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    posted a message on Join us in CyberCafe! Mature members only.

    Hello! Going to start off with a little about myself. I've been playing Minecraft for a little over a year and I really enjoy building and redstoning. I had a realm for a little over a month while I was still active duty, but it was to much to keep up with while active. I have recently discharged from the Navy and I'm going to school for CIS for the next 3 years.

    I'm looking forward to meeting some cool people and building a supportive and fun realm.

    Below is a list of the rules/regulations:

    - No building bases within 100 blocks of the spawn (reserved for community buildings and shops)

    (no need to ask permission to setup a shop, just be courteous to your fellow builders and when it comes to the spawn area)

    - Keep it clean. Don't leave half built projects for weeks without touching them, cut down trees completely..etc

    - No griefing, stealing, or duping.

    (Use your head for this one, the key here is to be honest and treat others with respect)

    - No PvP unless agreed upon or in a clearly marked PVP area.

    - The map will be played on normal, unless enough members agree on switching it to hard

    - I will preform nightly backups of the realm, possibly some during the day depending on ongoing projects

    - Discord available for comms (recommended for planning and trouble tickets* :p)

    - If you're devices/farms are causing lag for everyone, I request that you temp. shut them off until you can fix it

    - Failure to follow these rules and I will review the issue and decide whether or not to ban/restrict you

    - Each player/group is allowed to have 9 "/tickingarea" chunks for farms and such (this will be adjusted based on lag)

    With the release of the 1.2 update, we are considering restarting in the next couple weeks, once they iron out some of the bugs associated with it. Feel free to join us, meet some of the guys/gals and see if this is the place for you before we restart.

    It is possible that we will be migrating to a 3rd party server for the restart as well. I will be performing testing once one of the mcpe tools is updated to 1.2.

    We currently have about 6 active players, two of them are OP's. Someone is always around to help or handle problems.

    I'm always open for suggestions as well, don't be afraid to make them. If you're interested in joining, please respond letting me know your handle, why you are interested, and a little about yourself/minecraft experience (if you want)

    Hope to see you guys in game!

    - Titan

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