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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Mercenary
    In my opinion, this challenge is fantastic. Please keep working on it. Though I have a suggestion for an optional challenge. Well, more of just something fun to do once you complete everything else. And I know it's stupid, it's just an idea I got so I was like, "Hey! People like killing ****. This will work out fine." So don't hate please. Also, this challenge gets a diamond.

    Not Enough Power
    That's it. You've had it with other villages, not marveling in your gloriousness. Yeah, you made it a word. Be proud of yourself.

    Your goal is that you have to use everything that you're villagers have taught you, to attack other villages, and possibly destroy them, if you're feeling evil.

    The requirements are that you need to use TNT, or redstone traps, potions, and an enchanted iron, gold or diamond sword to take out villagers of other villages.

    Reward: Everyone that is alive, and not apart of your village, hates you now. Congrats. Now go kill the ones who hate you. (Or you can think of your own reward. Then go killing. I was horrible at making this.)
    Posted in: Survival Mode
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