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    posted a message on [18+], Mature...ish, relaxed, friendly little server - MistyCraft
    Minecraft IGN: Vexx102
    Age: 22
    Timezone: Eastern US -5:00
    Experience and Play Style: I have been around since about 2010 but have taken breaks here and there. I do not consider myself the best builder and I do not usually plan my builds before hand but develop the design as time goes on. I am usually a more solo player but at times I like to goof around with other people. Having people around encourages me to build more.
    Tell us something about yourself: Well I am a 22 year old guy to start things off. Got into the game after watching PSJ's tutorials early on and have loved the game since. I love the community and though I do not have a problem playing with younger players, since most do not actually cause too many problems, I was wanting to join a more mature server for a while. I wouldn't call myself all that mature either but acting your age is overrated :P.
    Are you going to play now (vanilla) or wait for a safe release with anti-grief plugins? Keep in mind - right now it is as unsafe as any other vanilla server (although we have a very nice community): Never griefed never will but I don't have any problems if what you say is true.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] 1944 RP GUNS|ROLEPLAY|CITY|POLITICS
    IGN: Vexx102
    Physical Description: Tall, Wearing a suit to protect his insides, Hot as a volcano
    Personality: Filled with a subdued rage and resisting criminal urges. Wishes he weren't here right now.
    Job; Retired Villain, Retired broadcaster and Tv producer, Vagrant
    Name: Moltar
    Age; 40
    Family: Has an ex wife named Linda and his father was a professional wrestler.
    History: All my life I had to deal with this jerk called space Ghost. Used to own a wonderful planet until Space ghost arrested me and blew it up. For years I was stuck in a basement working on his crappy talk show with 2 other jerks he chained up at some point. Eventually I managed to sucker a small robot into doing my job and broke out one day when some idiot left the door to my cell open. While hitching a ride off the cursed rock I was picked up by Brak and Zorak. We had fun... knocked down a few statues... robbed a few banks.... got drunk.... and somehow I wound up here.... WITH NO WAY OFF THIS WRETCHED ROCK! Sigh.....
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] - SUPER INSOMNIAC PARTY - [Vanilla] - [Whitelist] - [24/7] - [20 Slots] - [CoreProtect]
    Whelp I am excited now and I have plans in mind that I didn't bother to execute when I came back.

    2 Mega structure projects and 2 town ideas.... one being my Undercity that I have been putting off.

    Anyways YES I plan to build a good sized{and nice looking} structure this time... plus a nice little house in spawn.... also my stuff would be closer to the spawn.
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] - SUPER INSOMNIAC PARTY - [Vanilla] - [Whitelist] - [24/7] - [20 Slots] - [CoreProtect]
    Quote from Giffca

    Server has been put offline. I told people not to grief and such, because I was contemplating putting the map up for download, and I guess that request couldn't be handled. Oh well.

    I'll announce on the thread when it's back up with the new map. The next time the server will be online will be with the new map!

    I never had a chance to blow up my house.....
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] - SUPER INSOMNIAC PARTY - [Vanilla] - [Whitelist] - [24/7] - [20 Slots] - [CoreProtect]
    Quote from Giffca

    That's PM. Sorry about that.

    So I guess you will be spending today looking for a new seed?
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] - SUPER INSOMNIAC PARTY - [Vanilla] - [Whitelist] - [24/7] - [20 Slots] - [CoreProtect]
    So what is up with the server?
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] - SUPER INSOMNIAC PARTY - [Vanilla] - [Whitelist] - [24/7] - [20 Slots] - [CoreProtect]
    Thanks for the accept and I think I will stick around for a while.
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] - SUPER INSOMNIAC PARTY - [Vanilla] - [Whitelist] - [24/7] - [20 Slots] - [CoreProtect]
    In-Game Name: Vexx102

    Age (Be honest, there's no age limit): I am 21

    Why do you wish to join this server?: Honestly right now I am looking for a good server with a mature community. Right now I am trying out another but it is not really holding my interest. This also appears to be a good and fresh server so it would be easier to get started.

    Past minecraft/server experience?: As I mentioned I am trying out another right now but in the past I was actively participating in a server called Proximatic{I believe that was the name} and worked on some large projects. My DA lists just a few of my past projects but my best was lost when I left the server.

    Tell us a bit about yourself: Well I am a guy and I am 21. I have a lot of free time on my hands at this time and I am wanting to get back into Minecraft. I did stop for a long while but all the updates have gotten interested again and I have a few projects in mind. I have also been a fan of personal towns and like most I hate griefing and unfriendly members.

    Do you have any questions?: None that I can think of.

    Other info: My primary style is building underground.
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    posted a message on [Snapshot 14w32d] 'NillaCraft Revamped (Whitelist--Pure Vanilla--24/7)
    Thanks! Does is take a little while to get white listed?
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    posted a message on [Snapshot 14w32d] 'NillaCraft Revamped (Whitelist--Pure Vanilla--24/7)
    IGN: Vexx102

    Why should I let you in?: Well I want to get back into the game and single player has grown rather boring. I did take a LONG break from the game but that was due to a lack of free time and honestly I had grown bored of it. Started playing again and I love it. I was in another server a couple of years ago {at this point I think} and did work on some big projects.

    What are your plans for the server?: I am wanting to build a huge underground city and tunnel complex. Probably save the materials for a keep eventually or let other users take some.

    Have you read and do you agree to the rules?: I agree with the rules, I am 21, I hate griefers, and jokes are always fun. ALSO ALL HAIL LunaeLux!
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    posted a message on Castle Mod Request
    I made a similar request for this mod about a year ago but at the time I did not have the ability to properly explain it. I have no programming or modding abilities at all and I know this would be a difficult challenge for anybody. With all the details I do not expect anybody to attempt it but I am still going to ask anyways.

    I know there are many human, structure, and village mods but none have appealed to me. Whether it is a lack of control or just missing a few elements to keep it interesting. This mod would remedy the problem and possibly add a few Sim elements that would drastically change the way we play Minecraft.


    Castles: The most important part

    The castles would be the location where everything is based and a requirement to get started. The can be designed in any way but require certain rooms before you can start acquiring residents. Each would have to be a certain size, Require certain objects, and a sign placed to specify the room's functions. The NPC's that take residence in the castle will be plain humans walking around.

    Basic Priority Structures

    Basic Room: No requirement
    NPCs that will move in- Cook or Servant
    Size- 3x3
    Objects Required- 1 bed, 1 chest
    Function: NPC will rest during the night

    Kitchen: No requirement
    NPCs with Functions- Cook
    Size- 5x4
    Objects Required- 1 Furnace, 4 Chests, Food
    Function: A cook will take raw food and fuel out of one chest and place cooked in another.

    Barracks: Requires Kitchen, Armor
    NPCs that will move in- 1 Guard, 2 Knights, 1 Archer
    Size- 9x6
    Objects Required- 4 beds, 4 Chests
    Function- NPCs will reside here at certain times during the day

    Advanced Structures

    Shack: Requires Barracks, Must be independent structure
    NPCs- Miner, Hunter
    Size- 5x5
    Objects required- 1 bed, 3 chests, furnace
    Function- Resident will collect objects during certain times of the day. More independent

    Forge: Requires Shack with Miner, 2 rooms
    NPC- Blacksmith
    Size- 5x5, 3x3
    Objects required- 3 Furnace, 5 chests, 1 bed
    Function- Will create random objects depending on materials

    Roads: Required for Certain NPCs to travel to various locations

    Town Structures: Will go into detail if somebody shows interest

    NPC Functions:

    Servant- Probably one of the most complicated
    Transfers objects from one NPC's chest to another. For instance a chef might need Pork chops. A Servant will travel to a hunter's chest and transfer the objects in it to the chef's chest. Each can be selected for specific jobs through individual menus. Will eat out of the kitchen chest.

    Cook- Will cook food for NPCs. Takes uncooked food from one chest, Cooks it, and places it in a chest for NPCs to eat out of. Eats out of Kitchen chest.

    Guard- Will hand you a sign when they move into the castle. You will need to place the sign in the spot you want the guard to stand. He will stay in one spot but attracts enemies. Will sound a horn that calls knights to location. Eats out of Kitchen Chest.

    Knight- Wanders around attacking enemies. Will stay on roads if built. Will rush to guards location if horn is sounded. Eats out of Kitchen Chest.

    Archer- Will hand you a sign when they move into the castle. They will stay in one spot only moving within a 3x3 square. Has a far line of sight. Will shoot enemy with bow, Eats out of Kitchen Chest.

    Miner- Will hand you a sign when spawned. It will work in the location where the sign was placed and constructs a mine. Cooks and eats it's own food.

    Hunter- Will look for Pigs, hunt them, collect their meat, and place in a chest. Cooks and eats it's own food.

    Blacksmith- Makes various metal objects randomly depending on what supplies it has. Cooks and eats it's own food.

    This is just the castle and I have many more ideas for towns and NPCs but I will not go through the trouble of giving details at this time.

    I hope somebody will give it a try. I am also open to opinions.
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    posted a message on [REQUEST] Kingdom mod
    I have always wanted to build a kingdom in Minecraft, but I could never find the perfect mod. Sure there are multiple village and human mods but each one seem to be lacking in freedom. I don't have the modding abilities to make the mod myself so I was wondering if somebody else could take on the challenge

    This mod will require a lot of time and some major modding skills so it won't be easy to make. I can design the structures that come with it and come up with most of the ideas so at least that could be marked off the list.

    First part is optional: I would prefer a specialized world for this mod. Currently the only choices for worlds are regular and flat. For this mod to work best it would need a world that is purely forest with land that is mostly flat. Hills are fine but due to this mods nature you would need a lot of even land to work with.

    Second part: The most important feature of this mod are the NPCS. They will have Specialized jobs, or none at all, so they will require a decent AI.

    Third part: Paths will play another important part. Any NPC that does not work can wander around on paths you build from structure to structure. This will require a special block.

    Fourth part: Most structures would require a placed sign. The NPC will build in the area the sign is placed.

    Now that the basic ideas are out of the way I will go into specifics about part 2-4.

    NPCs: As I mentioned earlier NPC'S are the most important feature of this mod. In the beginning there would be 4 NPCS but you would be able to obtain more after certain parameters have been met. You need a sign before you can obtain an NPC. Place a sign for The NPC you want to hire or take in and they will stay within that area.

    Paths: NPCs with specified jobs will have preset areas in which they stay and work. For NPC's that have no jobI would like to implement specialized blocks that they can walk on. Say you have a a cobblestone path, an NPC will wander that path and only that path during the day. At night they will automatically return home. I would eventually want NPC's to interact with each other.

    Structures: As you may have noticed I mentioned signs are required for both NPC's and structures. There are only a few signs that can be placed in pre-constructed buildings but Most of them however are required for NPC's to build on a plot in the first place. The first two structures you build have to be built by specific NPC's but anything else will require a builder.

    Now for the first NPC's you would encounter and their functions:

    Servant: Requires 2 signs and a pre-built structure
    The first sign goes in the center of an empty 5x5 space
    The second in an 7x5 space
    Once both signs are placed a servant will spawn and make the first room their bedroom and the second a kitchen.

    Guard: Requires 1 sign, a prebuilt space and a servant
    The sign must be placed in a 5x5 space
    2 guards will spawn with either a sword or bow
    Requires bread once a day from kitchen
    They walk on player built paths

    Farmer: Requires 1 sign, a large empty space, and a servant
    The Sign must be placed on a flat 21x21 space
    Will grow wheat and bring to kitchen
    Farm can eventually be upgraded to grow pigs, chickens, and cows
    Spawns with a man, a woman, and 1 or 2 children
    Can eventually have up to 6 children
    Require 2 before you can move onto city structures

    Wanderers/peasant/nobles: Requires 1 sign and a large empty space
    The Sign must be placed on a flat 21x21 space
    Builds an up-gradable house
    Grows own food until 4th upgrade
    Can be upgraded to grow trees, then wool, then a large house, and lastly a noble house
    Will sell items until after the 3rd upgrade
    After 3rd upgrade they will have 2 families
    After 4th upgrade they will spawn 2 knights
    Can have up to 6 children
    Require 4 before you can move onto city structures

    There would be 5 ages: baby, child, teen, adult, elder. The first born will always inherit the house once the elder dies. The other children will choose other city careers. As a child you can see what they want to do once they grow up.
    If there is a space open in that career once they become a teenager they will go into training. Each structure has 2 workers and 2 apprentices. Once somebody becomes an elder an apprentice will take their place and start the cycle over.
    With each generation they will have better items. After somebody retires they wander on paths or stay home.

    Other structures that I am not going deep into detail about yet.

    Farming Structures:
    Tree Farm
    Sugar Farm

    City Structures:

    Special NPC Built Structures:
    Assassins Guild
    Thieves Guild

    If you're interest post or send me a pm.
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    posted a message on Recruting Medevil Builders
    IGN : Vexx102
    Age : 20
    Skype : N/A
    Experience on a 1-10 : 7
    Screenshots or Videos (MANDATORY) :
    What do you know about building : I am more of a solitary builder but I love to explore the creations of others and have them explore mine. I did build a city larger than the picture I posted but I never got a screenshot.
    What do you expertise in : I love to build cities more so underground than above ground but I currently have a good castle build in mind. I am primarily an underground builder.
    How many hours can you put into this server every day : 2-5 hours but it may change once I find a job and go back to college.
    Why should I accept you into this project : I get bored playing in single player so I love to build around other people and explore their creations. All of my builds have a medevil feel to them so I think I would fit in rather well.
    Any other info: I have only been on one other server ,for a long period of time, and I was never banned. I have been playing for more than a year
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    posted a message on Looking for a good survival server
    I am currently looking for a good survival server. I have only been on one other server,for a long period of time, and I was not banned. I am 20.

    Freedom to build anywhere.
    No PvP or players that choose not to PvP out of courtesy.
    No Griefing

    One of my incomplete builds.
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    posted a message on New 1.8 20 Slot Survival/Creative Server
    Mind if I join?
    I'm 20
    I don't curse
    I have only been on one other server and it was a while ago.
    I was not banned but I left for college issues.
    Here is one of my better builds.
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