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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] Highlands - 1.7.2 pre-release! (v2.2.0pre)
    I too made a 32x texture pack support pack.
    It's in the style of JohnSmith's work
    Please post your edits, and let's get some links to these support packs in the OP post!

    Get it HERE!
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    posted a message on Making Animated Blocks and Items: The Minecraft 1.5 Way!
    Excellent guide, thank you!
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] Highlands - 1.7.2 pre-release! (v2.2.0pre)

    Keep up the awesome work and keep adding new biomes!

    Here's some more inspiration:

    Is it possible to code in:
    1. some means of adjusting the rarity of each biome?
    2. the same but for other mods, like ExtrabiomesXL
    3. a .schematic or .bo2 importing/spawn by biome system?
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [Forge] Highlands - 1.7.2 pre-release! (v2.2.0pre)
    Will you look into the exact details on getting this compatible with ExtrabiomesXL? I imagine many users would benefit from your efforts!
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    posted a message on three_two's Tuff Terrain Series
    Keep it up, friend!
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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3
    =========BUG RAPPORT========

    Skyboxes seem to persist displaying, even after I've removed them from my pack, properties files as well.
    Hard to tell, but, changing the images may actually be adding them in again, over top, without removing the previous versions.
    Even after deleting and replacing the pack with an empty (or non-existant) sky0 folder, they're just hanging out up there like a bad habit.

    [update - not solved.]

    I reinstalled MC several times, recompile the texture pack, includes no sky0 folder, still gives me my new screwed up boxes.

    I go to an old version of the pack before I added sky0 the first time, add an empty folder just to see what it does, and it displays the skyboxes I was using as my starting templates, and first textures of this kind, from another pack, completely ignoring that the sky0 folder is definitely empty.

    There must be a HD patcher or MC cache somewhere that is storing these textures, anyone know where it is?

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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3
    Quote from Wayuki

    Hey Kahr! Not sure if you're reading through all the comments on the thread, but I have a little suggestion, if you don't mind. :)

    Now that Randomobs uses a properties file, I'd love to be able to set weights for the different mob skins. This would allow for "easter egg" varients that are very rare, similar to the natural spawning pink sheep in the vanilla game.

    Anyway, keep up the awesome work!

    As usual, Wayuki is right.
    Could weights like this be added to other things as well? Like skyboxes?
    Really, any option that ensures randomization or delay is what I'm after.
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    posted a message on [TOOL] Biome Painter [1.1] - Edit your Minecraft world's biomes
    Havn't fully read the thread, hope I don't ruffle any feathers with an answered question...

    31stCenturyMatt - Are you aware of TerrainControl, the configurable map generator?
    In the case of maps created by TerrainControl, custom biomes show up as 'Unknown Biome: X'
    X representing the biome's ID number as I've presented them via TerrainControl.
    Clearly your program can't take much(if any) more information from what TC provides it, since these new formats aren't Anvil supported.

    Here's my request/suggestion -
    Just like I can select by Biome on the Anvil formats, can you get it to add to the list: any other custom biome it detects?

    If you need clarification on something, please ask, I know this may be pretty vague.
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    posted a message on Dokucraft, The Saga Continues.
    Hey kids ~ A day off

    Not likely to try and catch up here, I can't imagine how much stuff has happened/been posted.
    If someone's been compiling the textures I can forward you some emails I got >_>

    I will answer questions I can though
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Quote from StoneMonkey

    This is due to the font included with the texture pack that mcpatcher applies, because you told it to. (via options)

    Everything contained within a texture pack is just an image file and can be edited or removed.
    Open the texture pack with a ZIP program, navigate to FONT folder and delete default.png.

    Then, using your patched version of the game, try again.

    Also - I'd like to share the custom version of this pack I compiled for

    Changes from default Johnsmith -

    Organic glowstone by Lithiumsound (Summerfields)
    Simple glowstone and redstone lantern animations by me.
    Unique 1.2.4 woods, unique sandstone and heiroglypics stone made by SerAaron and myself.
    Additional mobs, some borrowed from Summerfields and Dokucraft.

    Please download/mix/enjoy and offer feedback =]
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    posted a message on MassiveCraft - Home of the Factions plugin
    Double Posted.
    Can't seem to delete posts anymore!

    Have some ham, you supid website.

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    posted a message on MassiveCraft - Home of the Factions plugin

    Lovely to meet you guys, I'll be trying to help in this thread from time to time.
    We're obviously updated to 1.2.5 at this point, we we're only behind by about 5 days because, like every other server, we rely on a few plugins that have to be updated themselves, or else we'd have to disable/remove them, and its smater to just wait =]

    Quote from RaelZero

    Sorry bout that! /Unbanned.
    you too, DuskVEA, as long as that is your Minecraft name, if not, please send it to [email protected] and we'll fix you up.

    Quote from extremities


    I just had Cayorion change the settings to default you as hidden on the map and add the ability to /dynmap show if you wish to help you in traveling places.
    This will harbor a much less hostile experience, especially if you travel far from spawn to settle down.
    We're also releasing new maps, that means more distance between players and less likelihood of being murdered by highwaymen.

    Here's a promo of our recent world addition, for those users that havn't been with us for a while:

    We're open to more suggestions, but especially ones that work with the resources we have, instead of just 'ADD MOAR PLUGIN!'
    Mo plugins; mo problems during the monthly MC updates, more potential bugs, and more work keeping us stressed, which makes YOU stressed.
    This doesn't mean we don't want to add more, we just have to be VERY careful about compatibility, stability, and dependability on the authors. We prefer open-source plugins because of this.

    Please help us grow!
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    posted a message on Dokucraft, The Saga Continues.
    Hey Guys!

    Sorry I've been so absent lately.

    Between real life stuff and my map project for, I've been quite busy!

    Come take a peek:

    WessexStock's Wild Maps
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    posted a message on WessexStock's Wild Maps (I'M BACK!)

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    posted a message on Dokucraft, The Saga Continues.
    Quote from Noodaa

    Added to customizer.

    Also added a few more 1.2 items I got via email.
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