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    posted a message on April Fools In Minecraft?
    Quote from Shoresh

    Turning off the sound makes the game unplayable for many of us. Your vulgar insensitivity only makes it easier to disregard what you say.

    Oh no, you might have to avoid playing Minecraft for a WHOLE DAY in order to not get your precious sensibilities offended! How awful!I'm so mad that Mojang decided to pull an April Fool's prank on April Fool's Day! I had so many great plans for today, and now they're all RUINED! Thanks a lot, Jeb! I can't believe I have to wait an entire DAY in order for things to go back to normal. Why didn't my parents teach me how to be patient!? Now I HAVE to post on Minecraft Forums to vent my bile because my entire life up until this point has been instant gratification and being treated with kid gloves to make sure that my precious feelings don't get hurt! You've just ruined Minecraft, Mojang! :steve_tearful:
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    posted a message on Lunatrius' mods
    Looks great! I'm definitely going to be using this when I need to light up the village on my SMP server. :)
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Wedge, The WorldGen Editor: Create worlds you've only dreamed of! [256Y] [MP]
    Updated for Multiplayer!

    256-height maps, Easy Mode, and bugfixes galore!
    Now with a ZIP download for our Mac friends!
    Are you tired of being lulled to sleep by the plains, deserts and rolling mountains of your average Minecraft surface world?
    Do the constant swamps and flat snow worlds lead you to explore for hours on end just to find exciting terrain?
    Say, "No more!"
    Ditch your Superflat friend and play around with the new "Superfun" mode in...
    The WorldGen Editor

    Here are some pics of Wedge's results in action:

    Here are some more pics:

    Full Gallery:

    Here are just some of the options that Wedge allows you to control!

    Wedge even includes a handy-dandy World Previewer that renders a 9x9 array of chunks for you to preview your terrain without having to create a throwaway world!

    Wedge now has a new Tutorial mode as of Wedge 0.3:

    Prerequisites (Single): Minecraft 1.2.5, ModLoader for MC1.2.5
    Prerequisites (Multiplayer): Minecraft 1.2.5, ModLoader 1.2.5, ModLoaderMP 1.2.5 (both Client and Server)

    Want to know more? What are you waiting for?! Download it and find out!

    NOTE: Wedge 0.3.0 Client is compatible with Forge. It uses ms.class, but it has the same functions as Forge (permitted by LexManos). Just install Wedge *after* Forge and it will work.
    NOTE 2: Wedge 0.3.0 Multiplayer is not compatible with Forge, but a Forge-compatible fork of WedgeMP is in the works.

    Old Versions:
    If you need any help with my mod, feel free to drop me a line on IRC on, nickname UltraMoogleMan - I'll be more than happy to help! Just be aware that I do have a day job, so I'm often AFK.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Wedge, The WorldGen Editor: Create worlds you've only dreamed of! [256Y] [MP]
    Alright guys and gals, I've been working on the next revision of Wedge, and it should be much more compatible with other mods now that it doesn't have to edit I also wish you people would stop saying it's "not compatible with any other mods". It is incompatible with mods that modify the all of *two* base classes that Wedge also touches. If there is no class conflict, then it is YOUR fault that you can't get it working with a given mod. Stop blaming me.

    In the meantime, I've made a "Visual Tutorial" mode that'll be in the update that I'm releasing in about 9-10 hours or so. Check out a video of the effect in action here:

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    posted a message on [1.2.3] Kaevator mods: Slopes, Wooden frames, Wallpapers
    So apparently you didn't get the hint from me reporting "your" CCTV thread and having the mods pull it that I'm not interested in having you rip off my mods. Instead, you just renamed all of my files, slapped a new name on it, and are still distributing it. Where the **** do you get off?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Wedge, The WorldGen Editor: Create worlds you've only dreamed of! [256Y] [MP]
    Hey guys, I just want to say that I'm still working on Wedge - this weekend I broke ground on a plugin for CraftBukkit. I just haven't had as much time to work on it as I've been expecting.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Wedge, The WorldGen Editor: Create worlds you've only dreamed of! [256Y] [MP]
    Quote from sslitherr

    Nobody has seemed to answer that yet, as that was my question in regards to the "blobs". It seems those settings as of yet, are completely pointless... I am thinking of, when I get a program that opens class files, I may check the values / names of blobs and see if inputting them into the slider options helps with that... I'd really like to see diamonds and more iron showing up on my surface areas :P

    If the blob settings aren't working, then it's a bug that I need to fix. Not to worry, I'm pretty sure I already know what the issue is, so hopefully we'll have v0.2.2 out tonight. :)
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Wedge, The WorldGen Editor: Create worlds you've only dreamed of! [256Y] [MP]
    Quote from Kianon

    so moogle... are there any future plans for the mod in the future?

    Yes! The first thing I plan to do this evening is post the banners that folks have created in the main post of the thread, and update my signature to point to them. :D

    Regarding the mod itself, there are a few things that people have requested that I'd like to implement soon, including:
    - Fixed Expert and Preview GUIs so that the controls don't go off-screen
    - Presets that can be saved / loaded
    - Better descriptions for the controls
    - More controls in Expert mode to control ravine and cave generation, since I had to duplicate those classes in order to fix the over-128 bugs in them, and so I can fully control the constants in those, too
    - More controls in Expert mode to control Biome attributes like min/max height, rain/snow/none, fog color, water color, grass tint color, object population density, and other attribs.
    - Some sort of API for adding additional worldgen plugins, worldgen formulae, world types and biomes, in order to give modders complete control over the terrain generation rather than just modifying the default one. Likewise, a GUI to allow people to add new formulae and biomes in an interactive manner
    - Possibly an even higher map limit, but no guarantees
    - A "live" preview option to show the rotating preview behind the on-screen controls and to make the on-screen controls partially transparent. The advantage to this would be that you can get a more real-time impression of what the different controls do.
    - "Tutorial" mode, where you're guided through a few settings to create an interesting-looking world.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Wedge, The WorldGen Editor: Create worlds you've only dreamed of! [256Y] [MP]
    Hey, I just released version 0.2.1!

    + 256-height map support!
    + (theoretically) Compatible with Risugami's Biospheres mod!
    + Easy Mode!
    + Parameter saving!
    + Bugfixes! (theoretically Optifine should work although I haven't tried it, worlds no longer stop generating properly when you log out and log back in)

    256-height map support in Easy Mode, with Craziness at about 0.6% and Sea Level at 0.4, looks like this:

    Go grab it!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Wedge, The WorldGen Editor: Create worlds you've only dreamed of! [256Y] [MP]
    Hey, folks! It's unlikely that anyone will see my reply this far in the thread, but I figured I'd give a small update:

    - I've got Wedge working properly with the Biospheres mod, I'll be releasing the update tonight.

    - It's going to take some doing to get 256-high generation working in Wedge, but I think I can manage. Part of the problem is that all of the different feature generators, like the cave generator and stronghold generator, all are still hard-coded to expect a map that's 128-high. I can work around this by generating the lower 128 blocks, running the cave / stronghold / etc. generators, and then generating the upper 128 blocks, but it'll take me an hour or two, and I didn't discover this until around midnight last night, so I opted to go to sleep instead. :)

    - I'm still planning on looking into the "Done" button issues tonight.

    - In the next major revision of Wedge, I'm planning on adding the ability to tweak Biome settings as well, so you can adjust the relative min/max height, precipitation, fog color, water color, and a few other aspects of Biome generation, too!

    - I'll try to fix the issue with world reloading tonight.
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