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    posted a message on Spawning rules question: how do half slabs work?

    Mobs spawning on upper half-slabs is nothing new; I'm not sure why the second video is claiming that mobs can now spawn on top of half-slabs as of 1.7 when they could in older versions, likely far older than 1.6.4:

    Likewise, this is also true for stairs, hoppers (claimed here to be a 1.9+ mechanic, but this proves otherwise), and 8-high snow layers (1-high snow layers also allow mobs to spawn but due to the fact that prior to 1.8 the pack center had to be an air block it inhibits pack spawning, entirely in Superflat with a decreased spawn rate in normal worlds):
     * Performs check to see if the block is a normal, solid block, or if the metadata of the block indicates
     * that its facing puts its solid side upwards. (inverted stairs, for example)
    public boolean isBlockTopFacingSurfaceSolid(Block par1Block, int par2)
     return par1Block == null ? false : (par1Block.blockMaterial.isOpaque() && par1Block.renderAsNormalBlock() ? true : (par1Block instanceof BlockStairs ? (par2 & 4) == 4 : (par1Block instanceof BlockHalfSlab ? (par2 & 8) == 8 : (par1Block instanceof BlockHopper ? true : (par1Block instanceof BlockSnow ? (par2 & 7) == 7 : false)))));

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    posted a message on Balance the Mending Enchantment

    Personally, I think that they should revert the entire repair system to the pre-1.8 one and have Mending work the same way that renaming used to - then not only do you actually need to mine more diamonds to repair your gear you still need to use anvils and cannot make max-enchanted gear if you want to keep it forever or repair it easily (for example, a diamond pickaxe with Efficiency V and Unbreaking III costs 33 levels (1032 XP) to repair with a new pickaxe; if you add Fortune III, the cost explodes to 37 levels (1406 XP) for a single diamond per repair - 4 of which are required to fully repair it for over 5 times the XP cost per use).

    Even with this cost (0.9 XP per use) I was able to sustainably use such a pickaxe for all mining while caving. Similarly, a Sharpness V, Knockback II, Unbreaking III diamond sword costs 40 levels to repair with a new sword, one level too much, although you can use a slightly damaged sword to lower the cost to 38-39 levels and still get a full repair due to the anvil bonus, or use 1-2 individual diamonds for 29-35 levels, and either way it gives you far more XP than you need to repair it (6248 uses at 2 hits per mob * 5 XP per mob = 15620 XP; the surplus can go to repairing armor or other items).

    In fact, I even implemented this in a mod, with some tweaks to costs so that Mending items cost about the same as before while non-Mending items are cheaper (since I made Mending cost 8 levels and each repair increases the cost by 2 levels an item which would be too expensive to repair if you put Mending on it can still get up to 4 repairs), as well as adding more expensive items in part to make more use of the XP that I get.

    Also, either way the majority of players use XP farms to top off their Mending gear - I get the impression that very few players are able to get as much XP during "normal" gameplay as I do (of course, they likely use tools to mainly mine stone and other building blocks, not mostly ore) - I certainly do not think that you should have to resort to farms in order to maintain your gear; even with the XP that I get I've calculated that I need at least Unbreaking II on my pickaxe in order to keep up if I used 6 Mending items at once (in a recent world I mined an average of 4375 blocks and gained 5308 XP per play session spent caving. With the maximum of 6 Mending items being held or worn at once you need 3281 XP, assuming you pick it all up while holding the pickaxe. The cost without Unbreaking would be 13125 XP; Unbreaking I 6563 and Unbreaking II 4375. While I do not use that many items at once (3x armor + one of several held items) XP isn't evenly distributed; my pickaxe mainly gets XP from mining while my sword mainly gets XP from combat, either way I had no trouble at all keeping all items in full repair when I played with 1.9+).

    Another advantage of the old system is that you can store XP in your XP bar until you need to spend it; it doesn't matter whether the items I use while caving all give me XP and similarly the items which I do not use while caving are repaired using surplus XP that I have in my XP bar when I return (I could also bring the item with me while caving so I could repair it then but I never have needed to do this). Conversely, death has a harsher penalty; what happens if you need to repair an expensive item soon but die and lose most of your levels? Likewise, the changes to enchanting costs in 1.8 were done for this reason; it costs more to reach level 30 the first time but much less to get back after spending 3 levels, such that after 3 enchantments you've spent less XP overall.

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    posted a message on Rare occurrence: mineshaft/stronghold combo?

    One of my worlds has a stronghold with both a mineshaft and a ravine intersecting the portal room (which is entirely intact since strongholds generate after mineshafts, although except for the portal room they will not overwrite air when placing walls, which makes it appear as if caves cut through them) and all three strongholds are intersected by mineshafts, which were much more common before 1.7 (though since they are less common within 1280 blocks of 0,0 and since 1.9 strongholds are much further away it is still pretty common):

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    posted a message on My main world is corrupt

    You could try opening the corrupted world with MCEdit (better to use 1.0, not the 2.0 beta, which may still be unstable), which is more forgiving than Minecraft when loading corrupted worlds (FWIW, copying level.dat will not fix issues with corrupted chunks, which this likely is a case of) and may even be able to copy the data to a backup.

    Also, do you have any crash reports, which may be able to pinpoint the exact problem? For example, if it mentions something about an entity you could use MCEdit to delete it and possibly recover the world without doing anything else (if you can find the exact location you could just delete that one entity and not do a more general wipe, which will delete everything within the selection, including mobs, armor stands, paintings, item frames, etc). If it is a mislocated chunk MCEdit may still recognize it properly (as an experiment I once used NBTExplorer to change the location of a chunk, which caused a "world hole" in-game along with a bunch of "wrong location" errors, yet MCEdit showed the chunk as being in the right place - as well as a copy at the new location. I fixed it by simply changing the coordinates back to the proper location but the copy might overwrite another chunk).

    There is also a thread where somebody can look at it and fix it (if your world is very large it might be an issue since you'll need to upload it; you might be able to make a partial upload if you know the coordinates of your base as only those region files are likely to be affected):

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    Quote from Sharpe103»

    That all said, maybe this is a common occurrence, but I found a poorly-generated End ship. At least it was the bow and not the stern!

    The trouble is that Mending can be fished out of water and traded by villagers. I like Mending. Think it's great. But, it horrifically debases diamonds and diamond equipment. It's probably too easy to get. I think perhaps it should be like Notch apples—only found in chests. Only. And, I think End city chests are the very best places for it, since there are no chests in Ocean Monuments, unfortunately.

    The first issue is a bug which apparently affects all newer structures that use structure files instead of using code to place blocks one at a time; the game apparently forgets to record that a structure at the edge of generated chunks has not been completely generated yet so the next time you open the world and generate more chunks it fails to generate the rest of the structure; because of this, some server operators will use Dynmap or another real-time mapping utility to check for any partially generated structures and fly out to generate all chunks before shutting down the server.

    In particular, this is one of those bugs that makes you shake your head and wonder why it hasn't been fixed yet (I've fixed some bugs myself with the help of bugfixes posted to bug reports - a few STILL aren't fixed yet - bugs which were reported long before 1.6.4 - itself more than 4 years old!):

    MC-96998 End Cities / Woodland Mansions sometimes don't generate completely
    If I mod MapGenEndCity.Start to set this.isSizeable = true when loading the city data from EndCity.dat, I can no longer reproduce the bug with either method.

    ("isSizeable" is a field which is only used by villages in 1.6.4, set to true if the village has at least 3 non-road pieces; for all other structures it is ignored, so they must have goofed up somewhere when adding new structures)

    As for Mending, I personally think it should have been a replacement for renaming an item so the cost no longer increases - which is how I implemented my own version of Mending in TMCW - which solves both the balance issues of never needing any more resources or anvils as well as overpowered gear - no repairing maxed-out swords forever (or even once) - this also leads to the issues with the repair costs changes they made in 1.8, since this method would be completely broken if you only had to spend a couple levels to repair an item (prior to 1.8 you had to pay a charge for the durability restored, which can be as high as 17 levels for a diamond item, as well as a charge for each enchantment and the number of enchantments. In TMCW I removed the last charge so a Mending item costs about the same as a renamed item in vanilla (Mending adds 8 levels by itself, while 3 enchantments would add 6 levels and 4 enchantments 10 levels), while a non-Mending item is cheaper with the cost increasing by 2 levels per repair so you can get some decent use out of most items.

    While you can get it from villagers (for the same cost as any other level 1 enchantment, which is 5-17 emeralds) it is much harder to get enchantments since they have a 1.75% chance of unlocking a single enchanted book trade per final trade - and it can be replaced with a cheaper trade even as the enchantment quality decreases. And you can't make an auto fishing farm to get them (or anything else other than fish, if they even work at all since fishing mechanics, not just what you can catch, were changed in 1.7).

    Of course, prior to 1.8 you can buy any type of diamond equipment from blacksmiths, making mining for diamonds to maintain your gear just as obsolete (in some cases you may have to use partially damaged tools, as I have to do with my Sharpness V, Knockback II, Unbreaking III sword, which costs just one level too much - unless you wear out the sacrifice by 60 durability) - I've saved thousands of diamonds since I started trading (not that I need to since I get far more than I need even without using Fortune, which I only used for short time, and mining in one of the most inefficient manners in terms of diamonds found per hour and blocks mined per diamond).

    Then again, TMCW fixes that by nerfing diamond gear and adding a new tier, amethyst, which can only be obtained by mining (3-8x rarer than diamond) or the very rare mob drop; it also exploits the durability costs to make them extremely expensive to repair (3x the durability of diamond but less durability per repair since you can't use new items, only single units, which restore 25% durability each. Both the rarity and repair costs, which can be up to 49 instead of 39 levels, were balanced around my playstyle and I still find enough amethyst and get enough XP to increase them even more if I wanted to).

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    posted a message on Mojang is adding too much to minecraft
    Quote from AMPPL50»

    At least now you can't click the LMB until it becomes sentient and tries to go on strike and both fend off AND quickly kill a crowd.

    And what is wrong with being able to attack multiple opponents? This is why my own version of an attack cooldown takes effect on a per-mob basis; you can only attack a single mob once per second or your attacks will be weaker but you can attack multiple mobs in the same time without a penalty (while you have to actually hit a mob for the cooldown to have any effect, letting you spam-click empty air, I've come up with a solution for the next version of TMCW which penalizes you for doing that by adding an additional damage reduction which increases as you click faster without hitting anything - in any I see the cooldown as a punishment, not something that is intended to affect normal gameplay; likewise, I did not fix MC-4732 (see description for original bug) which causes weapons to take damage when hitting a mob while it is damage immune even though it is a one-line fix - either attack properly or spend more XP and/or materials to repair your sword).

    How do you take on a dungeon that is spawning up to 1 mob every 1.25 seconds (which was increased from vanilla to make them actually a challenge) without resorting to measures like dumping lava on the spawner. Or even "normal" mob encounters, some of which actually force me to take shelter even with the ability to attack as fast as I can and Knockback II on my sword (I'm still surprised that some people abhor Knockback even after 1.9):

    You might say that is not a good comparison because vanilla doesn't have caves so large that the entire mob cap can spawn within them, respawning faster than you can kill them until night falls (more surface spawns = less underground) but I actually did not kill that many more mobs in this world as compared to vanilla (1.6.4) and have encountered similar events in vanilla (such as a ravine I found in a region where I'd explored everything else; I killed around 100 mobs before lighting it up). Or even just getting rid of a bunch of zombies that have collected outside a village overnight (sure, they would just burn and aren't even a threat but I like to kill them, and do not like things that slow me down; that's why I use an Eff V diamond pickaxe to mine the 3,000 ores I mine per play session instead of unenchanted stone/iron tools like some do, and indeed why some people can't believe I can mine that many ores at all without making them more common - I really tear through the underground, as seen on this before/after of my last session. The same goes for weapons; another annoying thing about 1.9 is that Sharpness V diamond sword is just a bit too weak to kill zombies in two hits unless one is critical (they effectively have 20.3 HP when armor penetration is factored in while the sword deals 10 damage. Why not make Sharpness add 0.75 damage per level (instead of 0.5 + level * 0.5) for 10.75 damage? Smite would still be better against armored mobs).

    Even Mojang thought that being unable to attack multiple mobs at once was not a good idea - why did they add Sweeping Edge, which can deal significant damage to multiple mobs at once without even having to directly hit most of them (sweep attacks alone do not count since they deal a mere 1 damage, hardly enough to change the outcome of most battles)? I see that as a reduction in skill when compared to quickly moving your mouse over each mob you hit (how fast and precisely you can move determines your attack rate; I know from measurements I frequently attack two mobs less than a quarter of a second apart, with one click of the mouse button per mob hit, which is why I have never considered a general cooldown like 1.9 added, instead one which is tied to individual mobs; indeed, vanilla already had such a system in the form of damage immunity and unlike most players I know that you cannot deal any damage in most circumstances (the exception being if you can deal more damage than the first hit, and even then the game subtracts the first damage dealt so you only deal the second damage overall, and is its hard to do a critical within half a second of a previous hit).

    Random person with some input here:

    I see people constantly telling others if they don't like the new changes to just use older versions, but the older versions include some bugs I think would 'bug' people out

    And not like newer versions have their own bugs? For example, I'd say this is a pretty serious bug, and while it has been reported before 1.8 it has been far more common since that version based on all the threads I've seen about misplaced chunks - and I've never seen this on any of my worlds, even one with more than 116 days of real-time playtime; crashes are also not necessary for this to happen (otherwise the most likely cause, same for "world suddenly disappeared", which I've also seen people report with no prior crashes or improper shutdown):

    MC-74762 Chunks Swapping
    Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.8.1, Minecraft 1.8.8, Minecraft 15w44b, Minecraft 1.8.9, Minecraft 15w51b, Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release 3, Minecraft 1.9 Pre-Release 4, Minecraft 1.9, Minecraft 1.9.2, Minecraft 1.9.4, Minecraft 16w21b, Minecraft 1.10.2, Minecraft 16w40a, Minecraft 1.11, Minecraft 1.11.2, Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 7, Minecraft 1.12.1

    And what if you have fixed bugs yourself by modding the game (I believe there are also mods, and even Forge itself, for fixing bugs)? Some of which have still not been fixed as of 1.12.1. Indeed, one such bug may be a cause of the aforementioned bugs (swapping chunks and world disappearing); the internal server does not get shut down properly because the client does not wait for it to shut down, which can be fixed with a few lines of code, which also prevents other bugs from occurring, such as the world deletion bug that causes parts of a deleted world to appear in a new world with the same name (the deletion of in-use files fails and/or the server writes new data after the files were deleted).
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    posted a message on What have you done recently?
    Quote from Joey_San»

    For a while, I tried to take screenshots every 100 MC days. But after day 3,300 I stopped keeping tabs after season 3 started. I like the concept though; it gives a sense of what my in-world age might be. :)

    Since you mention it In my first world I'm actually older than my real age (if you assume that a Minecraft year is 365 days, since a month (moon phases) is only 8 days long); I've spent 8,486 in-game days in the world (since I play in 1.6.4 F3 does not show days but I added a small GUI mod that shows it in the inventory screen) and 116.27 real-time days or 2,790 hours of playtime over 801 sessions (an average of 3.48 hours per session, 24.4 hours per week, and 1,272 hours per year; I nearly always play once per day so sessions is the same as days):

    I don't know which is more impressive, the time I've spent in this world - nearly all spent caving, the score that I've accumulated since my last death (the stats say that I've died 12 times but I know it is more because prior to 1.6 the game did not record deaths for some reason), without ever using XP farms (I recently saw a video by AntVenom that claims 5.76 million XP per hour using Ender Dragons), or the amount of resources that I've mined/collected - approaching 2.5 million, including more than 11,000 diamonds (10,000 ore; only some was mined with Fortune) and nearly half a million iron (including enough iron from chests to more than offset what I've used, which currently is only for anvils), or the equivalent of well over a thousand dungeons worth of moss stone (about 48 per dungeon) and 440 mineshafts worth of rails (about 300 per mineshaft).

    Also, while I have been playing on this world for the entire 4 1/2 years since I created it that is because I played on other worlds, not because I took breaks from the game, which I've played virtually every single day with the only breaks, if you can even call them breaks, when I spent time exclusively working on a mod; I recently estimated my total playtime to be well over 5,000 hours. My most recent "other" world hit over 1,600 in-game days with 22.46 real-time days/539 hours of playtime over 140 sessions (days):

    Here are renderings of most of my worlds (I've since expanded World1 a bit more than shown; my most recent world was TMCWv4, which despite appearances was not created in 1.7+ as I used my own mods to add new biomes and other changes, some of which I also use in my first world); the time spent playing in World1, TMCWv1, TMCWv3, and TMCWv4 (these are the worlds I have stats for) together exceed 4,000 hours or 12,000 in-game days:

    And yes, all of these worlds have been played on more or less the same way; the only significant change to my playstyle since I started playing was that I started trading for diamond gear about two years ago; World1 and TMCWv4 are the only two worlds where I've actually traded, the latter to get my mod's version of Mending (which I'd also do in 1.9+; unlike 1.9 my version replaced renaming an item to keep the cost down, which IMO is a much more balanced way to do it as you can't repair overpowered gear (do you really need every enchantment on one item) and need to spend more XP and also resources to repair items).

    As for what I spend most of my time doing I recently found this huge cave in my first world, part of an even larger cave system, including 58 caves within a single chunk, the largest single cave system that I've found in this world so far, as well as the single chunk with the highest air volume excluding ravines (this is more than is ever possible in 1.7+, where the maximum "size" is 14 with up to 56 caves/tunnels, but the chance of a size 14 cave system is only one in 23625 chunks, and the chance of 4 tunnels per node is only one in 7.2x10^16, and 1.7x10^21 overall - whereas Java's RNG only has 2.8x10^14 states and even a full 64 bit RNG has only 1.8x10^19; for comparison, a cave system with at least 58 caves is a one in 213919 chunk chance in 1.6.4). The cave shown may be even larger without an ocean overhead, limiting it to around y=45:

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    posted a message on Parrot-Spawning in jungle-bioms generated in older versions?!

    You have to kill all passive mobs within loaded chunks, including the spawn chunks, in order for any new ones to spawn - the passive mob cap is only 10 and no new mobs will spawn unless there are less than that many - and normally the game spawns a ton of animals during world generation (which ignores the cap) so they effectively never respawn unless the player breeds them (a 10% chance per chunk of a pack of 4 means that on average only 25 chunks, or an 80x80 block area, will fill the cap. If your render distance is 10 chunks you are loading 441 chunks or around 176 passive mobs; F3 may not show that many but it doesn't show every loaded entity).

    Also, you need to somehow prevent ocelots from spawning since they are counted as passive mobs but spawn using hostile mob spawning mechanics, meaning that you can have far in excess of 10 around (unlike all other passive mobs they can despawn, even then, I see upwards of 350 entities in jungles I've explored all the caves under and ocelots are everywhere to the point of being ridiculous. One good thing is that they inadvertently cut their spawn rate by a factor of about 10 in 1.7; however, the game still attempts to spawn hostile mobs 400 times more often than passive mobs and just 10 are enough to prevent the latter, including parrots, from spawning). One way to get around this is to trap a lot of hostile mobs so the cap is full; if you can you could also switch the difficulty to Peaceful but there seems to be a bug in 1.12+ that causes them to still spawn (possibly an intended change since otherwise you can't get ocelots in Peaceful; an older report was marked as WAI but that can change over time).

    There are some bug reports about parrots not respawning but I'm pretty sure that is just the result of the way passive mobs respawn:

    MC-118537 Parrots do not spawn in pre 1.12 generated jungles.
    MC-118382 Parrots do not respawn

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    posted a message on [Hardcore] Minecraft too easy? Try this!
    Quote from StitchTheFox»

    - change diamonds to a spawn size of 1 and make the maximum height 7

    You may as well just disable diamond altogether because nothing generates with a spawn size of less than 3:

    How "spawn size" correlates to actual vein size of ores

    Also, without caves lava is not an issue, aside from the rare underground lake (note - lava "lakes" below y=11 are caves which are filled with lava), and with no caves there is no real point in playing, plus branch-mining is far safer than caving (some people complain that caving is too easy... try getting full diamond (much less iron) gear without ever encountering a single mob or even gathering any food; yes, with branch-mining that is easily possible especially with the massive nerfs to hunger in 1.11, walking in particular drains zero hunger). You could instead spread out diamond so it generates between 0-64 with a vein size of 3-4 so caving is the only effective way of getting it (a vein size of 4 gives about the same amount of diamond above y=10 but much more spread out. Iron and coal can simply be reduced in size/count, perhaps with coal reduced to y=64 so it can't be found above sea level, as it is easy to find in Extreme Hills; of course, charcoal makes this a moot point unless you want to build with coal blocks).

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    posted a message on Suggestion for New Blocks(please read description)

    I have 3 different mods that give me all his blocks he wishes for, there is mods that adds these blocks in already all for 1.12.1, so really now point in bringing them to vanilla.

    It is against the rules to use a mod as a reason not to support a suggestion, since many players are unwilling to use mods for various reasons (for one, how long will it take those mods to update to 1.13 when they need to be completely rewritten due to all the changes it is bringing? Many players want to update as soon as possible, and there are issues with maintaining a modded world for the long-term since you never know if the mods will stop being updated or be altered enough to break things).

    The main issue I see with this suggestion is that there are no textures or examples of what the blocks should look like, otherwise, the variants are self-explanatory. Also, the mining issues could be solved by only having 2-3 of a given stone type generate in a region, which would increase underground variety as you are not always running into the same blocks, or make it so that you need Silk Touch to harvest them (otherwise they drop cobblestone); the latter is something I did in my own mods when I added the 1.8 stones (only the unpolished variants require Silk Touch; this is not unlike stone, which can also be obtained without Silk Touch by smelting it, and similarly, you can craft the new stone types).
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