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Bio? About ME? Oh man, I feel like I'm in an interview! Well, anyways:
I'm a person on the interwebz that stumbled upon, and feel like this would be a PERFECT spot for my nest! Not literally, I just want to find a spot where I can help.


My interests? I am interested in nature, and Japan! China is alright, Korea too. The reason I like Japan best is NOT because of anime, but because the architecture of their buildings, like, y'know, the traditional ones. I also like their cherry blossom trees! Now, I know China has similar architecture, but Japan seems to have more red in them, and it's pretty! Also, cherry blossom trees. gr8 About nature, I simply like the forest and, nature, like, what am I suppose to say about nature? I like the trees, I mean...

I'm interested in command blocks, which is recently that I've been REALLY getting into them. I'm learning a lot man, they're heck of a thing. When it comes to command blocks, I am no expert, but I have basic knowledge about them. When it comes to complicated stuff, I'm not the guy.

Speaking of Minecraft, I like building! I don't really do it very often, but when I do, I feel like I can make some pretty good builds! I would love to do some large-scale builds, but it's pretty much only myself because none of my friends are actually good at building in Minecraft, sadly. I mostly build Medieval themed stuff, or just simply stone brick/wool/wood houses. When it comes to other topics, I seriously go off by experience when it comes to building certain topics. For example: I was looking at a LOT of pictures of japanese buildings when I tried to build my japanese house. It actually went pretty well, and with that build, I feel like I can confidently build japanese buildings.

Here's a screenshot of the house (I was using the Attack of The B-Team modpack btw, so yeah.)

Here it is in the nite time

anotha one

This one's good

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