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    posted a message on Non-Stackable Sorting Inquiry (Would like To filter Enchanted books from my Fish Farm)


    I have a pretty simple but efficient "AFK" fish farm. It works pretty well... however.. it is really time-consuming to pick through the garbage to get the enchanted books. My question is ... " Is there a simple way to filter/sort these NON-STACKABLE books? Without having to just filter for everything else, and have that be the "catch-all" item? Any suggestions would be humbly appreciated. :)

    Vanilla Survival MC. non-modded, only Optifine and Bdcraft graphics

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    posted a message on How do you quickly located and get to Woodland Mansions?

    This 1st time exploring the Woodland Mansion was super great !! seeing the new mobs and especially those HUGE wool heads of mobs.. was very cool for me...

    I only play vanilla survival mc (just optifine graphics, and bdcraft texture), so it took FOREVER to get there. I never thought about using the nether above bedrock to decrease travel distance/time... that 's ingenuity :)!

    The fun was fun, but in vanilla survival, the time and distance, for the loot and xp offered...just don't seem to be worth it for me, but it's still fun :)

    And yeah.. lol, I ended up just using the TotU as just a tiki wall art ... lol

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    posted a message on Do you think the woodland mansion is worth it?

    I enjoyed finding it , after many adventurous hours searching :) I especially liked the new mobs. I also found some really "interesting" sources of wool blocks, a HUGE wool cat and creeper face :)

    The mansion is now my woodsupply store.. hahaha

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    posted a message on Hi, i am new here.

    Welcome... :) I too, am new to the forum.. but long time minecrafter.

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