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    posted a message on [SSP Vanilla 1.12] - Shiva gives another shot at a world!

    Alright, time for another post. Finally. Just been dealing with RL, but it's going slightly better now. I'll probably update more often, since my mom's visiting and I need something I can hop in and out quickly. Minecraft actually has a pause button.

    In the meantime, I've been playing in short bursts. The progress hasn't been so much physical this time around. Besides working on my manor's third floor, its roof and the prospect of another lighthouse, there's not much that changed in my world.

    Walls, check. Glass panels, check. Ceiling, huh...

    *WOOP* There it is!

    This is one roof that's not on fire.

    I love the smell of burning mobs in the morning...

    Where I'll be sticking the manor's lighthouse

    Urge to pet rising, rising, rising...

    Bonus: Found this guy in my farms. He dropped an ender pearl, so all good.

    My progress has been through the Nether. Specifically, figuring the seed's layout, the spawns, and dying.

    Spawn layer

    Near lava level

    Aftermath of a Ghast attack

    Fortress #2, AKA that easy blaze spawner

    *Metroid item find chime plays*

    Ooooh skellies!

    Because of course now that I know I can kill stuff, I wanna kill all the stuff. Including the stuff with gold swords that aggroes in packs across a 32-block radius. I'm thankful zombie pigmen are neutral unless provoked. As I'm writing this, I died again. Aggroed some in a corner, managed to kill them, but others became aggressive and I ran for another corner, where I was kinda stuck between them. Forgot I had a shield. Ded.

    Related to all of this... ever since I've upgraded to 1.12, I've had sound issues. Minecraft seems to not load its sound engine properly. The thing is... I'm heavily sound-reliant. My sight is pretty bad (around 6/20), and I'm more sensitive to sounds, generally-speaking. So I tend respond faster to sound cues than to visual cues.

    One day, I decided to forgo the whole "omg no sound again *rageflip table*" thing and I hopped in the Nether anyways. There's usually a small cluster of pigmen not too far from spawn, but since I spawned in the lower area of a higher.. valley?, there are more that spawn above, and they aren't easily detected by JourneyMap as I haven't explored the upper layers. Anyways, I decided to kill the ones around, only for more to drop from above. I didn't hear them, kinda saw something moving on my map, but I couldn't figure out where they were coming from based on sounds. By the time I spotted them in my field of vision, they had killed me. That's when I restarted Minecraft to fix the sound.

    The area, now void of any pigmen. ... Until next time.

    I went back with some new equipment, took them down, and moved on forward to the first fortress. Hah, same thing happened. You'd think I'd learn from my mistakes. Went to the death point, got my things back, pushed on to the fortress, and decided to try and reach the blaze spawner from the top of the fortress.

    I made my way to the top by stacking some cobble as I went up, but didn't really account for the blazes that spawned above... as usual. There were 3 or 4 blazes on top of where I had decided to go up from, which was a narrow strip above the fortress, and ended dying again. After yet another trip there, I just kinda gave up getting to the spawner without fire-resist potions. Meaning I had to reach the other fortress or hunt down magma cubes, so why not both.

    This is how I died.

    The other fortress is roughly on the same level as spawn, but there's both walls of netherrack and lava oceans between it. My solution was hopping down, making a ladder back to spawn platform, and finding a way to get inside the fortress. Which I did. Considering I don't have any screenshot of the latter, I wanted to go back, but the pigmen who were aggressive earlier still are, along with the other 15-ish others. In other words, I'm not sure I wanna go down there right now...

    They do not like me right now...

    Still, over the last few sessions, I've been able to find an easy blaze spawner, get a couple rods, and from last night's magma cube killing (took down about 5 large cubes), I'm at 3 magma creams. They weren't keen on dropping them, but gotta start somewhere, right?

    *squish, squish, squish*

    Next step: Getting those pigmen to either despawn or die by my sword, fire-resist potion crafting, and huh... more things!

    Quick update, the pigmen have deaggroed and have returned to a neutral state. I didn't need to commit mass murder! HURRAH!

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    posted a message on [SSP Vanilla 1.12] - Shiva gives another shot at a world!

    Quote from Arczynext

    Looking good, keep this up!

    Thanks! That's why I'm slowly playing, yeah. I gotta keep it up, but I can't binge on the thing else I'll lose interest.

    Quote from OhFly»

    Awesome base. I love doing similar builds to what you have done and incorporating my house into the landscape, especially near water.

    Also, what shader pack are you using? I'll be checking back on this thread often if you keep it up :)

    Thanks too! I love going with the terrain instead of terraforming everything, though I still do a bit of it for aesthetic reasons. Makes things more interesting shape-wise, or so I think.

    I'm using KUDA Shaders, also! They're neat, but the moon phases are off by default. Found that recently...

    And so...

    As I write this, having logged on to my world as I'm updating this thread, I have a little over 24 hours into this world - Minecraft Day 156 just started. I've been focusing on a few things. Branch mining, building a Nether portal, exploring a tiny portion of the Nether, and building a small village.

    Branch mining has yielded 4 more diamonds, a couple more stacks of iron, coal and some gold as well. Still low on diamonds, but once I'm settled better to survive in the mineshafts in the Mesa, I should stock up. Otherwise, it's mining and caving. I want more gold too, for powered rails and Notched apples... all in time, I think. I found a slime chunk, which I may or may not turn into a farm. It's located within another, unexplored ravine right next to the one under the manor. Will I turn *that* into a slime farm? Not sure yet, considering it's in a ravine and would be annoying to mine into, with all the dark corners.

    Diamonds! More of them! There were 4 under this.

    I think it's the first, maybe second, time that I reach bedrock in survival.

    Slime chuuuuunk!

    Hadn't seen lapis in a while!

    I wanted the Nether portal by the manor - Checkerboard Manor as I'm calling it, since it's very... checkerboard-y. I had dug a space some time back for... reasons, I have no idea why, probably found coal, and just dug in deeper in that tiny cave. After lighting the area, cobblestoning it a bit and adding a buffer zone, I finally went to explore. My main annoyances are ghasts, because you hear them from afar and the sound they make drive me nuts. Their other mechanics, not so much. The only one I encountered so far lost aggro as I was trying to kill it. To be frank, I was somewhat disappointed still. I like being able to kill things in a game.

    As far as the Nether goes, I landed quite high, and on a platform surrounded by lava. I'm setting up a cobblestone road across to a lower platform; probably should've setup the portal way lower, around my mine really, but hey. I can deal with it. As long as I don't draw pigmen aggro and that ghasts play nice, I'll be fine. My goal is to reach the Nether fortress near spawn, explore that, find a blaze spawn, get a rod, and start brewing potions to a) explore the Mesa and B) clear out my first ocean monument.

    The stairway to the Nether room...

    And after minor adjustments; still not done though...

    Buffer zone, to be finished later too

    Just set up the obsidian...


    Nether spawn. In soulsand. Joy.

    There's the ghast. Sigh.

    The first magma cubes in a while!

    I've been using the cobblestone I get from the mining to build a village, near that aerial railroad I'm building. I somehow nailed the height to reach the top of a hill, which was neat. I've built a church, a lighthouse and 2 small houses so far. I'm aiming to make a marketplace, more houses, and potentially putting up walls and a few farms. Tempted to make a strip mine somewhere, or to dismantle a mountain from the Extreme Hills down south.

    My goal with this village was to mostly use materials that were available in the area; cobblestone and birch trees mostly, with some glass and glowstone. I wanna make the place pretty after all, so slightly diverging from the "available in the area" mindset isn't gonna hurt too much.

    When I said I nailed the height...

    Stairs WIP

    Church area

    Inside the church, part 1

    Now with seatings!


    Roof in construction

    Cleared out an area for the fountain

    And that's it for this udpate! Gonna be a few more days before I update again, this was the last I did before moving onto other games for a bit. Potential update over the weekend.

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    posted a message on [SSP Vanilla 1.12] - Shiva gives another shot at a world!

    Oh wow, I haven't updated this since my first post.

    Quote from Sharpe103»

    Very nice!


    But good news, I'm still on that world. I'm spacing out gameplay sessions to not get bored too quickly, leading to my progress being kinda slow.

    Still, I made some progress! I explored a bit, gave some landmark names - something I don't usually do, considering I'm never on a map for this long - and I guess it helps. Turns out there's a Mesa Bryce around the Mesa area, some snow fields north of that, along with a village in the ocean. Which I've avoided loading because I kinda don't want these villagers to die out. Should be relatively easy to protect though, when I get to it.


    Neat caves

    One sheep, two sheeps, three sheeps... *snores*

    The ravine by all these sheeps; now named Shepherd's Fault line

    Mesa Bryce pics

    I've been mining a bit, namely branch mining. Long story short, I kept hearing mobs under my farm, and figures out there's an underground ravine that goes straight through my manor. It drops to y-40 something, and I dug to -14, where I started my branch mine. I've been getting a good supply of iron, redstone and coal; only found 5 diamonds so far. In a nice little cluster, though. Crafted a diamond pickaxe with that, so I got some obsidian. Once I have a place to stick a portal in, I'll start exploring the Nether.

    Ravine also goes through the river.

    Where I first surfaced after exploring.

    After some mining, finally! Natural diamonds!

    Most of my building was the start of a railway, though I need more powered rails to make it efficient. The road itself goes to the area where I'll build a rest area/hub thing, a small village perhaps. I'm not sure how I'll extend it, just wanted to build a railway because I've never really done that before. Plus I like having options.

    Other than that, I fixed some things around the manor, added some decorations, set up a better tree farm, a sugar cane farm... that sorta thing.

    Llama pen!

    Sugar cane area

    There we are!

    Third story still under construction; can see a part of the railway

    I see you're expanding, would be a shame...

    If I exploded your bridge! Mwahahah!

    Minor damage though.

    Only noticed the missing glass after I took this screenshot

    Starting next update, I'm switching texture packs. I was using the default, but hey, ChromaHills got a public release and asjdakjhd I needed this.

    Guess I'm starting in this update after all!

    And that's it for now! I'll try updating faster next time.

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    posted a message on [SSP Vanilla 1.12] - Shiva gives another shot at a world!

    So here I am again, back from a hiatus of some sort. I never fully go on hiatus on Minecraft, because I try out stuff only to get bored an hour in the map. After trying out several mods, I decided to go back to the basics: I made a 1.12 world. I'm still using some light mods, like JourneyMap and Optifine+shaders. Other than that, 100% vanilla. I might use a texture pack, whenever ChromaHills gets a public release for 1.12. *grabby hands!*

    As of writing this, I have 75 days of in-game time played. I'm not far. I've been taking it really slowly, building and hunting animals down, caving a bit, exploring, gathering some other resources.

    The seed: "5151997417359662029"

    So I spawned in a forest, and made my way to a nearby Plains biome. Because old habits die hard, and even with mapping tools, I can't seem to base myself super far away from spawn. Which is why it's usually important for me to have a bunch of resources handy. I was more patient this time, as only chicken and horses had spawned right where I wanted to settle. I alternated between working on the base itself, the farm, and exploring a bit. Slowly, the base went from just a bridge between both hills, to a small manor. The manor itself is built above ground, while the farms and pens are below.

    Near spawn

    Oooh this looks nice.

    Site for my base, before the base...

    The bridge...

    Shiva used a shader! It's super effective!

    Starting on the walls...

    Kitchen in the making.

    After the ceiling.

    And lights.

    Living room:

    Working on the second floor:

    The result, before the cow pen addition and minor aesthetic changes.

    Farm stuff:

    The bridge from earlier...

    What it looked like after planting...

    Glass walls...

    More glass walls!

    Don't mind the half-finished back walls.


    New addition: cow pen. At night.

    Storage room:

    So that's the main base, right now. I might move, who knows?

    I did some exploring. It's mostly forests (Hills, Roofed Forests, Birch), extreme hills and swamps. I made a tiny house in what I'm calling Mini-Swamp, around 500 blocks away from the manor. Mini-Swamp is actually the lower end of a swamp north-east of the main base; it's where I'm thinking of basing my slime farm. I haven't seen a witch hut around, but I know one spawned in the other swamp, the one north-west. I spotted some nice places while exploring, some villages (including one smack dab in the middle of an ocean O_o) and so on.

    Like llamas...

    Here's a llama, there's a llama...

    And another little llama...

    Fuzzy llama, funny llama...

    Llama, llama duck!

    Ocean temples (three of them!)...

    First one, somewhere east...

    Second one, north-west, south of the Sorceress' Swamp. Because of course, at night.

    Third one near the second one, like 400 blocks away-ish.

    Honestly, the biggest surprise was a large Mesa-based biome out west. The mineshafts run above water level, and the place is why I went outta my way to find cows. I know the place is full of cave spiders, cave spiders cause poison, I wanted to be ready. I'll eventually make a base there, import my cows, and breed them there as well.

    Mesa pics:

    And that's about it for this update. I don't have a ton of resources, as I did more exploring and building than caving. I'll also get more accurate coordinates, and will post JourneyMap stuff as well.

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    posted a message on [1.8.9 - Modded SSP Journal] Shiva discovers Thaumcraft V

    Oh boy. I'm sorry I haven't updated this thread yet, but I ran into issues. I had a charity stream event with friends from work, and since the server was gonna run in 1.7.10, I thought I'd make a new profile. I derped up, changed from the Forge version to vanilla 1.7.10 in my Thaumcraft profile, tried to get in the server, which failed, downloaded other stuff to get into the server, and forgot to change the version back afterwards. Loaded in to witness the corruption of my world. Farm seeds popping out, blocks getting destroyed or randomly popping up too, loot 100% gone... so I lost interest in that world.

    So I took some time to find a new seed to live in, and I did. I've been working on a new base in a Jungle M, and I'm having fun with it. I haven't explored it much yet, looking forward to it though.

    List of mods (it's short):

    - Thaumcraft V

    - Biomes O'Plenty

    - Fast Leave Decay

    - Pam's Harvestcraft

    - Journeymap

    Seed: "-4403939281514924353"

    As I was saying, it's a Jungle M. Has some neat places to build. I'm close to a Thaumcraft Magical Forest, a good ol' Roofed Forest, a Wetland and some Swampland-looking place. There's also Extreme Hill and Taiga varitations past the Roofed Forest, and that's about all I know.

    My entire time, so far, was working on my base and getting cats. And there's a couple hours of gameplay in there. I got some sheep, some cows, a melon, wheat and potato farm, a small tree farm, and a basement in the works. There's also the slowly-developping rail glass tunnel between my base and the Magical Forest, because why not.

    I've barely touched Thaumcraft - made a wand, got my Thaumonomicon and a Crucible. Research is nill.

    So this is spawn. Even got some melons near~

    Neat scenery too!

    The place where I decided to make the base...

    Base area looks fairly small, but I'm living inside of that thing. The bedroom's facing east; I get a nice sunrise.

    The first night...

    And now!

    Rest of the base:

    Basement, before...

    Basement after!

    So I have a few cats. They took a while to get. They don't spawn that often, but I found one early-ish on. 5 minutes later, if even, the lil' sucker had to get stuck under my bridge and drowned. Some time spent before I could run into two others, and I was more careful this time around.

    I also have a mine that goes down to y20 or so and goes through an underground ravine, but I haven't done much about it yet. Will turn it into a branch mine later on.

    One last thing before I respond to the comment I got weeks ago (I'm so sorry I didn't reply faster!)... I'm looking for materials to decorate the basement. I thought about clay, I have access to a swamp so there's bound to be some, but I'm not sure yet. I could keep going with wood, but I don't know myself @[email protected] Guess I want something different, maybe.

    Quote from Zeno410»

    Thaumcraft is fun! On a practical level, however, I don't find I use Thaumcraft stuff much before I go to the Nether. You need Glowstone for Nitor and Nether Quartz for wand foci, so you're pretty limited before that. You do need to start the research early, because there's a lot to do.

    You're lucky to start next to a Magical Forest. They can get pretty rare. In my journal world with Thaumcraft I had 30 episodes before I finally found one, thousands of blocks from spawn. I found a closer one later, but it was still over 3000 blocks away.

    I lucked out on the seeds, I guess. It's not the first one I get that has one nearby. And wow, 3000 blocks for one @[email protected]

    The Nether's one of my next steps, probably after some research, now that I understand how to research things. I'm still debating if I'll have my portal in my base or further away though.

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    posted a message on [Challenge] Castle Building Challenge

    I've been progressing quite a bit. I made a mineshaft which goes down about 15-20 blocks down. Wussed out after hearing a spider, a skeleton and later on, a witch. Will most likely be turned into a dungeon of some sort.

    This little mine of mine...

    I'm gonna let it- ABORT! ABORT!

    I worked between my keep, a larger mine - a quarry in fact - and my shrine. Not pictured: said quarry. It's located in the Coniferous Forest, about 230 blocks away from spawn. It's about 9x10 due to being unable to math, and I'm about 30 blocks deep in it. I have 8 iron gathered for the next age. A whole 8! Even though I fenced it, I still feel very unsafe, so I made a small house to sleep in.

    Also, shaders that don't slow my FPS down to a slideshow crawl!

    Like my city; that is, always in construction.

    Work in progress!

    We're getting there...

    Better! But not done.

    Inside, first floor.

    Done quite a bit on my outer wall as well. I probably made it a lot larger than it should... so hopefully I'll figure out stuff as I go along. I'm planning on moving the wheat farm and the animal pens. Wheat farm has a new location which is already producing stuff, while I still have yet to figure out where to stick the pens. I may move the tree farm in the depression by the lake after terraforming it up a bit, so I can expand my keep east-side.

    All and all it's just...

    Another cobblestone in the wall...

    I've explored, too. The Steppe up north goes quite a long way. There's something hilly near the north-west, along with a Seasonal Forest, something snowy, and another smaller Shrubland. I found horses, pigs and chicken nearby.

    *Far* OINK!!!

    Fit for royalty.

    The hills have... trees.

    Getting colder here...

    By the next time I post progress, I should - in theory - be done with the Stone Age. In theory.

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    posted a message on Shiva's Survival Journal - "I'M STICKING TO THIS MAP" Edition

    Things have happened in the last couple days!


    Added an enchantment table, a brewing stand and an anvil! There's a bit of a backstory to it all.

    A couple days ago, I decided to add the enchantment table, since I found a few enchanted books with decent enchants in them. I had recently acquired a diamond pickaxe, I thought that putting Unbreakable III to it would be okay. So I opened up my inventory, and realized that... I had no more diamond pickaxe.

    At that point, I simply thought I left it in a chest somewhere. Somewhere, go figure out where - I keep chests everywhere I go, sometimes several. Just the mine/stronghold I go through, I have a buncha chests. Some spawned with the structures, while others are in safer zones. So I went to every single chest I remembered, and couldn't find it. At all. Then it just dawned on me...

    Flashback when I last had gotten into the Nether. I came across not one, but two Phantoms - the mobs that lanched me in the air a while back - as I made my way back to the Nether fortress. I didn't live through the encounter, and I figured that I might have forgotten to pick up the pickaxe. By then, it definitely had despawned, leaving me with the task of finding more diamonds. Ugh.

    Which is exactly what I did. I went back to the Roofed Forest, turned my shroom base into a small safe house at the same time, and went on a quest to find 2 diamonds.

    Well those two diamonds turned out to become eight.

    Totally worth the digging in the wall to get to them.

    Then I turned around on my way back, and found two more. Wooh!


    Happy with my hunt, I made my way back to the main base to store them. I went back to the quarry and grabbed some obsidian, enough to create a second portal at the mansion. I have a feeling it's not far enough to create another portal - and as I write this, I still haven't tested it. Ah well, it's not like I care too much. At most, I'll just move it further.

    So I stepped inside the mansion ... and found the original pickaxe. Seriously... Still, no big deal, now I have a backup.

    Back home with my two pickaxes, I thought I could finally get working on my enchantment table. I didn't have enough obsidian, but I had lava buckets. Then I was missing one obsidian, and I was too "lazy" to go back to my quarry. After all, I had the Nether right down. And yet, the things I had to do to find said lava... I know it sounds stupid, the Nether being the Nether... but there wasn't a boatload of lava around my spawn point. Had to go down to sea lava level and grab one. In fact, it would have been faster for me to go back to the quarry. Ah well! Least, I saw a bit more of the Nether.

    But now I have an enchantment table, an anvil, and a brewing stand. I also have some Magma cream, so I think my first potion will be fire resist.

    Just picture an anvil by the brewing stand - this one was taken before and I don't feel like launching the game just for an anvil right now XD;;.

    And here's a few pics of the skele spawner buffer and spawn zones.

    Doesn't need to look that good right now...

    Not looking any better, but it does the job!


    Well frankly, I want an evil villain-like base. I went back to my volcanic islands and found one that's suitable. There's just one problem: I don't know what I wanna do with it. And all this volcano thing made me download Legend of Dragoon on my PSP.

    I figured I have three choices.

    One, build at the top of the volcano. This one has a nice area I could flatten fast.

    Two, build inside the volcano, using caves as hallways, connecting to bigger rooms. I don't wanna terraform too much, so mostly making things even, slapping Nether bricks or Slate in there, and calling it an hidden base. Which could prove to be really fun.

    Three, build between two islands, up in the air. Or possibly this spot.

    Will take suggestions!

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    posted a message on Looking at coords is cheating

    Yeah, and I suppose BUD switches, XP farms, obsidian generators, and other so called "bugs" are cheating too huh? What's wrong with XP farms? Why can't I play the game how I want. And obsidian generators can be justified as minecraft chemistry of sorts. And BUD switches, that could just be a redstone device.

    By all means, yes, it's a bug. Actually, a bug you can use to give you an unfair advantage is categorized as an exploit. Like x-ray vision by having your character pushed by a piston into a TNT block.

    However, design vs. bug vs. exploit is kind of... convoluted in Minecraft, because there's so many ways to play the game. Minecraft openly gives you access to all the cheats, to the point where "exploits" like obsidian generators actually require more effort than "legally cheating" your way. I mean, if Minecraft had absolutely no debug, no creative mode and no real easy way to get obsidian, yeah, I could see it as an exploit needing a fix.

    So it pretty much boils down to server rules if you SMP (or anything involving playing with others), and to whatever rules you want for your own experience if you play SSP. Which ties into the whole F3/debug screen thing... It's there, should you use it? For a true, 100% immersion survival exp, technically... no. But you're still given a leeway whereas "cheating" or not, so if you want a more casual, "doing it for kicks and giggles", sure. And you can break your own rules at whatever time.

    It's all about context in Minecraft (and in most games.)

    Personally, as for coords, I mostly use the Y axis coords - though I could deal without them almost completely for my average gameplay. I run on maps, I'm bad with numbers, I can't visually relate to coords, so I don't use them unless I'm looking for a very specific area when I have a map already (so in creative, which is pretty much never - I prefer survival).
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    posted a message on Shiva's Survival Journal - "I'M STICKING TO THIS MAP" Edition

    Oooh boy. Kinda forgot I had this. By kinda I mean I've played on Minecraft some, but on and off, and I've barely been taking screenshots of my latest build >_<.

    So here's a real short update, and some news...

    I have a Twitch stream! Of course Minecraft isn't gonna be the only thing I'll stream on it (my video test was done on WildStar), but it actually might help me maintain this thread some more... for some reason. Y'know, give video updates as well.

    Stream status: OFFLINE (tech issues)

    ALL of my work was done on Heathlandia Manor... and it wasn't a ton of work. Well, it wasn't enough work woth sharing - a lot of it was me working out my roof, and I'm not fully happy with it. Otherwise, I spent my time between my tree farm in the Pairie, and my manor. It was a lot of back-and-forth actually; at one point, I ran out of glass, went back to my base, grabbed some glass, went back to the manor, ran out again, eventually settled to partially dismantle a local beach...

    Then I found more glass.

    In the meantime, I kind of got over my irrational fear of fighting. I say kind of because I'm down to a stone sword and I hit a thunderstorm while atop of my mushroom safe zone. Inadvertedly went AFK with one block missing. Next thing I heard was an Enderman. During a thunderstorm. He's still roaming around and I'm too much of a wuss to go down my shroom.

    It's getting stupid >_>, I need to get over this once and for all.

    My last death was due to an Enderman, actually. I wanna stock up Ender Pearls and I've been actively hunting Endermen down. This one kept mapping around me even though I stared at his legs. Took forever to down him, and he got me in-between, while I was regening. GG, Enderman. I hadn't died in near a month though, so that's good. I think.

    The manor has two stories + the roof attic. I might expand its back and add a couple more stories, but I think I just need a new goal.

    I did, however, add a garden and this unfinished stable for my nameless horse. Might even add some cows or chickens, something like that.

    Here are some pictures:

    The other thing, and that might be good for streaming, is that I'm getting a bit bored with boring. Sooooo my current goal is finding a diamond - a single diamond - somewhere, so I can make a diamond pick to mine obsidian to go...



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    posted a message on Adult Minecrafters Unite

    30-year-old woman here; been gaming since I've been a lil' girl, no plan on stopping anytime soon. I've started Minecraft back in 2013 as a b-day present to myself, and so far, I've been in SSP or (getting bored in) in creative. No real interest in multiplayer. I think most of that is because I do play MMORPGs and absolutely hate griefers - if I can't stand how people will willingly mess up a 2-hour run in an instance, having someone potentially take down what I've been working on for months would surely have me ragequit. Yeah there's whitelisted servers, but I'm always weirdly afraid that 1. people won't take me seriously for some reason and 2. that I won't fit in the server...coupled with social anxiety (especially online, dunno why), I've been reluctant to even try those.

    Really, really enjoy Minecraft though. I didn't think I would at first, but it's really grown on me.

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