone, it would be best to fire cannons back at their ship. But, be warned! Once you fire any cannonballs at a Pirate Ship, it will become undespawnable. They will seek their vengeance! The Pirate Captain would drop a Treasure Map, which would lead to buried treasure. This treasure would contain gold, emeralds, and diamonds. Pirate Ships would also move toward other ships, and some of the pirates would jump over onto the captured ship to fight.


    Since redstone mechanisms are disabled on ships, players would want some alternative form of naval warfare. This is where cannons come in to play.


    Crafted with 4 Iron ingots, 1 Iron Block, and 1 Flint and Steel, the Cannon would be around half the expense of an anvil. This is to ensure that it is cheap enough to be a reasonable investment, but costly enough so that it's worth something. Cannons can shoot at three different ranges: 6-10 blocks, 10-18 blocks, and 20-30 blocks. The range at which a cannon fires is determined by how much gunpowder you put in it; right-clicking the cannon with gunpowder places it in there. Just like cauldrons hold 3 bottles of water, a cannon holds 3 piles of gunpowder.

    Cannons fire cannonballs (which look similar to fire charges). Cannonballs are made with 5 iron in the crafting table and output 3 cannonballs.


    When a cannonball hits a player, mob, minecart, boat, ship, or block, it makes an explosion up to 2/3 the size of TNT (size of explosion determined by amount of gunpowder in the cannon), and the player/mob takes damage accordingly.


    Probably the most used and most convincing argument against moving ships in Minecraft is how it would be implemented on the technical side of things. Though there are mods like Da Vinci's Vessels, they do prove many flaws in the idea of how moving ships would work.

    One of the major things is lag, and another (though not commonly mentioned) thing is how the ship creating would seem like it's in the game world. You could argue that ship-creating mods introduce gameplay that breaks immersion due to how you convert a structure into an entity. So, how can this problem be fixed?

    Individual Entities

    This sounds kind of crazy, but here me out. Instead of having one large, complex entity that would crash the game, we could have individual entities that a ship is made out of. Now, if every block in a ship was its own entity, there would be some issues. Though there wouldn't be a massive entity causing lag, there would be tons of small entities that would cause lag. So, I propose the ship be divided into "slices," as seen in the picture below:

    As you can see, the ship would be divided into "slices"- each of which would be part of the ship. Each slice would be 3 blocks thick, and would have a width and height determined by the ship dimensions. The game would know how to cut the "slices" by which dimension of the ship is longest.

    Disabling Redstone

    Since redstone on ships would be extremely laggy, all redstone dust, redstone torches, redstone repeaters, redstone comparators, and hoppers would not work and would instead emit a water splash particle effect.

    Block Limit

    As mentioned above, each ship would have a limit of 5,000 blocks total. If the ship is any bigger, placing or right-clicking the helm would give the message, "You may not sail now, your ship is docked or is too big." If your ship is attached to your house or dock by accident, this would of course also happen.


    If there is an open space in the ship next to water, the water would instantly fill up all air blocks of that layer (not "slice," layer) in the ship. I say instantly because running the normal water algorithm would be extremely laggy, and I am trying to avoid as many lag issues as possible. Since water would have a high "weight" it would cause the ship to sink.

    Fixing the Immersion Problem

    Most ship-creating mods make it pretty clear that the ship (when sailing) is a separate thing from when it is "docked," or sitting still. I don't think this would be the ideal way to implement ships in vanilla Minecraft, though; it would feel too immersion-breaking. To avoid this, three things should happen:

    1. The ship turns into an entity when the ship helm is there, not when you want it to move.

    This would mean your ship would feel the same from the moment you create it and onward, regardless if it is moving or not.

    2. You can build/mine on the ship, even when it is an entity.

    Similar to how armor stands can detect what part of it you're right-clicking, each "slice" of the ship can detect what block you're looking at. Thus, you would be able to place/mine blocks and use things such as doors.

    3. Ships take damage from explosions.

    Like mentioned above, each ship "slice" would be able to detect the hitbox of its individual blocks, just like an armor stand does with its parts. When a "slice" is in the range of an explosion, it would determine which of its blocks were in range of the explosion specifically, and then delete them from the data list if they don't have a sufficient blast resistance.


    Nope, we're not done yet! The sea needs to be interesting, so why not some special structures?

    Pirate Cove

    This would actually be a biome. It would usually be the location of buried treasure. Pirate Ships would often be near this biome. The terrain would be similar to oak forest mountains from Minecraft Beta, but with a lot more sand. The biome would be mostly broken up by the water. Sometimes there would be shipwrecks on in this biome, which would contain loot similar to the shipwrecks being implemented in the 1.14 update.

    Beach Villages

    Villages could now generate on beaches, where they would have docks. Merchant Ships would sometimes dock at these villages.


    Many features have been added to Minecraft over the years. Some small, some large; some game-changing, some useless. While features of all shapes and sizes can improve the game, I think features that give the player more options and more things to play around with can improve Minecraft in ways smaller features just can't. At the end of the day, which would make the game better: a new dungeon, or a new thing to play around with?

    It is because of this and other reasons that I believe player-built ships would be a wonderful addition to Minecraft. I hope that I have proposed a balanced and reasonable method of implementing this, and I hope that you enjoyed reading.


    Pirates can now board other ships.

    Merchant Ships now have a few cannons for self-defense. (Suggested by steam66.)

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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?
    Quote from Blue04»

    So what, Mojang is a bunch of tree huggers now? ? ? I can't believe what she said, this younger community really is making a difference, and not in a good way. But to be fair it's not entirely their fault, Mojang just thinks they are stupid enough to somehow go up to a shark.

    "With no rules to follow, this adventure, it's up to you", I want Notch back.

    With their logic they might as well remove trees, "Trees are really misunderstood, people harvest them for money and think their useless, but they actually give us oxygen."

    "...and we wouldn't want kids going up to trees and punching them!"

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    posted a message on No Sharks? What?
    Quote from Badprenup»

    Sure it would look good, but all of that is subjective and any of those ideas I put in my post could look similar to a shark but not be one. If anything that would be Mojang's way of doing this. Make it look similar to a shark but then call it something else and give it different behavior. Then they didn't 'add sharks' but people get them in some sense.

    I guess they could do that. The thing about sharks is that it's one of the few things that the community seems to agree should be added. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there's ever been a large group of people saying that sharks shouldn't be added.

    Another reason sharks would be a good addition is that they feel right. I know that sounds a little silly, but that's really what gameplay is all about.
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