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If necesarry please contact me trough the mcf message system, the accounts listed below are only for people i trust!

About me:

Hey there, I'm Nick.  I live in the politically idiotic Belgium and I'm a drummer, snowboarder(Only in the winter) and a wakeboarder(Only in the summer). My main intrests are Digital Arts & Entertainment. I'm pretty much multifunctional when it comes to digital software, i work in photoshop, 3DS Max, Blender 3D, Sony Vegas, Fruity Loops, illustrator, Indesign and much, much more!


Steam: nickdebeste

Skype: Thelifemower

MSN: Currently not being used

E-mail: [email protected]:

And yes, i did make the animation of my avatar myself. No, i will not make you one.I lost intrest in Flash for a while and do not wish to animate.
Interests 3D, graphical junk all the way!

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Minecraft nickdesterke

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