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    posted a message on Server Crafter [v2.0] - Modpack Server Version Assistant

    just make an online list so you won't need to update the program every time

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    posted a message on Server Crafter [v2.0] - Modpack Server Version Assistant

    Nice looking tool, but, what mods does it currently remove?

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    posted a message on {1.3.2} Realistic Minecraft (NEED FORGE CODERS!)

    Should I port this to minecraft 1.9? lol

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    posted a message on I make free mods! ;3

    Name of Mod: Horizon Mod

    Time you want mod done: Ehh... 3 weeks at the most. Tell me if you need more. :P

    What would this mod add in:

    * New cat breeds.

    * Stray Cats, which spawn anywhere within 4 chunks of the player in all biomes but the Nether, End, and Ocean, or in NPC villages. They are much easier to tame than ocelots, like 2 fish at the most. They are also easier to get to approach the player, and they never have the ocelot skin.

    * Cat Suit - Armor that looks like a cat (I dont care the color :P). Same armor value as iron. Rarely found in chests. VERY high durability.

    * Hurting a cat(stray OR tamed) will result in consequences! (Surprise me :P)

    * Obsidian Cat - spawns as a stray, extremly rare. Immune to lava, fire and explosions. Sets nearby hostile mobs ablaze. Tamed with obsidian blocks. Nearly invincible.

    * Very rarely, there will be a 'cat temple' in a forest. It is a small staircase that leads underground, to a large, empty room where stray cats spawn like crazy, and obsidian cats are more common, and there will be loot chests, where cat suits are more common.

    * Cat Beacon - A block crafted with a beacon, and fish, that attracts stray cats, and can spawn stray cats around it.

    * Cat Food Bowl - A bowl used to feed tamed cats. If they do not eat, they will lose health(not die), and become unhappy.

    * Cat Water Bowl - I think this is obvious.

    * Cat Litter Box - A cat's gotta poop after it eats, right? Once a cat uses it, it will become 'full'. It needs to be cleaned out. If a cat has no useable litterboxes nearby, it will become unhappy.

    * Litter Scoop - Cleans out litterboxes.

    * When a cat becomes too unhappy, it will smack the player. It does not damage, but knocks the player back.

    * You cannot make a cat sit, but right clicking it will make it toggle it's teleportation ability.

    * When a cat needs something, it will meow loudly.

    lol now to cat-unrelated stuff.

    * When you smelt an ingot, and take it out the furnace, it becomes 'hot' for 30 seconds. It sets the player on fire if it is in the inventory. You must put it in a new block, the 'Cooler', crafted with a furnace surrounded by snowballs, which will cool it off instantly. The cooler needs to use water buckets or Redstone Flux(if Thermal Expansion is installed) as fuel to cool stuff down.

    Why you want it: Cats are awesome, and I'm making a modpack, I want something to make it unique :D. Also the 'Hot Ingots' thing is realistic :D

    If you want to exclude a feature, tell me, I won't be mad.

    Make sure the mod is 1.7.10

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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    You can drop liteloader in the mods folder. Liteloader install > extract jar or whatever > go to liteloader.jar > drop it in mods folder
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    posted a message on The Boat Glitch - No dying in the void!
    also, you do not need air blocks surronding the center block
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    posted a message on Steve-like character in Cartoon Network's new show Clarence.
    Clarence is anti-technology. Look at the first part of the intro. Like, the first half second.
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    posted a message on WearMC - Full character customisation! []
    Hey, my ign is turtle5204, and can I have access to customizing with advanced features? Thx.
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    posted a message on Anyone willing to take Litecoins?
    Quote from Yussefoh

    Hi Turtle5204,

    My name is Youssef Akil and I represent Virtual Gladiators. We strongly recommend using our 1.5GB Enderman Package. We charge $17.70/Month for this package, that is due to our high-end hardware which you can see here. However, we can offer you a 10% discount coupon for the first month!: "Yussglad". While we do accept Paypal only, there are methods you can make Litecoin money, into Paypal money. Just search it on google.

    Here's what you can expect from us:
    • 1536MB of ECC DDR3 Memory
    • Recommended Slots: (1-32 We can increase/decrease upon request)
    • Unlimited Storage
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Data Backup! (Your data will be backed up twice a day!)
    • Multicraft Control Panel (Easy and simple to use)
    • Full FTP access!
    • One click plugin installation
    • MySQL Database
    • Craftbukkit! (We also support many different mod packs, for a full list click here)
    • Instant Setup!
    • 24/7 Live Support
    • 7 day Money Back guarantee
    • A 45 day Free Enjin Membership
    • 1 Free month Buycraft premium Membership
    • 7-day money back guarantee system
    Don't forget to use our 10% discount coupon for the first month!: "Yussglad".

    Click here for more information.
    Click here to contact us.

    Skype: yussefohakadarkkrai

    Thank you for reading, we hope to see you in the near future.
    -Youssef Akil | Virtual Gladiators

    I'm looking forward to getting your servers once I reach the 1 LTC mark!
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    posted a message on Anyone willing to take Litecoins?
    1 LTC(litecoin) = about 17$

    I got my hands on some LTC lately, and I am wondering is anyone willing to take LTC for a 1-2 GB server with Multicraft and Bukkit?

    According to, 1 LTC is worth 16.60999 USD.
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    posted a message on Server hosting paid with dogecoin?

    I'll consider accepting DogeCoin actually. Do you have a skype?

    live:gameexpertnetwork is my skype
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    posted a message on Server hosting paid with dogecoin?
    I have gathered up dogecoins lately, and wondered "How will I spend these?"

    Is there any server hosting providers who would gladly accept dogecoins?
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    IGN (In Game Name): turtle5204

    Why do you want to become a Member on Eternal

    Eden?:Cause I want to join the amazing server,


    Real Age: 23

    Do you Enjoy this server?: HECK YES I DO!


    Whats your favorite block in Minecraft?: Gotta be

    the..... GREEN STAINED CLAY!

    Tell us something about yourself: I love video


    Where did you hear about the server?: Random

    server list
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w37a Ready For Testing!
    Quote from ota007

    Also now you can play sounds with
    /playsound <sound> <player> <x> <y> <z> <volume> <pitch> <minvolume>

    although it doesn't seem to be working -_- . Also pitch must be 2 max and min volume must be 1 max.

    That's been there sience 1.6
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