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A few parts of this probably won't make sense if you don't already have some degree of knowledge about the universe I created that my characters are from. If you want anything clarified just PM me or put a comment on my profile or something I dunno

Tallix is Tallix and also a mutant human with raven wings

probably stuff about Lance here later I can't be bothered to type it up now so tl;dr he's a human who got demon powers and a magic motorcycle and now he travels places and does things

zelek is a person who is blue or something

Andire is an Adrican, born on the race's homeworld of Kael IX. While there, he learned the arts of magic, alchemy, and magitech; at the age of 256, he built a vessel capable of teleporting far enough to go from the planet's underground and into space, directly avoid the hostile conditions of the Kael IX's surface. In doing so, he became the first Adrican to leave the homeworld, though he simultaneously rendered himself unable to return home.

He continued his journey into space, spending the next thousand or so years adventuring and, in doing so, building up a great deal of power- in particular during an encounter he had with a demon. It is unclear what occurred during that encounter, as Andire's memories of the event are distorted and the demon was presumably killed as a result of the events; all that is known is that Andire gained the ability to use the power of chaos (more formally known as anti-magic, due to the way it interacts with magic energy) and lost his right arm and eye, along with much of the right side of his face being severely damaged. The lost limb and eye and the damage to his face were eventually replaced and repaired via cybernetics.

Eventually, he found himself on the world of Wetheran, where a war between Humans and Dragons, the latter backed by the god Xzen, was being fought and had been locked in a seemingly endless stalemate for over a century. Siding with the humans, he equipped them with technology and knowledge that gave them a significant advantage over their enemies and would later serve as the foundation for the tech of the future Empire of Humanity; in addition, he assassinated Xzen, removing much of the support the Dragons had. Not long after he had slain the god, though, Xzen's soul and spirit merged itself into him, using the last of its conscious power to warp Andire, removing him from the universe and sending him into the realm of the multiverse.

General Information
Age: 1536
Height: 7 ft 3 in [approx 2.21 m]
Weight: 485 lb [approx 220 kg] (Fun fact: Adricans have dense bodies.)
Weapon(s) of choice: Rv18 User-Modified Doubleshot (Pump-action shotgun modified by Andire, capable of shooting both shotgun rounds and using shell-shaped mana capacitors to shoot bursts of laser fire), Arm-Mounted Ion Projection Blade (attached to his mechanical arm)

Regon was created through the Emperor Cloning program, an attempt to produce a magic-capable human using the genetic information of the Emperor of Humanity. Suitable cloning technology, however, had only been developed by the Tychians, and while the Empire's engineers and scientists were able to reverse-engineer the cloning devices that had been stolen from a Tychian facility by pirates and sold to the Empire, they could not remove one feature of it that had become a limitation for their purposes - the machines would not operate without a series of multiple gene sequences and the sequences of the produced clones were heavily randomized. Regardless, seeing that this was currently their best chance at restoring the ability to use magic to Humanity (which had been lost due to a curse placed on the Humans by Xzen as he died), the Emperor approved the program, resulting in Regon's birth approximately two and a half centuries after the initiation of the program.

The first perfect clone of the Emperor, he shared not only his appearence, but the ability to use magic as well. Created by a group of Adrican scientists working for the Empire on the frozen world of Dagon Alpha, he was measured as giving off a mana signature shortly after the cloning process finished, the first of two signs that he was a prospective mage - the second being a blood-red gemstone that grew along with him, which gave off the energy signature projected by a bodiless soul; Regon had been born a Lich, inherited from the Emperor and born with a natural phylactery.

Raised by the Adricans, Regon went through rigorous training, both mentally, physically, and magically, along with numerous augmentations to his body, including but not limited to a biometallic mesh integrated into his skin, to strengthen it and render it resistant to damage; a mechanized alchemy-based recycling system built onto his respiratory organs, supplying him with oxygen indefinitely even in situations in which he had access to little or even no breatheable air; a restructured muscular system, designed to grow in density rather than size and without any true limitation to its growth; a gravitational field manipulator, both to negate the effects of the increased gravitational field his dense body would produce and to allow him some degree of control over how much he would be affected by it as a whole; biometallic cores integrated into his skeleton to render them resistant to breakage and better withstand the forces that would be output by his muscular system; and mechanized joints, boosting his flexibility by increasing his range of motion. At the age of eighteen, Regon was presented by the Adricans who raised him to the Emperor, to whom Regon demonstrated his capabilities; impressed by his abilities, he inducted Regon into the Empire's military, where he would serve the next hundred years on the front lines, fighting alongside elite units in the conquest of new territory.

Through his service to the Empire, he was eventually promoted to the position of Archcommander, a previously unused title that the Emperor had reserved for a human mage that joined his military and showed traits desirable to hold such a position; Regon's combat abilties, capability to lead his fellow soldiers, and charisma among his allies made him the ideal choice for the role in the eyes of the Emperor. Over the next millenia, Regon alternated between leading highly successful military campaigns across the front of the war and returning to the Empire to recover, mentally and physically, from any long-term damage he has taken before initiating his next campaign.

During his most recent journey back from one of his campaigns, however, the Imperial Transport Frigate bringing him and his personal vessel back from the front passed through a previously undetected warp in space-time; while no damage was done to the Frigate or anyone onboard, Regon and his ship disappeared without a trace.

He awoke to find himself elsewhere in the multiverse.

General Information
Age: 1150
Height: 7 ft [approx 2.13 m]
Weight: 770 lb [approx 349 kg] (Having very dense muscles and metal mixed into your skin and bones tends to make you quite heavy.)
Weapon(s) of choice: Imperial Mk IV Salamander-Class Light Railgun, Redsmith Pyrosteel Wyvern-Class Heavy Machine Gun, Imperial Mk III Ion Warsaw

Location Multiversal Adventuring

Profile Information

Steam Valkon