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I love YouTube. I like YouTube because it's a pretty good distraction from the stressful reality. I watch Minecraft Youtubers, ibxtoycat for all the news, AntVenom for the experiments, RGA Gaming for the laugh worthy trolling, and some more random Youtubers I watch occasionally. I also love video games. They're my favorite entertainment. But the game that I love most is Minecraft.

I love how you are plopped into a randomly generated world full of great places to explore and lots of creatures to find. There are many natural resources around your world to go find, and may serve very useful. I love the different mobs and some of the dimensions and naturally generating structures, along with the infinite world to conquer.


My biggest interest is YouTube and Minecraft. ibxtoycat for the news, AntVenom for the experiments, and a bunch of random youtubers for the main entertainment. I also see a lot of potential in the new bedrock version of Minecraft. I also love food and animals!!!!!

Location U.S.A Nevada

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