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    Long ago, there was an idea that you could pin recipes to the edges and corners of your screen, where they would remain as a semitransparent HUD element. The ultimate idea was that you would be able to click on it to pick up a ghostly copy, then "stamp" that copy to transfer items, with a quantity varying with left/right click and whether shift was held.

    The idea was to generalize it so that you could put patterns into chests, or the side of your inventory that Factorization's pocket crafting table used, or directly into crafting tables as usual. You also would be able to have a "TODO HUD", as a reminder of what you were working towards.

    Obviously, I never got around to that feature, but there is a tiny piece of code, still lingering around from 2012, that just barely hints at it.

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    While updates to MC 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, and 1.12 are still future plans, I just pushed an update to CurseForge with some more recent minor improvements: You can add liquids to an item search, and the item list text search is now on a separate thread, so that typing multiple characters is far more responsive.

    That build is still marked alpha, though, so it won't appear on Curse or in the Curse Twitch client.


    For mod developers, I wrote up some examples using the newer API I've been working on.

    Shaped/Shapeless grid inputs

    Fluid inputs, item outputs with probabilities

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    Quote from kikirevi»

    Can I add my own recipe to this book, for example for the furniture mod, can i put in my own recipe for an item of that mod?

    If it's a vanilla Shaped or Shapeless recipe, or one of Forge's Ore equivalents, and it's listed by vanilla's crafting manager (almost every mod recipe that can be crafted at a workbench meets those criteria), it's there automatically.

    There is an API that mods can use to show other recipes, although I still haven't set up a way that modpacks could display custom recipes with just a config file. The API currently offers three ways to display recipes. One, a single interface that basically gives you whatever size of screen rectangle you ask for, and a few method calls to handle drawing and user interaction. On top of that, the API builds a "template" abstraction, where you describe how the recipe is laid out (by making an array of Slot instances), then make recipe instances by combining that template with arrays of objects containing the data used by each slot (typically an ItemStack or List<ItemStack>, although some of the Slot types differ). The idea there is that the logic to render an item, or a liquid, or show power usage, or whatever only needs to be written once (as an example implementation, the LiquidSlot in the API itself is entirely self-contained), but that API is unfortunately somewhat inconventient, as you still have to manually position each Slot, and crafting grids (especially shapeless ones!) have to be created one slot at a time, and it's extra work filling the object array for a recipe instance.

    With the recent alpha, I added a third API style, built on top of the Slot system, that does layout for you (although it just places things in columns, and you have to tell it when to move to the next one, and how many pixels of a gap to leave), and supports adding both shaped and shapeless item grids as a single method call. Rather than making an array of slots and then many arrays of objects, you make a template object using chained method calls, and make a recipe instance my using a similar chain of method calls on the template object.

    The new API has a few downsides, notably that older versions of the mod don't support it (although any proper release for Minecraft 1.8 or later will, unless someone has already been making releases for those versions, in which case I encourage them to incorperate the new API; it's so much nicer), and it doesn't support custom slot types (although, I could implement that, maybe? That bit of API isn't quite set in stone at the moment, and the interface listing the methods is not intended for others to implement so if anyone did (someone could theoretically have a compatible API implementation that targetted multiple recipe viewers?), it would be up to them to fix any breakage).

    The new API works like this:

    ConstructedRecipeTemplate template = recipeGenerator.buildTemplate(anItemStackRepresentingThisTypeOfRecipeTypicallyTheMachineThatDoesTheCraftingOrAWorkbenchOrWhatever)
    for(MyRecipe recipe: MyRecipeManager.getRecipeList())

    which would be decent for a machine that takes up to for inputs in any order, and produces a FluidStack. Using the older API, you would need to manually position each of the four inputs, and it would be too much work to give it a single rectangular background (the UI convention I use for "shapeless recipe") so each slot would probably draw its own background instance, and you would need to loop over the inputs copying them to the object array.

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    Quote from KO_Teknik»

    will you fix compass and clock cheats ?

    ^^ ^^ ^^

    I don't know how useful that would be; anyone who wants to cheat would just use an old version of the mod. OTOH, if I can still find the old development environment and get it to work, I might get around to fixing that eventually. Finally finishing with MC 1.7.10 takes priority, although with the relative scale of the work involved, it might happen before then.
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    Coming soon for 1.11?

    Might be a while there. College didn't really leave enough uninterrupted time for me to really finish the 1.7.10 version to my satisfaction, and I've made enough gradual improvements there that I still want one final well-polished 1.7.10 release before making a mad rush through all of the Minecraft versions that have emerged since. Plus, the modpacks that I really want to finish playing are still for 1.7.10, and using the mod has been my primary motivation for improving it.

    In more general news, I recently got some work done on it, notably including a major optimization (really, a performance fix, things were already far too slow) when putting together the recipe list, and created a nicer API alternative (no manual coordinates; method calls declaring data rather than manually creating arrays; support for automatic shaped and shapeless item grids). Also, because it has been too long already, I put a build of it on CurseForge although since it's marked as alpha I don't think it will appear on curse, and might not appear in the curse launcher.
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    Quote from hhggtg3279»

    This mod is dead

    Not entirely. I've just been horribly distracted from all things Minecraft (due to, at varying times, college, Reddit, YouTube, and a SS13 enhancement that is similarly receiving too little effort at the moment), and unfortunately have multiple half-built features that I'll either need to finish or disable prior to having a satisfactory and long-overdue 1.7 release. And I'll want to port everything to the partially-updated 1.8 branch once I have done so, then it'll be relatively straightforward to take everything to further MC versions afterwards.

    At this point, I'll probably just do the multithreading (because loading recipes during first open and to a lesser but more impactful extent text search with each character typed cause problematic freezing in large modpacks) then make a release with whatever else I've already pushed to GitHub, give it a few weeks to see if any major bugs have crept in, then move to 1.8+ as soon as possible, as there have been multiple people putting effort into that on GitHub already, and I'd like to merge their work if it's functional and would cut down on development time there.

    Unless I really make progress in the next few weeks (and ideally only after releasing everything else), HTML exporting will probably either be dropped entirely, or deferred to 1.8+.
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    Unfortunately, I haven't touched anything related to modded Minecraft in over a month, including this, so little progress has been made.

    In more positive news, here's my first idea for a busy spinner. It doesn't feel great to me when it resets, so ideas on how to improve it are welcome.

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    Because it's been annoying me, and should be relatively easy to implement, I'm adding an option to have recipe generation and searching run in a separate thread, so that it doesn't freeze the UI for large modpacks. As I expect other people would be similarly annoyed, I intend to put an alpha or beta release on CurseForge as soon as I'm fairly confident that it won't crash excessively and have a satisfactory progress indicator.

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    Quote from xXNightm4reXx»

    Will there ever be a 1.8 version...or has development halted?

    As I can't find another mod like this, I'd really love to continue using it in future versions

    Quote from Kobivan»

    It will be on version 1.8.9?

    My current intent is to finish the 1.7.10 version, make a single 1.8.9 version, then look into 1.9.

    How fast any of that happens will depend on how much time I spend working on it per day, and what features I choose to keep or defer. For example, I have frequently wished for a back button on filters, especially if it also returned scrollbar position. My text entry field is horribly lacking, missing ctrl-left, -right, and -backspace support. And I still have vague ideas about some sort of HTML export which would be very convenient to have available to 1.7 modpacks.

    Furthermore, I'll probably want to expand the API taking advantage of the MC version break (although carefully maintaining backwards compatibility if possible, I'd want to deprecate stuff for at least half a year of stable CraftGuide before dropping it at a later MC version bump). Main thoughts being an "item grid" to vastly simplify crafting table recipes, and have that do backgrounds slightly differently so that texture pack makers (if any still bother with CraftGuide skinning) have more control over the appearance of such things.

    So, if you want anything specific in the last 1.7 release, now's the time to ask

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    Finally getting back into development. First feature: With holding shift or control being useful on the item search, key repeat was causing performance issues, so search is being improved to avoid redundant searches somewhat. This is slightly complicated by tooltips that vary depending on whether a control key is held, so I have it searching once when shift, ctrl, alt, or meta changes state, even if no printable character is added.

    Still working through BuildCraft recipe support version issues in 1.7 (they changed their API between the first and last BC versions available for that Minecraft version, and I want to keep existing support until the MC version change makes the old one literally impossible. This makes supporting the newer versions an ugly mess of reflection and exception catching rather than a trivial build script update and nice code change).

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    Quote from MrSkyCZ»

    crashes everytime i open it

    i enjoy this but it crashes my game ALL THE TIME when i open it

    Which version of the mod? Does anything show up in <minecraft dir>/logs/CraftGuide.log? (note: this file may contain your PC username, you may want to edit those lines or remove them)

    Does it crash in the more recent but marked-as-beta that's on CurseForge?

    What other mods or what modpack?

    If you can answer any of these questions, it would help me to fix whatever is causing the crashes. I should finally have the time to release a proper update in the near future, and ensuring that a major crash issue is resolved with it would be nice. (otherwise, I'll just have to hope that it has been fixed, and wait to see if people still encounter crashes)

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    Good news: Hopefully I'll have enough free time within a month to put nontrivial work into the mod.

    In the shorter term, the release of Infinity Evolved Skyblock will probably lead to a compatibility update (Built-in BuildCraft support isn't compatible with the API of the BuildCraft version in the pack, at the very least), which might be enough to declare that the 1.7.10 branch is, short of bugfixes, no longer under development. If so, it would be easier to work on 1.8.* (can port code differences that have accumulated exactly once, rather than multiple iterations of taking features from the 1.7.10 branch; can add features to the 1.8.* branch without concern that either 1.7.10 wouldn't get them, or that they would complicate feature porting later).

    Also found a mistake in IC² machine recipe support, in which it sometimes didn't show the correct input amount.

    Quote from NeoslayerX_»

    On the update checker, it says

    \I only see on here.

    Also, what's the little blue button at bottom right of CraftGuide?

    Drag it to resize the window. The UI for it is horribly unintuitive, but I don't know what would make it sufficiently clear (maybe finding a way to change the cursor while over it would help?).

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    Unfortunately, the only way to currently add recipes is though the API, so some additional mod must be used, either to add support for the missing recipes, or to read hand-assembled recipe data from a configuration file.

    I've had long-term ideas about planning a file format for recipe data, especially for network transmission. The goal would be that modpacks can distribute a recipe bundle, and if the server's recipe set differs (configuration, customization, etc.) some theoretical CraftGuide server component can generate an extra bundle containing only the differences. Clients would therefore only need to download each once even between visits (unless the local files are deleted, the user switches Minecraft instances, or the server recipe configuration changes).

    That would naturally allow for pack-specific recipe addition, but until/unless that happens, the best that can be done is to find or make a mod that can add the recipes you want.

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    Good news: Done with college for a few weeks, so I might have time to work on an update.

    Bad news: Decided to go with family on a vacation to Ireland, so it's more like one week with my computer.

    At least: I copied all my old dev environments so, if I can get the right Java versions, I can at least try to work on something during spare moments.

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    Quote from Turtle1923»

    Is It On MCModKit???????????????

    Probably not, as I didn't even know that site existed until today. Probably not in the near future, as I have no idea who runs the site (reputation, trustworthiness, etc.), see very little external discussion of it (googling 'mcmodkit site:reddit.com' returned no results), and the download counts for mods already on the site are far too low for me to see it as worth complicating the process to upload a new release.

    Quote from ajthemacboy»

    Hello, I found this mod when looking for a similar mod.

    I need a mod that can list all the things you can make with items currently in your inventory.

    Can you add this functionality to this mod, or direct me to another mod that can?

    It is not a high-priority feature, but may make it in eventually. If I can find time and motivation to finish what I am currently working on (final round of 1.7.10 mod compat, finish or scrap HTML export, release a 1.8 version), perhaps.

    Quote from devi1986»

    CraftGuide worked before i updated today to these Mods:





    Maybe this will help you out :)

    I'll definitely look into this.

    Quote from monkeybeeee1»

    do me have to ask here or rwtema about the EDU suport S: cant find any recipes for the things made in that :(

    Is it a separate machine from vanilla crafting? If so, someone (myself or otherwise) would have to add explicit compatibility for it. I prefer to only add compatibility myself after getting explicit permission from the developer of other mods. Alternatively, RWTema could use the CraftGuide API (which I try to keep as stable as possible) to add the recipes. Finally, some third person could create a mod that does so (as, IIRC, mistaqur did at one point). For the latter two cases, I have a document trying to give a decent overview of how my API is set up.

    Quote from zloibuka»

    Great mod, but its crashes on using :(

    java.lang.NullPointerException: Unexpected error
    at uristqwerty.CraftGuide.itemtype.ItemType.findMatchingNBT(ItemType.java:201)
    at uristqwerty.CraftGuide.itemtype.ItemType.getInstance(ItemType.java:186)
    at uristqwerty.CraftGuide.itemtype.ItemType.getInstance(ItemType.java:133)
    at uristqwerty.CraftGuide.RecipeCache.generateAllItemList(RecipeCache.java:114)
    at uristqwerty.CraftGuide.RecipeCache.reset(RecipeCache.java:75)
    at uristqwerty.CraftGuide.RecipeCache.<init>(RecipeCache.java:42)
    at uristqwerty.CraftGuide.GuiCraftGuide.<init>(GuiCraftGuide.java:42)
    at uristqwerty.CraftGuide.GuiCraftGuide.getInstance(GuiCraftGuide.java:65)
    at uristqwerty.CraftGuide.client.fml.CraftGuideClient_FML.openGUI(CraftGuideClient_FML.java:109)
    at uristqwerty.CraftGuide.ItemCraftGuide.func_77659_a(ItemCraftGuide.java:43)
    at net.minecraft.item.ItemStack.func_77957_a(ItemStack.java:146)
    at net.minecraft.client.multiplayer.PlayerControllerMP.func_78769_a(PlayerControllerMP.java:377)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_147121_ag(Minecraft.java:1475)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71407_l(Minecraft.java:1953)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71411_J(Minecraft.java:973)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_99999_d(Minecraft.java:898)
    at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:148)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.launch(Launch.java:135)
    at net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch.main(Launch.java:28)

    Ah, I see where the problem is. It should be fixed whenever I manage to release the next version.
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