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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Quote from turgsh01»

    It'd be nice to be able to transform a dirt block to a grass block using bone meal. (not referring to tall grass, just from dirt to green top)

    When making an island in the sky or underground, it can be really difficult / tedious to get grass up / down there.

    Lately, I've gotten grass blocks by finding and killing an Endermen carrying one. Granted it doesn't get you a LOT of grass blocks and would be kind of tedious if you need to make a lot of separate islands in the sky. But if you only need one it's not all that difficult to obtain.
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    posted a message on Redstone Bluetooth (UPDATED)

    • This will not be obtainable in Survival Mode; just like a command block, you would have to type "/give @p minecraft:nameofitem"
    • A parameter that indicates what redstone object you want to power (write the co-ordinates of the block)

    I mean if it's already so specific as to require block coordinates and requires commands to obtain, why not just use commands or command blocks?

    Place a redstone block next to the circuit you need to power:

    /setblock x y z minecraft:redstone_block

    Remove the block when you need to deactivate it:

    /setblock x y z minecraft:air

    Adding/removing blocks too conspicuous? Then set the block state specifically.

    /setblock x y z minecraft:lit_redstone_lamp
    /setblock x y z minecraft:redstone_lamp

    This should appear as the lamp simply turning on or off.


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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Quote from MARlNERO»

    There is caffeine in the tea. Tea contains more caffeine than coffee. Nobody says what the tea is a drug. Children kill animals and each other in the Minecraft.They drink extremely heavy drugs (magic potions) too. We must prohibit a lot of things here

    Minecraft's violence falls under the umbrella term "fantasy violence" meaning it's unrealistic, people and creatures don't bleed, corpses aren't left behind but instead poof out of existence after falling over, the primary enemies of the game are monsters, etc.

    The "magic" nature of potions thus makes them also an element of fantasy and thus are not directly relatable to today's concepts of drugs. Minecraft's potions are not mind altering substances, they offer physically impossible buffs and debuffs and cause your body to emit colored particles.

    They are performance enhancers. By analogy they have more in common with steroids than with recreational drugs.

    However the above is all moot. Because potions are "magic" they are thus pretend. Children understand the concept of pretending, they are natural born MASTERS at the art. They know and understand the difference between reality and fiction. Particularly the ages recommended by the ERSB for playing Minecraft.

    The ESRB sees Minecraft's current content as fit for children and adults ages 10 and up. I do not dispute their claim and see nothing that needs to be removed from Minecraft to make it more kid friendly.

    Children emulate what they see, yes. But again what they emulate far more than games or TV are the people around them. They are who children pay the most attention to and thus are the ones who need most to be paying attention to those children and what those children see.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions

    Semantics about what things are and not drugs aside (since really that's irrelevant). It makes sense for a Minecraft, a game rated E 10+, to not include any substances illegal or dangerous for humans consume for the ages of 10 to 18.

    Thus illegal drugs, or age restricted substances (tobacco and alcohol) should be excluded from Minecraft. Else the ESRB reevaluate the game and raise it's rating.

    As for caffeine. I'll agree it's a (mild) drug and can be dangerous in large quantities, that said though I doubt its existence in Minecraft (in the form of coffee) would be that big of an issue.

    Kids would seek to emulate their parents/adult caretakers first before emulating game characters. And at the risk of overgeneralizing, adults drink coffee all the dang time. So if kids are encouraged to drink coffee at all it's because of its prominence in society at large. Coffee existing in a video game won't make much of a difference. Just a drop in the mug so to speak.

    That said, the original coffee suggestion a few pages ago argued the necessity of a sleep/rest system in game.

    THAT is the thing I disagree with. I don't think Minecraft needs another tedious bar to manage for survival. Health and hunger are enough.

    I think it'd be better to basically make coffee into an effective "haste potion." Brew coffee beans in a brewing stand to create coffee that when drunk increases your mining and attack speed similar though perhaps less than the effects of Haste on a beacon. This would simulate boosts in "alertness and productivity" often associate with coffee in real life and one of the primary reasons people drink it.

    Further when the effect wears off it could even inflict the player with mining fatigue to simulate caffeine withdrawal, if the developers decide there must be a negative effect associated with coffee. (I don't really think there needs to be one)

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    posted a message on Cheese (new edible item)
    Quote from Cerroz»

    Then it kind of burns the point of having the sickness thing.


    I guess I didn't explicitly say that I was also against that idea.
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    posted a message on Cheese (new edible item)
    Quote from Cerroz»

    Curing everything is fine, but I don't see the point in that nausea stuff. No other food makes you sick when eating too much, so making cheese the only one that does this is just awkward.

    Most other foods simply can't be eaten "too much" seeing as you can't eat any more when the hunger bar is full. Just make cheese the same way.

    Spamming cheese becomes impossible.
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    posted a message on Solar and Lunar Eclipses!
    Quote from Badprenup»

    Possibly, but putting them on two separate cycles and making eclipses possible but rare and making the light level change based on the sun and moon overlapping is a heck of a lot harder than a simple function and random number generator.

    Harder sure, but the trickiest part is coming up with the math equations, but you only ever need to do that once. The rest is just letting a computer calculate things.

    The sun can remain the same, it would dictate day and night. The moon would be on a separate orbital rail with a slightly faster speed and have the rail 'wobble' very, very slowly should probably simulate enough changes for possible but rare eclipses. This would double the number of calculations for positions of celestial objects in minecraft (since the moon would no longer automatically be 180 degrees opposite the sun).

    Sun and moon positions are functions of time within a day/night. Moon rail wobble angle a function of days within a Minecraft "year" (or just time on a larger scale). Because it's on a larger scale it only needs to be updated once per in game day thus minimal calculation overhead.

    The dimming level for the eclipse can be calculated on the sun and moon's positions when their distance is less than the radius of their sprites. A simple vector calculation with no obstacles. I don't know how mob pathfinding works but seeing as zombies can navigate mazes I'm guessing the algorithm involved is a lot more complicated than a simple distance calculation between two moving objects.

    If eclipses are worth adding to the game, they're worth being added in right. I'd prefer some consistency in how the moon is moving overhead even if I rarely pay attention to it.

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    posted a message on Trains! Oh Mojang why have you forsaken thine Minecarts!
    Quote from ShelLuser»

    I mean... Sure, getting carts linked together so that an engine can pull it sounds like fun, but is that really useful? Most cart operations work on single carts only and there's a good reason to keep it that way: even if you can pull multiple carts linked together you'd still need time to process the individual carts. I think it will only over complicate things, and keeping things (relatively) simple is in my opinion a key feature of Minecraft.

    Similar to your sample with a single minecart stopping, unloading, and then leaving doing the same for a multi minecart train wouldn't be much more complicated. Just increase the hopper bandwidth (one hopper per cart with chest). And either let one chest be the main controller or use 4 comparators and AND their signal together.

    All you'd need is a way to start and stop the train, depending on this hypothetical engine cart's functionality this can be as simple as using an activator rail, inactive powered rails, pistons, or done manually by a player riding the train.

    It's really not all that much added complexity.
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    posted a message on Cloud-Related Gamerules

    Minecraft's clouds are loooooong overdue for an upgrade. So naturally, Support.

    6 years ago this suggestion was posted on Reddit. Notch was immediately impressed and said he'd "draw inspiration from this."

    And nothing significant has happened with clouds since. :(

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    posted a message on Control Speed of Rails
    Quote from fdf2002»

    speed 15 would equate to what's already the normal minecart speed

    I think minecarts could stand to be faster. As they are almost no one bothers to use them since other methods of travel are generally faster/better.

    Regardless, Support.
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    posted a message on Shields are far too overpowered.
    Quote from Ptolemy2002»

    There are many viable uses for the offhand besides the shield.

    1. Totem of undying. You can't call saving your life an "unviable use".
    2. Sword bow tactic. You can shoot a bow while holding a sword, and you don't have to fumble with the scroll wheel or number keys.
    3. Food weapon tactic. If you are low on health in the middle of a fight, having a golden apple in offhand could be very useful.
    4. Build Mine tactic. If you are mining, and you fall or something, it can be very helpful to be able to place a block that could break your fall.
    5. Build Build tactic. Having 2 types of blocks in your hand at once can decrease building times by a lot.

    You can compare the shield to elytra in this way. The shield is balanced just as well as elytra.

    Using multiple types of arrows: Holding the Bow in the offhand and selecting arrows in the hotbar (or vice versa) will prioritize those arrows over others in your inventory, allowing you to switch arrow types on the fly.
    Mining Torch tactic: particularly if all you're doing is digging 1x2 tunnels.

    Plus the offhand is a pretty good spot to keep a stack of rockets when you're flying. (unless you're using the bow)
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    posted a message on Treat Spawn Chunks like Normal Chunks

    I support this.

    The biggest drawback mentioned for going this route would be losing "global" command block functionality but it seems to me they could just implement commands or server controls specifying a chunk range within a given area to always remain loaded.

    Either that or some other more efficient way to implement global commands that's not dependent on chunks being loaded in memory.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.13 Redstone Block Idea - Sound Detector

    I think it'd be interesting (if annoying to the trap designer) if the sound detector was affected by weather. Thus it'd hear rain and emit a low level signal such as strength 1 or 2. Thunder would give it spikes of a stronger signal (still not 100% though) possibly up to 5-7 for nearby strikes.

    A side benefit of this would be using the sound detector to detect weather.

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    posted a message on Trapped Hopper

    Straight up brilliant suggestion.

    Simple suggestion. Clever mechanic. A somewhat needed mechanic. Great crafting recipe. A boon to redstone builders everywhere. Sounds like a very "Minecrafty" item too.

    Seriously, using a trapped chest is really smart. Logically the trapped chest when activated would disable the hopper this simply changes the method of activation to something hugely useful.

    Not to mention filters are sometimes referred to as "traps" in real life. (The lint trap in your clothes dryer for instance)

    Best item filter suggestion I think I've ever read.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Quote from Fabian42»

    Penguins: Hm, maybe. Would be hard to explain why they're in the same area as ice bears. :D

    Not really. Not any harder than explaining how blocks float. ;) And even then we could even have the individual biome flip a coin on whether it spawns polar bears or penguins.

    Besides penguins are better suited to spawn on cold beaches or in ocean biomes near to an icy biome so they're more likely to have access to wide open areas of water. And they'd better swim like penguins too instead of just bobbing up and down in the water like most mobs.

    I wouldn't be at all interested in penguins if they only lived on land and waddled.

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